When the Levee Breaks

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*This is a retelling of my husband’s first experience with two women. He was just out of high school, long before we met. I love this story and have changed the names (of course) and a few details, but this is pretty close to how my husband recounted the events to me. It’s his story, in more ways than one. There is quite a bit of non-sexual background to it, and I include it because I just think it’s a great story and I hope I don’t lose too many of you while I tell it. The sex at the end gets me hot and I hope it gets you as hot as it got me the first time he told it to me! Oh, and everyone involved is 18 or over.*

A little background-

Jack grew up in a small(ish) Texas town, not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but “you could see it from there”. He lived with his paternal Grandmother from the time he was about 12 for reasons we won’t take the time to go into here. His grandma lived right on the edge of the rough side of town, and Jack went to school with the kids from the trailer parks and the barrio. He was a bit of a jock growing up, mostly because his grandma made it clear he was not going to be running around with nothing to do (“Idle hands do the devil’s work!”) and he’d rather spend his time playing football and baseball than working with his uncle hanging drywall or pouring concrete after school. He was an above average player on both teams and was relatively popular as a result. Jack was an independent spirit and his grandma encouraged him to think for himself, but also made sure he steered clear of the kind of trouble that was always available to young men with wild hearts on the “bad side” of town. As a result, he had few close friends and he found himself stuck firmly between the popular rich kids (mostly white) and the poor kids from his neighborhood (mostly Hispanic). He was friendly with kids from both sectors, but not really in deep with either group.

With that out of the way, let’s get started-

1986- Mr. Jacoby’s civics class, October

Jack walked into civics class and immediately his eyes were drawn to Roxy and Darcy sitting at their usual spot near the back corner of the room. He tried to be covert but he had not yet developed the skill of being able to steal a look and not get caught in the act. He turned and saw Roxy’s impressive cleavage evident in her blue denim top. Roxy was a tall (5’9″) redheaded Latina with full pouty lips and a body that Sir Mix-A-Lot would help popularize a few years later. She was leaning over the back of her chair talking to her best friend and partner in crime, Darcy, a shorter (5’2″) Anglo hottie with feathered hair who was also nicely endowed with a smaller frame, and the lean created a very nice shot of Roxy’s cleavage. Jack caught sight of it and stared directly into it, mesmerized. A moment later, Roxy noticed him noticing her tits and made him pay for it.

“Hey Quarterback. Like the view? Like my chi-chis?” Roxy asked loudly in a sexy, teasing voice while pushing her tits together, pushing them out of the front of her tight buttoned up shirt even more.

Darcy and everyone else already in class turned to look. Jack turned red and proceeded to his desk in the next row and two up from the girls as quickly as he could, but the laughter started and Roxy had all she needed to torment the good looking football player.

“Your cheerleader girlfriend ain’t got a rack like this one, eh Quarterback?” Roxy teased in her thick Mexican accent. ‘Quarterback’ was pronounced with every syllable getting maximum attention. Jack would never admit it but he thought her accent was sexy as hell.

Darcy chimed in. “Shit Roxy, she’d give herself a black eye if she tried some of those cheers and jumps with balloon boobies like yours!”

More laughter followed in the class and Jack had to smile.

“Shut up Darcy! It ain’t like your titties don’t bounce all over when you do jumping jacks in PE!” Roxy said, punching Darcy in the arm.

Jack laughed out loud and the girls both focused their attention to him.

Roxy turned and looked forward towards Jack. “You like watching us during PE, huh Quarterback? In our blue shorts and tight shirts?”

Roxy emphasized ‘tight’ and pursed her full lips and blew Jack a kiss. Darcy raised her arms and leaned back in her chair, making her ample breasts strain against her Judas Priest t-shirt, and gave Jack her best video vixen look. Jack turned forward and shook his head in disbelief.

“Ohh” Roxy moaned in disappointment “c’mon Quarterback, don’t be that way.”

Jack stayed looking forward, feeling his face heat up.

“Those jocks are such teases.” Darcy said.

“You like to tease us Quarterback?” Roxy asked.

“I’m not a quarterback Roxy. I play linebacker.” Jack corrected.

“Odelay! Quarterbacker, Linebacker, Asscracker, whatever!” Roxy replied.

The class erupted in laughter and that is the moment Mr. Jacoby walked into the room.

“Settle down!” he boomed and the laughter died pretty canlı bahis quickly, with just a few low snickers continuing. Mr. Jacoby did command some respect and kept his class pretty locked down. The fact he was built like a tank and had a voice that could be heard in Houston helped.

Jack sat there blushing as the lesson commenced. He was a pretty cool customer most of the time. He was a good looking guy, had hair like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon, had a pretty quick wit and could stand in with just about any verbal jousting except when it came to these two girls. They could throw off his game faster and more violently than anyone else Jack knew, except for his grandma.

Roxy and Darcy were from Jack’s neighborhood. Roxy and Jack were actually pretty good friends back in middle school. It wasn’t until later when Roxy, known as Roxanne Estrada back then, started developing early and started going with older boys that her and Jack quit hanging around.

As Jack became more popular with the kids from the nice side of town because of his athletic abilities, he became the focus of more ribbing from Roxy and Darcy Rhoades, the short but buxom brown haired white girl who moved to the neighborhood near the end of the 8th grade and became best friends with Roxy shortly thereafter.

Jack would have gone out with either of the girls, and had actually asked Darcy out once. She declined because she had been dating a senior when they were freshmen and Jack was too immature for her. But these days they gave him so much shit that he felt like there was no way he could admit to wanting to go out with either of them now. The girls only gave Jack so much shit because they could and it helped the sting that Jack was one of them, but not really one of them. Darcy and Roxanne had huge crushes on Jack, but now he had started getting the attention of the catty rich girls and Roxy and Darcy took it out on Jack, like it was his fault.

Jack did fine for himself on the girlfriend front. He had dated Cheryl, a cute freckled face blonde for most of his junior year, but she was a rodeo queen and eventually Jack just wasn’t redneck enough for her and she was too redneck for him. He had been dating a cheerleader since late summer, a cute brunette named Donna, but Jack knew in his heart that she wasn’t really the one for him. He was a popular football player and cute enough to warrant the affections of a cheerleader, but there wasn’t a real hot spark between them. Jack knew come the end of the season that Donna would find a reason to move on to more suitable husband or college boyfriend material.

Roxy and Darcy had reputations as being ‘bad girls’, dating older guys and everyone assumed there was no way those two were virgins, especially the bawdy way they talked and dressed most of the time. The cheerleaders and girl jocks hated them but all the boys loved them, whether they would admit it or not.

And so it went for most of the year. Seasons passed, Jack changed from ‘Quarterback’ to ‘Hey batter, batter’ as the sports changed and Roxy and Darcy tried to make Jack blush or hard or both as often as they could.

Spring 1987- keg party at the willows

The Willows was an area outside of town near the river, a low lying area that flooded in really wet years but in an average year would be dry. The willows and mesquite trees grew high enough that there was enough cover to have a decent party out there and be out of sight from the main road. It was a very popular place for underage drinking, making out and losing one’s virginity and sometimes dignity.

Jack and Kristin (his latest girlfriend, a tall and talented volleyball and basketball player) were hanging out drinking some flat beer out of solo cups with a good portion of the student population. It was a rare party where everyone seemed to be hanging out and getting along, regardless of economic status or clique. Stoners, metalheads, jocks and cowboys all were in attendance and coexisting peacefully, even having a good time together. Maybe since graduation loomed and summer approached the feeling of mutual accomplishment was enough make them all see their similarities and not focus on their differences.

Jack had noticed that Roxy and Darcy had shown up at some point, without their boyfriends. They were drinking and laughing and getting a lot of attention from some guys on the other side of the pallet fire, at the opposite end of the party from where Jack and Kristin were hanging out. Jack made short eye contact with each of the girls at different points, and when he and Darcy locked eyes he actually saw a moment of vulnerability in her face. Jack looked away, not knowing what to make of it. It stirred some feeling in him for certain, but he put his attention back to the group he was talking with. He was there with Kristin after all, and didn’t want to be a dick and just go start talking to another chick with his girlfriend there.

The night got late and the crowd had dispersed for bahis siteleri the most part, leaving only maybe a dozen or so kids still hanging out as the fire died and the tap gave nothing but foam and air. A loud roar got everyone’s attention as a straight piped hot rod came barreling up. Jack knew the car from hearing it go through his neighborhood quite regularly. It was Roxy’s boyfriend, Alex. He was 21, worked as a mechanic and was a tough guy with a little bit of a criminal past. He scared the shit out of pretty much everyone and Jack noticed tonight that included Roxy and Darcy. They looked at each other when the familiar roar of Alex’s car rang out and looked around in a panic, not knowing if they should or where they could run.

Alex got out his car and started yelling immediately. He was accompanied by Darcy’s boyfriend Scotty, a tall rangy blonde guy who worked in the oil fields, and Alex’s side kick and best friend Fernando.

“Roxy! Where the fuck are you bitch?” he bellowed. The majority of the kids still hanging out took off, knowing that they did not want to be a part of whatever followed. “Hey you little slut! I fucking know you’re here!”

Darcy and Roxy were stuck. There was no way they could get back to Darcy’s mom’s Toyota without Alex seeing them. They stood by the fire and waited. Jack could see they looked scared as hell but as Alex and Scotty approached they put on their tough chick faces.

Jack stood near the very edge of the party where he had parked. Kristin was in the truck, imploring him to get in so they could get out of there. Jack stood next to the truck and watched, a feeling of dread in his gut. Scotty had kicked his ass once in the parking lot of the Whattaburger downtown a couple summers ago. Scotty had been talking shit and Jack told him to shut the fuck up and a big fight ensued. Scotty pretty much handed Jack his ass that night, although Jack stood in there and made Scotty work for it. Alex was a grizzled tough looking cholo whose rep was solid as a bad mother fucker and Fernando was about 6’4″ and well over 300 lbs. Jack knew if they got rough with the girls he was in no position to do anything about, being outnumbered and maybe even outmatched if the odds were even. But Jack could not see anyone else around and had a really bad feeling that this was going to get extremely ugly.

Alex seemed damn near unhinged. Jack could only make out a few words of what was being yelled back and forth between them, but he made out ‘puta’ and ‘bitch’ and ‘cunt’ and could see Alex and Scotty’s demeanors getting more and more aggressive.

Finally, Roxy walked up to Alex, in what seemed from a distance to be an effort to make the peace. When Roxy slapped Alex across the face, Jack knew he was way off on his assumption and Alex instantly responded with a balled up fist to Roxy’s face and down she went. Darcy leapt to defend her friend but Scotty had his arms wrapped around her and held her back as Alex walked up on Roxy’s crumpled form and kicked her in the side.

Jack was on the move before he realized he had started running. He heard Kristen scream at him from the truck but Jack was off and heading straight for the group standing next to the remains of the fire pit.

They all saw Jack running towards them, except for Roxy who remained in a fetal position on the ground trying to catch her breath. Alex was saying something along the lines of “the jock trying to be a fucking hero” but Jack wasn’t paying that much attention to what he was saying. He noted the position of all three men standing there and had a plan of attack in his head by the time he was within 10 yards of the fire.

Alex readied himself in a fighting stance but Jack never broke stride. He surprised everyone watching by not going straight for Alex but by launching himself at the largest of the group, Fernando, who was standing just to the left side of the braced Alex.

Jack threw his shoulder into Fernando’s gut with about fifty yards of momentum built up and the skill he had used most of the fall tackling runners on the football field. Jack could see the absolute shock in Fernando’s face just before he made impact and the sound of the air escaping Fernando’s lungs was unmistakable. The big cabron hit the ground with a thud as he held his gut and gasped desperately for air that would not come.

Jack spun around and was on his feet in a flash and hit Alex dead in the face. Blood shot from Alex’s nose and sent him reeling backwards, but did not knock him down. Jack followed with a shoulder and forearm to Alex’s chin and chest and Alex was on the ground as well. Jack spun around to take out Scotty but that is where his plan went off the tracks.

Jack turned with perfect timing to catch Scotty’s fist square between the eyes. Jack’s head popped back and he knew he had to return with a punch of his own quickly but Scotty’s boot to his balls cleared Jack’s head of any such thoughts. White light and pain were all Jack could bahis şirketleri fathom at that point.

Jack fell to his knees and Scotty kept his attack on Jack at full speed. Punches and knees to the head came in a flurry and Jack was down. Alex was back on his feet and next to Scotty now, joining him in putting the boots to Jack.

All three girls were now screaming, Kristin having run over to the group as well, and trying to get Scotty and Alex to stop kicking the shit out of Jack. They pushed the girls away, Alex punching Roxy again and even hitting Kristen in the face as well. Jack began to think they may actually beat him to death. Jack knew he had broken ribs and possibly had already lost an eye as the dirt he lay in filled his lungs and his own blood filled his mouth.

A loud boom filled the air and the screaming and cussing ceased.

“All of you little shitheads get on the goddamned ground now!” Deputy Mark Crowell of the county sheriff’s office shouted with his sidearm drawn. He had let off a round in the air to get everyone’s attention. He shouted at the group one more time, as only Darcy and Kristen had dropped to the ground. Fernando had only just made it to his knees and had an easy time dropping back down to the ground. Alex and Scotty stood there for a moment. Scotty dropped down next, with Alex hesitating until the sound of Deputy Crowell cocking his firearm convinced him to join the others in the dirt.

Roxy and Kristen were each crying, Roxy from pain and Kristen from fear. Darcy and Jack faced each other. Jack could see from his one eye that was not blinded by blood that Darcy had a look that said “Thank you” and “You’re a stupid motherfucker” at the same time. Jack managed a bloody smile and Darcy closed her eyes, her expression one of sadness. Jack felt an emptiness he had only felt the day he was left with his grandma and watched his mom drive away. He felt that deeper than the pain in his side and head, at least for a few moments until he was jerked from the ground and cuffed.

A car filled with kids who left the party about an hour prior had gotten pulled over and faced with an impending DUI charge, the driver of the car spilled the beans and told the cops all about the party at the Willows. Luckily for Jack, Deputy Crowell had gone out to try and catch some more underage drinkers.

Jack was transported to the ER, as was Roxy. Jack was lying back, half propped up on a gurney getting stitches above his right eye when they wheeled Roxy out from getting x-rays. She ended up with some bruised ribs and two stitches to her bottom lip. Jack was diagnosed with a concussion to go with 3 broken ribs and a laceration above his right eye that would take 12 stitches to close. He would be staying overnight.

The attendant left Roxy sitting there in a wheelchair and went to let the police know she was ready to be discharged. She, Jack, Darcy and Kristen, all 18 years old, were all being charged with being a minor consuming alcohol. Jack was getting a public misconduct added to his charge for the fight. Alex, Scotty and Fidel were all charged with public misconduct and contributing to the delinquency of minors, since they were all over 21.

The nurse finished up with Jack’s stitches and went to get his paperwork. Roxy looked up at Jack and they made eye contact for the first time since being arrested. Roxy’s lips quivered and it caused her obvious pain. She winced, then looked at Jack with tears in her eyes. A little light flickered in her teary eyes and she managed a half smile for one second.

“Thanks Quarterback.” She managed to say before lowering her head and sobbing softly.

Jack managed a wheezy one word response. “Anytime.”

The arrest ended up costing Jack his football scholarship to Lamar College. He did end up being able to go to Western Texas Community College on a partial baseball scholarship. Kristen broke up with him before he was out of the hospital, furious that he would jeopardize her to help a couple of sluts from his neighborhood. The bad publicity caused Kristen some issues with her college plans, but her family helped her explain it away.

Jack received 80 hours of community service for his charges, based mostly of his standing in the community as an honored athlete and the fact that the girls all testified to his actions being to defend Roxy. Alex was found to be in possession of a stolen firearm (under the seat of his car, luckily for Jack not in his belt at the time) and was sentenced to 3 years. Scotty and Fernando got off with probation.

Jack spent the entire summer working for the county until he fulfilled his sentence then construction once his ribs healed before he left for school that September. He would see Darcy and Roxy driving around here and there a few times throughout the summer, but they never spoke to each other at all as the summer passed.

Jack adjusted to campus life and focused on school pretty well. Dated a couple girls, screwed a couple more (college chicks were fun!). He did really well on the baseball team and finished with a season and grades good enough that he might be able to transfer to a 4 year school once he was done there.

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