Vacation Blacken

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Vacation Blacken
If you have read my previous post you will know me and my girlfriend have been enjoying having her personal trainer Dom use her as his little toy

The original reason she started going to the gym was to get in shape for our holiday and there’s no better exercise than being thrown around by a massive black guy! With Dom putting on regular ‘sessions’ for her I’d stopped fantasising about how I could get her to fuck a black guy

Being on holiday was my favourite fantasy as everyone is more relaxed on holiday and I thought maybe this would be the best chance to make my fantasy a reality, however I had completely forgot about this by the time we had arrived at our holiday arrived

We’ve just got back from an amazing 2 week holiday in Morocco in an amazing 5 star hotel, and what happened on the holiday is the greatest sexual experience I’ve ever had

The first week of our holiday passed by quite quietly, we were the only English couple at the hotel so we kept to ourselves, which was perfect as it gave us time to relax and unwind. The sex on holiday is always amazing, seeing other women in bikinis always gets me horny as you can imagine! I bought a black dildo and surprised her with it as well so she can have some fun with the absence of Dom, this was regularly used during sex and by her during her morning showers. I would wake up everyday to the sounds of her moans and usually the muttering of Dom’s name

Safe to say its her favourite toy we have!

However, as we entered the second week everything changed. We were sunbathing by the pool when it suddenly went dark like a cloud has passed over the sun, but from opening my eyes to check there was actually a muscular black man standing over us both. He spoke okay English and asked us if we wanted a complimentary massage, a gift from the hotel. This sent my mind racing with the fantasies I’d had for so long but before I could do anything I heard her say with a smile on her face ‘Yes please!’. He asked us if she wanted to have the massage in the leisure area or in our room. Her response delighted me when she said our room and the boner in my shorts was growing by the second with the thought of what could happen. He said he would come to the room in half an hour and went off back to the hotel lobby

I turned to her and smiled and she asked me what I was smiling bahis siteleri at. I danced around the subject of the massage and hinted that it could be more than a massage but she quickly shot me down saying that will never happen and that the hotel is a respectable place. I still had hopes but her reasoning made me doubt myself so I went back to sunbathing and let me boner fade away. Time passed and the time came for her to go back to the room, I gave her a kiss goodbye and told her to enjoy herself

Around 20 minutes had passed and I couldn’t lay around any longer, so I packed our things up and headed back to the room. My mind was racing with what I might find when I got back but to my disappointment she was sat alone on the bed waiting for him to arrive. We sat on the bed talking for a while and then there was a knock at the door, finally he had turned up. He setup his massage table at the bottom of the bed so I got up and went to get a shower, but before i got to the bathroom I turned around ad said ‘she’s all yours, enjoy!’, fully hoping this would plant a seed into both their minds

There was a mirror on the bathroom door which I could see the table in from the shower so I left the door open just to see what was happening. She got up and pulled off her red bikini and let it drop to the floor, she stood naked in front of him almost as if she was putting on a show for him before laying face down on the table. He asked her if she wanted to use a towel to cover her but she refused

He started to apply oil to her tanned body and the sight of this got me rock hard instantly. He had huge hands and seeing them rub over her glistening skin was something I will never forget. He gradually worked his way down her back and to her plump ass, to which she arched her back as to say don’t go any further

The only time She ever arches her back like this is when she is turned on and as soon as I saw this my eyes lit up. I was certain it was going to happen and it felt like i was going to explode without even touching myself

He started to rub around the edges gently but eventually moved in and started to caress her beautiful bum cheeks, rubbing and grabbing them, pulling them apart almost as if he was playing with it like Dom does. I know this would be sending her crazy, she loves it when her ass gets played with and perabet güvenilir mi she started to squirm as he played with her more

This carried on for another five minutes and then he moved down to her legs and and rubbed them up and down occasionally rubbing up against her ass and I’m guessing close to her pussy given how his hands disappeared as he did so. I knew how wet she would be and I knew he would be able to hear her lips as he rubbed up and down

As he stood back to get her to turn over I caught a glimpse of him in the mirror and through his white linen shorts I saw what had to be his 11 inch cock, and as she turned over I think she caught a look at it as well. All I could think about was him fucking her with that massive cock

As she settled down he quickly went to work on her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them all the way up to her nipples which were rock hard now. She loves when her nipples get pinched and this is exactly what he did as she let out a little moan. He must have realised this turned her on as he kept pinching them time and time again. His cock was almost punching through his shorts and for the first time it rubbed up against her arm

This was it. She turned her head towards him and moved her hand over his cock, he continued to play with her nipples as she began to rub his cock over his shorts. After a few minutes he stopped playing with her nipples and pulled his shorts down releasing his massive cock. She immediately took it in both hands and began to lick his huge tip. Slowly working his cock in her hands she took all of his head in her mouth, bobbing her slowly caressing his tip with her tongue. This was sending him crazy but he obviously wanted more and he grabbed her head and started to force more of him into her. She could barely take half of him before she started to gag but she didn’t stop and he didn’t let her. He was in full control of her and he started to move her head quicker and more aggressively. She was taking all of him she could and he was now fucking her face with his huge cock

Eventually he pulled out and she knew what she had to do, immediately turning over onto her hands and knees and presented herself to him. Her big inviting ass was there to be taken by him, her pussy was glistening with all of her juices. He rubbed his cock up and down tipobet her pussy before slowly pushing his tip into her tight pussy. She let out a little moan as he inched in and after he had stretched her enough to fit his head in she squealed with pleasure

The pace quickly picked up with him barely going halfway in but she was moaning louder than I’d ever heard, with her first orgasm following shortly after. He took this as a sign he could go deeper and deeper he went, all 11 inches of him was greeted by a scream of pain and pleasure. ‘OH MY GOD’ was all she could say and without any hesitation he carried on sliding in and out of her at his will. She was all his and there was nothing she could do about it! He started to spank her ass and when he did it didn’t stop wobbling, constantly giving her all of him and his black balls slapping her pussy on his way in

She gestured to the bed and he obliged by picking he up and throwing her onto the bed. I couldn’t see what was happening anymore but I don’t think they even remembered I was in the room. I kept the shower running but came out the bathroom and stood by the wall so I could see the action. He climbed over he and slid straight back into her soaking wet pussy, she quickly wrapped her legs round him as much as she could. Her was getting rougher with each stroke and she was getting louder, this brought on her second orgasm and I could see the cream on his black dick, thickly coated by now in her cum

I knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer and I was ton with how I wanted him to finish. On one hand I wanted him to fill her pussy with his black seed, but on the other I wanted him to cum on her face and truly make her his black cock slut. I got an answer pretty quickly as she shouted ‘Cum in me’ ‘Cum in me!’. He started to pump her hard and fast grunting louder and louder as he did, and with one last hard pump he groaned and stiffened up as he pumped his seed deep in her pussy

He stayed in her for a few seconds before pulling out and his cum followed shortly after, dripping down between her ass. This was my cue to go back to the shower. I waited a while before turning the shower off and coming out. He was packing up his table and she was wrapped in a towel sat on the edge of the bed. I smiled at him and asked her if she enjoyed the massage. She smiled and nodded while looking at him and he said thank you and left.

I never thought she would fuck him without me knowing and not tell me after, but she is yet to tell me what happened. I think my girlfriend has truly turned into a black cock slut and I love it

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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