Your Weekend in the City

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You and a close girl friend of yours have been looking forward to escaping to the city and a four star hotel for the weekend, and finally decide on the Sofitel because of the elegance and Parisian flair it promises to provide.

You don’t have enough funds to get all the way over to France, so you both have decided to try to bring a little part of Paris to you.

You have been having many fantasies lately because you have always felt that fantasy is the spice of life. It helps to keep you strong and vibrant.

You have never acted on any of these desires in any shape or form except for a spot of role play here and there.

This is going to turn out to be the weekend that you hope will provide an innovative next step in all of your most decadent experiences.

On the first day you arrive feeling just a spot tired. Your friend decides to check out the luxurious bar downstairs.

But you have dinner plans with her later that evening and wish to catch a few relaxing dreams first.

You expect to wake up fully invigorated and ready for whatever the evening proves to provide.

It is very hot inside of the room, so you opt to sleep au naturel.

What you do not expect is the sudden screaming that you hear just next door, just as you first get on to your stomach and lay your head on the lush pillow.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe that I am really going to go through with something like this!” you hear a woman suddenly shriek.

Your first thought is that someone may be in agony, and you are almost ready to call your girl friend down at the bar, who happens to be an up and coming doctor.

But then as her screaming starts to mix in with a masculine voice, you first realize that the lady in question may just be in a whole different kind of an agony altogether.

“Some nights when I am at the computer, my daughter comes in and wants to know what I am doing and I think to myself, “sometimes, I just need to take some mommy time” you hear her say through the paper thin walls.

Your first thought, is that it must be a single mom perhaps who has met up with a lover for the first time she has met on the internet, because you are used to setting up such scenarios within your mind as part of your fantasy life.

So the fact that you may be about to actually about to have a hidden first row seat to what may prove to be a very decadent erotic, and real life experience has your kitty suddenly moistening and twitching.

Just as you feel the slightest brush of your outer lips against the deliciously soft, decadent top of the cream colored duvet, the next part of the conversation commences.

“Oh my god, it’s just been … so … long!” the woman within the next room admits.

It is not as if you are a “premeditated eavesdropper”, it is almost as etlik escort the woman wants to have someone else hear her as clear and distinct as her voice is.

You assume that the woman has not had any intimate relations in quite a long period of time, and you are fully aware what such anticipation and build up this can produce.

You start to hear a progressive moaning, and within your mind you start to fantasize that the tip of his tempting tongue and the outer edges of her swollen peach are starting to become one and the same.

As you feel the tip of your tongue roll against the roof of your mouth, you can almost feel your own lazily liquefying lips being flicked and flipped in the same exact manner.

“Oh god yes … lick it … lick it!” you hear her suddenly scream, confirming what you almost have known all along.

It has been quite awhile since your own kitty has received such a lavish and luxurious lacing, and you simply cannot help but start to slowly rotate back and forth against the bed in slowly mounting arousal. You just need to feel any form of stimulation at this point.

Even though you are currently on your stomach, you have a strong assumption that she is lying on her back at that moment, her legs spread slightly outward in the most sublime manner.

And it is almost as if you can picture her tilting her pelvis oh so slightly, just to try to feel the whole width of his lips, desperate for him to start to soothe the flickering flame that is oh so slowly developing in between her legs.

So, just as you glide downward on a gorgeous stroke, she lifts lazily upward in the same manner.

“Oh my god, yes … right … there!” you hear her moan through the wall.

You start to suddenly wonder if maybe this is really just one of those blue films on the hotel tele.

And then you happen to hear the first hints of the bed springs slowly start to sound.

You know that this is nothing you would find on any tele right.

The vibrations coming from next store are so vivid that you almost can feel them against your own bed, and you now have the vision of her thrashing around helplessly, arms spread all the way upward and outward so that the bottom swell of her succulent breasts are slightly uplifted in such a tempting manner, as her body undulates in a beautiful and breathtaking balance of symmetry.

“No don’t stop … don’t you dare stop right now!” she swiftly orders.

This comment provides the commencement to a more swift and quick swirl like spiral, as you slowly feel the top of the duvet oh so lightly moisten directly underneath you.

Because the first few trickles of heated honey are flowing outward in a fleeting like manner.

It is evident from her steady screaming that his oral assault against her ankara eve gelen escort pulsating kitty is fiery and furious in its intensity.

And you decide at this point that all you want at this moment is a similar kind of a tongue lashing against your own pulsating peach.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” she starts to pant.

The vision that is most vivid within your mind is that he has started to use the edge of his fingers and the whole length of his tongue against her agitated, aching swells.

So that his tongue tip is tapping back and forth right up against her trembling clitoris, playing the lustiest of all lyrics.

While the tips of two of his smooth fingers are twisting around and around in a revolving like motion that she can feel resonating deeply upward inside of her.

The decadent digits are dancing the most delicious movements against her rapidly expanding g-spot.

“Lick it, lick it, lick it!” she exclaims, and the screaming and moaning becomes so acute and so loud that it is more than apparent that she has experienced her very first orgasm of the afternoon.

You become so frantic to feel a more direct touch against your own self because you know that just a few mere visuals and just a few grinds and thrusts against the soft bed underneath you are not going to fully ignite the raging inferno that has slowly started to infiltrate every single fiber of your being.

So against your planned precision, you find yourself calling up the concierge to send a massage expert up to your room immediately.

You have never had an intimate massage before, but your whole body has been sizzling with sensual sensations that you feel slithering up and down every inch of your sensitized skin.

You debate over whether to slide on an over sized towel or one of the luxurious bathrobes that the hotel provides, and opt to slide on the bathrobe.

The masseur is a stunning specimen of manhood, and you cannot wait to feel his soothing touch.

He looks to be French, and you have always fantasized about being intimate with an exotic European man.

You lie back down on your stomach, and cannot help but crack an amusing smile as you see the startled look on his face upon first hearing the screaming that continues to come from next door.

Upon the first touch of his slightly oiled fingers against the very back of your inner left thigh, you feel a sudden jolting sensation against your inner most, swelling core.

The touch is so slight, and so soft, and just against the very top of your sensitive skin.

They do not even move at first, they simply lightly press downward, the end result being that the very outer edges of your twitching kitty are pressed just a little more firmly down against the very top of ankara escort the duvet.

Now the circles start to spread and expand, the tips of his smooth fingers massaging the light coating of oil all along the back creases of one inner thigh at a time, the whole sensation made even more luscious by the fact that his fingers are underneath the bottom of the long robe.

You like the fact that he cannot even see how rapidly the honey has started to already flow out of you, he cannot see that your juices have already spread so much that they already completely cover the tip of your anxious and anticipant clitoris.

Now the edges of his eager fingers start to trace very lazily all along the outer, back edges of your throbbing outer peach lips, right along that incredibly sensitized area in between the swells of your luscious labial lips and the back of your inner thigh itself.

You are not sure if this is a normal part of the massage, but the sensation is so exquisite that you cannot help but let out a soft and smooth moan.

It is almost as he is going to test your reserve, daring you silently to see exactly how far you will go.

The woman and man next store are still just barely into their own session, and you are confident that now they have really started to get down to business.

You suddenly picture that she is currently bending over the bed, in a manner that the very tips of her throbbing nipples are lightly being tickled by the very top of the silk sheets.

This vision makes you feel the vivid and vibrating tingle against the tip of your own rapidly expanding nipples, and you cannot help but feel their outer edges envelope the top of the duvet.

“Oh good god!” you hear her shout.

He must be standing behind her, the shaft of his throbbing cock twitching, tantalizing her with its close proximity.

Just when you think his fingers are going to start to threaten your fiery inner fig, the touch instead focuses on the back of your knees, all the way downward toward the swell of your sexy ankle, the focus being to not only try to try to tantalize you and turn you on but also to get rid of all of the tight tension.

Each toe is giving the same fleeting flight from his fingertips, the light coating of oil permeating its way into your skin as a result of the gentle and lazy up and down like motion.

“Give it to me, for god’s sake, give it to me!” she yells.

He must be sliding the edge of his thick dick up and down the outer crevices of her congested lips, sweeping the swollen head all the way from the swell of her shivering clit all the way down to that incredibly sensitive area in between the bottom of the outer lips and the very top of the rounded cheeks.

And the crest of his crown is no doubt being completely coated by the wetness that continues to flow freely out of her.

If you close your own eyes tightly enough, you can almost make out the opening and closing of her inner flower, the almost inner clenching that she feels while breathlessly waiting for the first pulsating pass inward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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