V-Day Three-Way

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Big Dick

Ding dong.

The unexpected sound of the doorbell caused Ashley to jump. She exchanged a look of surprise with her husband, Ben, and glanced at the clock. 10:45. Far too late for anyone to be visiting, especially out of the blue and especially on Valentine’s Day night.

Ben stood from the couch, looking more annoyed than cautious. Between the two of them, they had finished two bottles of wine, and he was getting tired. He left the room and headed towards the door. The next thing Ashley heard was her best friend, Sarah’s voice.

“That fucking prick!” Sarah’s voice boomed through the house, getting louder as she grew closer. “Ashley! You won’t believe what that motherfucking asshole did to me!”

Sarah walked into the room, looking like a hot mess. Her long brown hair was disheveled and black mascara ran under her blue eyes. Her body, as always, looked fantastic.

“What’s wrong?” Ashley asked, making room for Sarah on the loveseat.

“I thought Luke was proposing tonight!” Sarah cried. “A Valentine’s proposal… He said he had a big announcement tonight… and that motherfucker got another woman pregnant!”

Ashley gasped, her hand flying to cover her gaping mouth.

“I just left the restaurant. Didn’t say a word, just grabbed an Uber over here. I’m slightly drunk because I was nervously drinking wine all night,” Sarah admitted. “I can’t go back home like this. I can’t be alone.”

“He was always a prick,” Ben re-emerged, holding a third bottle of wine. He wasn’t going to drink, but from the sound of it, it would be a long night for his wife and Sarah.

“Not helpful,” Ashley hissed. Ben shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the room.

“I’m going to bed!” He called out. Ashley turned her attention back to Sarah, filling up two wine glasses.

“I am so sorry,” she said. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Fuck no,” Sarah grabbed a glass from Ashley. “I want to drink until I pass out and deal with this mess in the morning. I’m so pissed. I even got my pussy waxed for that bastard!” The thought slightly, but surprisingly, made Ashley’s pussy tingle. She had always been attracted to Sarah, but then again, who wouldn’t be? She was a knockout, with big, round tits, a small waist, and a thick ass. She was curvy and beautiful. Luke had royally fucked up.

“I should have known,” Sarah continued. “We haven’t fucked in months. I just thought he was busy with his case! Instead, he’s fucking his assistant! I’ve seen her before, Ashley. She’s not even hot. I really thought I was going to get a ring tonight and then we would have sex right into Valentine’s Day.”

“I’m sorry,” Ashley placed her hand on Sarah’s bare ataşehir escort thigh. “Let’s just drink some wine, watch some TV, and try to get you to relax.”


Ashley woke up with a crank in her neck. It took her a minute to realize that she had fallen asleep on the loveseat with Sarah. 2:15 am. She wanted to go to her own bed with Ben, but also felt guilty leaving Sarah alone. She turned to look at Sarah and was shocked at what she saw. While sleeping, Sarah’s tank top had moved to below her breasts, and both were on display. They were perfectly round with large circle areolas and pencil-eraser nipples. Ashley had an urge to lean over and put one of them in her mouth, but she stopped herself. She hadn’t been with a woman since college. Plus, Ben didn’t even know about her past lesbian experiences. She was never sure how he would react, and tonight was not the night to find out.

Suddenly, Sarah woke up and locked eyes with Ashley. She looked down at herself and jumped up.

“Holy shit,” she lifted her top back over her breasts. “I did not mean to give you that show!”

“I actually didn’t mind,” Ashley giggled. “You have really nice tits.” Sarah let out a sigh of relief and sat back on the loveseat.

“Thanks… But what the hell is on TV?”

The girls turned their attention to the TV. A porn filled the screen, something that had came on after their movie ended. There were two women on the screen, one hungrily lapping the other’s pussy.

“Skin-a-max,” Ashley muttered, grabbing the remote. Sarah put her hand over Ashley’s.

“Let’s leave it on!”

Ashley looked at Sarah, gauging her seriousness. She did look serious, and thoroughly engrossed in the show.

“You can go up to Ben,” Sarah said. “I’m going to stay here and release some… frustration. Do you mind? Is it weird if I get myself off on your couch?”

Ashley could barely speak. Her mind was racing with the thoughts of her best friend fingering her pussy.

“Do you want to watch?” Sarah slipped her black skirt off, revealing a black lacy thong. “Or do you want to help?”

Ashley wasn’t sure if she was hearing right, but Sarah took her hand and placed it under her thong. Ashley felt the heat radiating from Sarah’s pussy.

“Please,” Sarah whispered, shoving her hand further down. “I need this.”

Ashley straightened up, but kept her hand down Sarah’s underwear. Her index finger slowly stroked Sarah’s wet slit. An initial wave of pleasure came over Sarah. It felt so good to have someone touch her again. It also felt great to be wet with a shaved pussy.

“Are you sure this is OK?” Ashley asked, but avcılar anal yapan escort she knew they were too far gone. Her mission was to make her best friend cum and forget all about her loser ex-boyfriend. Ashley got off the couch and positioned Sarah better. She slid her thong off, exposing her wet cunt in the light of the TV. It was fucking beautiful. Small lips, but a nice, big engorged clit. Ashley shoved two fingers in Sarah, making her gasp. She fucked her with her hand, watching a smile form on Sarah’s face.

“So fucking good,” Sarah said, tilting her head back. “I knew you would be fucking good at this.” Ashley continued to finger her, switching between fingering her pussy and playing with her clit.

“Can you fuck me with your mouth?” Sarah whispered. Ashley leaned down, smelling the sweet juices that were coming from Sarah’s pussy. She raised a finger to her mouth, sucking off the pussy juice.

“You taste phenomenal,” Ashley said, offering another finger to Sarah’s mouth. Sarah put in her mouth, slowly licking off her own juices.

“I taste good,” Sarah said. Ashley nodded, eager to have Sarah’s pussy in her face. She was headed down when the light turned on.

“What the fuck?”

Ashley turned around and saw Ben standing in the doorway. He was staring at Sarah, legs spread wide-open. Ashley opened her mouth to speak, but Sarah spoke first.

“Can your wife fuck me, Ben?” She asked, playing with her pussy. “I’ve had a rough night and I just want to cum.”

Ben turned the light off and headed towards the girls. He slid his sweatpants off, exposing his rock hard cock.

“Only if I can watch.”

Sarah and Ashley nodded as Ben took a seat behind them on a chair.

Ashley finally reached Sarah’s pussy, her tongue licking the opening from top to bottom and up again. Sarah shuttered and began to play with her nipples.

“Fuck, she’s good at this,” she told Ben. Ben nodded, stroking his cock as he watched his wife eat her best friend’s pussy. And what a pussy it was. While Ben was enjoying the show, he also wanted to feel that pussy around his cock.

Sarah ran her hands through Ashley’s black hair, pushing her face even closer to her pussy. No one had ever went down on her like this.

“You are doing such a good job,” Sarah said breathlessly. She was going to cum soon, even though she wanted to delay it. She wanted this to go on all night, but she couldn’t fight the build up. Before she knew it, she was cumming on Ashley’s face. Ashley pulled back a little bit, surprised by the squirting coming from Sarah’s pussy. It hit Ashley’s cheek and mouth, avcılar bdsm escort but Ashley’s regained her thoughts and began lapping it up. A squirter. She was impressed.

“Fuck, that was so good,” Sarah said. “I haven’t came that hard ever.” Ashley was pleased. Her years in college had paid off.

Sarah stood up and threw Ashley on the couch, eagerly removing her pajama pants.

“I want to return the favor,” she said. Ashley looked at Ben, still stroking his cock on the couch. He nodded eagerly, letting Ashley know it was OK. Ashley leaned back, opening her legs to Sarah’s waiting mouth. Sarah bent over, giving Ben a full look at her swollen pussy lips and tight asshole. His cock ached. Ashley saw the expression on his face.

“Can Ben fuck you?” Ashley asked, surprising them all. Ben was going to protest, but Sarah flipped her head around and motioned him over.

“Absolutely,” she said, returning to Ashley’s pussy. She began sucking Ashley’s clit, a trick she had learned from a former lover. It was the right amount of pressure for Ashley, and she began fucking Sarah’s face. Similar to watch Sarah had done to her, she held Sarah’s head closer to her pussy, grinding them together. Ben had now moved behind Sarah, slapping her ass as he got on his knees. Ashley and Ben had discussed Ben fucking another woman in front of her, but never thought it would happen. He positioned his cock behind Sarah and slowly entered her. She was as tight as she looked. She leaned back into the cock, but continue to suck on Ashley’s clit.

“How’s her pussy feel?” Ashley asked. Ben looked at her, his cock deep inside Sarah.

“Amazing,” Ben fucked her while watching Sarah continue to fuck Ashley with her tongue. Sarah licked lower until her tongue was close to Ashley’s asshole.

“Do you like your ass licked?” Sarah questioned. Ashley had never had her ass licked before. It had been a forbidden zone. Before Ashley could respond, Sarah darted her tongue against her asshole. It felt so good, a pleasure zone Ashley never knew existed.

“She’s eating my fucking ass,” Ashley moaned. Ben fucked Sarah harder, wanting to hold off his ejaculation until his wife was ready to come.

“Finger her pussy while you do that,” Ben barked at Sarah. Sarah did as she was told, three fingers deep in Ashley with her tongue playing with her asshole. Ashley felt the orgasm start. She writhed around, trying to move, but Sarah held her hips down and continue to eat her ass. Ashley screamed with pleasure at the same time as Ben came in Sarah’s pussy.

The three of them fell in a heap on the floor, Ashley on top of Sarah and Ben next to them. They all had cum somewhere on their bodies, mixed with sweat. The scent of sex.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers,” Sarah said, kissing Ben and then Ashley. Ashley still tasted like pussy, which stirred Sarah. Ben saw the passion in her eyes and tossed Sarah over on all fours.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said, eager to fuck her again. “Round Two?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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