Unwanted: Part 8

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Tiffany stuck to unoccupied streets and back alleys as she made her way home. She was still drenched in sweat from her romp in the bathroom with Jon and she did not want anyone to get close enough to notice. When she reached her house, she sighed in despair as she recalled that she did not have a set of keys. Part of the reason she joined all the same sports clubs as Jon was because she always had to wait for him to get home before she could enter her own house.

Just in case one of her family members forgot to lock the door that morning, Tiffany still jiggled the knob. To her surprise, the door swung open unhindered. A smile spread across her face. She felt incredibly lucky. She skipped into the house with a spring in her step. She went straight for the stairs, intending to take a shower in the second floor bathroom.

Her skipping came to a dead stop when she passed the kitchen. She barely saw out of the corner of her eye, her father was leaning against the counter next to the refrigerator, drinking a glass of milk. “What’s up, princess?” he greeted her sweetly.

“What are you doing here?” she gasped.

“Your teacher called me and said you went home sick. Had to have Jon go and apologize for you,” he clicked his tongue disappointedly.

“I…” Tiffany was at a loss.

“My, you look positively feverish.” Randy examined her sweat drenched clothes. “Come on, let’s get you out of those and into something warm.” He crossed the room and grabbed the hem of her shirt. She gasped as he pulled it completely off, exposing her sports bra beneath. Her face turned red as she crossed her arms. No matter what she had ever done with him before, being suddenly stripped by her own father was quite embarrassing.

“Hey now, I only bought you that for your clubs. I’d much rather see your pretty nipples right now.” He plucked off her bra as well.

“Not now,” she pleaded with him. “I’m tired. Jon and I…”

“If you have time to skip school because of Jon, then you have time to satisfy me as well. I left work for this.” He leaned down and leered at her while pinching one of her nipples. She sucked in a deep breath and winced.

He placed his hands on her chest and rubbed both of her breasts for a while. Eventually he worked his way down to her waist where he lifted her skirt until it was around her stomach, completely exposing her crotch. Finally, he slid her panties down and then gingerly lifted one of her legs until it was out and the cloth was only dangling around one of her knees.

He backed up and placed his hands on his hips, staring at his now mostly naked daughter with a sense of accomplishment. She was holding the hem of her skirt and lifting it slightly, keeping her bare cunt exposed to his view. “You are so fucking sexy,” he whistled. “Every time I watch football with Barry and George I want to ask them if they’ve fucked their daughters yet. I bet every father thinks about it. I wonder if Barry will let me do Samantha if I let him have you for a day.”

Anything resembling a smile vanished from Tiffany’s face. She did not like the idea of being traded to her father’s fat friend in the slightest. “What’s wrong, baby girl,” Randy cooed at her. “Can you imagine spreading Samantha’s silky legs? I want to see my cock sliding into her bleached butt hole so badly. Oh yes, I know it’s bleached. I once saw her changing while I was over at Barry’s place. That was last year. If it’d been after you and I started this, I bet I’d have marched right into her room and fed her some thick cock.”

Tiffany dropped her skirt and stepped back into her panties properly. She left her bra on the floor but picked up her shirt and pulled it back on over her head. “Hey, where are you going?” Randy shouted after her as she marched toward the stairs.

“Why do you care? Just go fuck Samantha!” Tiffany shouted back.

“You know I would if I could but then again, I’d fuck Lauren if I could. You’re my substitute. You can’t say no since I’m letting you off so easily with Jon. You don’t get to say no.”

“Really? Watch me!” Tiffany sprinted up the stairs and slammed the door to her room. She threw herself on her bed and buried her face in her pillow. She had no idea why she started to cry. She absolutely hated what her father did to her so why did she care that he wanted to do it to his neighbor’s daughter too. Somewhere deep down, she hoped that he really did love her in his own messed up way. After that though, she was sure that he was simply saying whatever he wanted to get her to let him fuck her.

Tiffany was sure Randy would follow her to her room but for some reason it took him a long time. After five minutes, he finally knocked at her door. “Come on, don’t be like this,” he called through the barrier. “I was just joking.”

“Fuck off!” she screamed.

“Hey now, you know I’m just going to fuck you anyway. I didn’t come home from work for nothing. You may as well just make this easier on yourself.” Tiffany contemplated opening the door for her father but ultimately decided not to. If he was just going to fuck her regardless of her volition, then she may as well make him work for it. “Fine, you asked for it.” He unlocked the door with the spare keys he kept for all the rooms in the house.

Tiffany remained face down on her bed. She could hear him walking toward her slowly. She felt his hands on her back, lifting her shirt. He pulled down her skirt and panties with some difficulty. Her butt felt cold and exposed. She clenched her anus without really meaning to. She knew it was going to hurt more than usual. He worked his fingers around her asshole for a while, trying to see if she would get horny for him. She did not. Hearing him talk about fucking his friend’s daughter the way he fucked her was definitely the opposite of exciting for Tiffany.

Randy grumbled to himself as he became impatient. “You really are a bad girl.” He slapped her ass quite hard. She flinched but kept her face buried in her pillow. “If I wanted, I could rape you right now and tear up your dry asshole, is that what you want?” Once again she did not answer him.

Randy sighed and shook his head. Unbeknownst to Tiffany, he was holding something in his hand. It was a small black object with two metal prongs sticking out of the end. Tiffany gasped when she felt the metal prongs touch her butt. With another sigh, Randy pressed a button on the side of the black rectangle. Suddenly Tiffany shrieked while convulsing. She rolled over and started to kick and scream. Her whole body shook and a steady stream of pee shot out onto the floor. Her teeth chattered as electricity shot through her.

The frown on Randy’s face dissolved into an expression of sheer enjoyment. He watched his daughter writhe and twitch, her eyes rolled back and foam frothed from her mouth. She bit her tongue to distract herself from the pain as she arched her back, rising off the bed and shrieking in agony. “That’s your punishment,” he laughed at her.

Tiffany gurgled and sputtered for a while before she was able to respond. “What did I do?” she cried.

“You had sex with your brother at school and had to leave as a result,” he reminded her. He placed the stun gun on her cunt next.

Tiffany gasped as she felt the cold metal. “No, please. You’re going to kill me.”

“Oh relax, I got the low amperage one,” he informed her while pressing the button again.

She shrieked and thrashed. She kept her limbs as tightly tucked as possible but her head leaned back and her jaw fell slack. She spread her legs and more pee streamed out. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed heavily. She was now soaked in sweat again. It took yet another full minute before she could speak.

“Enough,” she sobbed. “What do you want? You can kocaeli escort fuck me. All the way up my ass. You want my cunt, it’s yours. Fuck your daughter’s dripping pussy,” she begged him.

“No, I think I’ll refrain for Jon’s sake,” Randy refused before pressing the button again. He laughed and grinned as he watched her contorting and thrashing again. His ears were starting to hurt from her screaming, as was her throat, but he did not care.

“Please,” she slobbered drunkenly when the convulsions subsided. “Please just fuck me.”

“I will,” he assured her. She smiled at him. It was a sloppy smile, covered in tears, snot and saliva. Randy smiled back as he pushed the button one more time. She gurgled instead of shrieking. Her throat hurt too much. She thrashed but not as violently. Her back arched but she collapsed almost immediately.

She could not even beg him to stop anymore. She just stared at him with miserable glazed over eyes. Finally, he set the stun gun on the side of her bed and positioned himself at the foot. She watched cautiously as he spread her legs apart while also unzipping himself. He was still wearing his slacks from work. His cock was already hard and the tip was definitely wet. Just watching her suffering turned him on so much.

She barely whimpered when his cock slid into her asshole. It was clenched tight but the sweat and pee made it damp enough to penetrate. Tiffany tried to relax her muscles but she could not. With each thrust she grunted in response. She was on the verge of passing out.

After a while, Randy got tired of her unresponsiveness. He repositioned himself underneath her and posed her in reverse cowgirl style on his lap. He pinched her nipples and slapped her breasts while bucking his hips, causing her to rise and fall on top of him. She moaned softly while closing her eyes. Compared to being shocked this felt like gentle rocking. She gyrated her hips and ran her own hands over her body sensually. Her sweat was starting to dry and she felt incredibly sticky.

Unbeknownst to either Tiffany or Randy, the front door to the house had just opened. Lauren kicked it shut behind her lazily with one of her high heeled shoes. She set down two bags of groceries on the kitchen counter. “Tiffany!” she shouted in a voice that would not carry up the stairs. After receiving a call from her daughter’s teacher, she had taken her time getting home. “Tiffany, come help me put these groceries away.” Again there was no response. “Tiffany, if you did not come straight home, I’m grounding you!” Lauren raised her voice.

This time she waited and listened carefully for a response. She swore she could hear something like voices coming from the stairs. “Tiffany, I swear to god…” she grumbled as she marched up the stairs loudly in her heels.

As she reached the top she could hear the voices better. “You are such a slut,” the voice of her husband was all too familiar in her ears. The nature of his statement meant only one thing, she had just come home to find her husband cheating.

She peeked into their joint bedroom and was surprised to find it completely empty. The noise was coming from further down the hall. “Yes, I’m a slut,” a woman’s voice answered Randy’s. “I love getting fucked in the ass by your thick cock. Stretch it until I scream. Fuck your slutty daughter, daddy. Rape her until she loves it.”

Lauren started to run toward the last door in the hall. She already had the gist of what was happening but she had to see it with her own eyes. She threw open the door to Tiffany’s room and stopped right inside. What she saw was exactly what she expected. Tiffany was on top of Randy, writhing in pleasure, gyrating her hips as he bucked into her, filling his own daughter’s asshole with his cock, leaving her cunt completely exposed for Lauren to stare at with her mouth agape.

Randy was lying back and Tiffany had her eyes closed. Neither one of them saw her at first. “What the hell?” Lauren screamed at the top of her lungs.

Tiffany’s eyes shot open. She immediately crossed her arms to cover her chest. Randy sat up, nearly tossing Tiffany onto the floor. He caught her though, just as his cock popped out of her asshole. Rather than setting her down on the bed, he positioned his cock at her anus again and pulled her back into his lap. Lauren had to watch as Tiffany moaned while sliding back down on her husband’s cock. “What the hell is going on here?” she repeated.

“Let me explain,” Randy sputtered. Lauren’s eyes darted to his waist where his muscles were flexing. He was moving slightly inside Tiffany’s ass, still trying to enjoy himself.

“I don’t believe this.” Lauren tossed her hands angrily. “Why would you fuck that slut? Of all the women you could’ve cheated on me with.”

“She’s like a miniature version of you,” Randy spouted.

“That whore is nothing like me.”

“She’s as petite as hell.” Randy gestured to Lauren’s chest, which was padded and pushed up beyond reason to make up for her flat chest. “She’s so obedient like you used to be in college. I miss those days,” Randy explained. At the same time he thrust up into Tiffany, causing her to yelp.

“Can you stop fucking her while we’re talking?” Lauren grumbled.

Randy shook his head. He bent Tiffany forward and grabbed both of her wrists, pulling her arms behind her and thrusting forward. She was only being supported by her arms and her asshole. She looked up at Lauren with a miserable expression. “Daddy rapes me every day. He loves to hurt me and stretch my ass. It’s all your fault, Mommy. Why don’t you satisfy him anymore?”

“Don’t act like you’re not enjoying it,” Lauren scoffed. “Only a slut like you would take it up the ass so easily. That hole is not for sex.”

“You have to try it, Mommy. You’ll love it, I know you will.”

“I definitely won’t.” Lauren refused outright. Before she could say anything else, she noticed Tiffany’s eyes crossing. Her whole body tensed up and her toes curled. She was watching her husband cum inside her own daughter’s ass. Tiffany sighed with relief when Randy dropped her to the floor, letting his softening cock slide out of her. “You really like it that much?” Lauren was slightly curious.

“You’ll love it too.” Randy grabbed her chin.

Lauren slapped his hand away. “I’m divorcing you and I’m taking Jon with me. I should’ve never listened to you when we first caught them together. I should’ve known this was your motive all along.”

“Please don’t leave, Mommy.” Tiffany suddenly leapt up from the floor, grabbing onto the front of Lauren’s blazer. “Don’t leave me with him. He tortures me.”

“You deserve it. I hope you two are happy together. When we’re gone, you can fuck each other to your heart’s content.”

“Mommy, no. You have to save me from him.”

“Are you sure, Lauren? Just look how pitiful she is.” Randy decided to taunt his wife.

“I don’t give a damn about that slut. She deserves a good fucking. You can rape her all you want. I don’t care.”

Tiffany’s face dissolved into sobbing. Lauren had to pry her fingers off before she could step back. “Come on, we’ve got a little more left to go.” Randy grabbed Tiffany’s hand and redirected it to his cock, which was only slightly soft. He definitely could go for another round. Lauren turned to leave the room. Tiffany’s face contorted in anger. Suddenly, she shoved her father backward onto the bed and grabbed the stun gun. He covered his face instinctively but she ignored him and ran toward Lauren.

“What the…” she barely had time to shout before the electricity hit her. She fell over on the floor and grabbed her crotch as her white skirt darkened with her pee. “Fucking bitch!” she shouted while looking up at Tiffany.

“I’ve been kocaeli escort bayan getting fucked by your husband for months because of you and now you say you don’t care at all? If you don’t care, then I don’t either.” She grabbed Lauren’s hair and pulled her to her feet. She then shoved her onto the bed. Lauren tried to stand up again but Randy looped his arms under hers and held her. Tiffany pulled off Lauren’s heels first and then her skirt. Randy took off the blazer and then her blouse. Tiffany tore open her pushup bra, releasing all of her hidden padding. Lauren was now wearing nothing but her panties and her black stockings over them.

Tiffany placed the stun gun against her mother’s crotch and pressed the button. She shrieked and convulsed. More pee spilled out from her panties which were soaked. Tiffany tore open her stockings and pulled her panties to the side, reveling her cunt and asshole. She pressed a finger into each, causing Lauren to moan. “If you don’t stop this immediately, I’ll…”

“You’ll what? Stop loving me? Kick me out? Leave me with a rapist? You already did all those things when I didn’t deserve it. You’re the one who deserves this.” She shoved the end of the stun gun into Lauren’s cunt and pressed the button again.

The smell of burning flesh filled the room as Lauren shrieked out. “Please stop,” she sobbed incoherently. “What do you want?” Tiffany let go of the stun gun and left it sticking out of Lauren’s cunt. She instead reached beside her and grabbed Randy’s cock, which was completely hard again. She leaned forward and covered it with her mouth. She pushed it into her mouth as far as it would go and swirled her tongue around it. She slurped and licked until it was slick with her saliva. Lauren watched while gulping nervously.

“That’s how you suck a cock, Mom!” Tiffany shouted at her. “That’s what you’re going to do every day to keep your husband satisfied so he won’t rape me or the Samantha ever again.”

“Samantha?” Lauren gasped. She was cut off as Tiffany pushed her head down into Randy’s lap. His cock slid into her mouth and stopped when her throat closed up. Tiffany placed both hands on the back of Lauren’s head and shoved. Her throat gave way and Randy slid into her completely. Lauren lay perfectly still for a while, holding her breath. When it became too much for her, she tried to push off of Randy’s lap.

Tiffany shoved her right back down though. “You don’t get to come up for air,” she shouted in her ear. “Do you hear blood rushing to your head? Do you feel your lungs collapsing? Do you see white spots in your eyes? Do you feel like you’re going to choke to death right here and now? That’s good. That’s what you’re supposed to feel. You are a slutty wife whose one purpose is to satisfy her husband. Only when you are about to die have you fulfilled your purpose. Dying sucking your husband’s cock is your purpose. The only reason you stop sooner is so you can do it all over again tomorrow.” Tiffany finally pulled Lauren’s head up. “Come on, let me hear you say it.”

Lauren stared at her daughter’s face in sheer terror. She had never seen Tiffany so angry before. “I am a slutty wife whose only job is to die sucking my husband’s cock,” she murmured.

“Louder!” Tiffany pulled on her hair.

“I love sucking cock. I want to choke to death on a cock. Please kill me with your rock hard penis, Randy. Please fuck me with it.”

“I’ll do just that,” Randy laughed while grabbing Lauren by the waist and spinning her around so she was sitting in his lap the same way Tiffany had been.

“Wait,” she cried as she felt his saliva covered dick sliding along her anus. “That’s the wrong hole.” She tried to stand up but her toes barely reached the floor. Randy continued to laugh as he used her hips to slam her down onto him. She clenched her teeth as the stun gun popped out of her cunt and landed on the floor. Tears were spilling out of her eyes. She had never had anything inside her ass before.

“How does it feel, after all these years, to finally be impaled by me?” Randy taunted her.

“It hurts,” she admitted. She looked at Tiffany’s face with a miserable expression of pity. She finally understood what her daughter had been going through.

“You’re so petite and tiny, it’s like fucking a high schooler,” Randy moaned in pleasure.

“You would know,” Lauren grunted. “I feel like I’ve been impaled on a spit roaster.”

“You’d need a cock in each end,” Randy laughed while pinching one of her nipples with one hand and her tongue with the other. He pulled it out of her mouth and played with it until she started drooling. Lauren moaned in misery as her husband raped her asshole. Every time she started to enjoy it a little he would thrust harder or slap her cunt. Eventually her pussy lips started to swell up.

“Can’t you let me enjoy it too,” Lauren gasped.

“You are enjoying it,” Randy assured her. “Getting to satisfy your husband is your enjoyment.”

Lauren gritted her teeth. Several times, her own orgasm had started to build but she had lost it because he changed the way he was fucking her or he simply slapped her again. It was as if he did not want her to enjoy it at all. The realization hit her slowly. He did not want her to enjoy it. He was getting off on her pain and misery. If she enjoyed it, then he would not.

Suddenly something snapped in Lauren’s head. She knew at that moment that if she let this continue, she would be the dominated one in their relationship forever after. If she did not take control somehow, she could count herself as Tiffany’s replacement. Without a word, she planted her feet on the bed on either side of Randy’s lap and lifted herself completely off his cock.

Randy tried to grab her but she spun around and sat down again. “Hey, instead of this old lady’s ass, don’t you want that young high school slut?” She jerked her head at Tiffany over her shoulder.

“I’ve already fucked her today,” Randy explained. “Now I’m getting back at you for years of teasing.”

“I remember when you first saw my cunt,” Lauren acted like she did not hear Randy at all. “You were amazed by it. You thought they were all hairless like the porn stars. You said it was the prettiest thing you had ever seen.”

“And you used it to control the next twenty years of my life.” Randy reached her and poked his thumb into her asshole.

“Ow, no wonder you like the backdoor so much. You’re really regretting setting eyes on this pussy.” Lauren inched herself closer to Randy’s cock. He jabbed deeper into her ass as punishment.

“Just get on with it, you two!” Tiffany placed her hands on Lauren’s butt and shoved her forward. Randy’s cock hit her swollen cunt lips and slid to the side. Lauren moaned as she felt the pain from how sensitive they were. Randy saw the look on her face and smirked. He grabbed her thighs and spread her wide. She had no time to resist as he slid his cock into her swollen cunt. She threw her head back and groaned. The inside felt warm but the outside stung terribly.

Randy kept smiling as he used her hips to pull her into him. He was enjoying being the one in control for once. Lauren could see her chances to remain the dominant person in their relationship slipping. Every time she tried to open her mouth to say something, she ended up yelping or groaning or just plain wincing instead. “That’s enough,” she finally whined. “It hurts too much right now.”

“Do you want it back in your ass?” Randy offered playfully.

“No,” Lauren refused outright. Randy pinched her clit as punishment. She covered her mouth to keep from screaming. He clit was swollen from being slapped as well. After some thought, she gave in. “You can put it back in my ass,” she whimpered.

“What was that?” izmit escort Randy pretended not to hear her.

“Please put your cock back in my ass,” Lauren begged. She simply could not stand the stinging sensation of her cunt anymore.

“I get to fuck your ass whenever I want?” Randy asked smugly.

“No, just today!” Lauren argued.

“Every day.” Tiffany whispered in her ear. “Every single day since you first caught me and Jon together, I’ve had his cock sliding into my ass. He turned me inside out. You’re going to experience all of that and more.”

Lauren shook her head but Tiffany grabbed her chin and made her face Randy. “Say it, Mommy. Say, please fuck my ass every day, Daddy.”

Lauren winced as she felt Randy slamming into her. He was purposefully hitting her swollen cunt with his pelvis. “Fine,” she wailed. “Your can fuck my ass every day. I don’t care anymore. I’m just a slut who you can fuck however you want. Please, just pull it out of my cunt already.” Tears were streaming down her face.

Randy put his hands under her arms and lifted her into the air. She clenched her teeth to endure the pain of his cock sliding out of her stinging cunt. Tiffany pushed two fingers into her ass and spread it apart. She tried not to complain as Randy brought her back down. This time she was facing him as his cock slid into her ass. Not only that, but she was much drier. “Oh god,” she groaned as her insides moved in a different way. His cock was slightly curved, meaning it was scraping the front of her bowels this time instead of the back.

She let out a slight yip each time Randy slid all the way in but she refused to complain as much as she had about her sore cunt, lest he decide to switch back randomly. Randy seemed determined to have her as uncomfortable as possible. Tiffany reached around Lauren’s waist and played with her clit a little. It helped turn her on but it still hurt somewhat. She tried to push her hands away. Tiffany sighed and left the room for a little bit.

When she returned she was holding an old jump rope from amongst the belongings in Jon’s excessively cluttered room. She wound it around one of Lauren’s wrists and twisted her arm behind her back. “What are you doing?” she complained. Tiffany pulled her other arm back and then tied both her wrists together.

“Great going, baby girl,” Randy laughed. “She looks like a hogtied idiot now.” Randy increased his pace. It was obvious he was slightly turned on by watching his wife get tied up. A cruel grin spread across his face as he placed his hand in front of his wife’s cunt.

“Please don’t,” she begged. She knew the moment she said it, he was going to do the exact opposite. He wiggled three of his fingers past her cunt lips and then shoved them as far into her as he could. She threw her head back and screamed while trying to bring her arms forward to stop him. The rope dug into her wrists but she could not free them.

She struggled to stand up but after she had pulled his cock almost all the way out of her ass, Tiffany poked both her legs behind the knee, causing them to buckle. She fell back down, impaling herself on Randy’s cock again with yet another scream. This time, Randy started cumming. Having already filled Tiffany’s ass with semen earlier, there were only a few spurts but the warm liquid still stung Lauren’s insides.

She regained her footing on the bed and kicked off, pulling herself off his cock then falling off the side of the bed. She landed on the floor with a thud and then rolled onto her side. She was breathing heavily and trying to swallow her tears. Tiffany walked around in front of her and rolled her onto her back again. She stared down at her with glazed over eyes that Lauren knew were filled with hatred. “I’m sorry,” she sputtered. “I didn’t know he was doing this to you.”

“You’re not sorry, he did it to me, you’re sorry I did it to you too.” Tiffany reared back and kicked Lauren in the cunt as hard as she could.

She screamed out in pain and began to sob. “What do you want from me?” Instead of answering, Tiffany crouched down and placed the stun gun inside Lauren’s cunt again. “No, please!”

Her pleas were cut off by her own screaming as she began to thrash around on the floor. Tiffany did not take her finger off the button for an agonizingly long while.

Randy smiled gleefully as he watched his wife’s body coursing with electricity. “You are such a sexy slut,” he sighed as she arched her back, lifting her crotch off the carpet before letting out all of the pee left inside of her.

When she finally hit the floor again, her eyes were completely white. She seemed to have gotten used to the electricity a little because she was able to speak. “You’re gonna kill me,” she gurgled through chattering teeth.

“Nonsense, I bought the one with the lowest amperage,” Randy repeated the same thing he told Tiffany earlier.

Tiffany gritted her teeth as she let up on the button. Lauren’s head turned sideways and she passed out with her eyes still open. Her tongue was hanging out and there were obvious burn marks inside her slightly agape cunt. “She’s your fuck hole now,” Tiffany announced.

“Sometimes.” Randy shrugged. “You’re still younger and sexier though. Without warning Tiffany pressed the stun gun to her father’s chest.

He leapt backwards and hit the wall of her room after the first jolt. “Fucking bitch!” he shouted.

“You are never to touch me again.” She pointed the stun gun at him.

“Did you think Lauren was going to be your replacement?” Randy growled at her.

“I was supposed to be her replacement,” Tiffany reminded him.

“Well you’re a better fuck. After I’ve had that tight twitching ass of yours, I don’t really care about the old bag too much.”

“Well that’s too bad, because my ass is not yours to fuck. If you ever touch me again, I’m cutting off that cock of yours. I think Lauren will back me up this time.”

“You’re the one who just shocked her half to death,” Randy reminded her. “She’s always hated you. She’ll definitely take my side.”

“Are you willing to risk it?” Tiffany asked while keeping the stun gun pointed at him.

“When did you become so defiant?” Randy spat at her.

“Defiant? In order for me to defy my parents, you’d first have to actually act like parents. If every girl that stood up and said stop raping me was just being defiant, then you’re suggesting all girls deserve to be raped.”

“That’s right. Look at them, walking around with their sexy little bodies that they don’t know what to do with. They are just wasting away getting old. I raised you, so I have a right to take what I want from you.”

“Go fuck Mom until you two have another daughter and then ruin her life. You know what’ll happen if you touch me again.” Tiffany marched over to the closet and put on a t-shirt and some jeans before marching out of the room.

Randy bit his lip as he contemplated what to say next. “Look, I didn’t mean it that way. I love you, remember?” he called after her.

“You love your dick and only your dick,” Tiffany spat back at him as she slid down the banister. She noticed the groceries on the kitchen counter and began to leaf through them. She had just picked a piece of food before Randy wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“You don’t mean that. You love me too. We can start over.” He whispered in her ear. “I’ll make you feel good like I always do.” He pressed his fingers into the crotch of her jeans. She was not wearing panties and could feel the denim rubbing against her clit. She reached over her shoulder and shocked his arm with the stun gun, forcing him to let go.

She took a bite of food before responding. “How many times did you shock me with this? You can’t even handle this much. You’re pathetic.” She marched out the front door, slamming it on her way. She had no idea where she was going but anywhere had to be better than there.

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