Vacation in Paradise

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Big Tits

I couldn’t believe it; my life long money struggle was over. And I was only 29. Thanks to the good old New York Lottery. 121 million dollars, you just have to love the ring of it.

Well after I bought all my family and friends houses or expensive cars, and had a long wild vacation with all my close (in geography not necessarily in spirit) friends and there wives/ girlfriends. But I’m getting away from the tale I meant to tell.

Well after I got the beginning of my new life straightened out, there was one more special friend I wanted to take on a long vacation. Alice, my long time internet friend, Oh by the way my name is Marco (The names have been changed to protect the perverted!), Anyway, she sent me an instant message a long time ago, and we became great friends, and sometimes more, (there is only so much you can do over the phone) and on occasion she sent me some of the hottest self portraits I’ve ever seen. She’s really great. Smart, funny, caring and understanding. Not to mention being oh so kinky and yet oh so shy.

Tall and voluptuous, with the cutest curly hair. She sent me a picture once that someone snapped while she was sleeping, she looked like a sleeping angel! Well that’s established, she’s great and I’m glad she’s my friend.

Now since I am now filthy rich and really with no place to be I rented the beautiful little mansion on the beach of an exclusive little island in the Caribbean, on an island I never heard of (before my good fortune that is)

I arrived 2 days earlier than she, Arriving at the heliport, and taking a very fancy golf cart cab, (there are no real roads on such a tiny spot in paradise) I walked across a glorious fine white sand beach, to the most breathtaking of houses. I will try to describe some of it as the story goes along.

During my first two days there I spent my time sunning myself, and did a lot of swimming. I must say that money with nothing to do gives you a chance to get into shape. I mean I was looking and feeling better then every, and one afternoon I even swam naked for a while, was feeling that confident about myself. Not that it make much of a difference, all the beach houses were rather secluded, and everyone that came to the island wanted privacy. The ultra rich and famous, not my crowd really, so it works out well. Actually the only time to saw anyone else was is what was called the “Town”, which was made up of a five star restaurant, nightclub, and a general store, which had the oddest collection of goods, from general toiletries to expensive caviars and wines. But anything else u needed was promptly ordered and delivered to the island twice a day by helicopter or boat from some of the bigger islands.

On the third day, I awoke with a feeling of some anxiety; after all meeting an old friend for the first time would give most of us the same feeling. I quickly showered and dressed and waited for the “cab” to arrive. I know your all expecting me to saw how radiant and wonderful she looks….But she got very airsick in the helicopter on the way. And she looked well, rather green. She shot me a happy but sickly little smile when they came to a stop. I felt so bad for her, ‘this is not the way I wanted this to start off’ I thought to myself.

“Poor little sweet, let me help you into the house, you should lie down for a while” I told her softly as I led her up to her room.

Yes she has her own room; I would never be so forward with a friend, even though I hoped by the end of the trip we’d be sharing a bed.

As we entered the room I helped her onto the bed and off with her shoes, she gave me a tired smile, ‘I’m sorry for my lousy arrival’, she told me as she started to doze off.

“Hey at least we can finally spend some time together, in person” I told her softly, then gave her a tender kiss in the forehead before leaving her to her nap.

Well didn’t really have much to do so I figured a long swim, the water felt great, I was beginning to fall in love with the island. “if I stay here too much longer I’m never gonna be able to leave” I said to myself as I laid myself down on all that soft white sand, and took a short nap of my own.

When I woke, I hoped I wasn’t canlı bahis out for too long, didn’t want Alice to think I deserted her. I ran back to the house and up the stairs, quietly opening the door to see that she was still sleeping. So a quick shower for me before I wake her up.

Well just wearing a towel around my waste I went down the bar which sat in the gaming room, opened a very nice bottle of white wine, setting it to chill along with two glasses. I went back up to the bathroom to start a warm bath for my sleeping friend. As the huge bathtub started to fill it was time to wake Alice up.

“Wake up little dopey chick…time to start your vacation” I spoke softly as I shook her gently.

“Good morning” She said as she awoke with a huge smile.

“Good afternoon Dopey chick. Are you feeling any better?” still with a hint of concern in my voice.

“I feel great” she said “Good, I started you a bath, and we have dinner reservation for 2 hours from now. You climb in and I’ll check on u in a little bit”

“I understand now” she said with a smirk “you just couldn’t wait to get me naked”

“That is always my plan” I said with a laugh as u lightly smacked her cute little butt. “I’ll be back up in a little while.”

I waited downstairs, put on a little soft music as I waited to hear the water turn off. When it did I grabbed the ice bucket with the wine and glasses and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Uh…come in” she said with the sound of slight apprehension in her voice. That made me smile, someone with so much passion being as shy as she was. I entered the bathroom walking backwards, and almost falling on my ass as I made my way to the edge of the tub. I sat with my back to it and prepared to open and pour the wine.

“What have you got there?” she asked.

“Well I thought a nice glass of wine while you relaxed in the tub would be a nice” as I handed her the glass over my shoulder, almost spilling it all over my head.

“Thank you”

“Anytime, how do you like the bath?” “Oh it’s great, biggest tub and most beautiful bathroom I’ve even been in”

We sat quietly, comfortably, for a time, enjoying the moment, and the wine. I started telling her about the island and my few days there and how I was looking forward to the next several days. I really lost track of time, till I notice the sun getting low in the sky.

“We better get going, or we’re gonna miss out reservations, you must be getting hungry”

“Hmmm food sounds good, but I hate to leave this tub, I feel so wonderful”

“The tub will be here when we get back dopey chick” I said as I walked to the door, taking a quick glance over my shoulder. I tried to be a gentleman the whole time, but I am still a man, and that glimpse of the top of her ample breasts was enough to get my mind working.

“Hey I saw that” Alice laughed behind me as I was hit in the back with a wet sponge.

“What are u talking about, it was an accident, and I didn’t see a thing” I said laughing and obviously lying and I turned fully around to blow her a kiss (and another sly peek) as I closed the door.

“See you in a few” I said through the closed door

I dressed quickly into slacks and stylish shirt, and waited for my friend, and believe me it took a while till I heard her coming down the stairs. But boy was it worth the wait. Alice looked stunning in a long, silky, opened back dress.

“Wow, u look amazing” I said as she spun around for me. “You really think so?” she said with a slight blush coming to her cheeks, she was never one to take compliments. “Turn around again….Hmmm”

“What is it?”

“Well I can tell you have no bra on, was just checking to see if u had any panties on” I say with a huge grin and laugh”

“Pervert” She laughed as she blushed profusely, swatting me on the arm.

Grabbing her and bringing her close I kissed her square on the lips, firmly but softly, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

The restaurant was moderately crowded, but we were in time for our reservations, we had a wonderful meal, with a few bottles of wine, and some wonderful conversation.

After paying and leaving a hefty tip we decided to skip dancing at bahis siteleri the club and went for a walk on the beach. It was amazing that even with only half a moon you could see so much, such a clear night. I held Alice up as she took off her strappy high heels, and I stepped out of my loafers and we walked hand in hand at the edge of the water. Not really saying much, just enjoying the clear quiet night. After a time, I drew her close, lifting her chin to see into her eyes, and with a broad smile I kissed her sweetly. Holding her close and gazing into her eyes was a moment I will remember as one of the most tender moments of my life. She on the other hand, wasn’t satisfied at this point with a sweet little kiss. This time she drew me close, kissing me with such passion, and heat, I felt my knees were going to buckle, the funny thing was, hers did. So I ended up on the soft sand with my friend below me. Kissing with so much passion, it was almost violent; this night was a long time in coming. I began to move my mouth starting from her shoulder to the nape of her neck, kissing, licking and biting, as a ran my arms down her open back, stopping at the small of her back. As my mouth reached hers again I took her lower lip between mine teeth and bite down softly hearing her moan into my mouth. I rolled her on top of me and I felt her grind her hips into mine, and I let a moan of my own escape my lips. I continued the journey of my hands down her back till I reached the round firmness of her hot ass. Alice moan again as I squeezed her down onto my hard cock. We moaned in unison at this, even in the uncomfortable position for my sex, I felt so good. I broke the kiss just long enough to say “You aren’t wearing any panties, you little slut”

“Hmm…I am a slut, your slut” she growled back at me, this time grabbing my lower lip between her teeth and pulling back, causing my hips to grind up to meet her. God I was hot, I needed to release my aching cock, I rolled us over onto our sides, as a rather large wave covered both of us to our waists, shocking us out of out passion for a moment.

We both smiled and laughed, I arose and grasping her hand, proceeded to lift her into my arms, she didn’t fail to notice the bulge in my pants. As she stood she reached out and pressed her hand over it, smiling she asked sweetly “Is that all for me?” “You know it is” I groaned as I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her tight, grinding our sexes together, till I thought I would collapse with passion, ‘This isn’t how I want to start out’ I said to myself, and there is not reason for us to rush.

“Let’s go back to the house” as I put my arm around her shoulder, and turned us back toward the house.

We fell into each others arms upon entering, “Your room or mine?” I asked hungrily, “I haven’t seen yours yet” she said with a smile. It took us a good long time to make it up the stairs; it seems I lost most of my clothes, and we enter my bedroom wearing nothing but boxer shorts, while Alice was still looking sexy as hell in the dress. “Hey this isn’t fair” I said as we approached the foot of the bed “I’m almost naked and you’re still fully dressed”

“Almost isn’t good enough” she breathed into my mouth, and she bent at the waist and pulled my shorts down, my erection bouncing up and hitting her in the chin.

We couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Ok now I’m completely naked, what about u, dopey chick”

“You just lay back and let me take care of that problem” with that she climbed above me on the bed and let her dress fall to he ankles, God what a view. Her wonderfully large breast with there hard nipples seemed to be begging for me to suck on them for hours, and to look upon that totally shaved pussy with it’s puffy lips and hint of moisture made my already hard cock even harder. If that is actually possible. All I wanted to do was pull her down to me and fuck her for all I was worth, ‘beeen waiting for this for so long, gonna make this last all night long’ I thought to myself.

I guess I was quiet for too long, she said “Is something wrong?” With a hint of self consciousness in her voice.

I with a big smile on my face responded “God you are so fuckin hot I bahis şirketleri don’t know where to begin” I paused then added “Turn around, I’ve been staring at your ass all night, and I want too see it all bare!”

Her sly smile returned as she slowly turned, still standing over my legs. “Well what do you think?”

“Hmm…can I wear your ass as a hat for a few days???” I responded with a throaty laugh

“Plenty of time for that later” Alice purred in response “Right now I just need you to fuck me with that big hard cock of yours.”

With that she turned and knelt over my calf’s, slowly leaning forward, so her huge tits were just barely caressing my thighs, She lowered her head, but instead of taking me in her mouth she proceeded to caress my super sensitive dick with her soft curly locks, she paused there for a moment, to further strain my sanity, before she continued up my body. Stopping again as her breasts reached the center of my world (well for that moment anyway) just to add to my ever growing passion.

A groan that was fast approaching a wail of pure lust and pleasure escaped my lips.

“God you are so fuckin hot….” I said as she continued her journey up my tough and hard body, continuing the torture inch by inch. Till I felt her mouth on mine, kissing ever so softly, as her wet puffy lips made contact with the base of my ever so hard shaft. Just then she grabbed my bottom lip gently but firmly between her teeth and pulled,

“Oh god…”she whimpered as she had her first, small orgasm”

She then began to run her dripping, spread lips slowly up and down, never penetrating, just stroking us both, beginning a frenzy that both of us wanted. The agony was intense, and I never wanted it to end, and yet neither one of us could take all that much more. I struggled with myself for control, to make last longer. I began to rub her back softly with my blue collar workman’s hands, and started kissing her with all the passion I had, ‘So much for making this last’ I thought. I broke the kiss and growled to her “You want to fuck me now, don’t you…..”

“Hmmmm…….” She moaned

“Don’t you baby?”

“God, Yes…YES…Please can I fuck you now….I want you sooo much”

“I’m waiting for you baby girl” I spoke as my hands reached her firm round ass; she then reared up slightly, and took my whole length in one downward thrust.

“Uhhhh…baby” as collapsed on me, experiencing a reality altering orgasm, my cock still inside her, still waiting to continue. Being in an awkward position, I couldn’t move my hips much, but I slowly pump all I could, wanted to go much faster, I NEEDED TO GO FASTER. After a minute or so of my slow short strokes, Alice starting coming around again.

Raising herself up, and lowering her hot little cunt down to the hilt again, she began a slow rhythm, starting completely buried, all the way up so barely the tip was in. She was beginning the torture again, but I needed to cum, so badly….I reached up and started to stoking her big tits, my rough hands caressing and massaging, and gently pinching and pulling on her erect nipples.

“Oh honey, oh that feels….so good, I love the feel of your hands all over me, and she began to ride me a little faster.

“How do you like it when I do this” I asked as I reached my head up to suck on the tip of one of her lovely breasts.

She moaned constantly now, and as I started to bit and one nipple and fondle the other a bit more roughly, she began bucking wildly, hear moans turning into near screams of pleasures, and she reached one body wracking orgasm after another

I don’t know how I lasted this long, but it wouldn’t be much longer,

“Where do you want me to cum baby” as she went even more wild, I know how much she can love my raunchy language, at the right times of course.

“Oh god baby, I want you to fuck all my holes tonight, I want you to fill me all up with your cum.” She yelled this now

“I can’t hold it much longer….u…I’m…I’m gonna cum” I managed

“Come in me now, give it to me!!”

With that my hips jerked of there own accord and filled her with what felt like a gallon of my hot cum, and she at that moment let out an ear splitting scream at her own climax.

She leaned down and planted a soft kiss onto my lips as she either fell asleep or past out from exhaustion. ‘Good idea’ as I soon followed.

To be continued…

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