Up to the hotel room and thrown on the bed

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Up to the hotel room and thrown on the bed
We had been messaging each other and exchanging photos online for several months. We even had a couple of hot phone calls. He had slowly inserted himself into my mind and had finally convinced me to meet when I traveled to his area. Somehow his aggressive ways were enough to get me to agree to meet him just for drinks, even though I had made it clear from the beginning that this was only for online fun. Since we lived in different states I thought I would be safe from commitment to actually meeting.
Our emails were very graphic in nature. It was my escape so I let loose in writing and enjoyed teasing him online and loved his reaction to my photos. He had sent me a video with him masturbating to my video and I told him that made me melt and I wanted to give him head for it. I did not fully realize he would hold me to that promise.
Since I was staying at a hotel in his town, I felt it was safest to meet at the hotel bar and I would be dressed normally to be discrete. He had already seen my photos as a guy so there would be no surprise. Underneath my regular clothes, my whole body was shaved smooth, and my toe nails were painted hot pink with glitter. I had a cap on and was low profile.
He showed up at the bar early, as I was already there early. He walked right over to me and introduced himself in a quiet friendly way. He looked at me with lust and I returned with a meek smile. Immediately he ordered güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri two drinks of his choice and sat next to me. We talked quietly and consumed. No one noticed he was interested in taking me as a woman. Our conversation was sexually charged and in code. After a few drinks, he asked if I wanted to go up to my room and pose for him as he took out his cock. Naively I said yes. He handed me a bag full of attire he wanted me to be in. I handed him the room key with the number written on it. He said to be ready in 30 minutes and I nervously said ok.
I hurried up to my room and immediately started to dress into the clothes he gave me. They were not much. They were just a tight pink skirt, little pink panties, tight t-shirt silver heels, anklet, and blonde wig with pigtails. It was almost a school girl look. The clothes made me feel young, and like a cheerleader or something. As I applied my makeup I kept that them in mind.
It was just enough time for me to finish. I took a deep breath and heard the door unlock. Still with lipstick in my hand he walked right in, closed the door, and said I looked very hot. As I said thank you, he got closer to me fast, and grabbing me he immediately threw me on the bed. He told me to open my legs or he would do it. There was no time for me to even respond because he was on me and already spreading my legs apart. He said he was gonna give me the fuck I deserved and desired tipobet and there was no way out of it. I had told him in emails I would let him fuck me, I was dressed like I wanted it and all alone with him in a hotel room.
When I had landed on the bed it was on my side so when he spread my legs it was the upper knee he pulled up. His cock was already out and hard. He leaned into me and pulled my panties to the side hard and started to enter. Wisely I was pre-lubbed just in case. He was huge and it started to hurt. My panties were tight and preventing him from entering all the way. That was when he pushed me back and pulled them to my ankles with my legs up and only slightly apart. He entered just slow enough to not hurt but it was still hard. Holding my heels with one hand he started to pump me but was not all the way in. I felt like a girl getting fucked for the first time. I loved how much stronger he was than me. He leaned down and started to lift up my shirt and bite my nipples. He then told me it would hurt less if I removed my panties and spread my legs for him. He pulled them off for me and shoved his body between my legs and that was when he went deep. He started to French kiss me. I was moaning in response. My legs were naturally swinging and falling open to his thrusts. He pulled my shirt all the way off and was fucking me so hard my heels were falling off.
When one heel was completely off he strongly turned me around tipobet güvenilir mi and fucked me from behind with the foot that had the heel on the ground and the other was lifting from his strong pumps. He grabbed my hips and was going deep. Grabbing the free leg again he threw me back on the bed. The other heel fell off and he was on and inside me again. No time wasted. He pulled me to the edge of the bed where he could fuck me as he stood. My legs just dangled helplessly. He then leaned down and laid on top of me and started to deep kiss me again. He told me to wrap my legs around him and it would feel good. As I did that he start to give me those hard but paused cum thrusts. I felt his seed shooting deep inside me as I moaned in pleasure.
He pulled out, still cum on his cock, but most was inside me. He says, “You mentioned giving me some head and that never happened.” I was like well that was only in email but he already has his freshly cummed cock in my face and I was turned on by what he did. I started to give him soft sweet head tasting my own freshly fucked ass and his cum.
Pulling me to my knees and onto the floor I kneeled there and continued to give him the best blow job I could. He was standing and enjoying. After a very long time, he start to do the orgasm movement again and came in my mouth with relaxed pumps. I savored the taste and then swallowed.
We laid there and talked for a couple of hours, consuming more alcohol and every now and then he would kiss me or suck my nipples. Eventually this turned into a very long fuck and suck session which ended in him cumming inside of me again. He made me feel so feminine and lovely.
We agreed that whenever one of us traveled I would let him have me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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