Upon the Midnight Beach

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Some would say I’m lucky, but I’d have to disagree — the lucky went down with the cruise ship. I can’t help but laugh at the irony of the situation. I’ve never been very sociable; preferring to be alone than with anyone else. Now I’m stuck on the cliché deserted island and I’d give anything to have another person around if for no other reason than to break the boredom and monotony of living here. Survival isn’t as much fun as it appears on TV. My first two weeks here I stayed near where I had washed ashore — hoping that any day a boat or plane would appear over the horizon. When none were forthcoming, I resigned myself to my fate and thought it best I explore my new home.

The island was a lot larger than I initially realized. I’ve been walking for a week and I doubt I’m halfway around the perimeter. So far nothing around here but beach, ocean and trees. There was a swampy area I passed where the tide apparently flooded inland, but otherwise it’s all the same. At least… until sunset. Far away I saw an odd shape on the beach that I assumed was wreckage from my cruise ship or another ill-fated craft. The sun was starting to descend when I got close enough to realize that the shape was — in fact — another human being. I broke into a run, hoping that they were still alive or that I was at least in time to help them. Reaching it, my breath caught in my throat as I realized the body was a female.

She was lying on her back completely nude, her arms spread as if she’d spent the day tanning. Her skin was pale and it seemed to glow in the night air, contrasting with her long dark hair. Her face was too cute for words; the epitome of “the girl next door.” Her body was sex personified — perfection. I couldn’t see a blemish on it, nor a single hair save for that upon her head. Her breasts were sizable and luscious, but not grotesquely large, while her legs and hips seemed to beg for a man between them. With a shaking hand, I reached out and touched her flat stomach (to check for breathing), startling her awake. Surprised, I fell back with a yelp as she glanced around, muttering in a language I didn’t recognize. She jumped to her feet and grabbed my hand and ran into the trees, dragging me along with her. Some part of my rational mind tried to caution me, but one look at her tight, sexy round ass and all doubt was silenced.

After a short run, she lead me to a clearing where more people waited, each one of them nude. The small ataşehir escort part of my rational mind that was still intact wondered how in the world I could have missed all these people; the island was a good size but it wasn’t that big. As the full moon came out, I gaped at the view before me. Every person there looked as if he or she could have stepped out of a modeling catalog. Here and there the men and women were pairing up, kissing deeply and I could see a few couples already consumed in the throes of lust. The girl leading me suddenly turned around, her bright almost made my cock explode from my shorts. Her lips brushed mine before her hands tugged off whatever clothes I had as fast as possible.

As soon as I was naked as well, I embraced the girl and pulled her to me as we shared a deeper kiss. God her body felt so good against mine as the heat from our loins radiated. She pulled me tight against her and we both fell to the sand, myself on top. Pressing against her pussy, my cock felt the river that flowed from her. Without breaking our kiss, we untangled our bodies and I felt her legs open for me. I rubbed my manhood against her, savoring the sensation a moment before her hand slid down and lined the head up. Now our kiss finally broke and I raised up some, to stare at her beauty in the moonlight as I gently slid into her warmth. Her smile beckoned me before it broke into a moan of desire as I entered her. I too gasped as the sensation overwhelmed me. She was incredibly tight yet smooth. For a moment I wondered if she was a virgin before I bottomed out and felt the muscles inside of her caress me with such perfection that it was all I could do not to come at that moment.

We lay together a moment, savoring the sensations of each other while the other people around the clearing also began fucking. I was hoping to restore enough calm and control to pleasure her slowly, but the girl moved her hips up, pushing me even deeper into her as her arms reached up and pulled my lips back to hers. Any rational thought I had left evaporated as my loins responded to hers and I began to thrust in and out. She gasped into our kiss before she began to moan and scream as I made love to her. I stared down at this picture of beauty, her legs gripping me, her clenching pussy always pulling at my cock. She yearned for me, and I longed to pour every drop of my essence into her, without end until she overflowed.

Suddenly avcılar anal yapan escort she arched back and let out a primal scream at the same time her pussy clamped down on my cock so hard I feared I would break off inside of her. But I didn’t care. Driving as deep into this nymph as I could, I too screamed as I came as I never had before, as if I were dumping gallons of semen into her void. When our orgasms finally subsided, I collapsed on top of her, tired and worn, though her warm smile and gentle caress made everything I had endured on the island worth it. Suddenly some hands grabbed me shoulders and pulled me off of her, a small gasp of disappointment leaving her lips as I exited her. I started to protest but my back was on the sand and another girl was covering my face with her pussy before I could. At the same time, delicate, yet determined fingers wrapped around my cock as I sensed lips begin to resuscitate it. I was still drowning in lust as I reached up and began savoring the pussy over me.

It was bald, so completely smooth and hairless that I suspected it was that way naturally, never shaved. The juices flowed from it freely and it tasted a little salty, but good so I drank deep. I felt fingers run through my hair as the crotch ground harder onto my face. By this point, my cock had regain it’s hardness before I felt it engulfed again by another pussy. It felt so similar to the first, until I vaguely realized that it was caressing my cock in rhythm to our thrusts. I was losing myself to the orgy as the girl on my face came and moved away, but before I could see who was riding me, a small, tight beauty with shoulder-length hair moved over and pulled my hand to her dripping cunt. Fingering her, I reached up and pulled her down to me, sucking on her nipples. I felt the pussy on my cock clench, but I was warmed up now, and managed to hold my own orgasm in check, riding the waves of pleasure like a surfer, without drowning in them yet. I felt her sort of fall of me, tumbling off my legs before another pussy slid down and began to ride me with more abandon than either before.

Eventually, the one I was fingering and my latest fucker finally came as well and I was given a moment to prop myself up. Part of me felt so tired yet most never wanted this to end. I spotted a few feet away what might have been a brunette (hard to see colors at night) avcılar bdsm escort kneeling on her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath. Without hesitation I moved over and began to fuck her doggy style. She collapsed on her arms as she thrust back against me, driving me as deep as possible. Meanwhile, I scanned the sea of bodies picking out which girl would be my next fuck toy…


I don’t know what time I woke up, but most of the day was past and I was thankful the entire night had happened in a forest least my entire body be sunburned. For a moment I lay there — could it all have really happened? It was all so surreal, so incredible that part of me wondered if I was just going crazy and had dreamed up the whole thing. But then I noticed the stickiness that covered me, far too much to have come from just my own masturbation, and the entire clearing reeked of the debauchery that had go on the night before. Struggling to my feet, I looked about and called out for the people I had been with, but there was no reply. What had happened to me?

I returned to the spot on the beach where it had all began, aiming to wash myself in the ocean and find some sign that the overwhelming pleasures I had endured last night were not an illusion. And that’s when I saw her. The same girl, sitting in the shade of a tree, still as naked as before but even more lovely and beautiful than ever. I greeted her and she waved, pulling me into an embrace as soon as I sat beside her. We again held each other tight and I took her again, this time slower, more romantic than before. It was quite awhile before we stopped making love, than we just lay beside each other, her body curled against mine. Not a word was spoken, not one had to be. Finally she got up, holding out a large palm leaf to me that was laden with fruits and seafood.

“Thank you,” I muttered, my stomach finally overcoming the signals my cock had been sending. Part of me longed to ask the girl her name, to know who she was, yet part of me wanted to preserve the mystery, to bask in the sensuality of strangerhood.

Then she spoke.

It seemed to be quite a lot, I think maybe her name was within it but I couldn’t understand her, not a word she said sounded like any language I had ever heard. Before I could reply, she took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply before she ran toward the ocean. I stood there a moment, dumbfounded as she began swimming out into deeper waters. I started to call out to her, but she turned and waved to me, her smile shining brighter than the sun upon the waves before she turned and dived, a bright, indigo fish tail coming up behind her. My heart and my loins already ached in her absence, but part of me knew that she would return. Her kiss was not one of farewell.

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