Voice of the Mind Ch. 09

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Author’s note

Well, hello there. Considering you’re reading this, you’ve probably managed to read the previous eight chapters as well. If not, what are you doing here? Start at the beginning!

When I started posting this story I had no clue what to expect. Either people would love the story (which I seriously doubted, this being my first try at anything even remotely erotic) or would dislike it (which I was bracing myself for), but so far a lot of people have actually read through it all and apparently people still appreciate it. I couldn’t have wished for more, so thank you very much for reading my story. Imagine me doing a little bow for you.

As for the story itself, chapter 10 will wrap up the Vincent-Jenny-Talitha mindreading triangle and give some insight on Talitha and the mindreading aspect. That means two more chapters until that wrap-up, including this one. For the people who hoped it would end up with a mind-controlled threesome, let me disappoint you by telling you that won’t happen. In fact, there won’t be any sex at all in these two chapters, just story. I hope you’ll still stick with me though, because I still have some story left to tell.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 9.1 – The investigation

* * * * * * * * * *

When the doorbell rang, he had expected someone familiar. This one wasn’t familiar. And he was dressed in the well-known outfit only protectors of the law wore.

“Agent Millhouse,” he introduced himself. “We’re conducting an investigation and your name was on the list of people we want to interview to see if they can help us out. Could you spare a few minutes of your time to answer some questions? You won’t need to come down to the station for it.”

Vincent showed him in, wondering how he got involved in a police investigation. He offered him something to drink, but the officer declined.

“What is this all about, officer?” he enquired. “I don’t believe I’ve been involved in anything illegal.”

Except for reading other people’s minds, if there would be a law against it, he added silently.

“We’re investigating something about a girl who has run away from home and has conducted some illegal business along the way. We’re not sure whether she’s alone or that she has accomplishes, but there has been a trail of … well,activities that brought her to our attention. She seemed to have travelled this way so we’re trying to see if anyone has seen her in the vicinity.”

He produced a photograph from a pocket in his vest. “This is the girl we’re talking about. Have you seen of heard of her?”

Vincent noticed that the police officer seemed to look casually, but his eyes were focused and were looking for any sign of recognition the moment he would see the person on the picture. His gaze suddenly scared him. And he decided he would keep a pokerface no matter who he saw on the photo.

The girl in the picture was wearing a red dress and she was standing in a garden full of colorful flowers. It was a wonderful picture of a wonderful girl in a wonderful environment, but the only thing missing was a smile. The girl’s expression was strained, as if she didn’t want to be there at all when the picture was taken. He wondered if his face was strained too, considering how he realized he did recognize the girl in the picture. And he wondered if his pokerface had hold.

“Cute girl, but she seems a bit sullen,” he said.

“Yeah, too bad, eh? I like her too,” the officer said. “Name’s Talitha Kramer. Seems to be a girl from a well-off family but apparently she felt too constricted by her environment. Ran away and started doing things not suitabled for a girl in her circles. You ever see her, give us a call.”

The officer stood up, offered him a card and added: “Just ask for me, Millhouse; saves you the time to actually get to speak to someone who doesn’t brush you off. Happens too often nowadays unfortunately.”

“Thanks. If I see or hear anything I’ll give you a call.”

“Sure do. I’m gonna finish the block. See if there are other people who’ve spotted her.”

Vincent guided the man out. When he closed he door, he exhaled.

I have no idea if my pokerface held up enough to keep him at bay. But I better go ask Talitha what this is all about – and not right now, because the police is obviously monitoring the entire block to see if someone goes to notify her. Damn.

On the other hand, if they’re snooping here, it means they’re not over there. Which is good. For her. Because, honestly, how well do I actually know her? She has moved in only a little while ago next to Daniel. We met. Saw her a few times. And then what? I trust her enough not to sell her out to the cops? Apparently.

He walked back inside, pondering about this sudden visit and the even more surprising cause for it. Nicole wasn’t at home, so he didn’t have anyone to talk to except Jenny – and she hasn’t been there. He güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri had forgotten to open up the mindlink between them so she could have heard them talk.

Talk about stupid. That police officer had me rattled the moment he rang the doorbell. I didn’t think straight at all after that. Could it be because of my telepathy that I have grown distrustful? Or is it something else?

But then he thought of someone he could speak to and he went out of the house to ring the bell of his neighbours. Alice opened the door, as she generally was the one who was cooped up there. He had completely forgotten their last interaction where they had masturbated off each other across the window. Having your girlfriend arrested kind of does that to you.

“Hey Alice,” he greeted her. “Have you also just gotten a visit from a police officer?”

She raised an eyebrow behind her glasses. “No? Should I?” Her attitude was as usual; strict, stern and kind of annoyed.

Nowhe was raising an eyebrow. “You haven’t? But he said he was moving down the block …”

He surveyed the street and didn’t see any police car either. Nor did he see any police officers walking the doors. And Alice was dressed in her house-attire, so she had been home for a while. At least longer than it had taken the police officer to visit him.

And if he was moving down the block, going door to door, he either had to visit this house before – or after mine. Yet he hasn’t rung here at all.

“How long’ve you been home?”

She frowned. “Must be a couple hours by now. Why?”

“Just … curious.” His brain raced. “Thanks, Alice. Looks like someone’s making a fool of me. Gonna have to figure out who and why.”

“Sure … if you need any help, just let me know.”

“Will do. And once again, thanks.”

She nodded and closed the door while he went back into the house, scanning to see if there was any sign of any police officer in the neighbourhood.

So he approached me because heknew I’ve been in contact with her, just to check my reaction to her picture or so he can follow me if I go to warn her. Which means he probably has enough sense and skill to be able to tap my phone to intercept the call – or am I being paranoid? Yeah, right, reading minds is a natural thing to do. Paranoid my ass. If only I could’ve readhis mind …

Another possibility arose in his mind.

I could warn Jenny and let her warn Talitha. That would do the trick. They can’t trace me to Jenny, so long she’s not been approached, she’s free to tell her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 9.2 – Convicted

* * * * * * * * * *

“What the hell do you want?”

Jenny’s reaction wasn’t really what he had expected when he contacted her, but things had escalated over the past few weeks. He hadn’texpected the reaction, but he could’veguessed she would react like that. He had underestimated how hard she would take it when he had told her they should go their seperate ways. A decision he had made that still made him wonderwhy.

It wasn’t that he didn’t love her anymore; in fact, he loved her even more than back when he had agreed – only a few weeks before – that they should be an item. His decision thus was an odd one, one which didn’t strike him as a logical one. Yet, he made that decision and he uttered the words himself – he knew because he was there.

He could understand her anger for contacting her in this way, by making contact telepathically with the one person he could – the one person who had rejected her.

“Look, I know you don’t want this, but just listen – a police officer just visited me and asked me about a certain Talitha. She seems to be a major criminal after running away from home from what he tells me, but the point is: he only came to tell that tome.

Something’s wrong here. I don’t believe this was a cop. He’s here because he wants something from me and I believe he wants to do something to Talitha. I dare not to go out myself because I have the feeling he approached me in order for me to lead him to her. So I want to ask you, please call Daniel and let him warn Talitha. Don’t contact her yourself, don’t allow him to follow you to her house.

And for old times sake … take care of yourself. I don’t trust this guy even a tiny bit and if he has associated me with Talitha, he could tag you down as well.”

“And why would I do that? You dumpedme so you could hook up with her. What keeps me from leading that fake cop to her and get rid of her altogether?” she replied.

“Because that’s not you. No matter what happened or will happen, I still love you. Don’t forget that. Ever.”

“Ah, fuck you. Don’t start with the corny lines now. I’ll call Daniel to warn her, but that’s it. No more favors. Now get lost.”

She broke the connection – he hadn’t even realized she could do that by now – and he felt his stomach churn. Something güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri didn’t feel right and he didn’t know what. He wanted Talitha to answer the questions he had, but knew he couldn’t – not with this unknown factor on the field.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 9.3 – A strange man

* * * * * * * * * *

Vincent had left the house to look for the person who had impersonated himself as a police officer in order to track down Talitha. He didn’t get far.

So much for going on a search mission. I don’t have a car. I’ve grown so reliant on Jenny and her vehicle that I dashed out only to find myself stranded before I have even begun searching. I’ll have to wait on a bus and see if he might be at the campus, trying to find a different angle to finding her.

Which, incidentally, is precisely the place I would’ve gone to if I wanted to know where someone lived. You have to get registered with an address after all – unless he doesn’t know she’s attending college there.

If he had been running, he would’ve stopped dead in his tracks. Now he had simply been standing at the bus stop in front of his house and one wouldn’t have noticed that he had shifted to a different state of mind.

Do I dare to go to campus now? After all, I don’t want to lure him to a place where he could track her down more efficiently. Then again, I attend college there. It wouldn’t be so weird for me to show up there; it’s even a college day so I should be attending class anyway.

When the bus pulled over a few moments later he had to make a decision – and the internal debate ended. He was on his way to campus.

* * *

The campus was lively with people wandering around, commuting from place to place or simply loitering and talking. It was a beautiful day, so people weren’t too eager to sit inside or go to class if it wasn’t necessary. Vincent wondered ifanyone was attending class today, busy as it was.

He hadn’t taken ten steps towards a building when a man caught his attention. A middle-aged man in a suit with a flat hat and a trenchcoat draped over his shoulders was walking towards him from the right side. He had a friendly smile on his face, but Vincent could see that the man wanted him for something. He didn’t know why, because the man hadn’t called out to him or attracted his attention at all. It was just a feeling.

He had stopped to let the man catch up and when he approached him, the man indeed wanted to speak to him.

“Good afternoon,” he spoke. “Nice to speak to you on this fine day. Do you have a moment so we can talk for a few moments?”

“Who are you? I’m busy.” Vincent wanted to get a move on. To see if he could forge her address or something, or merely hide it for anyone who wanted to consult it. Or find out if someone already had.

“My name is Kevin and I’m looking for a girl. She’s a friend of mine and she’s in a wee bit of trouble. I assume you know her?” The man held up a picture – the same picture he had been shown before. Vincent applied the pokerface he used previously with the cop, but that didn’t seem to faze this man. “Ah, perfect. Could you guide me to her or point me in the right direction?”

“And why would I do so?”

The man looked at him, amused. “Because you feel she’s already in trouble. I might be able to help her, if you will let me.”

“I don’t know you, man. Why would I trust you?”

“That’s a good question. You probably shouldn’t. After all, we’ve only just met and you know she’s in trouble. So, let me turn the question around: whyshouldn’t you trust me? What makes you think I am trying to do her harm?”

He pondered a second about that, but didn’t come to a conclusion. There were too many questions, too many things he didn’t know. He needed Talitha to explain things to him before he could make up his mind – at least he knew her longer than he did this suspicious figure.

“I think I need to be on my way. Class, you know.”

“Very well. Just let me know when you come to terms with it.”

The man turned around and went on with his search. He didn’t stop asking other people, he didn’t talk to other people before he turned a corner and Vincent lost sight of him. And there was one thing which bothered him the most about this whole encounter.

He didn’t even give me a way of contacting him. As if he knew he knew when and where I would change my mind and he only needed to show up at the right time and place.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 9.4 – Shock

* * * * * * * * * *

He had strolled the hallways, looked in on classes, libraries and all kind of other places where she could be. He hadn’t found her. He didn’t know what to do next; taking the bus to her place didn’t seem the right action. And while he had asked Jenny to do a roundabout way to warn her, he didn’t have any reason why she wouldn’t have done so already. She güvenilir bahis şirketleri might be angry, but she wouldn’t be bitter enough not to follow up on his request.

He decided to ride the bus back home, where he might at least find Nicole to talk to. He really needed someone to talk to. But once he got home, Nicole wasn’t there yet, leaving him alone with his doubts and suspicions.

What to do now? he wondered.

“You needed to speak to me?”

I indeed need to speak to Talitha, that’s right. I wonder how I can get into contact with her without arousing suspicion.

“I’m here. Speak to me. What happened?”

Stop that. Don’timagine yourself being able to talk to her just like that. Perhaps you could try to use someone else’s phone?

“Vincent. Get a hold of yourself. You have a continuous link with Jenny’s mind. How hard is it to accept that you might be connected to Talitha as well?”

He stopped pacing, pondering that question.

Actually, that would be weird. I don’t nearly know her as long as I do Jenny. Then again, I know Nicole even longer and we don’t have a connection – a mindlink – either. So, how weird would it really be?

“Glad to hear you have an open mind. Now. Here I am. Talk. What is wrong?”

His eyes grew wide when he realized he recognized her voice in his head.

“Wait. What? I’m really hearing you?” he asked, surprised by the fact that he even dared asking it.”You’re not only an imagination of my mind going crazy?”

“If your mind was going crazy, you should’ve accepted that a while ago when you decided that your … ‘mindlink’ with Jenny was for real,” she countered.”Now, can you accept that this is another of those ‘mindlinks’ you may have with another girl or should I call an asylum?”

He was a rational person. He could take a little sidestep here and there, but he didn’t believe in conspiracies and supernatural, paranormal events.

Except for having a permanent linked mind with Jenny then. And you didn’t believe in ghosts either, he countered himself.So yeah, so much for rationalism.

He tried to focus on the other voice.”So … Talitha?”

“That’s me. And you seem distressed. I just got notified by Daniel that of all people Jenny had called him to tell him that you wanted to relay a message to me. And when an ex-girlfriend goes out of her way to tell you that her ex-boyfriend needs to speak to you – that means there’s something really amiss.”

“You might say that. I’ve just gotten a visit from someone who claimed to be a cop. He said you’d run away from home and had committed crimes along the way before you arrived here. He was trying to see if I could tell him where you were.”

He heard her sigh.”Well,most of it is true, although taken out of context it would seem like I’m a criminal. And I’m not.

I’ve indeed run away from home. But that’s because I don’t like being a tool for other people. You see, this ‘mindlink’ you speak of, I possess it as well. And while you only have a connection with Jenny, I can make connections to all kinds of people, the way I now speak to you. I don’t need to tell you how valuable that is when you want to infiltrate a corporate building to steal some mighty good plans, or how valuable it would be to put someone like that in the vicinity of a government you distrust.

I don’t want to be a spy. I don’t want people to use my powers for the sole reason of bettering themselves, making themselves rich. I just want to live an honest life without having to scan people’s minds in search of some secret that can be exploited.

So when I ran away from home, they sent people after me. Private detectives, contacts with the police, you name it, they have it. My father is a wealthy man with plenty of resources to employ to bring me back. So every now and then I had to take measures to avoid their clutches. Sometimes that meant I had to get my hands on money to escape town – and that means I had to forcefully gain me access to a source of money which was not mine. Other times I had to fight my way out – sometimes resulting in injuries.

So yes, technically Iam a criminal. But the only people looking for me are people hired by my father. Not to get justice or to give me a trial, but to get me back in employment.”

Vincent was silent. Aside of the whole mindreading thing she claimed to be able of, her entire situation made his mind reel. He wondered how he got involved in this mess, merely by being in the vicinity of her? Or was there more to it?

“I’m aware of your ‘mindlink’ with Jenny,” she continued.”And so I hope you can understand my position. Am I a criminal? Technically, yes. Am I evil, out for personal gain? Not in that way. I merely desire my freedom, to live a life. And if I have to break a few laws to stay out of the clutches of these men, so be it.

Seeing how you have a similar ability, I was hoping you would understand me, perhaps even help me. So hereby I ask you: do you believe me? Will you help me?”

“Considering how I asked Jenny to warn you in a roundabout way, I’d say I already helped you,” he thought grimly.”I don’t know if I’m willing – or even able – to help you in your fight with your father and his goons.”

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