Union Negotiation

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Union Negotiation
Jack sat with the team in a conference room waiting for the potential clients team to arrive. He was telling his colleague how he had scored last night with a mature blonde in a tight little red dress and high heels. When the knock at the door indicated the arrival of the other team and leading them was the blonde woman in a business suit. She looked intimidating in her power suit and heels, hair pulled back and coiffed in a bun. She was wearing tortoise shell reading glasses. As she sat down facing the lead negotiator she showed no signs of recognising the young man she had been with several hours ago in a sex club.

Jack liked her even more as the corporate lawyer, she was ruthless, business like during the statements of position. Each side had bullet points they wanted to negotiate. During a break Jack headed out of the conference room to go to the toilet. On the way their he walked past the older woman talking on her phone, she smiled a big cherry red wide lipped smile.

In the executive bathroom Jack remembered those big cherry red lips wrapped around the shaft of his cock. Her talented tongue had caressed his circumcised head and shaft as her head bobbed up and down. Deep throating his long shaft in the dimly lit area in the VIP room. His cock pulsed in his hand as he was peeing in the urinal. After he washed his hands and was walking back to the room he saw her again. An image of her flashed in front of his eyes in a leather harness that bound her torso, the little steel butt plug with a fake red ruby sparkling in the strobe lights, the nipple clamps and clit clamp, her all over tan. His cock was throbbing in his pants.

Back in the conference room she carried on business as usual ruthless in her negotiation process conceding on points that were not important to the employer yet unyielding on recognising the increase other than inflation. Jack watched her his eyes seeing her big E cup breasts with the large brown areola the fat stubby pierced nipples had gold rings in defying gravity. Fake?

“Jack ! Jack…” Jack turned to the lead negotiator


“Jack shall we take another break for lunch”

“Yeah.” Jack was now fully erect.

Jack sat watching as the team got up and walked out the others followed. The blonde waited till the others had left then looked at Jack , ” I see you watching me Sir”

“I’m rock hard. My eyes see you in the club.” He whispers

“Mmm I need a drink. Salty” she licked her lips. “I am always ready for Sir” she stood turned away from Jack bending over straight legged to pick up an imaginary object off the floor. Her skirt rode up enough to show her naked bottom, the shiny red stone in her ass crack, framed by the suspender belt and stockings. No underwear.

“Follow me Sir.” she said. Jack stood and followed the older woman canlı kaçak iddaa out of the conference room down the hallway passed the reception desk oblivious to the two young women ogling him. Waiting at the lift they stood apart.

The lift door opened she walked in and faced the wall arching her back pushing her butt out. The door closed and he pushed the button for the basement carpark. She raised her skirt with her hands on either side. He unzipped his pants pulled out his hard cock, grabbed her hips and thrust forward his erection slid between her soft thighs, her long fingers guided the head to her wet slit. He thrust again roughly, hard. The lift started to move descending through the building. Jack fucked her hard and fast they only had a minute 90 seconds tops till they reached the basement. Hopefully no one wanted to go down at this time. Otherwise.

“Fuck me Sir. Harder…. Harder…. ” through short breaths the MILF moaned. Neither of them noticed a small security camera.

Jack fucked the blonde hard, his hands firmly gripped her love handles, his torso slapped against her big bottom, his prick sloshed around in her moist cunt.

“Fuck … my … cunt … Sir” she whimpered. Her breathing becoming shallow. “Permission… to … cum … sirrr”

Jack felt his nuts tighten and throbbing penis swell as he filled her with cum.

“Permission granted” he groaned as his legs nearly buckled under him. He felt her body tremble next to his. He backed away and put his cock back in his pants and zipping up just as the door opened. She had turned around and stood behind him as he walked out. His team were waiting in the car to take him for lunch.

The blonde walked over to her team standing by her Mercedes S350 sedan.

After lunch the people slowly returned to there mutual offices to discuss offers and counter offers to break the impasse that had arrived before lunch.

Hannah could feel the young mans cum and her juices leaking from her cunt and dribbling down the inside of her thigh. Fucking in the lift had a heightened sense of discovery, the camera in the lift recording the quick tryst. Fancy words. A rough quickie. Her hips were still red from the young man painful grip as he had rammed her cunt with his big cock.

As for last night in the VIP room. She had dressed in her sub outfit hoping to attract a young master. She was only in town while the negotiations took place. After that she would return to the big smoke and her Mistress. She was surprised how malleable he was. Unzipping his pants and sucking his cock in front of his friends, swallowing his cum, standing up, wiping her lips, drinking her champagne. Standing in her leather harness, her pierced nipples with clamps, a small metal butt plug in her asshole, stilettos, she had wandered off to get a drink canlı kaçak bahis from the bar. After she had been served she had turned around to find him staring at her. She had walked away ignoring him. Getting her coat and walking back to the hotel. At the hotel bar he had walked in not recognising her as she had removed the wig and make up. He was very easy on the eye. Like her son.

They were back in the conference room. She had suggested their request for a longer contract would reduce there costs. Not having to pay her hourly fee of $1000 per hour plus expenses could be used to increase the offer. The HR woman readily agreed the GM took more convincing.

The meeting only took a few minutes as the employee representatives agreed to take the offer back to the members for approval.

As everyone left the room she shook hands with the management team and watched as the others left the young man, Jack looked at her big breasts, hunger in eyes. Lust.

“See you at the hotel Jack” she smiled. Jack turned surprised.

“How do you know where I am staying? ” a light switch flicked on in his brain ” That was you in the bar last night.”


They were walking to the lift.

“I enjoyed our moment in the lift” she whispered as they passed the two young sexy receptionists in their revealing tight t shirt minidresses and high heels,one standing to direct clients to the waiting area the other bending over the bizhub collating documents. Hannah noticed Jack did not take his eyes off her.

They entered the lift when it finally arrived. ” Basement?” They said together laughing.

“Yes. My hire car is parked there.” Jack replied as Hannah pressed the button for the basement.

“What did you hire? I like cars” Hannah asked.

“A Mustang! You?”

“Mercedes S 350 sedan”

“A big back seat”

“Nice space in the front seat of a Mustang Sir. I have never done it in a sports car.”

They never got inside the Mustang. Hannah had strutted in front of him pulling the skirt up. Jack could see the dried sperm and pussy juices on the inside of her thighs. His cock had gone from flaccid to rock hard watching her ass cheeks flex as she walked towards the blue Mustang. Jack watched as she removed her skirt and jacket. Unbuttoned her blouse. The clothes neatly laid on the long bonnet of the sports car. She bent over he stood behind her now his hand between her legs rubbing her slit his thumb moved the butt plug.

“Bend over hands on the bonnet… Slut.”

“Yes Sir!” Hannah bends over and reached out placing her hands on the bonnet. Jack put his fingers on the butt plug and roughly pulled it until it stretched her asshole. He squatted down placing his head between her spread legs and tasted her for the first time. The tip of his tongue moved along her slit. He flicked his tongue on her clit. bahis siteleri canlı He lapped her juices up. He looked at her gaping butt hole. He had to buttfuck her now.

He unzipped his flies and pulled out his stiff cock. His hand at the shaft guided the head towards her dilated opening. Changing his mind he spread her pussy lips and penetrated her slowly easing inch by inch until his balls rubbed against her. He withdrew then thrust in hard burying his cock up to the hilt. Jack repeated this over and over. She moaned loudly , squealing when her breasts were mashed on the cold steel bonnet.

He pulled out. “Put your hands back and spread your ass cheeks” he instructed. She decided to obey but slowly. Jack slapped her ass hard. “Do it”

“OOOOOWWWW!!!” She screamed. Her head rested sideways on the bonnet. She saw a little red light on the ceiling the camera was recording. She smiled. Jack forcefully rammed the full length of his long cock in her ass. She collapsed on to the car.

“Get up. Keep your legs straight” his hands gripped her hard he was mean roughly fucking her bareback. Something her elderly polite husband would never do. Her Mistress had found her young men to break her in then taken her with a big thick strap on in her office on the 45th floor against the full length window looking out at the view of the Waitemata Harbour at lunchtime. Her secretary sitting outside the office.

Jack pounded her asshole mercilessly until he came.

“Get on the ground. Take my cock in your mouth. I want to fuck you again”

She did as he instructed. Behind Jack she saw the stairwell door open two security guards moved quietly putting up a barrier so nobody would disturb them. She enthusiastically sucked his aromatic cock back to life. At first she had choked on her own shit. Now she could tolerate it. Her tongue tasted the nutty flavour. He was hard again.

“Lie on your back” he instructed she climbed on to the bonnet waving her long shapely legs in the air. He grabbed her bum and pulled it to the edge. Guided his hard prick back into her butthole. She wasn’t tight nor was she loose. She was experienced at anal fucking. He wanted to be rough he groped her big tits with both hands and rammed his cock hard and fast. Not wanting to be discovered. Fucking in public added another factor of excitement. Her legs spread wide he liked that she was open. He did not last long. She, he still did not know her name, was moaning loudly as he fucked her with his semi hard cock her fingers rubbing her clit. Gasping she begged for release.

“Yes” he gasped. Sweat ran down his brow.

He stood back a pace and watched her rub herself to orgasm.

“Thank you Sir” she got up grabbed her possessions and walked off to her car. Two big black security guards stood by her car.

Jack drove off in his Mustang leaving her sandwiched between the guards one cock raising her off the ground as the other held her butt cheeks apart for penetration.

“Mrs Ioane sends her regards” said one of the guards. Her Mistress a cleaner in her building had eyes everywhere.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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