Waking Her Up

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He moved softly next to her, listening to the sound of her gentle breathing. He had to be oh so careful for his plan to work. He kissed her softly on her neck, feeling her pulses. Slowly, his tongue moved down, tasting her warm skin. He stopped in the valley of her breasts, waiting……………….yes…..She was still sleeping.

His mouth moved to her nippy. Yes, right there, he kissed her, and sucked her feeling her grow. Mmmmmmmm he wanted her diamond hard. She stirred some; he paused, and wondered if she was still asleep. He continued, pulling on her, kissing, sucking, letting her nippy pop out of his mouth. He took it back in, gently biting the way she loved. He moved to her other breast, loving it, tasting her, making two diamonds. She moved some more; he did not care anymore if she was awake, he simply wanted to pleasure her.

Trailing his tongue down her he stopped and teased her bellybutton. Then, he stopped, for her scent wafted up and transfixed him. Yes, the smell of her almost made him giddy, for he knew now she wanted him, wanted him to love her, to please her. He moved slowly down to her thigh, so soft, so warm. He kissed her there, over and over, still inhaling her. He moved up, and over, to her other thigh, just loving her creamy skin, delicately running his tongue on her…..Again and again. He was so close to her. She moved, a mobilbahis güvenilir mi bit, pushing herself toward him, wanting him. He stopped, and looked. A drop of her juice ran out, he licked it up. God she tasted so good. He had to have more. He moved in, spreading her outer lips so he could get closer. His tongue darted into her, loving her softness, her warmth, her desire. He drank more of her, kissing her lips, sucking on them gently, rolling them within his mouth. Ah, he was so close to her, so into her. Soon, he was covered in her wonderful juices, and she moved against him. He knew what she wanted, and he moved upward, slowly kissing, touching her. Her hands reached down and spread herself for him. He moved, his tongue touched her there. “Yes,” she gasped..And then took her into his mouth, kissing, licking, tasting her, rolling her upon his tongue, over and over, as she trembled. He heard her gasping, her body moving, her hands upon his shoulders, urging him on. He knew she was close, and he just loved her more and more until she shivered and moaned.

He stopped for a moment, not wanting to make her sore. He licked all around her, tasting her some more. He moved upward, stopping to kiss her, here, there, tasting her hard nippys……mmmmmmm how he loved to feel them hard against his chest. He kissed her neck, mobilbahis and she pulled him up and kissed his mouth, their tongues playing. She held him closely, loving his touch and warmth. She kissed him again, tasting those lips that had given her so much pleasure. She kissed his face and neck, tasting herself, almost loosing herself in her own scent. Her hand played with his chest, drawing letters of the alphabet.

She smiled, knowing what he wanted, but she wanted to tease him just a bit. She reached down, took some of her juice, and rubbed it on his chest. She kissed him more, then licked his chest so softly, drinking her own juice. Her hand moved down, and played with his thighs, until she finally touched him. Softly she played with him, as she kissed her way down him.

For a moment she stared at him, still softly stroking him. Then she took him into her mouth, first one, then the other, sucking, kissing, loving them until he gasped. She stopped, and ran her tongue around him, slowly, tasting him, still stroking. Ah, some juice…..she quickly licked it up, tasting him. All around and up and down him she kissed and licked, taking him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around him, tasting his juice over and over. He stirred under her and she paused, not wanting to bring him so soon, because she wanted him so much.

She mobilbahis giriş lifted herself over him, and spread her lips, holding him in her other hand. Slowly she lowered herself onto him, feeling him glide into her until she was full of him. She began to move on him sliding him in and out of her. Ah, he felt so good. This was the place he should always be, her, inside her. He began to gasp and tremble, and she stopped, moving off of him. This time she wanted to drink him.

She stopped for a moment to let him calm down, then took him into her mouth again. He was hot and wet from her, and she moved her tongue around him. She knew he was close and decided to bring him She put both hands upon him, moving, stroking, and she took him deep into her mouth, loving him, sucking him, tasting the beginning of his cum. Over and over she took him. She felt him stiffen even more, and almost felt his cum move through him. She moved him deeper into her mouth, and felt him cum, over and over as she took him. Finally, she released him gently, and and held him in place with her hand. As he calmed down, she kissed her way up him, nuzzling in his chest hair. He drew her up to him and kissed her softly, tasting in her mouth his remnants.

They lay there…..together for a while, each with some of the other inside them. She stroked him softly, remembering the feel of him inside her. “Next time lover,” she whispered, “I want you in me, all of you, just you in me, filling me.” He smiled and pulled her closer, remembering her warmth and wetness that was so good. He looked at the clock. It was still early in the morning……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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