What A Concert

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“What a concert,” she sighed, making the final turn onto her street. It had been a pretty crazy night. After picking him up from the airport the two had gone straight to the concert, and probably stayed just a little too long. But that’s what life’s about, isn’t it? Rule
2, enjoy the little things. He couldn’t stop sneaking peeks at her.

“Yeah, I never had you pegged for a headbanger, Maria,” he teased.

“That’s because you’ve never pegged me at all,” she fired back.

“Touché,” he replied, gazing out of the window as the car rolled to a stop in front of a house. Smiling at her he shyly reached over to squeeze her thigh, running his hand up to softly tickle the underside of her right breast. Smirking at him she exited the car with, “Well, now you can grab your own luggage!” Making her way towards the front door as he struggled to catch up.

“Um… Maria?”


“Is there a back entrance?”

“Like a backdoor? Duh.”

“Let’s use that one, since the kids are home you said.” Eyeing him a moment she shrugged, detouring towards the gate to her backyard, No light… pitch black. Gotcha.

“Just close the gate behind you.”

“Okay,” he replied, quickly doing so, leaving his suitcase just inside the gate. Coming up behind her he turned her, hand on the back of her head to pull her in for a hungry kiss. Moaning into her mouth he was quick to slip his other hand down the front of her pants, quickly palming her wetness. “Looks like I’m not the only one still thinking about our little mosh pit,” he teased, before hungrily kissing her again.

“Nope,” she replied breathily, casino şirketleri “But the kids’ll-“

“Then you’d better keep your voice down,” pushing his tongue into her mouth he circled it around hers, all ceremony lost as he set in after his goal. Rotating his palm he pushed, fingers running over her lips as he pushed her clit in a circle, each rotation rougher than the last. “Because you’re gonna pay for that, slut.” Harder and harder, faster and faster he rubbed her pussy, moaning into her mouth when he felt her legs begin to quiver. Pulling away he quickly bit her neck, running his tongue over her tender flesh as he continued to pleasure her pussy.

“Oh fu-!” she started to scream, the words cut off once again by his lips, the hand on the back of her head slipping around to close around her throat.

“Cum for me, Maria… pour that slutty cream out all over my hand…” biting her lip, looking her in the eye as she finally toppled over the edge. Shaking uncontrollably she collapsed against him, soundless thanks to his hand, her cunt crème soaking his hand even as they sank into a mutual kneeling position. But it’s not going to stop here, oh no… he thought, slowing only momentarily before slipping his middle and ring fingers into her folds, roughly fingering her, palm still pressed against her fat clit.

“Stop you fucker! If you do that I’m going to cum again… loudly…” she warned, breathing her words into his ear even as her nails dug into his back.

“Good. Now bite,” he pressed her face into the crook of his neck, “when you have to Mariae noise, bite…,” which she casino firmalari did immediately, moaning like a good little whore. I’ll reward you, he thought, practically lifting her with his fingers at this point, stuffing them time and again into her needy, drooling pussy. Spitting on his other hand he slipped it down her back, quickly curling two fingers into her tight little asshole.

She screamed, another wave of cum rushing out over his hand. Smirking he pulled back, making a show of sucking every finger that’d been inside of her before standing. “Shall we go in now?”

Glaring up at him in mock-hate she smiled, rising on shaky legs barely stifling a yawn. “This… this way… asshole,” the last mumbled to herself. He grinned. In her post-orgasmic bliss she had failed to realize that he had not gone to retrieve his bags. The moment she hit the grass he was on her, forcing her to the ground with his weight as she fought him, eventually (barely) managing to wrestle her into her stomach.

“Mmm…. I’m not done yet.”

“The fuck you aren-!” her words cut off by 4 fingers stuffed into her mouth, pushing towards the back of her throat causing her to gag.

“Yeah, choke on’em baby, Mariae’em nice an’ wet…” his other hand slipping back down her pants and into her pussy, this time pushing a third finger in. “So tight…,” he moaned, grinding his bulge into her ample ass cleavage, borderline fucking her ass cheeks as he roughly fingered her towards another orgasm. “Mmm… I love hearing you gag…”

Unable to help herself she moaned, slurping his fingers into her mouth even as güvenilir casino she continued to struggle weakly, the pleasure distracting her. In her lust she even attempted to throat his fingers, gagging herself hard in the process, thick, soupy spit coating his hand.

“Perfect…” pulling his hand free he wiped the excess on her face before slipping his hand up her shirt, under her bra to maul her big, fat tits. Rubbing her spit on them he continued to grind his bulge against her, the front of her pants surely soaked by now as he bit into the back of her neck.

“I’m gonna… fuck… I’m gonna…,” she stammered, her words only serving to accelerate his ministrations until she came, face in the grass. Once again he pulled his hands free and put on a show, this time going to retrieve his bag. By the time he had gotten it she’d quickly scampered to the door, a sight he was sorry to have missed. Straightening herself up she quickly opened the door, stifling another yawn.

“This is Tarik” was the only introduction as she dragged him past everyone, “Concert was awesome. Tired. Night.” The two walked to her room, the door already ajar. Once inside she quickly threw him against the door, “You motherfucker…”


“Oh, you will be.” With that she quickly dropped to her knees and freed him, stuffing him down her throat in one fell, gagging swoop before pulling back, “It’s my turn. I know you’re close…” Smiling he took her by the hair and fucked her face hard, reveling in the sounds she made before depositing a thick load of cum down her throat, stifling a yawn of his own.

Rising with a look of satisfaction she quickly stripped him the rest of the way before doing so to herself, taking him by the handle to the bed and climbing in, asleep before her head hit the pillow.

Smiling he cuddled up behind her, following suit moments later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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