Wanton in Wales

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It was a long flight across the Atlantic but we finally landed at Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom. This trip had been planned for a few months and now we were here. We picked up the rental car and began the drive to the cottage in Wales. The website showed the cottage to be nestled in among gardens and pastures for sheep, what else in Wales.

After the long drive from London we found the property sign. Driving down a long lane way we found the cottage with the gardens just beginning to bloom and the key in the door. Inside the 600 year old structure the furnishings were rather nice and very neat. The owners were about our age, 44 and 43, and really friendly.

The next morning we rose to the sounds of song birds and sheep in the distance. I sleep in the nude and took the opportunity to step outside into our private garden to feel the morning air against my skin. I looked back and saw my sweetheart, Kelly spying me from inside the glass patio doors also fabric free. Her eyes spoke the desire of her mind, my cock sprung a bit at this early morning offer. Inside I was treated to her body lying on the canopied bed with her back to me. I ran my hand from her feet to her ass and saw her flesh ripple with excitement.

Kneeling beside her I began to massage her soft skin and hear her breath start to quicken. From this position I slowly rolled her onto her back and now my own excitement was causing my cock to harden and throb. Kelly loves to be licked and who am I to complain, she loves avcılar elit escort to suck. I bend down to take in her womanly scent and shift her legs apart to get closer. She reaches over and strokes my legs then my balls and finally gently squeezes my cock with her right hand. My mouth is only a breath away from her cunt and I slide my finger along the folds to moisten the love nest I am about to indulge in. Her grip tightens but I trust her not to go too fast. She wants to cum and I want her to as well. Her cunt is opening and closing slightly as I caress the lips, now engorged and pink.

I lick from the top down and taste her sweet nectar. I can feel her clitoris with my tongue peeking out from the skin that hides it. With this modified 69 position I can keep my weight off her and plunge my tongue deep into her cunt. This causes her to squirm and I hold her ass with my left arm and hand as I lick her clit and massage her g spot with my fingers. The pressure I use makes her cum every time and I love that taste. Kelly has been stroking and massaging my balls and asshole all this time and I am close to exploding myself. I hear her voice, even though her thighs are squeezing my head, saying she wants to suck my cock. Again , who am I to not oblige. I swing my leg over her head and her mouth finds my cock instantly. She lifts her head and takes it all. I nearly cum right then and there. Then she backs off and begins licking and sucking my shaft and balls.

I avcılar escort start back at her now sensitive clit, carefully because she would suffocate me if I go too fast now. Together we feel each others bodies pleasure. Her mouth and tongue give me the best blow-job I have ever had and I have learned the art of licking and sucking her clit pretty good as well. In time we both slow down and let our orgasms finish coursing through our muscles and nerves.

I turn around and lift her ass up on a pillow making her cunt more exposed and drive my hard cock deep into her body. Kelly can squeeze my cock so hard I can barely move, but move I do. I pound her and pound her until her pussy walls shudder around me and my cock explodes violently emptying my cum into her throbbing cunt.

Wow, this is going to be some holiday.

After showering and fixing breakfast we venture out to investigate the surrounding sites of Wales. Castles, fishing villages and roads that only a sheep could have designed make Wales a delightful place to visit. Then back to the cottage.

The owner, Mandy, met us with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. She was about our age and even though she wore clothes meant for working around the gardens I could tell she was busty. Her ass was quite nice looking too in her tight jeans. She asked us if we were having a good time and we both answered with a grin.

So far it has been real good.

Then she told us that she had been by earlier avcılar eve gelen escort that morning to read the meter, they charge a bit extra for electricity, and after we didn’t answer the door she figured we were out for a walk. She had opened the door and went to the meter cabinet to write down the numbers. I realized then that she must have heard us in the bedroom since there are no doors between the bedroom and the den area. Her smile told the story all to well.

She continued by saying if there was anything she could help us with that we should just ask. I sensed an invitation and Kelly must have sensed it as well. Kelly asked her in for tea so they could get acquainted.

I made myself a drink, rum from the duty-free shop, and started preparing supper. The girls sitting side by side on the love seat chatted but I can barely hear their conversation.

Kelly had invited Mandy and husband Jerrod over for a drink after dinner that night. They had young kids to put down to bed and around 9 pm they would be back.

Kelly and I drank a few rum and cokes and by the time Mandy and Jerrod arrived we were both a bit buzzed. Jerrod told us how they had bought this property and were having a great life entertaining people from all around the world. Mandy had been a nurse in London, Jerrod a real estate agent before taking over the role of host and hostess for the five cottages on the property.

We laughed into the wee hours of the night and as they got up to leave they gave us both hard hugs and told us that we seemed like their favorite type of guests.

I made love to Kelly that night thinking of the foreign breasts that had pressed themselves into my chest and I am sure Kelly was wondering what type of snake lay between the legs of our host.

Tomorrow we were about to find out.

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