Wet Revenge Pt. 03

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“You did what?!” I said, taken aback by his confession. He saw me giving his garden a golden shower and decided to film it. I suppose I didn’t have much right to be upset, given that I had vandalised his property by tinkling all over it, but still. It was difficult to work out if I was more embarrassed or aroused.

“Can you blame me? Just seeing you there, with your panties pushed aside, squatting down in my garden and just… unashamedly pissing. I was annoyed but god I never wanted to stop watching.”

He looked guilty and indignant at the same time, and a cursory glance at his crotch revealed a tent forming, tantalisingly twitching in the corner of my eye. If he was getting this excited about it, I couldn’t be too angry at him for wanting to document me going potty on his patio – it was a compliment really.

Imagining him stroking his pole while watching me relieve myself made me start to drip and I began to feel my pussy lips grow juicy inside my tight grey shorts. I hoped it wouldn’t leave a mark. The last thing I needed was him to see the outline of my sodden lips as he confessed to filming my naughty nighttime toilet trip.

And my need to pee was making it worse. It had been ages since I’d been, and those drinks I’d had for courage were starting to press down on my bladder in an alarming way. I had a terrible habit etlik escort of not noticing quite how desperately I had to go until it was a bit too late, getting caught short and having to sneak off and drop my panties somewhere discreet. He went on about how he knew he shouldn’t have filmed me, how he couldn’t resist, how the sight of my luscious little body drove him wild… but all I could think about was how badly I wanted to go back into his garden and give his plants a second seeing to with my frantic, desperate spray. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Would you like to see me go again?” I asked, my voice quaking with the effort of holding my bladder back a minute longer. He raised his eyebrows. “You mean… now? Here?” But it was too late. My irrepressible jet of hot piss instantly soaked my shorts, covering my crotch in a dark grey glistening wet patch as I spread my legs so he could get a really good look. The shorts were so tight that they showered off the outline of my generous labia as pee spilled out from the tiny hole in between, and I adjusted the fabric to give myself a wet little pussy wedgie as I continued. My usually soft puffy nipples were now poking through my top, hard and eager. My hot pee pooled on the chair in front of me, overflowing down onto the floor as my relentless yellow torrent cascaded on. I ankara eve gelen escort looked down to see a tiny crystalline fountain of piss actually tumbling through the fabric, the sight of which made me go even harder, turning my stream into a powerful arc that rained down onto the floor with a satisfying splatter.

Letting myself go after holding it in felt so incredible that I simply had to touch myself, using two fingers to play with my clit through my sodden shorts as the last of my pee squirted through. I realised I’d been so lost in the pleasure of wetting that I hadn’t noticed my neighbour had slipped his cock out of his own shorts and had begun to vigorously stroke it, transfixed by my pissy performance. Emboldened by his arousal, I jokingly apologised for giving his living room the garden treatment – all while continuing to fiddle with my clit. But his rapid wanking suddenly came to a halt. “You’re going to pay for this.” He said, standing up and walking over to me with his sizeable member standing proud to attention.

He got close, close enough for me to spot a single pearlescent bead of precum perched on the tip. For a few exhilarating seconds, I thought he was going to put it in my mouth while I strummed away at my pee soaked pussy, but to my dismay he took a step back, took aim, and began ankara escort to unleash his own forceful stream of gently golden urine onto me. He targeted the flow at my clit while I held my labia apart through my shorts, making sure his hot liquid hit just the right places. Watching him splash me with his lovely warm wee was exhilarating, and I found myself pinching my nipples with my free hand, rapidly inching closer to climax. He took little breaks from peeing on my pussy to crank his cock, treating me to quick little spurts, but at one point the wine of his loins returned with such force that I was overcome with pleasure and allowed myself to cum hard, my fingers pressing hard and fast into my clit as I cried out. His piss quickly transitioned into thick ropes of cum, splattered all over my soaked shorts as he moaned.

We both stayed in that moment, panting, pleasured and peed on. Perfect. My clit throbbed through the wet fabric and the pool of our combined desperate yellow emissions made gentle sploshing sounds as I adjusted my feet. As the happy hormones receded, a wave of shyness soon descended. I was suddenly aware that I had just wet myself in my neighbour’s house, and allowed him to piss on my pussy. That was NOT part of the plan. He invited me to shower with him, but I declined, made my excuses and left, returning home a few minutes later to rinse out my shorts. I wrung them into my mouth beforehand, attempting to taste our fluids all mixed together, but they had dried quickly in the summer heat. Instead, I retreated to bed, where all I could think was “I hope he filmed that, too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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