You’ve Got Mail

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Note: Just a warning that this story has some gay, lesbian, and minor incest between in-laws. Some wife swapping as well. Didn’t miss much. All rights reserved. Enjoy…Slick.


“Do you think they will go for it?” Jim asked his room mate Cliff as they sat by the computer in the small cabin.

“I doubt it,” Cliff grinned. “Connie will never send us back a sexy video. She’s too old fashion.”

“Ginny might,” Jim said. “She’s always liked being the center of men’s attention.”

“Hey, if Connie gets mad it was your idea.”

“Shit, we’ve been here for six weeks without sex so it’s the least they can do.”

“You’re fucking nuts.” Cliff laughed. They checked their mail once again but there was no new mail from their wives back home in Seattle. It got to be 10PM and they figured the women had gone to bed until they heard a mail beep alert. They both jumped up and ran to the computer. “Shit, it’s from Ginny,” Jim grinned. He clicked it open and saw the message.

“Now don’t get your hopes up but Connie and I did a little video to shut you guys up for a while. Sleep tight boys. LOL.”

“Hurry open it up,” Cliff said looking over his shoulder.

Jim clicked on the attachment and sat back as the windows media player popped up. They first saw Jim’s empty den and saw the picture jump around a bit and heard the women giggling. Seconds later the two women walked into the picture and sat on the sofa next to each other. “Hi boys,” Ginny smiled. “Connie and I know how horny you two have been so we thought we would give you something to think about tonight as you jerk off.”

Cliff could see that Connie was blushing. “What do you think they are going to do?”

“Are you ready?” Connie asked Ginny.

“Wait. Sit still and I’ll zoom in closer.”

The guys watched Ginny walk over to the camera and go behind it. They saw the camera zoom into Connie’s blushing face. “That’s good.” Ginny said before walking back into the view.

“Are you ready?” Ginny asked Connie. Connie glanced at the camera and nodded.

“What are they going to do?” Cliff asked again.

“Shit,” Jim said when the women turned facing each other and moved their faces closer. “OH MY GOD!”

Cliff was in shock when their lips came together. At first they just pecked but about twenty seconds later they saw Ginny’s lips open and then her tongue push into Connie’s mouth.

“Fucking tongues,” Jim gasped. He saw Connie’s hand moved up to Ginny’s shoulder for support as their mouths opened wider and they really got into a deep and wet French kiss. Both men were squeezing their hard-ons under their jeans while their wives explored another woman’s mouth for the first time.

Ginny pulled her face back but kept her tongue on Connie’s lips. Connie realized what she was doing and pushed her tongue out as well. The husbands could now see what had been going on inside of her mouths.

“I don’t believe it,” Cliff whispered. It had been his dream to see two women have sex but seeing his own wife kissing another female was causing his rod to throb.

They kissed for another minute and then Connie pulled her tongue from Ginny’s mouth very slow until it popped out. She turned and winked at the screen. “Goodnight boys.” The video froze on their wife’s faces.

“Play it again,” Cliff begged. Jim did and they watched it for five more times. “Save it.”

The guys went to their beds earlier than usual and that night they didn’t try to hide the fact that they were jerking off. Both keep the vision of their wife’s tongues licking outside of their mouths until they came. “AHHHHH!”


Jim and Cliff took longer in the shower the next morning before they left to work on the oil pipeline. Both were happier than they had been in a long time and couldn’t wait to get back to the cabin to see if any more videos showed up. “Hurry check the mail,” Jim said to Cliff this time.

Cliff saw an email from his wife this time. “Well we hope that you enjoyed our first video. We know that you want more but to be fair Ginny and I want to see a video from you guys.”

“What?” Jim asked. He read on.

“You see we are as horny as you guys are so we figured that you two now owe us. If you want to see any more videos from us we expect you to send us the exact video back. We will be waiting.”

Cliff read it again but this time out loud. “Is she…are they asking what I think they are asking?”

“Fuck I don’t know.” Jim gasped. “Ask them?” He stood back and watched Cliff type.

“Are you girls asking us to kiss each other like you did?” He finished and clicked the send icon. They waited but didn’t get a reply.

Cliff stood and shook his head. “I’m not kissing you.”

“Fuck no,” Jim said pushing the chair back under the computer desk. “Let’s eat.”

It was on both of their minds as they finished some burgers and were cleaning up when they heard the beep. “I’ll get it,” Cliff said being closer to the computer. He moved to the computer akyurt escort and clicked on the email.

“Yes, we kissed and now it’s your turn. Connie and Ginny.”

“It’s what they want,” Cliff yelled back.

“I guess that ends that,” Jim said back. But as they read their books that night by the fireplace they were both remembering the wife’s kissing. “Have you ever kissed a man before?” Jim asked without looking up.

“No,” Cliff answered quickly. A few minutes passed before he spoke. “How about you?”

“No.” Again there was silence for another ten minutes. “Shit, I wonder how far they will go next?” Jim asked.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Cliff said not looking up from his book.”

“I don’t believe I’m going to do this,” Jim sighed putting down his book. “Where is the video camera?”


It was early the next morning when Connie walked by the computer near the bathroom door.. Ginny and she had a good laugh the night before wishing they could see the reaction of the guys when they read their last email. They too were horny like they said and both found out from their kissing that it caused a lot of interest. She looked at the computer and woke it up. “An email from the boys,” she laughed. She wanted to open it but had promised Ginny to call so they could open it together.

“I’ll be right there,” Ginny said. Since their houses were only a block away Ginny jumped into her car and burst through the kitchen door in less than five minutes. “I can’t wait to see this.” She stood behind Connie when she opened the email.

“There is no message,” Connie said puzzled.

“There..there is an attachment,” Ginny pointed to the icon.

Connie clicked in it and moved off the chair. They saw the view of their cabin’s fireplace and then saw the two guys walk around into view.

“There is no way,” Ginny gasped seeing the two men turn and face the camera.

But both had to hold onto the computer chair when the guys turned and moved together. They fumbled at first lining up their mouths but seconds later they kissed. Like the girls they took their time getting used to the new feel before opening their lips and tasting each other.

“Look!” Connie gasped when their tongues came out and mixed outside of their lips. Finally the men pulled back and wiped their mouths before speaking.

“Ok girls, we followed your lead and now you have to follow ours.”

The girls watched the guys move back and face the camera. “What are they going to do?” Ginny asked.

“It figures,” Connie grinned when both guys grabbed the bottom of their tee shirts and pulled them up over their bare chests. They pulled the shirts off and smiled. “Notice there is nothing covering our chests.” Cliff grinned as he walked to the camera and turned it off.

Again the girls watched it before Connie sat down. “I never thought they would kiss.”

“You know we can’t do this,” Ginny said sitting on another chair. “It might mess up our friendship.”

“I don’t think I can do it. I mean undress like that.” Connie blushed.

“At least you have big boobs,” Ginny frowned.

“Yours are nice,” Connie said glancing at the nicely shaped mounds. “Mine are too big.”

“Let’s compare,” Ginny giggled. After their kiss both were anxious for more play and experimenting.

“OK,” Connie grinned standing up. Since both were in their pajamas all they had to do was unbutton their tops and pull them open.

Their nipples were rock hard excited when the pjs opened. They had seen naked breasts before but this was different. Especially after their kissing last night.

“Jim will cum as soon as he sees you,” Ginny said moving closer.

“Cliff will die if he sees your long nipples,” Connie whispered also moving forward. She moved forward until her nipples were less than an inch in of Ginny’s.

“We are going to do this aren’t we?” Ginny whispered. Her breathing was becoming more labored.

“I think….so,” Connie said. She saw Ginny move and moved forward herself until their hard tips touched.

“We…we should do more than…just show them,” Ginny panted moving her body and nips side to side.

“Ohhh,” Connie moaned reaching down to take Ginny’s hips. She too moved but not allowing their buds to part.

“Maybe we…we should kiss?” Ginny asked looking into Connie’s brown eyes.

“Yes,” was all Connie could manage. She leaned forward and turned her head enough for Ginny’s soft lips to once again find hers. But this time the camera was not on them.

Their tongues were not shy this time searching and finding. As bare beasts crushed together their hands moved around to massage their backs. Connie felt Ginny’s hands move down to the top of her ass and pushed back. “We…we need to make the video.”

Ginny was disappointed but smiled anyway. “So we do the same thing?”

Connie giggled. “No, I have another idea.”


Jim was awake and stroking his hard-on when he heard ayaş escort the mail beep. He was only in his boxers as he ran to the computer and moved the mouse to activate the screen. “HEY CLIFF! IT’S SHOWTIME!”

Cliff rolled over and groaned. “They won’t show their tits. I’m going back to sleep.”

“Whatever,” Jim grinned. First he saw the email from Connie.

“You boys surprised us by kissing so you deserve something special today. Now don’t jerk off too hard when you watch the next video.” Jim pulled out the seat and sat down. The video this time showed his masterbed but an empty room. He leaned forward and smiled when Connie moved in front of the camera wearing pajamas. She stood there grinning as Ginny walked behind her. Jim couldn’t see his smaller wife but then saw two hands move up under Connie’s arms. “Holy shit!”

“What?” Cliff asked turning over and sitting up. “Are they doing it?”

“It’s Connie.”

“My wife. NO FUCKING WAY!” Cliff shouted while jumping from the bed and running over behind Jim. She was standing upright as two hands slowly unbuttoned her pajama top. “Fuck I want to see Ginny’s tits too.”

“Oh yeah,” Jim cried when Ginny’s fingers finished the buttons and slowly pulled the pajamas open. When two huge pink tits popped out so did his hard cock. He didn’t care that Cliff was behind him as he started jerking off.

Cliff didn’t know what Jim was doing because he was in shock at his conservative wife showing Jim her boobs. “I don’t believe it,” he gasped when Ginny’s fingers moved back up and cupped both mounds.

“Fuck Ginny is touching them,” Jim moaned.

It was then Cliff looked over Jim’s shoulder. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Man, I can’t help it,” Jim said leaning back and pulling up and down harder and faster. He watched his wife’s fingers move to the large nipples to pull and play.

Cliff too opened his boxers and pulled out his large hard shaft. Seeing another woman fondle Connie’s orbs was something but then he saw Connie pull Ginny’s hands away and pulled the other smaller woman to the front.

“She’s going to…” Jim started saying.

“Show us Ginny’s tits,” Cliff grinned. Both men were jerking off without any shame. “Nice,” he whispered seeing the smaller but well form breasts and hard little nips. He didn’t blink as Ginny nipples were toyed with but just as fast as they appeared Connie closed Ginny’s top and then did her own. “NO I AM SO CLOSE!” Jim cried. “Let’s watch it again.”

Cliff could see the women were not finished because they had to give them something to copy. Before he could say wait Jim clicked the start arrow again. They watched and continued stoking until Jim came. “OH FUCK!” He grabbed onto a towel he had dropped on the chair next to him and caught the exploding juices. He heard Cliff about ready to cum and turned to hand him the towel. It was the first time he had seen how endowed his friend was. “HOLY SHIT!”

Cliff’s eyes were closed while both of his hands stroked his nine-inch hard cock. “Ah…ah….ah….ah…AH…AH!”

“IN THE TOWEL!” Jim yelled pushing his towel-filled hand onto the firing cannon. He laughed as Jim took the towel and emptied his load. When they calmed down they realized what they had done. “Reminds me of my younger years with my 18 year-old cousin.”

“You guys jerked off in front of each other?”

“A few times before we went away to college. Shit man how does Connie take that log?”

Cliff grinned. “It took her a while to get used to it.” He looked at the screen. “Did you see what they did next?”

“No,” Jim said while hurrying to turn around. He pushed the play button and saw the two girls sitting on the bed next to each other.

“Well guys we think it’s time to call an end to this. Now don’t think that we are quitting but we know that you will when you see the next challenge.” Ginny giggled and the two stood up in front of the camera and turned facing away.

Again they removed their tops but only showed their backs this time. “Fuck we can do that,” Jim bragged. But then the two women took the pajama bottoms in their hands and pushed them down over their round soft buttocks.

“They’re naked,” Cliff whispered.

“Nice ass on Connie,” Jim grinned.

“Ginny too. Shit we can do that.” Cliff chuckled. “Why would they think this would end the challenges?”

“I think we are about ready to find out,” Jim said watching the women moved together and put their hands behind each other’s backs. As they kept their sides a touching they turned facing each other and pressed their naked fronts tightly closed.

“Fuck we can’t see,” Jim complained.

“It doesn’t matter,” Cliff sighed. “They are naked and their boobs and pussies are pressed together. Wait they are not done.”

Again the women kissed with opened mouths and tongues while they slow danced around the room.

“I think they got us,” Cliff grinned. “But we can watch these videos over and over.”

“Yeah, ankara escort there is no fucking way we are going to do that.”

“Right.” They watched the video three more times before realizing it was almost time to go to work.


Ginny and Connie stood naked before each other for the first time after dancing behind the camera and turning it off. “I wondered if you were a natural blonde,” Connie said to Ginny looking at the sparse covering of golden fleece over her showing pussy lips. She looked at Connie’s thick dark growth. “Don’t you ever shave that thing?”

“I don’t have a need,” Connie blushed. “Cliff is gone for at least another month and bikini season is still a few months away.”

Ginny stayed naked and moved over to sit on the bed without crossing her legs. “So what do you think the boys will do?”

“Well until I saw them kissing I would say no way. But, I never thought that I would enjoy it either until we…we kissed.” She stared at Ginny’s wet glistening pussy without trying to hide it.

“So you enjoyed it as much as I did?” Ginny said leaning back on her elbows, which pushed out her sharp nipples.


Ginny could see that Connie was too shy to start anything. “I enjoyed our dance. Do you want to….you know?”

Connie didn’t answer with words but did step forward and waited. She knew her pussy was just as wet and excited. Her arms opened to accept the smaller women into her softness.

As they danced and rubbed their lips reunited and their hands roamed freely up and down their backs. It was Ginny’s right thigh that pushed between Connie’s first. When she felt the dripping slit she reached down and pulled Connie’s bare butt closer.

“Oh god,” Connie moaned pulling her mouth to the side and moaning into Ginny’s ear. “That feels so good.” She pushed her own right thigh into Ginny’s wet gash. They stopped dancing and started humping. Both were about ready to cum when they heard the email beep. Reluctantly they pulled away and walked to the laptop Connie had by the bed.

She opened it and frowned. “They won’t do it.”

“Too bad,” Ginny smiled. “So what’s the problem?”

But Connie moved away. “I feel that it’s ok for us to do this but…but only if they do it too.”

“Let’s finish each other and then we can talk about it,” Ginny said reaching behind Connie and cupped her soft bum.

“I want to but…I can’t.”

Ginny sighed and sat down on the bed. “We need more motivation.”

“But it’s their turn,” Connie gasped. “Let’s wait and maybe they will change their minds?” Both moved to the bed on their backs and looked up at the ceiling.


The guys were also disappointed but wouldn’t budge. They didn’t send any more emails for the next two days nor did they receive any. Both figured it was over until the third night they got an email. Cliff opened it and saw a video. “Looks like they broke first.”

“Open it.” Cliff did and saw the two wives sitting on the bed in dresses.

“Hi boys,” Ginny smiled as she opened her legs showing her white panties. “We’ve been waiting for you to duplicate our last video but…” She stopped talking and Connie opened her legs and talked. “But we’ve figured you are too chicken to experiment. So we’ve decided to give you some more motivation.”

Jim looked at Connie’s pink panties under her dress. “Good but not good enough.” But then he saw another body walking into the view. “Who the fuck is that?” He asked moving closer.

Cliff heard Jim gasped. “Well who is it?”

“Shit it’s Ginny’s baby sister Gail.”

Cliff pushed Jim aside. “Fuck how old is she?”

“Eighteen I think.”


Connie was opposed to the idea until Ginny brought Gail over. She was a younger version of Ginny with blonde hair and pigtails. She pulled Ginny aside in the kitchen. “I can’t believe that she’s willing to do this.”

“It took me a while to convince her but she’s always had a thing for Jim and, you are not going to believe this, but she is interested in messing around with you.”

“Really?” Connie said glancing back at the door to the hallway.

Ginny moved closer and cupped Connie’s right breast. “Didn’t you see her looking at these when we came in?”

“No…stop,” Connie giggled. “The guys won’t be able to turn her down.”

“Neither will you,” Ginny whispered. After some wine and laughing Ginny stood up. “So are we doing this or not?”

The wine glasses moved to the table and the women walked in line up the stairs to the bedroom.

“What are we going to do?” Gail asked shyly looking at the large bed.

Ginny laughed. “We are going to use you to get them so hard they won’t be able to keep the challenge videos going.”

Gail glanced at Connie. “May I see the videos so far?”

Ginny looked at Connie. “Can she?”

“Sure,” Connie smiled as she pulled the laptop to the bed and brought up the videos. Gail giggled at first seeing the women kissing and then the men but when her sister opened Connie’s pajama top and exposed her bare breasts she gasped. “God they are amazing.” She looked at her sister’s boobs and smiled.

The video stopped and Connie put the laptop away.

Ginny told Gail to move out of the view and told the girls her plan.

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