Where the Dark Road Leads

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Chapter 1

Sela sighed and ran her fingers through her short blonde hair. Why did things like this always happen at such an inopportune moment?

With a shudder she recalled the thump and sudden sharp pull of the steering wheel that signalled only one thing. A flat tire. As she steered carefully to the side of the road, she noticed with alarm the growing darkness.

Her car door opened with a creak and Sela silently cursed the annoying sound. Carefully placing her thin heels on the rocky ground, she stood up and glanced around. Shivering slightly, she took in the growing shadows cast by the trees lining each side of the road.

Maybe she had taken a wrong turn. This surely wasn’t familiar territory. But Sela had followed her friend’s directions to the letter, and she shrugged off the nagging suspicion that she was far from any help.

Quite obviously not much traffic traveled this road, and as the sounds of night began to increase in volume, Sela knew she’d better hurry. Digging her cell phone out of her purse, she dialed her friend’s number only to hear the annoying beep that signalled lack of reception. Damn technology anyway, she cursed.

Sela began to feel a prickle of fear rise at the back of her neck. Forcing herself to breath deeply, she assessed the situation. “Well, might as well get on with it,” she muttered grimly as she popped open her trunk. Grabbing the jack and spare tire she silently thanked her husband for showing her the basics of car care.

Raising the wheel off the ground was easy enough; loosening the rusty lug nuts proved to be a bit more difficult. Finally Sela was able to pry the tire off and as it thumped to the ground, she heard a distinctive roar in the distance, growing ever louder.

A Harley. Before she could decide whether to flag down the rider or run to safety, she was pinned to the spot by a single headlamp. As the rider slowed to a stop behind her car, Sela wiped her sweaty hands on her dress. The thin summer fabric did nothing to conceal her curves; if anything it made her nipples stand out even further. She forced her arms to her sides, refusing to cower in front of this stranger. Anyway, she might well be taller than he, since she was of considerable height even without her heels.

As the rider climbed off the bike Sela smiled to herself as she noticed the thin stature and average height. Certainly no trouble here. She allowed herself to relax a tiny bit as she prepared to greet him.

“Looks like you could use some help.” Sela gasped at the high feminine voice, and watched with shock as the rider pulled off her helmet to reveal long blonde curls. “Expecting someone slightly different I take it,” she laughed. “I’m Delia, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you…I’m Sela. I think I’ve got things under control but I sure wouldn’t turn down a hand.”

“Alright then,” Delia agreed. “Let’s have a look.”

As the two women stooped over the tire, Sela could feel Delia’s questioning eyes on her more than once. “I’m on my way to a friend’s house,” she explained.

“Must be a pretty special friend,” Delia replied with a chuckle. Sela couldn’t stop the sudden rush of warmth through her body at the obvious compliment. Surprised at her reaction, she glanced at the other blonde, noticing with growing excitement as Delia met her stare with intense blue eyes.

“I’ve always liked brown eyes,” Delia murmured.

“Oh…umm…thanks…I uh…” Sela stuttered.

“Relax,” Delia said with a laugh. “I’m not going to jump you, no matter how mean I look. But seriously, have you ever been with a woman before?”

Sela started at the question, and as she glanced once again at the biker, she wondered if she was dreaming. “Yes…once. I loved it and have always wanted to try it again,” she admitted softly.

Delia nodded, “I see. Well, we’d better get things picked up. It’s pretty dark now.”

Sela agreed nervously, wondering at the sudden change in the mood. The air was charged with erotic electricity it seemed, but she didn’t know how to make the first move. Maybe she wouldn’t have to, she thought.

After the women had packed the tools in the trunk, Sela turned to thank Delia and found her face only inches away. This is too inviting to pass up, Sela thought, and as she lowered her lips slowly she could feel her heart beating a fast staccato in her chest.

At the first slight touch both women felt a shock bolt through their bodies. Sela gently pressed her lips to the other woman’s, feeling the softness, breathing in her soft perfume. Delia returned the kiss, parting her mouth eagerly beneath Sela’s flickering tongue.

As their tongues met, both women groaned out loud, slipping into a tight embrace, hands roving over each other’s bodies, taking in the soft curves.

Their kissing grew in intensity and Sela pressed Delia back against the car for support. As they grew increasingly aroused, they began to grind into each other, feeling the hotness between their legs as their passion mounted.

“Oh bakırköy türbanlı escort god, Sela…” Delia moaned, thrusting her hips hard against Sela’s thigh.

Sela trailed hot kisses down Delia’s neck, panting with lust, savoring each nibble on the delicate skin. She was so soft, so hot, so lusty. God, she had longed for this for such a long time.

Sela’s hands continued their exploration, and as she unzipped the dusty leather jacket, she found nothing underneath. Her fingertips grazed over Delia’s breasts, taking in the full curves. As she brushed the nipples, Delia gasped and whimpered, arching her back, thrusting her breasts outward.

Sela helped her out of the jacket, loving the way the moonlight made the smooth orbs glow. As she lowered her mouth to the tight buds, she felt Delia’s hands running through her own hair.

She flicked her tongue lightly over the stiff peaks, hearing with pleasure Delia’s moan of intense lust. Sela took more of the nipple in her mouth, sucking gently, then harder, increasing the intensity and tempo until Delia’s hips were thrusting towards her in a rhythm known before time began.

She reached to the other bud now, her mouth playing the same havoc upon the other twin. Her fingers played gently with Delia’s other nipple, causing the sensation in the pit of Delia’s stomach to burn out of control.

“Let me see you, Sela,” Delia whispered.

Sela lifted her dress over her head, revealing nothing but tanned bare skin beneath. Delia gasped her approval at Sela’s tight toned body, running her hands over the soft curves. As Delia’s fingers reached her nipples, Sela gasped and shook with the overwhelming pleasure of another woman’s soft touch.

Sela closed her eyes and threw her head back, surrendering to the twin sensations causing ripples of pleasure to run through her body. As Delia’s hot mouth replaced her fingers Sela moaned aloud, throwing caution to the wind, arching her back, gripping Delia’s hair and forcing her to suck harder…much harder.

Sela’s knees began to weaken and she groaned aloud. Delia spun her around so that she was half reclining against the car. As her back hit the cold metal, Sela gasped and recoiled in shock. She saw Delia’s white teeth flash in the dim moonlight, revealing her delighted grin.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Delia murmured. She traced her fingertips across Sela’s body, over her tanned stomach, down her thighs. Sela held her breath as Delia’s touch came even closer to her womanhood, and she resisted the urge to arch her hips nearer yet to the other woman’s experienced touch.

Delia softly rubbed the smooth skin of Sela’s shaven pussy. “Shaved was always my favorite,” she said with a grin. As Sela laughed softly, Delia inserted one long finger quickly inside the hot wetness. Sela gasped, moaning, begging for more.

“God, you’re so wet, Sela. Do I do that to you?” Delia asked, even as she knew the answer.

“Ohhh…Delia…fuck me please, eat me, lick me…do anything…you make me feel so….so….ahhhhhh,” Sela could no longer think as Delia’s tongue found her throbbing clit. Delia’s fingers fucked her and her tongue worked magic on her swollen bud. Sela arched her hips off the car, forcing her pussy into Delia’s welcoming mouth.

As the burning sensation in the pit of her stomach grew stronger, Sela felt her body become tense with pent-up release. All she knew at the moment was the tongue working her bud, teasing, in a circle, now back and forth, now sucking.

“Oh, god…faster, Delia, oh please don’t stop…oh, god….ohhhhhhhh…” Sela came with a spasming release, body shaking. She cried out, screamed even, gripping Delia’s long hair in her hands, begging her to never stop.

As the last shreds of her orgasm ebbed though her relaxing body, Sela opening her eyes. Delia was leaning over her, juices coating her full lips.

Sela pulled her head down, kissing her full on the mouth, tasting her own wetness. Their kiss deepened, tongues fucking, hands roving. Sela flipped Delia onto her back, and it was her turn to squeal at the cold metal. “Payback’s a bitch, you know,” Sela grinned.

Sela stripped Delia’s leather pants down her long slim legs in a matter of seconds. She found Delia’s trimmed pussy sopping wet. She backed off though, wanting to prolong the other woman’s pleasure just as she had done for her.

Sela trailed kisses over Delia’s toned stomach, tasting the salt on her skin. She let her tongue flicker lightly at Delia’s navel, noticing with a smile the tiny stud of silver lying there.

Sela let her fingertips explore Delia’s damp folds. As she parted the swollen lips, hot wetness coated her fingers instantly. “God, you smell so good, Delia,” she whispered.

Sela found the tiny bud within Delia’s wet lips, rubbing it insistently, small circles, back and forth, until Delia’s hips were frantically thrusting back at her.

She crouched on the ground and touched the tip of bakırköy ucuz escort her tongue to Delia’s slit. Delia jumped, gasped, and Sela tasted the honeyed saltiness of the other woman’s juices. She thrust her tongue out further, up into the tunnel, her nose pressing against Delia’s clit. She tongue-fucked Delia, sucking the delicious moisture out of her pussy.

Delia grabbed Sela’s head, thrusting her pussy into her mouth, begging her to suck harder. Sela placed her hands on Delia’s stomach, feeling it tense. As Delia moaned louder, her breath came in faster and faster pants.

“Ohhhhhhhh…god…fuck….” Delia came hard. Sela tasted the new wetness that emerged and hung on as she felt the tremors shake Delia to her very core. At last Delia relaxed her grip and she lay back, gasping, grinning.

“You are quite good at that, my dear. Are you sure you’ve only done that once?”

Sela smiled, “Quite sure…but I learn fast.”

Delia sat up quickly. “You might be just the woman I’m looking for,” she said.

Sela gave her a quizzical look. Delia leaned forward, giving her a kiss full of promise. Sela returned it with as much passion as she felt, knowing that her life would never be the same again.

Chapter 2

“Well, we’d better get dressed before we get arrested,” Delia said with a laugh. As the women hopped off the car, they suddenly realized how chilly the night air had become. Sela leaned over to give Delia’s left nipple a quick lick. Delia sighed at her touch and Sela eyed her carefully. “Sure you’ve had enough?”

Delia grinned and glanced over her shoulder. “Hmmmm…well, now that you mention it…” The sound of traffic on the highway brought her words to an abrupt halt. “Shit…get some clothes on.”

Too late, the women were caught by the high beams of the approaching vehicle. Sela groaned as she recognized the car. Damn, she should’ve known he’d come looking for her.

As the sporty sedan ground to a halt on the rocky roadside, both women could make out a tall figure emerging from the vehicle. “Sela, is that you?”

“Hi Trev,” Sela responded with a quake in her voice.

“What the hell?” came the response.

Trev slowly walked toward the women, who were standing with obvious uncomfort before his gaze. Wow, he thought, it’s not every day I come across two beautiful women alone at night. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he blinked once, then again. My god, they’re naked.

His cock throbbed inside his tight jeans and he felt the familiar pulse begin to pound the way it always did whenever he saw Sela’s gorgeous body.

Sela noticed his glance waver, and as she dropped her eyes to his crotch, she found a bulge beginning. She smiled slightly at his discomfort, and turned to Delia. “I’d like you to meet my friend Trev,” she said.

Delia turned with a smile. “So you’re the reason Sela was so dressed up.” Delia took in the man’s fit body with an appreciate glance. His greying hair glinted brightly in the moonlight and she could make out his eyes, dark, warm, but strangely intense. Delia shivered slightly at his gaze, and she felt her body warm slightly as she noticed his straining fly.

“I’m Delia,” she returned Trev’s gaze steadily.

“A pleasure, Delia,” Trev kissed her hand lightly and then turned to the other woman.

“Well Sela, you never cease to surprise me,” Trev began. “Just what have you been up to now?”

Sela dropped her gaze contritely. “I didn’t really mean to, I mean, I just…” she stuttered. Her eyes flashed defensively, “You know I enjoy women, and here was my chance to reopen myself.”

“Relax, darling,” Trev chuckled, “I’m glad I was the one to come upon the two of you like this. However, since I didn’t know about your friend here, it seems that you’ve been slightly naughty, Sela. Am I right?”

“Yes,” Sela mumbled. She was utterly humiliated at being shown such dominance in front of her new friend. And dammit, she thought, why did she always get so horny when Trev acted like this. It was as if being put in her place was actually a turn-on, but small wonder since Trev softened his admonitions with kindness.

As if to reaffirm that fact, Trev pulled Sela into his arms. He bent his head to her ear, “You know what happens to girls who are naughty,” and at Sela’s miserable nod he added, “but I think that’s best saved for later.” Sela breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn’t wanted to scare the other woman away, and Trev must have been thinking along the same lines.

She looked up into the face she had come to know so well, and smiled when she saw Trev’s eyes darken to an even deeper brown. His lips came down on hers and as she returned his kiss with all the passion she felt, she knew it had been way too long.

Sela felt his tongue flicker between her lips, and she groaned hungrily as she felt his hard body press even closer to hers. His hands gripped her ass tightly, and as she ground herself into his groin she knew he would başakşehir escort be fighting for control.

At last Trev broke the kiss. “Now Sela, why don’t you show me what you ladies were up to.”

Delia had been slightly curious about the whole show taking place before her. These two were obviously in great lust, and as Sela moved toward her she saw a new light shining in her eyes.

Just as Sela was about to kiss the other woman, Trev broke the spell with a hoarse whisper, “Stop.”

The women froze and jumped slightly at the bright flash of light that cut through the darkness. The soft whir of the camera made Sela slightly giddy. She had always enjoyed being caught on film and was only too happy to comply whenever Trev wanted her to pose.

Now however, the delay was causing her pulse to race a little faster than usual. Seeing Delia’s lips only centimeters away made Sela ache to feel them again. To feel the softness. To mould them with her own. As the camera flashed again, Sela let out a soft sigh. Ah, the sweet torture of the waiting game.

At last Trev allowed the women to continue with a whispered, “Okay…kiss.”

Sela felt the other woman’s lips beneath her own an instant later. The softness excited her more than she could imagine and she felt as though she were discovering Delia’s lips for the first time.

Sela traced the outline of Delia’s full mouth with the tip of her tongue. As the other woman’s lips parted beneath her coaxing, Sela let her tongue slip inside. She tasted the sweetness, could feel the wet softness, and soon both women were fucking with their tongues, moaning, rubbing bare breasts against each other’s bodies.

Trev couldn’t take his eyes of the wonderful scene unfolding in front of him. The temptation to stroke his hard cock was too much, and as he pulled his stiff member from his jeans, the hot flesh ached beneath his touch.

He gently urged the women on, and soon they were kneeling in the soft grass at the side of the road. Sela nipped at Delia’s hard nipples, licking them until they were aching and swollen. She lifted Delia’s hand to her own breast, and gasped when she felt her nimble fingers dance over the aching bud. “Harder,” Sela urged, and when Delia complied, Sela moaned and whimpered with intense pleasure.

The women were on fire now, moving at their own pace. Trev leaned against the car and for now was content to watch, taking in the beauty of the naked bodies writhing in front of him.

Sela could see Trev out of the corner of her eye, the slight smile on his face full of lust. As she noticed his hard cock she felt a delightful torrent of arousal course through her veins. She so loved seeing him jack off, and his lust was obvious as the precum began to drip from the tip of his rod.

Sela gently urged Delia around so she could take in the sight. Sela saw her eyes widen slightly. My god, Delia thought, this man is quite gorgeous.

The women paused for a few seconds, and after another blinding flash of light, Trev urged them on.

Sela ran her hands over the other woman’s body, taking in the soft curves. As she squeezed the rounded buttocks, she heard Delia’s swift intake of breath. Sela moved around to the front, caressing Delia’s thighs with feather-light touches. As she moved higher, she heard the other woman’s breathing increase in tempo.

Parting the slippery wet folds with her finger made Sela throw her head back. Oh, the feel of hot wetness all around her. It was almost too much.

“Oh god, Sela…” Delia moaned. “I love the way you touch me.”

The sounds of heavy breathing and soft moans filled the night air. Sela could hear Trev’s breathing, making his fight for control obvious to both women.

Being watched was such a turn-on for the pair, and as their arousal grew, they knew they needed more.

Delia spun Sela around and an instant later thrust her tongue deep inside the hot tunnel. “Oh fuck,” Sela shrieked in surprise. She ground her hips towards the other woman’s mouth before lowering her own lips to Delia’s sweet pussy.

“Mmmmmmm…” Sela moaned, “you taste even better than before.”

“Do I…” Delia’s voice was muffled and her comment was cut short by a moan of pleasure as Sela found her sensitive bud.

Trev watched with growing pleasure as the women sucked and licked each other in building passion. They rocked together as one, each grinding her hips into the other’s face.

“Oh god, Delia,” Sela groaned, “you make me feel so good, god…” Before she could pull back Sela felt the crash hit her as she came hard, shaking.

She sucked harder on Delia’s clit and a minute later the other woman joined her in bliss. The sounds of screams filled the night air now, and as Delia slowly relaxed, both women slumped over each other, enjoying the mellow glow.

Trev had almost lost it when the women came, and now he ached for release in a bad way. He stood up, his cock sticking straight out in front of him

Sela lifted her eyes and took in the sight above her. “Hmmmmm…looks like you need some help Trev,” she said hoarsely, her eyes glowing.

“Thank you for the show, ladies,” Trev said with a grin, “but it’s had some….uh…hard consequences.”

Sela chuckled as a new thought entered her mind. She’d probably pay for it later, but the temptation was too great.

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