Wonderful Evening!

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I am 6’1 a fairly good looking Man, aged 43 divorced in a teaching profession. This is a story about how I had my first threesome, before I start the story, I would request the readers to comment on the story I have written this being my second attempt to write.

After my divorce, I have restricted my social life to physical fitness, reading and occasionally looking up few good friends whom I have known since college days, Tom and Carla being one of them. Let me describe them both, Tom is of my age, a bit of a couch potato who loves his beer and is an excellent host along with his wife. We share a common hobby of reading books and his wife is a buxom woman in late thirties, vivacious by nature and has tits, which have big nipples and long beautiful legs.

They invited me for an evening, the invitations that I really look forward to as we have stimulating conversations coupled with wine and beer, good music and an excellent dinner. I reached their home dressed in my faded jeans, a white shirt and a corduroy blazer. Carla was wearing a long black skirt and a white shirt and the way her breasts moved I could figure out she was not wearing a bra and Tom as usual in his jeans and black pullover. We sat down; was offered my usual, a chilled glass of wine.

Tom opened his beer and Carla like me had wine. We were sitting close together on the couch and discussing our classes and in-between Carla was passing out cold cuts. I was feeling good, having such nice friends for company. As the evening progressed and more wine flowed, I could feel the glow inside me and with Carla walking gracefully, I could not help watching her graceful movements across the room.

Probably Tom must have caught me stealing glances at his wife and he winked at me saying that my eyes were watching his wife all the time, embarrassed I devoted my attention back to what he was saying bayan arkadaş and tried to avoid watching his beautiful wife. Carla by then had put on ‘Jim Reeves’ on the deck and was swaying to the rhythm gently while we two men watched her. I think watching her made sway must have made Carla shy and she walked up to her husband wanting him to dance with her. Tom took her hand, offered it to me, and told me that he was not up to it and if I could oblige the lady.

I got up and we both started dancing together, our bodies apart while we danced with a bit of awkwardness, but slowly and slowly we started coming close and I put my arm around her and brought her closer as we danced to slow romantic music. By now, Carla was very close to me, her beautiful breasts rubbing on my chest and her head resting on my shoulder as we swayed to the music. I could not help running my fingers in her hair as her thighs close to me. I gave her a tight squeeze as we danced and she also gave one in return, feeling encouraged I placed my hand on her nice butt and rubbed my hand over it feeling the panty she was wearing,

I had almost forgotten her husband was there and when I looked at Tom he had this peculiar look on his face as if encouraging me and even in the dim lights I could see that he had a bulge in his trousers. I think by then Carla and I was too far gone to withdraw. She raised her mouth to mine and I kissed her gently, feeling her lips on mine, her lips parting a bit for my tongue to enter and explore her mouth. I was kissing my friends wife in front of him, my hand by now had entered her shirt and feeling her back while we continued kissing, we did not realize as that the song had finished but we were still swaying, our bodies pressed close together and the heavenly kiss not broken. Slowly Carla detached herself, walked to her husband bayan partner and sat next to him and they both started kissing. I did not know what to do other then walk and sit next to Carla and watch them kissing. Tom took Carla’s hand, placed her hand on my thigh, and gently broke the kiss. Carla turned her head and looked into my eyes I leaned forward and kissing her.

I could see Tom unbuttoning his wife’s shirt, slipping his hand inside, and feeling her breasts while I kissed Carla, our thighs touching. Carla by then had started moaning and her hand caressed my crotch and felt my raging hard on, Tom by now had slipped her shirt from her shoulder and I could see her beautiful breasts with swollen nipples. I placed my hand on one breast while Tom placed his lips on other. Watching Tom suck Carla’s breast I too followed suite and started kissing her other breast. Carla was reclined on the couch her shirt open and her breasts being sucked my two hungry mouth and her hands on caressing the back of mine and Toms head as if urging us to suck her breasts harder. Getting bold by the moment I started feeling her thigh along with Tom, our hands touching at times as we felt Carla. Tom got up from the couch, bent on his knees, raised Carla’s skirt, and started removing her panties, Carla pushed his hand away and got up and without looking back started walking to the bedroom. Tom looked at me and we both got up and followed her.

We both entered the bedroom and saw Carla standing and she looked quite a sight with her naked breasts peeping from the open shirt. Tom walked up to his wife, took her in her in his arms, and started kissing her once again and I walked up, took Carla in my arms from behind, and felt her body pressing mine. Here I was kissing her neck while her husband kissed her lips and slowly Tom started undressing her and in no bdsm escort time while both of us fully clothed had this beautiful naked woman in our arms. I saw Tom pull away and started peeling off his clothes and I saw he had a nice uncut cock of about five inches jutting from his body , both husband and wife were watching me hungrily as I stood naked with my thick seven inch cock which was throbbing as if it had life of its own .

Without saying a word me, Tom placed Carla on the edge of the bed and we took turns in kissing her wet cunt, while one would be sucking her cunt the other would be licking the insides of her thighs . I think Carla could not take it anymore and she pulled me up and had her hand on my cock as I guided it in her mouth. Carla turned around and now I was lying on my back while Carla sucked me cock, her warm wet tongue snaking all over it while Tom watched closely. I was feeling Carla breasts and was too engrossed in my worldly pleasure to notice that now I had two tongues sucking my cock and when I looked, Tom had taken hold of my cock in his hands and was taking turn to suck my cock along with his wife.

I think we all were in a state where we could not hold on for long and Carla took the initiative while by going on her fours and her husband tom gilded below her. She had his cock in her mouth and he was eating her, I mounted her from behind and as I was about to enter her I felt Tom’s hand on my hard cock, licking it and then slowly guiding it in his wife’s cunt. It was such a pleasurable moment where I would slip my cock out of his wife’s steaming cunt and let him suck our juices from my glistening cock before entering her again.

The climax was thunderous where Carla’s moans started rising; she sucked her husband’s cock and having her cunt pounded by me. I think we all came together I slowly got up after shooting my thick semen deep inside Carla I found Tom had glued his mouth to his wife’s cunt and was sucking her vigorously, sucking every drop of our orgasm from her wet cunt .

Later we just collapsed on the bed with Carla in-between us and slept with our legs and hands entwined in each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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