Young asian gets scared at adult theater

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Young asian gets scared at adult theater
This is a story about some exposure and humiliation for a young korean girl

hannah was a very precocious 18 year old korean hipster girl from LA I knew she was freaky from the get go because she had me take polaroid pics of her right after we met and told me “you can cum anywhere you want.” the most romantic words any woman has spoken to me.

we met at a resort town in california. she was working at the hotel I stayed at. I met her in the bar and soon we were making out down by the river. I was 25. She lied and told me that night she was 20. I took her back to my hotel room but was sharing it with friends. They were all passed out from partying. Her and I made out on the floor and hopped into the shower at one point. In the shower I noticed she still had a lot of baby fat on her. Her pubis made a wide V out to the sides rather than a downward point you would see in a more mature fit girl. She had cute puffy cheeks that I sprayed many loads of cum on during our time together. She always was willing to hop on her knees and turn towards me to take my load. Her tits were small but not flat. canlı bahis şirketleri They puffed out a bit, enough you could cup them from below with your hand and were topped by large pointy nipples. I was most surprised and delighted by her juicy round ass.

I will never forget the first time my bare cock slid into her tight puffy pussy. It was less than 24 hours after we met.

We started a long distance thing from her resort town to the city where I lived. We discussed turn ons and fantasies and I told her that I liked the idea of us going to a porn theater together. She seemed into it at the time.

One day as she was visiting we were discussing what to do for the day and I mentioned going to a movie with the porn theater in mind. She agreed but didn’t know what kind of movie. She always like to dress provocatively she is a whore for attention from men. She actually wore a necklace that said “l****a” on it. Hard not to miss when it hung between her deep v necks that slightly revealed her spritely little tits. I figured she might like some exposure at the theater. I sure was turned on thinking about going canlı kaçak iddaa in there with a walking wet dream – the 18 year old korean with sexy eyes and a lot of body showing. We were getting dressed and she put on a long black tank top that clung to her body and hung just past her pussy and ass. “could I wear this as a dress??” she asked. “yes of course” I replied. I was getting very excited at the thought of her legs showing in the theater and easy access to her young pussy.

I took her downtown and we went to the secrets adult boutique. “In here?” she asked and I said “yeah in here” She seemed a bit surprised but was willing to go along. We went in together and I felt like a total perv buying 2 tickets to the movie with my little asian girl in tow. Of course I was a total perv.

Once we got in we found a spot about half way down and in the middle of a row. There were a handful of men spread about, like you often see in a porn theater. We sat down together and I started touching her exposed legs and putting her hand in my lap, ready to pull my dick out. She was frightened. I underestimated her 18 year old canlı kaçak bahis innocence. Sitting in the theater with jizz smell hanging in the air and men with their cocks out was too much for her. The movie made her uncomfortable too. It was women hard throating each other with long glass dildos. They were choking each other and rubbing slop on each others faces and giving swirlies in the toilet. Hannah wasn’t into it. She crossed her legs tightly and pulled her tiny tank top down as far over her legs as she could which was not very far at all.

A fat middle aged man moved to the seat behind us and was stroking his dick. We could hear the wetness – * slop slop slop slop slop slop *. I though about hannah sucking his fat little cock and taking his load on her. Or him nutting in her hair from behind. I wanted all the men in that theater to enjoy her. The man would get up sometimes and walk to the end of the aisle and look at her exposed legs then go back behind us and stroke his cock more. She was folding herself inward more, trying to avoid his gazes.

When she told me she wanted to leave we got up. It wasn’t after too long. Like I said I did not take into account that she was more innocent than she seemed. She was visibly shaken by the incident and I have to admit that seeing her uncomfortable in that theater trying to cover her teenage body up got me and still gets me so turned on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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