U.S. Department Of State and covert operations syn

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U.S. Department Of State and covert operations syn
Mr. Terry Andrew Bloemsma

Mr. John Weed

Ms. Elisenda Pous

and Messrs Avdeyenko, Fitissov, Starchenko including a number of related parties are currently under investigation with the Prosecutor General’s office for conspiring and perpetrating, organising and participating in cross-border fraud, d**g & c***d trafficking, pedophilia i.e. sex with minors, prostitution and sale of sex with minors, production and distribution of photo and video materials depicting those, financing terrorist activities. This investigation is supervised by the Coordination Bureau Combating Organised Crime due canlı kaçak bahis to criminal activities spanning the U.S., Central Asia, Russian Federation, EU, and Middle East.

Mr. John Weed and Mr. Terry Andrew Bloemsma of United States used U.S. Department Of State money to plant quasi-religious organisations they called “churches” that practice anti-traditional and anti-social activities promoting human degradation in post-USSR region including Central Asia and Russian Federation.

Starting winter 1993, Messrs Weed and Bloemsma seeded over 50 units including “Joy Church”, “Almagul Church” etc. using U.S. Department Of State funding reported for humanitarian aid, directly supervised “church raising”, disseminated “how-to” manuals, recruited and trained locals of post-USSR to promote anti-social activities while concealing identities or permitting plausible denial of casino firmalari the final sponsors. Broad evidence suggests Mr. Weed’s and Mr. Bloemsma’s involvement with U.S. covert operations syndicate, Mr. Bloemsma’s participation in government changes in Kyrgizstan is one example.

Layman Lutheran League (LHM) was used as a conduit for the organisation’s funding, dissemination and coordination activities via Kazakhstan into Central Asia and Russian Federation.

Among anti-social activities promoted by these quasi-religious groups, they clearly practiced group sex with minors and produced niche photo and video materials for sale, then expanded their criminal activities into cross-border narco-traffic, prostitution and c***d trafficking.

Messrs Weed and Bloemsma recruited Mr. Yurij Avdeyenko, Yuliya’s father, who became a “pastor” and connected with similar populace casino şirketleri including messrs Fitissov, Starchenko etc. all of whom engaged in sex with minors and d**g dealing.

The syndicate involves Mr. Weed’s son Patrick and Mr. Bloemsma’s son Aaron.

The syndicate invested proceeds in a number of high risk Arab funds believed to be linked to terrorists.

The syndicate has been scouting for fresh blood at youth camps organised by the likes of “Almagul Church” where the groups’ seniors had unsupervised access to minors in post-USSR environment of collapsed legal controls, total absence of supervision and weakened law enforcement, thereby easily securing access to younger prostitutes and c***dren for sex.

Circa 2010 the key moderators of the criminal business started using Yakut ethnosport for money laundering and to cover-up their activities, in particular Ms. Victoriya Avdeyenko’s p*******e husband Mr. Pavel Fitissov has been using that for his public identity to avoid charges of pedophilia.

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