Under His Desk

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“So, Kyle is going to the site on Wednesday,” Brian explains, shuffling some papers around on his desk. “We won’t be able to make any headway on this until April, but drawing up the plans will give us something to do for the next month.”

“Do you have any idea what the clients want?” Dale asks, sitting in front of that hideous tie dye curtain that glows bright in the sun behind him.

“The neighborhood has traditional colonials, but the couple is young. I’m expecting them to lean into more modern designs,” Brian says, nodding at the screen.

I shift my focus to my email as the conversation moves to another project I’m not on. I bring my coffee to my lips and the bitter liquid into my mouth. I’ve finally (almost) cleared out my inbox from the holiday backlog. Most of it is just correspondence I forgot to archive; I can’t believe none of these people followed up with me in the office about project aspects before we moved remote.

There’s a soft knock at the door that pulls my eyes from the screen.

She stands there in the doorway, leaning against the frame in a white teddy I haven’t seen before. The mesh on the sides hug her hips and the curve of her sweet ass. It’s crocheted on the front, carefully covering her hard nipples and that delicious mound of hers. She’s done her make up all dark, highlighting those green eyes of hers. Tied up at the top of her head is all her dark hair and she hides her smile behind her coffee cup.

“No,” I warn after turning myself to mute.

I didn’t expect her to return the favor, but I should have known she’d one up me if she did. I can’t stop staring at her breasts, or the way her nipples press against the fabric, or how both of her tits threaten to spill out of the top of her lingerie. I want to bury my face in them as much as I want to bury my face in her pussy. I can feel my cock start to stir in my sweatpants and I shift. Amy’s eyes follow my movement and they lock onto my crotch under the desk. I lean forward out of view of the camera and Amy starts walking forward. I’m entranced by her legs, the way her calf curves into her knee and her thigh into her hip. Her legs are beautiful when she’s standing, even more when she’s on her back and spread wide.

“No, what?” she asks, her voice laced in innocence. “I know a lot of things.”

My eyes are locked on her entire being. She puts one elegant leg in front of the other to the front of my desk. She sets the mug down and brings her hands up to her hair. She splits the ponytail in half and pulls it tight to her head. She leans her head back and her hand traces down from the top of her cheek to the corner of her mouth. Her nail, bare of polish, tugs on her plump bottom lip before guiding my eyes down to her slender neck. That skin is so soft and sensitive. Right where her neck curves into her shoulder is where her knees weaken and her breath hitches. Her index finger descends between her breasts, following one of the lines crisscrossing her body down to belly button. She circles it and then drops her hand.

“I know what you’re doing,” I say, a deep, hungry rasp in my voice.

It makes her bite that damn bottom lip.

“Do what?” She tilts her head to the side. “Did you think I came in here for something only you could give me?”

She laughs and I feel a twitch in my hand. I lean back into view of the camera and sit up straight. My hand adjusts my cock as it throbs against the shelter of soft fabric. Brian is rattling on about some project from a few years ago that just changed his life. It’s a favorite to tell at every client presentation.

I rub my index finger against my thumb, pressing them against the corner of my mouth. Amy lifts her chin with equally hungry eyes as if she’s looking down at me. My hand itches for her supple ass under my palm. I want to make her skin hot and her stomach clench on every slap on her ass.

“…Kyle?” I hear my name and scramble to unmute myself.

“Hi, yeah. Sorry about that!”

“Need you here, Bud,” Brian says and a bit of guilt washes over me. “Equipment for your site visit?”

“Just the truck, I think,” I say and click out the window to pull up the blueprints to the site. “There shouldn’t be any issue unless it snows. It is New England after—”

I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri jump in my chair when Amy’s hand connects with my calf. My index finger curls over my upper lip as I stare blankly at the screen. Play it off. Like it didn’t happen. Under my desk, she’s exploring up my calf to my knee, squeezing and massaging them both. Her nails press into my sweats and scrape up my thighs. I want to focus on the light chatter of Unpredictable New England Weather, but Amy’s a naughty, little slut that I can’t stop.

“You’re in so much trouble,” I warn in a whisper, eyes never leaving the screen.

“If you say so.”

“Kyle? Did you say something?” Brian asks.

It’s like someone has poured ice water on my head. My heart jumps into my throat and fear grips me at every endpoint. I didn’t turn the microphone off. My fingers scramble to hit mute as the color drains out of my face. I shake my head and wave my hand. Amy’s hand comes up the inside of my legs. Her left hand stops in the middle of my thigh and squeezes while her right hand comes up and caresses my hard cock. Her palm runs the length of my shaft, feeling how I throb under her gentle touch. It makes her hum.

“Amy, stop,” I hiss.

My hips instinctively flex up into her hand.

“No,” she says with defiance.

I need out of these sweatpants and off this meeting so I can pound her pussy on my desk. The fingers on Amy’s right hand skim across the waistband of my sweatpants. As nonchalantly as possible, I scoot down on my chair and lift my hips. Amy shimmies them down my thighs and pushes them to my ankles. My cock throbs in its freedom and bobs between the desk and my pelvis. Amy moans and bites the inside my thigh.

“Oh, baby. You better be careful…” I say into my hand.

“Or what?” Amy says, and I feel her tongue trail up through the hair on my thigh to bite just inches away from my balls. “What are you going to do?”

“I got an email from Jonah about the timeline for Cherry Street. He said that…”

Amy has soft lips and she peppers the spot where my thigh meets my hip with kisses. One single finger draws a line right up to the base of my cock and I feel the soft pad of it run up my shaft. Her wet mouth lingers on my skin and the finger touches the pre-cum leaking from my tip. I am dying for her to touch me with that sexy mouth and irritated she’s doing this when I can’t punish her. I might just bust before she even gets her mouth on me.

“I told him that we were experiencing delays with the floors, but we’re doing everything we can to…”

I try to focus on Brian’s voice because I was second lead on the Cherry Street project. Those floors are coming from a manufacturer in New York. We can’t get them if the entire state is on lockdown and…

Amy’s tongue makes contact with my balls and I let out a low groan. It’s barely there, almost a figment of my imagination. She wants my cum, but like a cat she’s going to play with her food first. It trails up, right between my balls, and starts climbing my throbbing shaft. Her tongue runs along the big vein. She can feel how hard I am, how badly I need her fucking mouth. I shift restlessly in the chair.

“He just needs to be patient, Mary. There’s nothing we can do.”

“This is his fifth email to me about this, Brian. You need to handle…”

“Isn’t this nice?” Amy purrs, her tongue now swirling over my tip.

Both my hands grip the arm of the chair. She sighs hungrily as she tastes my pre-cum, cleaning my cockhead with her warm tongue. I try to flex my hips, to nudge my cock into her mouth, but then all points of contact are gone. She vanishes, but is only inches from me under the desk. I glance down and she’s looking at me with an amused smirk. I feel that twitch in my jaw and I give her a hard look. She knows what she’s supposed to be doing, yet all she does is mocks me with a little pout. I want to grab her face, open that pretty, little mouth and ram my—

“What has the HOA said about this?” Dale asks and my attention is forced back to the Zoom. I quickly unmute myself.

“The HOA president doesn’t have a say on this plot,” I tell the group. “This is not their—”

Amy’s soft lips wrap around my cockhead and she envelopes güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me in that hot, wet mouth without warning. She engulfs me, stuffing her face with my thick shaft. I cough to quickly disguise the moan that breaks my resolve. The inside of her head feels like wet velvet and my throbbing cock finds itself home down her throat. She is as silent as a mouse as I feign a coughing fit.

“The HOA… The HOA president doesn’t have a say on this plot because it’s not a part of the Association. We’re free to build whatever the hell the client wants.”

I quickly put myself back on mute and give a couple more coughs to keep up the façade. My left hand reaches down for the back of Amy’s head. She bumps up against the desk and I pin her against it with my cock. I thrust up and she gags on me. I hold her there, reminding her who owns this fucking mouth. I take a sip of my coffee, now ice cold, and then lean back in my chair. When I look down at her, her green eyes are wet with tiny tears. She stares at me, her lips wrapped tight around my shaft, and I feel her teeth bite gently.

Not hard. Just a tease.

It’s enough for me to flex my hand as a warning and her eyes move from mine to my hand.

She knows I’m going to spank her taut ass as soon as I can.

“You’re a model employee, Kyle,” she rasps when my cock leaves her mouth a pop!

Her hand comes up and wraps around my base. Her tongue lazily flicks back and forth on my cockhead and then swirls over it. Her eyes never leave mine as she tastes me. Her lips and my cock wear an identical glisten as she strokes me into her mouth. She slaps my cock against her tongue and rubs her lips all over it.

“If I hear from them again, Kyle, what should I do?”

I jump when I hear my name, pulling back from Amy’s angelic mouth and into reality. Here I am, at my desk on a work call with my boss and seven of my other coworkers. They have no idea that my dirty, little whore of a girlfriend is on her knees. Her pretty mouth is wrapped around my cock and if she keeps stroking it the way that she is, tightly and deep into her mouth, I am going to feed her a load of my hot cum.

“Just ignore it,” I say dryly, drinking the last of the coffee in my cup. “We’re not responsible. The homeowners are.”

“Kyle’s right,” Brian concurs. “We’re not responsible for…”


Amy’s lips are climbing my cock with sloppy kisses, drops of saliva running down my cock like drops of rain on a window. With her eyes on mine, her mouth wraps around my cockhead and I watch myself disappear into her mouth. Her hungry moan seems to vibrate the whole desk. The more she takes, the more active her tongue gets. She becomes starved. Her grip on me tightens and moves in sync with her mouth. Steadily, she pumps my cock and bobs her head. She’s sloppy, wet, sliding like grease up and down my pole. I wish I could tilt my head back and moan; it feels so fucking good. She knows every sensory point to suck, lick, flick, and squeeze.

“Alright, everyone! That’s it for right now. Back to business,” Brian says and relief washes over me.

I need to cum and I need to fuck her senseless.

“Kyle, stay on for a second please.”

My cock is buried deep down Amy’s throat. She has every inch of me in her mouth. The muscles are clenching and her tongue is rubbing my balls. I try to jerk my hips back so she takes the hint to get off my cock, but she doesn’t care. Videos close until just Brian is staring at me. He’s a great boss and a nice guy. Married, four kids. He wears too much cologne and could probably shave a little more frequently and maybe not stand so close to me sometimes. Otherwise, he’s a great guy to work for.

Asking me to stay on this call should have instilled a fear of God so powerful, my cock shriveled up in Amy’s mouth. Between her slurping and the sheer arousal of the situation, I’m still rock hard. I’m even more turned on at the idea of fucking my little slut’s mouth in front of my boss. He has no idea and I’m almost certain he hasn’t gotten a decent blowjob in years. I don’t know if he would be more proud or mortified.

My hand slips into Amy’s hair and I force her off my cock.

“What’s up, Brian?” I ask, güvenilir bahis şirketleri keeping my elbow on the chair and my free hand near my mouth.

Brian doesn’t seem to notice how raspy and desperate my voice is. Thank you, computer microphones.

“Are you okay today? You seem a bit distracted.”

If this conversation were happening at any other time, I might be concerned about my work performance. I hate being a slacker and I’m usually the most engaged person in a meeting. I love my job. I like the people I work with. Brian is a great boss. But Amy’s mouth is the only thing that matters in this moment. Her tongue is stroking against that one sensitive part of my tip and making my legs shake. I lean forward on the desk and rub the side of my face.

“Yeah… Sorry, Bri. Amy and I… we got into a fight. It’s been a hard morning. I’ve got a lot going on with my head right now.”

Brian nods, always the empathetic.

Amy bumps her head against the desk with a low thud, her hand taking a minute to start stroking me. I pretend like I didn’t hear a word, staring intently at my boss as her hand pumps up and down my shaft. He could fire me right here right now and I’d still cum down Amy’s throat. Her mouth sucks back onto me and I jerk my hips up with a grunt.

“You ever get those shivers down your back?” I ask weakly.

“Oh, all the time! I do that egg crack thing on Molly sometimes,” he says, talking about his seven-year-old. “I hope this new project goes off without a hitch. I don’t know what we’ll do if we lose another one.

Amy picks up the pace on my cock, her hand twisting around my shaft. She strokes what doesn’t’ make it into that delicious mouth and it’s taking every ounce of willpower not to groan.

“We’re in an okay place. This is just all so… unprecedented, you know?”

I clear my throat at the same time I moan and nod my head. Brian scratches the back of his head, his eyebrows knitting together. Under my desk, Amy’s got her lips wrapped tight around my head and her tongue lashing me. Small jerks come from my hips. She swirls around and around and then flicks left… right… left… up… down… swirl…

“But, these homeowners seem…” Amy takes all of me in her mouth, holding me silently in her throat again. That god damn throat…

“…really excited and ready to get started. So, all we can do is build them…” Her tongue strokes my balls and she slurps off my cock.

We both freeze and Brian glances up from a stack of papers. I try to look as engaged as I can, tilting my head. Amy’s hand wraps around me and she slowly strokes me. He waits a beat and then continues.

“…The best house we can. We do good work here.”

Amy has a tight grip on my cock as she strokes and her mouth starts again. This time she’s relentless. She’s done teasing me. She’s bobbing up and down and stroking me at the same time in front of my boss. God, his obliviousness makes this entire thing so much hotter. Her mouth is working me the way her cunt does when I’m balls deep inside her. It’s wet, hot, and god she’s fucking her mouth on me!

“Can you believe Jonah? What a fucking prick…”

“YES!” I say, one hand coming down on the desk.

My other hand grips the back of Amy’s head. I force her down on my cock when she tries to pull away. I shove the entire thing down her throat and my toes curl against the hardwood. My legs seize. I jerk in her mouth and Amy lets out a muffled moan as my cum spurts into her mouth. I spray her throat with my salty load and like the slut she is, she gulps it down. She’s tapping against my leg, looking for air when all I have for her is cum.

“He’s such a bitch!” I say, probably with a little too much enthusiasm.

Brian just stares but then shrugs and laughs.

“Don’t let him hear you say that!” Brian says, nearly tearing me away from the blowjob that has me seeing black spots. “I gotta hop on another meeting. Hope you and Amy work things out!”

He disappears out of the Zoom, leaving me alone to finally moan and finishing thrust into my slut’s mouth. She moans and I watch how the muscles in her neck work to swallow all my cum. I fall back into the chair and Amy gets out from my grasp to gasp and pant for air. She’s breathless. Her make up is smudged and smeared from the tears. Her mouth is rimmed with saliva and a little bit of my cum. She licks her lips clean and slowly backs up from under the desk. She looks at me and smirks.

“Get over here. We’re not done.”

“Make me,” she says and takes off out of the room.

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