Who Does Who? Ch. 01

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Tamar couldn’t help the scream that escaped her as the men threw her back on the pillows. One of them, a tall brute with arms as wide as her thighs, chuckled.

“She’s ripe for the plucking, boys. I want her sweet pussy in my mouth first!”

His companions grinned and nodded their assent, moving forward to pin their captive’s shoulders down. Tamar struggled against their grip, helpless. She gasped as her shirt was ripped down the front, exposing the blue satin bra that she’d put on that morning. The muscled brute ran sure hands up her legs and under her skirt, and divested her of her underwear with one hard yank.

“Please- please don’t!” she begged, but the men holding her down just laughed. One of them, the smallest of the three, reached down with one hand and freed his cock. It was a hard rod standing out from his body, and Tamar whimpered as he moved over her head.

“You can bite those rosy nipples, Jared, her mouth is too tempting for me.”

And with that he pried her mouth open and thrust his satin length as far down her throat as he could. Tamar choked, her eyes wide, and tried to swallow.

“Ah, baby!” the man groaned. “Do that again, you sweet piece of arse! Do it or I’ll tell Heath to bite your tender little fuck hole til you bleed!”

Tamar’s eyes widened as she felt Heath’s- the brute’s- tongue licking up her inner thigh. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist now and she was completely exposed. The long tongue moved teasingly upwards and suddenly stopped.

“Cam,” Heath growled. “Don’t let her choke- the night’s only just begun.”

Tamar turned her head away from Cam’s penis, and her eyes widened as she saw Jared drop his pants to the carpeted floor. The blond man placed a cushion by her side and knelt on it, and, with a lazy smile at her, bent his head down to her breast. She gasped as his teeth locked onto her nipple through the satin and nipped it gently, raising it to a taut peak. Impatient, Cam turned her head back again and slapped esenyurt ucuz escort her lightly. Tamar looked at his straining penis, and then up at him. He grinned.

“We’re going to rock your world, girl. Heath.”

Tamar swallowed back tears and looked down to where the other man had his head buried between her legs, and then back up at the penis descending towards her mouth again.

“Open your mouth.”

She did so, shaking, and felt a hand spread her female opening. Simultaneously the penis and tongue penetrated her, making her back arch with reluctant pleasure.

“Spread your legs and suck me!” she was commanded, and she did so, mouth working frantically around the large head and as much of the shaft as she could fit in. Cam groaned and sank down further on his knees, forcing Tamar to arch her head back to fit him in her throat.

“Damn, girl! How wet is she, Heath?”

Two fingers eased into Tamar’s body and she moaned around the thick cock.

“Very. I’ll stop teasing her soon, so that she’ll beg for her release later. Can you stop fiddling and fuck her breasts properly, Jared?”

The blond man grinned, but immediately straddled their victim’s body. He swiftly pulled her bra up so that her breasts were exposed and squeezed them playfully. Tamar shuddered as she felt the head of his penis trailing between her breasts, leaving a line of moisture behind. Cam moved again and she had to return her attention to her mouthful, still aware of Jared rubbing his cock in her cleavage. The man over her was moving faster, demanding more pressure from her mouth and tongue. Tamar sucked frantically, her jaw aching, whimpering as she felt Jared push her breasts together with his big hands and ease his penis into the warm crevice created by them. He began to move in counterpoint to his friend, making sure that their captive could feel the full length of him moving between her flesh. Heath had disappeared somewhere, but now he returned esenyurt üniversiteli escort and threw another body down next to her. Tamar barely caught a flash of breasts before Jared moved away from her and Cam abruptly rammed is cock as far down her throat as he could. She whimpered as she felt the sudden rush of his orgasm, and gasped when he pulled out and came all over her neck and chest. Heath pulled the second girl up again and brought her over to Tamar.

“Look what I found. Let’s all play together, shall we?”

Cam laughed and stripped his pants off.

“Put the new one of top of her- I want my cum over both of them.”

Tamar moaned as the girl was laid down on her, breast to breast, the girls legs tangled within her own wide-spread limbs. The girl raised her head, and blue eyes met brown.

“Tamar,” she whispered, then gasped as Heath pushed her head down.

“Lick the come off her breasts, Rhia, be a good girl.”

Tamar couldn’t repress a shiver of arousal as Rhia put her tongue out and tentatively licked the thick moisture from her left nipple. When none of the men commented she took the nipple into her mouth and sucked, the tugging sending tingles down Tamar’s spine. Knowing what the men wanted, she put her arms around the other girl and reached down to cup her buttocks. Tamar gasped as Rhia suddenly ground their hips together, and slipped her fingers down between her buttocks to caress the girl. Over the blond girl’s shoulder she saw Heath move closer and kneel down, and, knowing what he wanted, she spread Rhia’s legs wide. However, Cam stopped him before he could reach for her hips.

“All of us in this, my friend. I’ll take the bottom.”

Heath grinned and pulled Rhia backwards.

“Kneel on the floor, Tamar,” he commanded. Tamar did so, and felt Cam move and sit down behind her. The shorter man lay down on his back, pushing his legs under her as he did. Her face red with humiliation, etiler escort Tamar knelt over his hips, and didn’t resist when he pulled her down to straddle his body backwards. One deft hand reached between her buttocks and spread her nether lips, then guided his erection into her body. Tamar shuddered as he penetrated her, and then gasped as he suddenly pulled her back to lie along his body. Heath moved Rhia over her then, on all fours, and wasted no time in pushing his own substantial cock into her vagina. Jared stood over Tamar’s head as Heath began to fuck Rhia slowly and first placed Tamar’s hands on Rhia’s breasts and then inserted his cock into the blond girl’s mouth. Tamar realized at that point that she was not so unwilling anymore, since her body was wet with her own juices of her own volition. Rhia was panting above her, her mouth full of Jared’s cock and her cunt full of Heath, and both men wore expressions verging on painful bliss. Cam had let the girl above him contemplate her situation for a few moments, but then he started to move his hips in small sharp motions. Tamar groaned and tightened her grip on Rhia’s breasts, making the girl moan. The man below her reached around with one hand and placed his finger squarely on her clitoris, stroking it in time to the movements of his hips. All five breathed heavily, their momentum building up together.

“You shook me all night long,” Jared gasped, and the three men began to thrust in time together, as if to a beat. Tamar had Rhia’s breasts dangling above her, so she lifted her face and captured a nipple, drawing hard on it. Rhia clamped her lips around Jared’s cock in response and sucked him down her throat, tilting her head back to receive his full length. Heath saw his friend’s face screw up with the strain and violently slammed his member into Rhia- but Jared came first. Rhia swallowed hard, feeling the man behind her come in a hot rush inside her. Tamar orgasmed with a near-scream as Cam’s fingers abruptly hit the spot, her contractions forcing the cum from his cock and into her body.

Jared collapsed back on the pillows with a groan as Heath pulled Rhia to the cushions on the side. Cam and Tamar lay where they were, breathing in gasps.

“I think.. that we.. should.. do this.. more often,” Tamar panted as she rolled off Cam.

The irrepressible man grinned.

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