Wild Times at ASU Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Girl Love

Paige achieved her dream of making the song leader team her senior year. She was the best dancer. She had shed the fifteen pounds that Mrs. Raven demanded. One of the requirements of being a song leader was long hair. The hair was used in a couple of routines to titillate the crowd and make the girls seem more alluring. Paige had natural blonde hair with streaks of darker blonde which hung down just past her shoulders. On this year’s squad there were two African-American girls, one with dark skin, one with milk chocolate skin. There was an Asian girl, two brunettes, and another blonde, seven in all on the team.

The girls on the team worked very hard, at least as hard as any of the NCAA athletes. There were practices three days per week plus dance classes to learn new moves. There were also obligatory appearances at events that the President or the Provost held. It was a major commitment. One of the obligations was the handling and management of the equipment, which was stored in the Athletic Center. Each girl carried her own personal equipment including; combs, brushes, makeup, toiletries, etc. and their pompoms, the cards, the megaphones were usually delivered to the stadium three hours before the game. Each game also included routines prepared especially for that opponent. The equipment for those routines was handled by two girls chosen at random who had responsibility for transporting those supplies from the game back to the Athletic Center. Paige had responsibility for the final game. The Arizona game, the biggest game of the year!

She knew that this responsibility required two people. She was paired with Molly who was notoriously unreliable. All the girls enjoyed themselves on campus. They were all celebrities. However, Molly was a party animal. They pulled that game at the first practice in August. Paige knew that Molly would find a way to weasel out of it or just make Paige take all of the responsibility. Paige had a plan. “Molly, I know we are on ‘pick-up, clean-up’ after the Arizona game. I would be happy to do it myself.” That was music to Molly’s ears. She didn’t bother to ask how or why but she knew that Paige had ulterior motives.

The Monday before the game, Paige innocently asked Iliki if she was going to attend the big game on Saturday night. “Of course. I have been looking forward to it…”

“Good, I have a little sister task for you. A soon as the game is over, come down to the field.”

The game ended in dramatic fashion, just the kind of experience Iliki was hoping for. She yelled and cheered, jumped up and down and never sat down all game. It was glorious. As the stadium cleared with most of the students heading up the stairs to exit, Iliki walked down the steps. She hopped over the low wall and found herself looking up at the press box. What a great opportunity, she thought. ASU is in the Pac-12. Fuck UCLA and fuck USC.

“Iliki, over here.” Iliki bounced over to where the gym bags with the equipment were laid out. “It is my turn to carry the specialty equipment. We call this ‘pick-up, clean-up’ and it requires two girls. My partner bagged and I can use the help.” They put the equipment in four bags, each carrying two, one over each shoulder and made their way out of the stadium to the Athletic Center.

They ran into a number of their friends but Paige was tired and sore and badly needed a shower so she hustled them along, dropping the equipment in the office of Mrs. Raven. “Hey, Iliki, are you going to the Beta party, or can you… I mean I could use a back rub. Come over to my apartment. I have a couple of beers. My roommate is home in San Francisco.” Iliki’s first reaction was to agree. Paige was her big sister and Iliki was still a pledge. Iliki also felt a sense of trepidation. Paige was a lesbian. No, she would not pull anything. Iliki remembered that Paige had once been rebuked and kicked out of the Kappa House for a “physical encounter” that ran against to the sorority’s charter. Iliki felt safe. They walked briskly. At one, point Paige decided to skip, hoping to arrive more quickly. She hoped, more than anything, that she could get her face wet tonight. Ugh, she let out a semi-silent sigh.

Paige walked through the bathroom door, hair disheveled and wet. “I’m going to change. You should grab a beer.” Iliki turned on the TV and was bored. Paige sat on the couch next to Iliki. She smelled so wonderful that Iliki took a deep sniff to demetevler escort fully experience the sweet scent of the shampoo and perfume on Paige. This may get uncomfortable, thought Iliki. They made small talk. Paige reminded Iliki of the story of the meeting at Kappa House where the pledges were assigned to their big sisters. How Paige lobbied all week with the other girls to allow her to have Iliki as her little sister. She turned away from Iliki on the couch. “Would you rub my shoulders?” That was innocent enough, but Iliki was beginning to experience new feelings. Paige was gorgeous, a perfect ten. But Iliki liked the bodies of boys who were ripped and had a little stubble. She started kneading Paige’s shoulders and Paige made soft sighs of approval.

Paige had seduced other girls, lots of them. Although when in the act, seduction is not the word that applies. Seduction is something that is planned, something that is remembered. Nonetheless, what Paige was doing was pure lustful manipulation. She was pretty good at it, but it required careful moves. Some girls get repulsed when they realize what is happening and bolt. She lost two good friends in high school this way. IIiki required special care. “Rub my neck.” Paige knew that Iliki would be required to run her hands through her damp hair. Hair infused with the essence of jasmine, a major aphrodisiac. “Harder.”

A minute later, Paige pulled the silky pink bathrobe to droop down her back exposing her shoulder blades. “Use your knuckles on my spine.” Iliki complied with the attention of a physician. Paige moaned softly. Paige pulled her arms out of the bathrobe, allowing Iliki to see her strong back muscles. Paige swiftly turned to her left so she could be face-to face with Iliki. “Ikili, I am wildly attracted to you. May I kiss you?” Paige’s gray-blue eyes were wide open and inviting. Her perfect 34Ds were right there. Iliki froze. Paige leaned in, ever so softly. Their lips met, barely brushing. Paige tried another brush. Iliki did not tense up, nor did she verbally object. Paige brushed lips for a third time. This time, Iliki was feeling warm and flushed all over her body, tingling from the top of her head to her toes. Especially in her groin, where she felt she had to tense herself to prolong the feeling. It was a familiar feeling. It was the same feeling she had last weekend with Blake, the sprinter on the track team. When he kissed her she felt a flush in her groin. That led to a nice fuck but now… What now? The third brush of the lips was too much for Iliki to remain composed.

When she felt Paige’s lips she opened her mouth a little bit and used her tongue to probe Paige. This was the exact reaction Paige had waited for, worked for, for three months. Paige felt that familiar tingle. Their tongues danced together. They embraced and kissed deeply for a long time. Paige pulled down the strap of Iliki’s top. First the left, then the right. She pushed it down exposing Iliki’s sexy bra and her wonderful 32C cups. “Turn around.” Ikili turned her back to Paige and Paige unhooked the bra. They were both topless now and embraced again with a long kiss. Paige was hungry to taste Iliki’s nipples so she kissed her way down and helped Ikili lean against the back of the sofa so she could bring her mouth to Iliki’s breasts.

Just like the brush-kisses, Paige had the most gentle, soft and slow tongue that reached out to each nipple, barely touching, teasing Iliki like she had never felt before. The whole time, Iliki ran her fingers through Paige’s thick blonde hair. Next Paige reached her hand down to Iliki’s crotch. It was warm through her leggings and panties. Paige could tell Iliki was wearing panties. Feeling or hearing no objection, Paige ran her right hand under the waistband of the leggings to find Iliki’s underwear. They must have been a thong because Paige felt only a thin elastic band. Probing further into Ikili’s panties, Paige was shocked, pleasantly shocked, and amused, she had no pubic hair. This brought another wave of arousal throughout her body. Sexy Iliki was completely bare. Paige pushed her middle finger as far as the elastic waistband of the leggings and thong would allow. “You are soaking wet.” She was. Paige could only think of the mighty Mississippi, the strong current, the full flow, the slippery shore. They kissed for a few seconds to provide some reassurance for the freshman. “Let’s go to the other room.”

“O…K…” dikmen escort Iliki was very nervous but her overwhelming need was for satisfaction. She was so worked up by this time, her whole body aflame with desire, the tingling turned into raging heat.

They faced at the foot of the bed and Paige slid her hands to Iliki’s perfect ass. Yes she was wearing a thong and she pulled off the leggings, helping them over Iliki’s knees, down over her calves and slipping them off. On her knees now she was inches away from that gorgeous slit. She was hungry. She was starving. Paige stuck her tongue out and ran it up and down Iliki’s slit, being careful only to touch the labia majora. Seduction requires patience. It is best accomplished by making one’s partner want it, need it. Paige brushed the outer lips again, just as she had done with the kiss. Three times. Iliki needed more, now. She put her right hand at the back of Paige’s neck and pulled her in. That was all the encouragement that Paige needed. She used her strong tongue to probe as deeply as possible seeking out Iliki’s vagina and sweet juices. She found the vagina and was rewarded with a flow of sweet nectar, mixed with a little sweat. Iliki had been jumping and yelling for three hours throughout the game. But Paige loved the taste of pussy mixed with a little perspiration. Paige pushed Iliki’s legs against the bed then pushed her further so she had to first sit on the bed. Paige raised Iliki’s legs. Iliki obliged by scooting herself up on the bed so her head rested squarely on the pillow. Paige got on the bed with her, pulled Iliki’s legs apart and set herself between them. Taking in the experience, finally realizing her fantasy.

Lesbian sex is different, Iliki was soon to understand. If Paige were a boy, he would have jumped right in. Iliki’s previous lovers were aggressive, not subtle, and rather unkind in their movements. They were all anxious to insert, hump, finish, and watch TV. Overly anxious. Anxious to the point of desperation. It made sex unsatisfying. Sure, she had orgasms during sex. Being penetrated by a boy was great. She almost always came, as long as the humping lasted five minutes or more. She timed it once, yes, five minutes was what she needed to get off.

The boys treated oral sex merely as foreplay, a sideshow, something to do in order to do another thing, something to pass through. They were all thinking: “I licked it. I spit on it. It seems wet enough. Now the real show, the main attraction. It was good, enough. Time to feel cunt.” The boys loved her. She fucked five different guys since arriving at ASU, and sucked off two others. Primarily at times of the month when she didn’t want to deal with other things. She was very popular on the row. Most of the fraternity houses knew Iliki and greeted her enthusiastically when she arrived. She saw the eager faces of some of them. Still, free beer was great. If she found a hunky guy, so much the better, but that was not her goal. She could have any boy, any time.

Paige just sat there. Ikili’s legs were over her shoulders. Paige rubbed Ikili’s thighs and calves. This was nice. Paige loved Iliki’s strong legs, strong but slim and super sexy, brown and smooth. So she just rubbed them nicely and kissed them gently. This was different. Not rushed, just two people. Two incredibly beautiful people. “Babe, I would love to taste more of you, OK?” Iliki was past the point of refusal. Paige had teased her already to the point of no return. Iliki had felt Paige’s tongue on her lips, on her breasts.

“Sure.” Paige kissed her way down Iliki’s legs and began enjoying the aroma of pussy when she was only at her thighs. Iliki parted her legs even more. Paige pushed them back so her knees touched her shoulders. Iliki was wide open now. Paige was deeply conflicted. On the one hand, she wanted this moment to last forever, or until morning, whichever came first. On the other hand, she knew she could give this wonderful freshman the pleasure that she would long remember.

Paige ran her tongue over Iliki’s outer lips. Iliki’s pussy lips were thin and clean, barely present. Some girls had lot of junk down there, like Paige. Iliki had a barely protruding clitoris and Paige could see the pink of her inner lips. Paige used her tongue like a scoop, trying to capture as much nectar as possible. With each scoop, Paige elicited a string of pearly clear cream. The cream ankara escort came in strings. This was Paige’s greatest fantasy come true. She could do anything. She was totally in control. Iliki was wide open and already breathing in quick gasps. An orgasm was surely in the near future. Paige centered her attention on Iliki’s anus, her virginal anus, as she would soon find out. Paige probed, Iliki screeched.

“Am I hurting you?” Talking was not possible for Iliki. Concentration was. Did that hot girl just lick my butt? Mmmm was all that came out. “I will take that as encouragement”. This was not like any sex she had previously. This was sweet lovemaking. An experienced woman giving her girlfriend the kind of pleasure that only could occur between…Mmmm. Paige probed a few more times. Each elicited new sounds and new shaking and more fingers pressed into her blonde hair and more pulling her face forward. Now Paige was licking Iliki’s anus like a lollipop. Iliki was moaning louder and louder. Up until now, Iliki was deeply satisfied and it could have ended here—well maybe with a few flicks of her clit and she would explode—and it would have been awesome. But, Paige’s experience was still not fully on display.

While Paige licked Iliki’s anus like a lollipop, she used her right hand to rub Ilki’s clit, not the tip like a boy but the top, the skin above the visible button. That was the place Iliki used to satisfy herself. Only another woman would know this. Tongue in ass, fingers on clit. It only took another few minutes for Iliki to have a massive orgasm that made her scream with joy. First one grunt. Then a louder grunt. Then an even louder grunt and finally a sigh and a giggle.

Girls know that giggle. At this point, the clit is too sensitive to touch. During masturbation the woman knows exactly when to stop. When another person is doing the rubbing or the licking there is usually the point past orgasm when hyper sensitivity causes a giggle or two. Paige got her there. This is exactly what Paige wanted. She came up on her knees between Iliki’s legs to see Iliki’s huge smile, eyes wider than saucers and her breath just beginning to slow down. The tingle between her legs was still warming her body when Paige asked, “May I kiss you?” Iliki could not refuse that.

“Of course, why do you even ask? I am so turned on.”

“Well, my mouth tastes like vagina. It’s not something that everyone enjoys.”

“Come up here you fuckin’ sexy girl.” They kissed deeply.

Iliki could taste her own vagina on Paige’s lips. She had sucked cock a few times while taking a break from fucking guys. Same thing. She had kissed a couple of boys when they stopped eating and started searching out her warm hole as a place to get their dicks squeezed. Same thing. But…not the same thing. Paige was different. Paige was a lover. The others were encounters. Paige deserved more. Iliki was in the moment like never before. Iliki gently pushed Paige off of her and reached down for Paige’s bush. Paige was probably close to orgasm herself. Throwing caution to the wind, Iliki started kissing Paige’s 32D’s. Her nipples were hard and sensitive to the touch. Iliki wanted to please Paige, wanted to please her now. However, she decided to act like a gentle woman lover and not an aggressive man lover. She kissed her way down her body. Down further to Paige’s tight abs. Down further to her belly button. Paige was incredibly excited that the object of her desire was between her legs and about to use her mouth to please her.

Iliki kissed down further and found Paige’s brown, perfectly trimmed, bush soaking wet. Iliki’s sister Sara is blonde and has a dark golden bush. That is interesting. Iliki ran her nose through the bush, making it wet and enabling her to smell that sweet juice. Iliki licked her finger out of habit. She was going to insert it into Paige but Paige was already so wet, she wondered if Paige would feel any friction at all. She inserted one finger. Again, she was so wet and slippery that two or three fingers would easily slide in. One for now. And Iliki concentrated her mouth on Paige’s clit. Paige had fat pussy lips, a protruding clit and clit hood. Iliki licked the hood for a few minutes and Paige started screaming and writhing in joyful climax. That did not take long. Iliki looked up and Paige flashed the largest, the biggest the happiest smile she had ever seen. “My god, that was the best I have ever had”


“Really, really.” What should Iliki say to that. David always told his children, eleven in total, Iliki was fifth, that when in doubt, be honest. It is safer that way.

Iliki: “Paige…that was…my…first…time.”

“No way… No way.”

“Way.” Iliki smiled and nodded.

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