Welcome Home Ch. 02

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Relaxing against the sofa he absorbed his surroundings with his remaining senses. Oddly enough, the mask was calming his mind. The faint strains of music that he can’t quite make out are also soothing to his thoughts. Denying that one sense was bringing about a level of peace from his hectic day. The cool robe was a great relief to the hot, stuffy clothes of his work day. And some lotion that she had put on his feet that had them feeling tingly and refreshed was slowly working it’s way up his legs. He could hear faint sounds coming from the kitchen and wonder what was in store. Taking another sip from the scotch glass he sighs truly relaxes against the cushions.

Not really asleep and yet not truly awake he begins to become aware of a difference. As his mind returns to fully functioning he realizes not only is she back but she is on his lap. Her hot core is there, right above him. His prick can feel her wet, hot hole and pulses at the chance to get into her. He raises his hands to her waist. Her lush curves above and below his fingers twitch and bury themselves in the bunched fabric of her dress. As he moves to raise her so that he can complete their joining she places her hands on his arms. He feels her lips brushing the rim of his ear and then her hot breath as she says, “Patience my love.”

With a groan he lowers his arms to rest his hands lightly on her thighs. Suddenly her lips cover his own. Those sweet, full lips are pressing against his mouth. Her tongue lightly traces his outline and then her teeth gently nip at him. His hands bury themselves casino oyna in her curls as he brings her head tighter against his own and their mouths open. Tip to tip their tongues meet. She slides hers into his mouth tracing the length of him, mimicking another exploration she loves to make. He tries to wrap hers in his and the duel ends with her gentle nip.

He is disappointed that her mouth is gone. He misses her natural sweet taste, tonight with a mysterious touch of spice. Automatically his mouth drops open as he feels something press against his lips. Slowly the warm item is slipped between his lips and touches his tongue. Shrimp with the same spice. He bites the rubbery little nub and chews. His stomach sends it’s approval through a very audible rumble. He senses her smile in the slight chuckle that emerges. Another shrimp is pressed to his mouth and he opens eagerly as his hunger fully takes hold.

Finishing a fourth shrimp a glass is pressed to his lips. Some kind of fruity juice slides down his throat. The spice already coating his mouth is brought to new heights and seems to fill his mouth with colors. Then something tickles his lips. He opens and a long thin pasta is lowered in. Her finger lingers on his lower lip sliding its spicy slickness back and forth. The finger presses his chin up and closes his mouth. He chews the perfect buttery noodle and opens for more.

She continues to offer bits of the shrimp and pasta. He laps at her fingers occasionally and notices that she has subtly shifted her hips. Barely focused on the food anymore all canlı casino his senses have become totally absorbed by one motion. Her hips are moving. Slowly forward and back. His dick is nestled between her folds and he can just feel her nub as it rubs against the length of him. Forward….back. Food is slowly coming now but he couldn’t care less. Forward…down…and back. The downward pressure brings her clit more tightly in contact with his hardness. Her motion continues and her feeding continues.

He is no longer interested in the meal being offered by her fingers. He is listening intently to her breathing. Her shallow, rapid breathing. His hands seek her face. Her head is slightly back and her neck is arched the way he loves so he can kiss it all. Moving upwards more he finds her mouth slightly open. Her tongue darts out and licks his finger. Tries to tempt it into her mouth but he continues his foray. Her eyes are closed. He brings her head down to his mouth. The kiss is on the verge of being hard and instead seems insistent and needy. His hands slide down over her shoulders pushing aside straps and pulling down fabric.

Her hips are driving him insane. She is really pressed down now and the sliding is getting faster and faster. The tip of his dick is barely reaching her hole and if he could just shift his hips down a little she’d bury him in her on the next back stroke. He slides down the couch and finds her hard nipples pressed against his lips. “Please,” she begs.

Without another thought he takes her nipple into his mouth. Running his tongue around kaçak casino and around he feels her press more firmly into his mouth. He nibbles and she moans. A shudder racks her body and the tempo of her sliding increases. Somehow she has shifted herself so that he is not sliding into her as he had hoped, but he entire pussy is still gliding along his length.

“PLEASE,” she asks again with more urgency. Her hands are pressing against the back of his head urging him onto her breast. He concedes and takes as much of her d-cup into his mouth as he can. Tonguing and sucking one his hand moves to the other and starts to pinch the nipple. Already fully erect it swells a little more and her breath hitches in her throat.

He can sense her whole body is starting to tighten. He pinches and pulls her one nipple harder and harder as he sucks and starts to bite the breast in his mouth. He uses his other hand to support her back as it arches more and more. Her breathing is coming so fast now. No longer really sliding he feels her clit grinding against him. Harder and harder she thrust her hips…GOD what he wouldn’t give to be buried inside her right now.

Suddenly he feels liquid heat along his dick. Her whole body is rigidly locked in the throes of her orgasm. Her arms are locked around his head keeping his mouth tight against her breast. Her breathing has stopped and all he hears is her low “uh” and she comes over and over again.

As her body relaxes again her lips seek his out. She places kisses all over his face and a deep one on his mouth. “Now it’s time for my dinner,” she whispers and climbs off him. More stiff than he has ever been all he wants is to take her right there and right now. And yet, the evening hasn’t been a disappointment so far…

End of part two.

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