Virtual Reality Love

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My real world name is John and we will leave it at that. Online, I go by George. That is also my virtual reality name as well.

For those who don’t know, there are virtual reality websites where people can reinvent themselves. You don’t have to be fat, ugly, or undesirable. You can make yourself look like Brad Pitt if you are a guy or Elizabeth Hurley if you are a girl. They are filled with fascination…both exciting and boring. You can form friendships and even relationships. You can also fail to distinguish between the real life and online life.

I was “born” in August after hearing a Libertarian radio talk host talk about it on his show. Intrigued, I looked it up and did some research on some of the various sites. So I started an account on one and became “born.” When one becomes “born” they create an avatar. You can be male, female, short, tall, hot or not so hot. Trust me…there are no ugly people at these virtual realities universes. With the help of a friend I met two days later, I became a blonde twenty-something guy. Not too overbearing, but tasteful. And because my name was a bit cumbersome, we shortened it to George.

Immediately, I found quite a few people who like to form friendships. People in these places are generally friendly and want to help the newborns get acquainted with the mysteries of virtual reality..

As with most environments on the internet, these places has its areas seeped in sex. And like most normal people, sex areas are the biggest magnets. One evening, bored, I was wandering from area to area, and I was walking the boardwalk at Sexy Beach. There was this tall redhead walking toward me. Her name above her head identified her as Judy. She was mostly looking at the stalls. I stopped and typed in the chat box, “Hello.” She responded with “Hello.” And those two words spoken between us became a torrid experience that neither of us expected.

We were making small talk when she asked how old I was in real life (RL). I replied that I was in my mid 40s, she seemed to relax some. I asked her if she would like to go someplace and dance. She replied, “No.” I figured that would be it. But she then said she would just like to go someplace and talk.

I had rented a small apartment and offered to teleport her there. She quickly agreed. And off we went.

When we got there, I showed her around and offered a chair at the table. We sat and started talking about our experiences in virtual reality. It turns out she was “born” in May of the same year I was born. We struck a comfortable conversation that ventured into real life. Our families, where we live, what we do for a living, and back into the metaverse (another name for virtual reality also abbreviated in this story as MV). By then, it was becoming clear there was some attraction passing between us. But I could not tell yet how strong it was.

Let me tell you about this avatar. She is a tall redhead with a dusky complexion. She has incredible, long legs and breasts to die for. If this was a real world person’s actual body, it would belong in Hollywood and on the front of magazines. I could tell this person is also hot in RL and liked to show it.

One of the things we discussed was our MV sex experiences. As I mentioned before, there are people who cannot distinguish between MV and RL. One chick went totally psycho after we had MV sex. Pretty much tried to claim me all for herself and wanted me to spend 100% of online time with her. We had a fight and that was that. While I was telling my new friend this story, she related güvenilir bahis something similar. Turns out that my new friend is into BSDM and enjoys her time in the MV dungeons—-yes readers, there are dungeons that resemble medieval castles that are quite startling to people not exposed to such.

My new friend was describing those places to me and I was fascinated. I wanted to see them for myself. She agreed and teleported me there and took me on a tour. I was entranced, but not at all aroused. I could see how others could be, but not me. After about twenty minutes of showing me around, she asked where I take my friends for MV loving. I had rented a gothic skybox for a week and offered to show it to her.

After teleporting there, I showed her around and she was looking around. She got on the bed and clicked on the “Love Balls” To break away from the story, let me describe just how one has sex in virtual reality.

In the MV world, you have to depend on your avatar’s animation. Where there is a bed or couch or even the dungeon, there are sex balls. One simply right-click on the ball…if you are male, you click on the blue ball, if you are female, you right click on the pink ball. And your animation goes to work…From dancing to the various sex acts…it is all animated.

Back to the story, my new friend was sitting on the bed…..she had shed her blouse, revealing her incredible tits. I then got on the bed with her and we began to make out. First she had control of the sex balls, and I had her over my lap spanking her. She said, “I am naughty, going to a strange man’s place less than an hour after meeting him.”

At this point, readers, pretend that this is an actual event taking place. Put yourself in my place in the real world. What took place was with chat…but very, very erotic chat. We both really got into the act together.

As I was spanking her for being so naughty, I told her that she deserves better. “You just met me an hour ago and now you are naked and getting a real spanking! What do you have to say for yourself?”

Sandy replied, “Spank me! I deserve it!”

I spanked her beautiful ass until it was as red as her head. Then I started feeling bad for her. I started rubbing her ass trying to make her pain go away. My rubs became caresses. I leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on her ass. She moaned softly. My cock was instantly hard. She squirmed on my lap feeling it, moaning louder.

I continued to kiss her beautiful ass and she raised her self on her knees presenting her ass to my face. I kissed down between her asscheeks and kissed her wet pussy. She moaned very loudly. I then licked her pussy and the taste was the taste of honey. This went on for several minutes.

She then turned over and looked directly in my eyes. We kissed for the first time. It was like a spark went between us. Like lightening in a bottle. It was incredible. She began pulling my clothes off and in a few seconds we were both naked, my cock standing at attention. She then got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Looking up at me, making eye-contact, I could tell she really was enjoying this.

As she continued her expert blow job, I was beginning to feel the familiar sensation of an approaching orgasm. I grunted, “Judy, I’m gonna cum!” She stopped and looked at me and said, “Please do, George. I want to taste it in my mouth.”

“But I want to fuck your hot pussy,” I pleaded.

“Darling, you will. Not just later, but plenty of times in the future,” Judy replied.

She went back to work türkçe bahis on my cock. Her mouth began to work harder as she began to deep-throat me. I tried to hold back. I begin to try and name the starting lineup of the 1927 New York Yankees. I tried to think of politics. This all worked for a few minutes, but I then let out a big grunt. “I’M CUMMING,” I shouted.

Judy kept her mouth locked over my cock as I bucked my hips up and down, she never let go. My semen leaked out of the side of her lips as I spurted over and over. She kept swallowing.

After I calmed down, I reached down and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up to me. I kissed her hard, our lips opening up as I tasted myself in her mouth. It was incredibly erotic. We kissed for a full five minutes as I caressed her beautiful breasts. I left her lips and kissed her neck, trailing down to her beautiful, brown nipples. They were so erect as I took the left one in my mouth and Judy moaned loudly. I moved to the other breast and licked and licked. I then moved down to her incredibly flat belly and stuck a tongue in her belly button.

Next thing I knew, her hands was pushing me further south to her wet, shaven pussy. Her lips were wet with anticipation. I ate her pussy like a starving man. I ate her pussy like I was a death row prisoner going away for life. I could not get enough. I was in heaven. Her firm, long legs were gripping the side of my head, holding me in place as her pants became loud moans. I could tell she was about to have her first orgasm as she moaned louder and louder and the pussy juices flowed into my waiting mouth. When she came, it was earth-shattering.

After she calmed down, my cock had gotten rock hard again. I moved up slowly, kissing her body until my cock was even with her pussy. She reached down and guided me in. It was tight and wet. We both gasped with pure bliss and joy! We looked in each other eyes and just “knew.”

I slowly started fucking Judy, she met my thrusts easily. We moved together as if we had been fucking for years. She was moaning and had her legs locked around my hips. This went on for many minutes.

After awhile, we decided to switch positions. She climbed on top and buried the bishop. She started slow, and then began to pick up the pace. Soon she was moving up and down rapidly as she approached another orgasm. I felt her pussy walls contract around my cock, milking it, urging me to orgasm with her at the same time. I reached up and tweaked her nipples as she moaned loudly.

Our orgasm was incredible! We both screamed together as I shot my cum up deep inside her willing pussy which felt so incredible. When we both finished our climax, she laid down on top of me. My cock slipped out as she gave me a loving kiss that lasted several minutes.

We then began to chat without the sex chat. We started talking about what an incredible moment it was.

“That was fucking hot!” said Judy. “I actually came while we were doing that.”

“How was that possible?” I asked.

“I had my vibrator deep inside my pussy while you were fucking me online.”

“To be honest,” I replied, “I had my cock out and was stroking it as well. It’s hard to type with one hand, but I managed.”

“LMAO,” replied Judy.

We continued to chat about the incredible experience we just shared for awhile…but I wanted more.

“You know what I like to do after I cum in a hot girl’s pussy?” I asked.

Judy wanted to know. I switched the poses to where we were in a 69.

“I love eating my cum out of my lover’s güvenilir bahis siteleri pussy. I can’t very well leave a mess, can I?” I said.

Judy typed back, “Oh God, I can’t believe it! I need to clean you up also.”

Judy began to lick and suck my cock while I slurped my cum out of her hot pussy. The taste was heavenly, my cum mixed with her wonder juices. After I cleaned myself out of her hot pussy, I started to focus on her clitoris. She began to squeal as I licked it and licked it. In the meantime, my cock started to get hard again. We both kept eating each out and Judy shuddered in another orgasm.

“I got you hard again. I want you in my ass. Can you do the honors?” asked a breathless Judy.

We changed the positions so I was kneeling behind Judy and my cock was moving in and out of her ass. Her ass felt so tight, yet so smooth. Judy was moaning loudly as I thrust in her beautiful ass. My body was starting to show a sheen of sweat as I thrust in and out. Sandy began to wail in pleasure as I felt the familiar sensation of another climax.

We both came together in an earth-shattering orgasm.

After we both came, we started chatting again. I asked Judy if I could see her again in the metaverse.

“You bet, baby! I’m NOT going to not see you again.” said she. “You are just about the hottest fuck I’ve had on here.”

We made plans to meet again and that, readers became the foundation for a hot four month relationship we had together in the virtual reality. We were inseparable while online together. We rented two houses together and furnished them. We both had an open relationship where we saw other people. But in the end, we came home together.

However, as most online relationships, things began to change. We started drifting apart some. Judy had other lovers as did I. We were getting strained. We did not intend to hurt each other intentionally, but we did. Finally, after the first of the year, my real world wife (yes, I’m married with a kid), said it is time to leave the online virtual reality world. So, I ended my time on there and occasionally check in to see what messages I’ve received. Judy still spends her free time there and keeps me up to speed on what’s going on with the small circle of friends we made together. We chatted about once a week or so on messenger, but the white-hot spark is now a dim ember. We had a great friendship offline. But lately, we haven’t spoken in over a month. Through a mutual acquaintance, she sent word to me to forget about her. I was hurt, but understood.

I’m reminded of the Phil Collins song, “One More Night” when I think of how things ended just before I left the MV. Judy is an incredible person and as a positive effect of the people around her. And the real person behind that avatar named Judy is also an incredible person. I would have loved to meet her in the real-world flesh and have a cup of coffee together.

Will I publish any more stories based on this experience? It depends on the feedback I get from this first story I published. I had many other relationships in the MV, and I hope to share them with you. But believe me when I say that not a single other person I knew in the MV even came remotely close to what I had with Judy. In fact, nobody else even measured up to what Judy meant to me and how an incredible lover she is. I just hope that some day we will both look back together and remember fondly what a magical four months it was while I was in the MV. I also know Judy will read this story and I hope she feels about the times we had together as I do.

For those not familiar with the online virtual reality worlds, just remember if you try it out, have fun, enjoy it. Think of it as a safety valve, nothing more and nothing less.

Perhaps, more to come…

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