Unexpected Hotel Room Visit

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There was a knock at the hotel door. Surprised, she got up from the bed, having just got in the room after a night of a few drinks with the rest of her coworkers. She looked through the peephole to see who it was, and he was standing there. Unsure exactly what he wanted and hesitate to open the door in her pajamas; she unlocked the chain and slowly cracked it. Smiling sweetly, she leaned out, waiting for her answer. “I can’t sleep,” he said. “You want to hang out for awhile?”

“In here?” she asked. “Sure, if you can excuse my lazy attire.” As she slowly opened the door his eyes took in the sight of her, wearing nothing but a tight pink t-shirt and white lace underwear. She smirked as she noticed how hard he was trying to keep his cool. He obviously had not expected to see her in such an outfit. Well, good, she thought, the awkwardness between us at least doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like me anymore. They had grown fairly close last summer, only to realize that neither was ready to leave their respective marriages and that maybe they were better off as just friends. Of course, the feelings she had for him, both mentally and physically had never left her. There were days when she passed by him in the office that she still went weak in the knees and wondered what might have been. By the way he was looking at her now, he hadn’t forgotten either and was a victim to some of the same thoughts.

Walking across the room he sat down in the chair near the bed while she sprawled out on it in from on the TV. She rolled over on her side and faced him, wondering if he wanted her as much as she wanted him. “So what brings you here?” she asked.

“You,” he said, looking directly into her eyes. “I know we said it was over. But…you have no idea how much I want you right now.”

“Really,” she said, as she moved her legs over the side of the bed and rose, standing right in front of him. She raised her arm and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Then show me,” she said.

It was if the pent up frustration in him was suddenly released. He took his hands and grabbed her hips, pulling her towards him. He leaned forward and rested his head just below her breasts, while his arms encircled her. She lowered herself towards him, putting her arms around him and pulling him upward to her, out of the chair. He raised his hands to her face, caressing her cheeks, before leaning in to kiss her. Their lips met, softly at first, and then the passion began to build. She ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue parted her lips and began teasing hers. She pulled back a minute and gazed into his eyes as he held her face again. “God, if you are this amazing at kissing,” she said, “I am going to completely lose control.”

He hesitated a minute, watching her before answering, “I already have.” Hearing that was all she needed. She moved her hands to his waistline, and underneath his t-shirt. Pulling it up and off of him, and running her hands up his chest and up around his shoulders before pulling them down güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri towards his back, caressing him gently. She rested her hands on his lower back, pulling him towards her. He used his hands to pull her head up towards his and kiss her lips again, and then dancing his tongue around hers. She pressed against him again and he could sense her growing arousal. He moved from her mouth to trail a line with his lips down the side of her neck, kissing her softly. A soft moan escaped her lips as she began to feel a moistening between her legs. Not wanting it to stop she threw her arms around his shoulders and ran her fingers through his hair.

Suddenly Brian stepped back from her and grabbed her hands with his, putting an abrupt stop to the passion. She was afraid he was having second thoughts until she looked up and saw his eyes focused on her. He was mentally recording the sight of her in her t-shirt and panties, wanting to capture the picture for eternity. After what seemed like hours, he released one of her hands, and carressed his up her arm and around her back and then around her waist. As he touched her he noticed the faint outline of her hardening nipples against her shirt. After running his hands around her waist and over her breasts, he slipped a finger down by her navel, tickling her slightly. She laughed nervously before putting her hand on his and guiding it underneath her shirt for him to feel the warm softness of her skin.

He ran his right hands around her waist more before bringing it up to her chest, pausing to run his fingers just under the curve of her breast. With his left hand he pulled at the rest of her shirt while they continued kissing passionately. She raised her arms as he pulled the shirt over her head and then pressed his body against hers. The feel of the skin on skin was electric as the heat continued to build between them. God she wanted him so bad. She stood on her tiptoes and picked up her right leg, wrapping it around his left one. He grabbed around her waist and began to lay her down beneath him, moving his knee up on the bed and crawling over top of her. She pulled her hands to his face as they continued kissing for a moment, until he moved down her neck and collarbone. The feeling of his touch was incredible. “You are amazing,” she said. He looked up at her and smiled before continuing to kiss down to her right and then left breast. He took her nipple in between his fingers and pinched it slightly before bringing it to his mouth. With his tongue he teased her, sucking on them one by one. Her pussy responded with a growing wetness and she felt the moistness in her underwear. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling his weight down towards her. As he slid against her she could feel his hardening manhood, moving against her, causing her more wetness and excitement. They moved against each other for a few minutes, grabbing at each other with increasing intensity until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please,” she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri asked. He looked up at her, fully intending to give her exactly what she wanted, what he had wanted for so long. He slid down off of her and ran his fingers down her side and to the top of her panties. Gently he slid his finger into them at the top and pulled a bit, teasing her. She moaned. He moved his hand and used his forefinger to trail a path down to her clit. Through her panties he could feel her wetness, which excited him even more. He rubbed gently over her clit through the white lace, causing her to twitch and moan louder. Her breathing became deeper as he stimulated her. After teasing her for a few minutes, he moved his hand up and slid her panties off. Using both of his arms he wrapped them around her legs and pulled her to him towards the edge of the bed, just as he was getting on his knees. He could smell the scent of her arousal as he leaned into her.

She raised her head and groaned, begging him to taste her. It was all he needed to take a single finger and began to play in her wetness teasing her clit. She arched her back and rolled forward towards him as he continued to drive her crazy, moving his finger from her clit and tracing around her pussy. “Oh god…Brian…I can’t take it anymore…put your tongue on my clit and make me cum.” One final trace around her pussy and back over her clit with his finger made her shiver. Finally his hands moved down her thighs to the back of her knees and he leaned forward into her. Ever so slightly he placed the tip of his tongue on her clit and began to slowly lick her, driving her crazy. “God yes…that’s it…” she moaned as she began to rock her hips in time with his strokes on her clit. She continued to grind herself into his face and he began to go faster. She cried even louder, “Yes baby, lick my clit and make me come hard…just like that.”

Just when she felt she couldn’t take it anymore, she felt his hand move and his fingers insert themselves into her dripping pussy while his tongue continued to work on her throbbing clit. “Oh my god…damn it…that is so fucking incredible” she screamed, “I am going to cum so hard…” His fingers filled her pussy while his tongue drove her to the edge of complete ecstasy. “Yes baby…I am almost there. Don’t stop” she exclaimed as her body began to shudder. Higher and higher she went until she could go no more and the wave hit her. “Fuck it, god yes…I’m cummming….” she screamed. And with he felt her pussy clench his fingers and drench them in her juices as her hips jerked forward and her legs shaked. After writhing on the bed for a few seconds she looked down to see his smile and his wet fingers. “That was incredible,” she said, looking into his eyes as he pulled himself back up on the bed. “Now let’s make sure you get some attention.”

She rolled him over on his back and mounted herself over his left leg. Still with his shorts on she ran her hands up his right thigh güvenilir bahis şirketleri and towards his hard cock. Stopping to caress him through his shorts for a moment, she smiled as she watched the beginning signs of pleasure come over his face. She unbuttoned and slid off his shorts and underwear, so that he was totally naked lying before her. She paused before touching him, watching his hard cock spring to attention and taking in the sight of him. Leaning forward she moved her right hand over his chest and grabbed his right hand with her left, wanting him to know everything was okay. She slid up to him and kissed him on the mouth before moving back down, kissing down his neck to his shoulder, over to and down his chest. He sighed in anticipation as her lips moved towards his cock. With her tongue she gently teased the tip of it, licking back and forth and around a few times. Brian gasped and felt the muscles in his thighs tighten as the excitement continued to build at the feel of her mouth on his throbbing member.

After moving his cock around gently with her tongue, she opened her mouth wider and began to take him deeper, sucking him and stroking him with her lips. Brian took his hand and placed in on her head, running his fingers through her hair as she continued to massage his dick in her mouth. Up and down the shaft she moved, until she finally placed him all in, deep-throating him. He felt the early signs of a building orgasm and she sensed his growing excitement as she watched his face contorted with pleasure. She moved her hands and cupped his balls, moving them between her fingers and caressing them while she continued to fuck him with her mouth. He looked down at her as she looked up at him and mouthed the words, “I want to fuck you.” Feeling he was close and wasting no time, Brian took his hands and moved her head off of him and pulled her body up to his. “Get on top of me” she commanded. “I want you to take control.” She spread her legs open and he lowered himself towards her, guiding his cock towards her dripping wet hole. She felt him tease her opening and rub against her still throbbing clit, causing her to shudder with excitement and anticipation. She wrapped her legs around him and he entered her, grabbing her ass and pulling her towards him into her swollen cunt. “God yes,” she exclaimed as he entered her deeply and paused there for a moment, causing her to squirm on the hard rod inside of her.

“You are so wet baby,” he said as he began thrusting into her. “Your pussy feels incredible.” As he moved into her deeper she grabbed him around his back, digging her hands into him and begging for more. He felt her pussy muscles tightening on him, clenching as he drove in and out of her, harder and harder. With each thrust they moaned together in ecstasy. “I’m almost there…” Brian shouted as he slammed into her hard and deep while she screamed. “Oh baby…I am cumming…” he groaned as he penetrated her with long hard final strokes. He exploded in a fury and she felt him shake as the cum flowed into her wet hole.

They collapsed on the bed together, spent, with him still inside her and feel asleep. When she awoke in the morning to her disappointment Brian was gone, leaving her to wonder if it was only a dream. But the soreness of her tired muscles told her otherwise…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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