Wife Plans A Trip

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Wife Plans A TripWife Plan’s a TripGenerally speaking I have always set up the vacation arrangements, trip maps, hotel accommodations and sightseeing spots. But my wife wanted to set this one up.“All you have to do is some driving and tell me what days off you have, I’ll handle everything else.” I was somewhat surprised as this has never happened before. I told her dates, three months away then kinds forgot about it until she reminded me the week before we left,“Don’t forget out trip next Tuesday, I’ll have your stuff packed when you get home.” Then went and said,“We’ll be ready when you get home.” This last statement had me thinking that most likely one of our grown c***dren would be travelling with us again. So I reserved myself to another trip without time to be intimate with my wife because she has always been afraid to have sex when someone was home. When I arrived home on Tuesday, I pulled into the driveway, noticed that my wife had picked up a rental. I walked into the house and my wife informed me to,“Change into you comfortable road driving clothes.”She had laid out my shorts and shirt; she knows this was what I liked to wear when driving for an extended time. But I wasn’t expecting what I heard next coming from the kitchen, “Hi, hope you had a good day at work.” Called a family friend, Samantha, but we called her Sam. I first met her about 11 years ago when she was a young teenager. She had a sibling that went to school with our last c***d. That was his best friend. We became friends with his family and thus we got to know each other. Over the years she had house sat for us when we went on vacations. Now a married young woman with a young c***d living with her grandparents I assumed she would be staying at the house with her spouse so that they could have some alone time. Prior to her getting married she dated another c***d of mind for about six months, but the relationship went south when she started talking k**s. My son just wasn’t ready. That’s when my wife stated,“We’re all packed and ready to head out. We’ll be driving then stopping at the Casino just across the Oklahoma State line. You remember the one you took me to on my birthday a few years back.”I nodded yes, about a 7 hour drive, I remember it well. But that’s another story. Now where was I, oh yea Sam? I watched her grow from a young teenager into a fine young adult woman. She was funny, smart, but she was also a looker. Having come over many times to swim at the house and not a shy bone in her body, she always wore a bikini. Any dark color looked great on her. Staying maybe 5 foot 6 inches, long flowing blond hair, pale smooth skin, blue eyes, and small perky breast with large nipples which my wife always commented on when she got out of the pool. If she weight more than 100 pounds I’d be surprised. She had a bubble type butt that fit her well. Her abdomen was tight due to her working out to recover from her new baby. She was, as the old saying in my time goes, a “Brick House.” It was then my wife stated.“Sam and Rob, her husband, would be joining us on the trip.”Intimate time was back in play, as we’d be staying in separate rooms. Rob was roughly 6 foot, probably close to 220 pounds, dark completed, muscular body, and a construction worker by trade, black hair and brown eyes. From just meeting him a few times he seemed like a cool guy, very talkative. He was also attentive to his wife, as most new husband can be.I stand about 5 foot 10, fair completion, sandy blond hair, hazel eyes. I hit the scales at 230 and work out regularly at the gym. I have what some decide as a small beer gut, although I do not drink beer. My wife is the shortest of the group, 5 foot 3 inches. I always pick on her when we’re in the shower that she satisfies my fantasy of having relations with a little person. Weighs maybe 140 has curves in the right places. Her breast at mouth that a handful with nice light brown nipples. We’re not the Ken and Barbie but we aren’t bad in my opinion. Her private area is kept cropped close, she doesn’t like to be shaven she says it irritates her when she tried it twice for me.We hit the road close to four in the afternoon. Conversation was good, as we talked and got to know more about Rob. Two hours into the drive they all suggested we stop for something to eat. I countered with fast food so that we could arrive at our destination before midnight. Everyone agreed so we made great time during the stop and made out destination at eleven canlı bahis siteleri fifteen that night. We walked in my wife approached the lobby counter and returned with four card keys. We drove to the closet entrance to the rooms, retrieved the luggage from the back of the car and went inside. As I approached our room Sam says“Hey let me get the door for you.”Instead of taking my card key, she used hers. It was just about the time I heard my wife say.“We’ll be sharing room to save money on the trip, I have a lot planned and it’s all budgeted. Hope you don’t mine.”Talk about frustrated, again on vacation and now I knew I’d be having no sex with my wife with them sharing the room with us. I just smiled and nodded. I choose the king size bed near the A/C, they took the other king size bed. We set the luggage in place and my wife retrieve from an enveloped where she had some cash and handed each of us $100. She then said to.“Hit the floor and win some money. We’ll meet back up at the room in three hours.”She then walked out the door. While I’m standing there in somewhat of confusion, I hear Rob say.“Thanks for allowing us to tag along. We haven’t had a vacation together and thought it was nice of your wife to invite us. We had a little apprehension about her not clearing it with you first so again I thank you.”“I have no problem with my wife’s planning and I know we’ll have a good time on the trip.”I told him as we all left to the room heading to the floor. As the time went by, this place being as big as it was I saw none of the party I arrived with. At the three hour mark, I collected my $200 winnings and headed back up to the room. Just as I got inside, I hear the shower running. I see my wife lying in the bed watching the late night news.“I won a whopping $200”Excitedly I said, standing there like a c***d waiting for approval. “Put it on the table, I’ll get to it shortly. Hope you don’t have to use the bathroom. Rob and Sam are taking a shower. Sam broke even and Rob, well he’s the big winner tonight with $505.”“He’s the really big winner as he’s in the shower with his wife.”I mumbled as I placed the money on the table next to Rob’s stack. “I heard that and I’ll tell you now, you’ll have some time with me on this trip.”She smiled and gave me that sexy look as she turned over and got ready to go to sleep. I grabbed a soda and sat down to watch the news. I could hear Rob and Sam in the bathroom talking, but couldn’t make out what was being said. About thirty minutes later they both came out, Rob in a pair short only and Sam wearing an oversize t-shirt and it appeared as though she had nothing else on. I could see her nipples pushing against the cotton fabric. Her nipples looked hard just like when she would get out of the pool. They asked how I did on the floor, after a little discussion they said “Goodnight”, climbed in bed and I cutoff the news and headed to bed. The room was dark, but the light from outside cast a faint light across the room once your eyes got adjusted. Being a light sleeper I woke up an hour or so later and could hear a faint sound coming from our friends next to us. I could make out Rob lying on his back, but didn’t see Sam. But from the raise section of covers over Rob’s private area and the movement I could make it, it appeared as though Sam was giving him a blow job. I then heard Rob moan and could tell he was about to cum. I noticed I was getting a hard on as I was thinking of Sam about to receive a mouthful of semen. The movement stopped and I watch as Sam climbed from under the covers and took her position next to Rob. I could only assume that she swallowed his cum, which cause my erection to just get harder pressing into the butt area of my wife. It was then I heard it, that faint little whisper.“Calm that boy down not getting any right now.”She turned looking me in the eye, before rolling back over. I heard an alarm going off and noticed it was 9:30 in the morning. My wife jumped out of bed and headed to the rest room returning a short time later dressed. She turned on the lights while telling us.“Rise and shine. The early bird gets the worm. Let’s all go for breakfast in the lobby, it’s included with the room. I want me some eggs.”As we all started to stir again being my smartass type self, mumbled where my wife could hear.“I think someone else got up early, beat you to the worm and also got her allotment of protein for the day.”My wife poked me in the side, and I noticed canlı casino that Rob and Sam was smiling at me, Sam licked her lips smiled at me.“Rob thought he saw you looking our direction you bad boy.”What could I say, busted, already let it be known I knew what they were doing. We all took our turn in the bathroom dressing then headed to breakfast. We spent an hour talking about the plans for the day and I learned that my wife had gotten with Sam, making plans for the trip. I assumed at this point that Rob probably knew the plans also. We finish breakfast and went off to see some local sites and antique stores spending much of the day having a good time with good friends. We stop for lunch then continued on our excursions that the wife planned. As the sun was setting we arrived back at the casino. We got up to the room and again my wife removed handed us each a $100.“Meet up at the restaurant in three hours we have reservations and I have the rest of the evening planned out.”Again we went all separate ways and played our favorite games until it was time to meet up. I arrived first being proud of the fact that I again was on the plus side by $150. Sam arrived next smiling excited that she was up $100. Rob arrived looking down, stating that he lost it all, but did have a good time and he was still up from his other winnings so not bad. My wife arrived 20 minutes late but was beaming as she announced.“$800 up, I was on a hot streak. I moved the reservations back 30 minutes so relax will be seated shortly.”Dinner was awesome and the company just made it that much better. We all drank a little and had the meal covered by the casino. We laughed and talked about what tomorrow might bring, but it was then that my wife informed me.“Why worry about tomorrow when we haven’t finished tonight yet. I will say that we hit the road shortly after breakfast tomorrow.”We finished dinner and headed up to the room. When we got there my wife grabbed some things headed to the bathroom to shower. Just as she got to the door she turned.“Are you joining me my love?”She entered the bathroom. Not be one to miss any chance to see her naked I grab a few things and went in. She was already in the shower and the room was steaming up. I removed my clothes and stepped into the large glassed enclosed shower into my wife’s open arms and a passionate kiss.“I really have enjoyed the day and I hope you can enjoy the rest of the evening.”Grabbing my now growing erection she slowly started bathing me. When she finished I then soaped up her body and washed her. As we were rinsing she focused on my erection stroking my cock and massaging by balls as we kissed. I played with her breast and rubbing her clitoris when she stopped.“That’s all for now, we need to get out and give them their turn. Don’t want them thinking something is going on.”My cock immediately deflated as did my ego. I must have looked like a whipped puppy.“Pick your lip off the floor, you’ll be fine.”We put on his and hers matching silk bathrobes. I then noticed my wife didn’t put on anything under hers. I was somewhat confused but remained silent. We then walked into the room and there on the bed sat Rob and Sam. The both jumped up and rushed to the bathroom. Things now took a turn as my wife guided me over to our bed.“Remove your shorts, lay back, that is unless you don’t want a blowjob.”Not missing a beat I drop my shorts, but kept the robe on taking my position where I was instructed. My wife knelt down and began to lick my cock back to hardness. My erection grew and my wife took it in her mouth slowly sucking while stroking me. I knew we had a few minutes while Rob & Sam showered, but I didn’t how much my wife was willing as she continued slowly working my cock. The more I tried to pick up the pace the more she resisted. I’m thinking, is this so type of game. To be teased again but no release. She just continued not allowing me to touch her and her not making an attempt to make me cum. Not sure how long it was but I heard the bathroom door open. As I tried to cover myself with the robe, my wife’s hands just removed it not once stopping her sucking. She then turned to Rob and Sam.“What took you guys so long? I thought you might like to watch some live porn before bedtime.”Was I surprised, not only did my wife not try hide the fact she was sucking my cock, but she was inviting our friends to watch her. Something I would not have imagined happening in my lifetime. Rob kaçak casino and Sam took a position on their bed facing ours as my wife continued to blow. She would stroke my cock making sure they saw all the action. This went on for several minutes.“Would you like to see more action?”No waiting for a reply she turned me to where my feet where now facing Rob & Sam. My wife then stood up opened her robe and dropped it to the floor totally naked in front of our friends. I heard whispers coming from Rob & Sam but they were not audible to my ears. My wife then walked over in front of them and stood for what seemed like minutes before climbing in the bed her ass facing them. The then positioned herself on top of me bending down she kiss me whispering in my ear.“Let’s give them a good show.”She grabbed my cock positioning it at the entrance of her pussy lowered herself onto my cock. She was wet and I slipped in easily. She then looked back at Rob & Sam.“Can you see this hard cock going into my pussy?”She started riding me with like we were newlyweds for several minutes. The she climbed off and repositioned me to where my head was now facing them. She then took her position back on continuing to fuck me. I was playing with her tits as they bounced in rhythm with her.“What do you think of my tits Rob? Do you like watching me fuck my husband? I heard no reply so could only guess there was head movement. I was about to cum and she suddenly stopped and dismounted me. Again I was repositioned this time she laid back with her legs open facing them, she touched her pussy slowly rubbing her clitoris.“Rob do you like the way my pussy looks? It’s nice and wet. Enjoy the show as my husband fucks me until he unloads inside my pussy.”I took my sign and got into position, grabbing my hard cock I placed it just inside her and rubbed up and down lubing it with her juices. I then buried it into her and began picking up the pace. Knowing that I was being watch excited me more than ever. I pounded her for several minutes.“Get ready he’s about to cum!”I exploded inside releasing all I had built up continuing to fuck her until I was spent. I then removed my cock now slowly going limp and moved away.“Will you look at that Rob, Sam you two come over here a look closely at this cum in my pussy. I think the show is about to be over. Hope you all enjoyed, I sure did.”They moved closer staring at my wife’s open legs, my cum dripping from her pussy. They then both turned and smiled giving me thumbs up. My wife then climbed out the bed and put on her robe as she handing me mine. She then fixed us all drinks before we all sat down facing each other. I could tell that this was not to be all for tonight. Looking at Rob and Sam my wife says, “Get with it we’d like to watch you!”Slowly Rob rose, standing before my wife when she reached out and slowly removes his robe. Rob was already sporting an erection, his cock was about my size in length but bigger in girth. My wife looked over at Sam, “My words this is a thick cock can’t wait to see it inside you!” Looking up into Rob’s eyes, “Do you mind if I touch it?” my wife says seductively. Upon seeing both Rob and Sam nod with approval my wife reaches out and grabs his cock stroking it her hand not be able to totally wrap around it. Rob was chiseled from working construction and tanned, two things that make my wife horny. Rob then turns around and climbs into the bed. Sam now standing moves closer to me, standing directly in front she looks down at me, removes her robe and lets it drop to the floor. Her pale skin and now naked I see her pink nipples and work my way to her pussy seeing it for the first time cleanly shaven. She then hops into the bed with Rob and starts sucking his cock. My wife moves closer to whispering, “Let’s see what these young people have.” As Sam now moves into position to ride Rob’s cock. She grabs it and moves it into position lining it up with her pussy lowering herself down on Rob’s cock. She slowly starts rocking back and forth while Rob is massaging her breast, apparently the earlier show had her built up because it didn’t her long to have an orgasm. She then climbs off of Rob and gets on all fours facing us waiting for Rob to enter her. Rob positions himself behind her starts fucking her doggie style while I noticed he was looking at my wife who had opened her robe and was fingering her pussy while looking back into Rob’s into the eyes. Rob pulled out and shot a hot streaming load of cum onto the back of Sam as they both collapsed back onto the bed.We then took our showers and got dressed for dinner and some more gambling before hitting the road to drive further up north a destination that I’ll find out about tomorrow.

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