Working with the Girls Ch. 02

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Angie and I quickly became an item. Everyone at work seemed happy that her new attitude and smiling demeanor were paying off with her satisfaction in a new boyfriend. At this point, not many people knew me well since I was not only still new to the workforce at the resort, but new to the state as well. A few of the other bartenders gave me odd glances, which I took for jealousy. Angie had a body that was difficult to hide and I knew that they’d spent many a shift talking about how they each might get a chance with her. The fact that the new guy was beating them to the goods was a thorn in their sides. It didn’t matter to me; I was happy to be getting what I was getting. What none of us knew at the time, was that every bartender but me was about to get fired or would “voluntarily separate” from their employment at the resort.

I still spent my boring day shifts trying to catch glimpses of Angie as her shapely legs moved beneath her skirt. Daytime drinkers are a rare thing in a resort where the tourists spend the entire day with their families at the theme parks, so I often would have days where total sales would be less than one hundred dollars in my ten to six shift. The small back storage room behind the bar was a welcome respite when my hard on became difficult to hide while fantasizing about the tall blond waitress. Certainly it would have been unsanitary to leave a cummy mess on the floor back there, but it wasn’t like I didn’t think about it. The cold temperature and glaring bright light in that small space conspired to keep me on the straight and narrow. Add to this the fact that the room’s only door didn’t lock from the inside and there was no way I was going to do anything other than stand back there and wait for my erection to go away before stepping back out into the outer bar.

Angie still came to visit often and pick up drinks when her customers ordered a cocktail with their breakfasts or lunches. And there were times when we spent possibly too much time shooting the breeze, because the department’s manager, Amy, would sometimes stroll over to see what might be keeping Angie. I kept my actions professional in the workplace though. Losing a great job by getting too touchy with anyone was not the reason I was going to give up being around so many pretty ladies. When Amy would approach, Angie would usually finish up and hustle off. Amy’s curvy figure would meander through the bar to the floor to ceiling windows that looked out on the pool area where she would stand with her back to me as she viewed the outdoor play area.

Since ours was an expensive resort, managers were expected to dress professionally and Amy’s outfits were always either a dress or a skirt with a blouse and jacket. Whichever she wore, her powerful legs always were highlighted by the heels that she wore and her very large breasts were rarely hidden by the blouses whose buttons strained to hold them. I loved to watch Amy walk; she knew what each movement of her hips and legs did to the lines of her body. She had told me once that all through high school she’d played volleyball on the girls’ varsity team and that what few weekend days she had off now were spent trying to get into beach games on the east coast. She was fighting a battle with weight gain that she thought she was losing. In my mind, she was just right at that time. Her extra weight had added curves where she previously hadn’t had any and the new shape was sexier than the way she’d appeared in the photos she’d shown us at a party once.

On this day, Amy had on a tasteful white knee length dress and brown pumps with a matching belt around her waste. Her round breasts had jiggled as she’d walked by and I’d turned away from her as she’d passed so as not to stare. But of course, I’d caught the action of those big tits in the mirror behind the bar. She stood at the windows watching the families basking in the sun and I watched her. Bright sunlight streamed through those windows, passed through that white dress, and revealed her outline nicely. As my dad would say, “Those legs go all the way up…”

Half of the food and beverage department knew that I had begun dating Angela so I could not begin thinking about laying the department akyurt escort head. Correction: I could not outwardly begin thinking about it but I could sure as hell dream, right? There was something about that woman’s curves that rang a primitive bell in my loins, making me want to get a chance with Amy if it ever came up again.

When Amy left the bar through the doors to the pool area, I went back to dreaming about Angela and her older sister. Olga’s intrusion into our first date had left me puzzled since I couldn’t figure out her attitude towards me, her interest in sucking my cock, or her insistence that Angela not find out about it. I knew that given another chance, I would let her suck on my rod again, but didn’t want to endanger what I thought Angie and I might be building. Angela had never brought up her sister again, but I tried to manufacture reasons why we would see her. A few nights after our first coupling, we were in the bedroom of Angela’s house and about to consummate the deed. I jokingly looked around and said, “Is your sister nearby? Should we worry about one of the kids walking in?”

Angie, wrapping her legs tighter around my middle, said, “The door’s locked, the kids are asleep, and you can fuck Olga later.” I plunged my cock into her again and again, visions of putting the meat to her older sister competing with the real vision of that lovely and lithe German beneath me. Later, when I’d pulled my wilting manhood from within her, I had time to reflect on what she’d said.

Acting the fool, I joked, “Wait a minute; did you say that I could ‘fuck Olga later’?” I watched her face for signs of anger, but didn’t catch any.

“Uh, yes. I did,” she offered.

“Please tell me that there isn’t a language barrier. You do understand what you’re saying, right?”

She stood, cupping a hand to her pussy to try to keep our combined juices from dripping while she hurried to the bathroom. I heard her girlish tinkle then the toilet flushing. She reappeared after washing her hands and said, “Are you saying you wouldn’t like to sleep with her?” Before I could answer, she answered her own question, “What guy wouldn’t? She’s hot, right?”

“Angie, you’re hot. I do think Olga’s attractive, but what gives?”

“Oh, fuck her, don’t fuck her. Do what you want. In Germany, before we moved, we shared more than one boyfriend.”

“So…you’re saying if I ever get the chance, you’re not going to mind if I ask your sister out?”

“Ask her out? She’s not looking for a husband. Just fuck her. It’s ok.”

“What about you, Angie? Are you looking for a husband or just a fuck?”

She replied, “I don’t understand the fascination with labels here. Can’t we just enjoy what we’ve got?”

As she approached the bed, I moved to sit up at the corner with a leg over each side. My cock was back to full length and I looked from her sopping wet box to my sticky cock. “Where ya want me?” she said.

I told her to turn around and sit down on it. She quickly got the picture and straddled my legs while reaching back to guide me into her. With as much liquid as had been deposited in her quim, there was barely any resistance and she slid all the way down on the first stroke. She began to use me to bring herself off and leaned forward with her hands on her knees as she pumped her ass up and down. I watched my cock disappearing and reappearing at the entrance to her little lips and got an idea. I leaned forward slightly, and reached around her to finger her clit.

“Unnhhhhh!” she exclaimed and picked up the pace. I thumbed the little nub and pinched at it as well. “Ohhhh, ooooohhhhh, yeahhh,” she wailed. I was over worrying about waking up the kids and I attacked her sensitive flap. My fingering set her off and she sat down hard so that only my balls were visible beneath her. Her cunt clamped down fiercely and I could feel her convulsions hitting her. Silently, her lips moved and nothing came out. Again, I wondered what she would be saying if I could only understand it. When she started to come down from her high, I pulled her backwards to lie on top of me with our legs hanging over the end of the bed.

The knob of my cock now hit ayaş escort her right in the G-spot and I flexed my hips to drive it slowly and imperceptibly into her. Back and forth I did this until I felt a more powerful orgasm strike her. Her head was lying next to mine and her torso was directly above mine. I stroked her tits as she came with one hand and the other continued to work her clit. This orgasm was massive compared to the first two and girl-juice drenched my balls and inner thighs. This sensation sent me over the edge and I coated her insides with my second offering, spraying it all into the frontal wall of her cunt.

Later at the kitchen table, we drank wine and talked. My attention was evenly divided between continuing to fuck this beautiful woman and attempting to fuck her equally beautiful sister. Although Olga was older, I was sure that her body would be just as good as Angie’s especially since she had not had children. I could see when I looked at Olga that she had a great body, but the attitude she usually had towards me confused me.

“Why do you say that I can screw with Olga? She always acts as if I am a nuisance when I’m around,” I observed.

“That’s just the way she is. Maybe she’s concerned that you’ll be a bad influence on my kids.” Angie finished the last of her red wine, “I know she wants to sleep with you; she’s told me.”

All of this was new to me. The only place I’d ever even come close to dating sisters was in high school. There’d been a hot senior when I was a junior and we’d gone out a few times. Penny was demure, sweet, and innocent. I knew that to deflower her was to defile something beautiful. We went on five or six dates and held hands like kids. Unfortunately for me, sex was the one thing on my mind and I could see that there was no getting under her skirt. The next year, I’d noticed that her younger sister, Vicky, was growing into quite the curvy young woman and asked her out. Her attitude about everything was different and I couldn’t control myself when it was offered; we’d fucked in every way imaginable like we’d been in some competition to see how many ways two high schoolers could do it. But this was different.

Two mature, slightly older women apparently both wanted a piece of me. The fact that they were sisters didn’t register on me as weird, or perverted. This was two very attractive, long blond-haired, big breasted, excellently gammed women. “Call her up,” I joked. “Let’s see if she’ll come over right now.”

Calling my bluff, Angie stood up. My t-shirt barely covered the pretty cheeks of her ass. I sat quietly while she dialed the phone. Some German words were spoken and answered and Angela hung up. “Come with me,” she ordered.

I still didn’t believe that she’d really called her sister. But all the same, I followed her to the bedroom where she shed the t-shirt and I dropped my boxers. She stood facing the bed and I pushed on her upper torso expecting that she would fall forward onto the bed. Instead, she bent at the waste and caught herself on her hands, inviting me to join with her doggy-style while standing behind her. I allowed my dong to bob up and down, brushing against the skin of her thighs and ass. She spit into her hand and reached between her legs, slapped the spit onto her pussy, and attempted to catch the prodding meat. When she felt it, she firmly grasped at it and aimed it at her hole. I felt the breath catch in her and she relaxed as she pushed back slightly onto my cock. I grabbed a hip in each hand and pushed all the way in again.

I worked at not allowing it to progress too quickly. I purposefully held her hips and directed the motion of our fuck. The position I was skewering her in allowed me to not only control her but to watch the joining of our genitals. My cock would pull out as her clasping lips fought to hold me inside, then they would be shoved back in as my cock moved to bury itself in the quim. Wet sounds and the slapping of my balls against her pussy made obscene noises as we pushed and pulled. Again, I toyed with her winking asshole. For this assault on the orifice, I worked at simply rimming it with a wet finger. She vocalized her approval immediately ankara escort and so I spit into the crevice again.

In reaction, she reached for the nightstand and pulled the drawer open then went back to holding herself up with both hands. I looked at the contents of the drawer and saw a knobby glass dildo and a tube of lubricant. I took this to mean that she wanted further anal penetration so I reached for the tube. I stood straight up behind her, slowly pushing into her where our genitals met, the only place on our bodies where we were touching. I squeezed some of the tube’s contents into my right hand and rolled it around in a palm to warm it before using a super slick finger to push into her winking eye slowly and carefully.

She grew louder as I pushed the finger inside, stretching her and violating her bottom. I could tell she was trying to relax and I would often stop and let her get used to my finger’s invasion of her most private place. I felt the heat and tightness of her ass and wondered if it could ever accept my cock. As she grew used to this new fuller feeling, I worked at adding a finger to stretch the opening some more. She finally accepted three fingers in her asshole, but I was worried that if I was to replace them with my cock that she would not be able to take it. That would be another magnitude of violation, an invasion I was certain might cause her pain.

She hissed, “Do it.” I pulled from her cuntal sheath and compared the sizes of our equipment. My veined shaft looked huge compared to that little hole. I squeezed more lube onto my hands and stroked it up and down my shaft, thoroughly coating it. I saw her hand working her pussy hole and knew that she was preparing for the onslaught of my meat in her ass.

The knob lay in the bottom of the ravine formed by her perfect ass cheeks. I allowed it to lie adjacent to the little hole and her chance to reconsider passed. For her part, she clearly forced herself to relax and stopped playing with herself to reach around and pry a cheek open further. As her anus winked, it appeared to be beckoning to my cockhead. Its solitude was soon interrupted as I aimed the shaft at it and worked it around the edge slowly. Then I gave a tiny push and the hole worked to accept my prick. Several minutes of this accomplished the halfway penetration of her asshole. I watched at the spot where my cock was buried partially in her backside. She rocked her hips back and forth by bending each knee a little at a time, trying to accommodate my size. Another globule of lube dropped onto the shaft where it disappeared in her bottom and I pushed in a little more.

After several more minutes, I was bottomed out. She caught her breath and I began to pull out. “I can feel my insides moving!” she said as I pushed back into her. We settled down to establish a rhythm and I thought that my cock would catch fire so tight was her ass. I continued to push and pull and my concern for her comfort gave way to interest in mine. I knew that I would come soon and hoped that she was not going to be concerned about where I planned to do it. I had a handful of ass cheek in both hand as I held her open for my stroking and I was rutting at her back door like an animal.

A movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention and I turned to catch Olga who had sneaked into the house. She was standing at the open door with the most interested look on her face I’ve ever seen. She wasn’t doing anything cliché like stroking herself through her underwear or licking her lips; she was simply staring at my penetration of her sister’s ass. “Harder,” she mouthed when she saw me looking at her. “Push. Yeah, harder,” she whispered softly. I watched her; worried that Angela would hear and stop the fun immediately. Having an audience while fucking Angela’s ass was more than I could take. The pretty blond at the door silently encouraged me to punish the pretty blond beneath and in front of me and I worked harder. “Harder,” she mouthed again and I lost it, spraying her sister’s inner bowels with my spunk in a violent outburst of sweat and profanities.

Olga disappeared as my overworked piston slipped from Angela’s ass in a plopping sound of liquid and lost suction. I helped her to stand upright again and she tried to get to the bathroom without losing our combined fluids. She failed as the evidence of my efforts in her ass began to seep out and run down her legs. “Poor girl,” I thought, “she won’t walk normal for days.”

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