Two with One

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Warren had been driving for many hours through California and into the Northern part of Nevada — headed toward his favorite brothel. It had been a long drive, he was tired and stopped at a rest area for a pleasant break. From his brief case, he pulled out a copy of the thank you note mailed several months ago to Heather, a woman who had provided him with a wonderful party. Sitting at a picnic table in a secluded area, he read the note:

“Hi Heather,

Thinking about you and the closeness that we shared. Thank you very much for the wonderful party you provided me. Your kind attention and caring nature for my sexual needs is very much appreciated. While I have had several parties at other brothels, I consider our recent party to be one of the best.


Sometime in the future, I certainly hope that our paths cross again and we can continue our relationship and the sharing of mutual satisfaction.

Again, Thank You Very Much for the pleasure and enjoyment you willing gave me. I believe that you also enjoyed some pleasure and fun during our time together.

My Best Wishes for Your Success

Warren of California – The Candy Man”

A recent email had been sent to the brothel. YES — Heather was scheduled to work during the time he planned to be in Nevada.

The history of Nevada involves a variety of legal gambling, mining, and ranching done in a State consisting of hundreds of square miles of desert land, mountains and valleys. Most residents live in small parts of the state: Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City. This leaves many, many square miles of wide open land sparsely covered with few roads, buildings, and residents.

But special ranches exist in these areas near small towns and in the wide open country. These ranches are unique to Nevada as their operations do not involve cattle. Their facilities cater to men — and possibly even to couples and women — who desire sexual pleasure from the ladies who are working as independent contractors. These ladies — termed ‘girls’ in the business — are very willing to have a party with a man and open their mouths and spreads their legs for his sexual pleasure; condoms required.

Usually the cost of the party is negotiated between the man and the ‘girl’ in the privacy of her room. This cost depends upon the activity / activities desired, the length of time requested, and even upon the amount of business that exists during that day or evening for the brothel and the ‘girl’. Supply and demand works — even in a legal brothel.

Warren works in a professional capacity for a medium size company in California; part of his work requires traveling in several states. While his work is very satisfactory, his marriage of just over 20 years has gone from excellent to poor. The couple’s bedroom activity has done the same — excellent to poor — in recent years, sexual activities are almost non-existent, and have been for a long time. When they were “doing it”, it was boring and almost always the same type of sexual activity.

For many months, Warren and his spouse frequently discussed the viability of their marriage. Later, they lived apart even though still being legally married. Finally, they jointly decided to obtain a divorce and travel in different directions. They were no longer married, the divorce was recently made official.

On some of his previous travels through Nevada, Warren stopped at a few brothels for some sexual pleasures with a lady. Most of these experiences were wonderful compared to the type of sex he received from his spouse. But Warren wanted to have the experience of an extended party with two women at the same time. Instead of a pair of breasts and one cunt, he wanted four breasts and two cunts. One naked man with two naked women. He desired to have a long time FANTASY become a REALITY.

He continued driving on Interstate 80, East of Reno in Northern Nevada; the objective was a brothel where he had partied the last time — and even earlier. His FANTASY of receiving and giving sexual favors / delights with two women at the same time would soon be a REALITY. Earlier, he had contacted the madam and she confirmed that her ‘girls’ would welcome this type of party. This ranch was clean and apparently well managed; but much more important was the fact that this brothel had a reasonable number of women (‘girls’) in their line up who were friendly and willing to provide sexual pleasure and enjoyment. The women previously selected seemed to like their job.

As he drove down the exit from the Interstate highway, he could see the brothel sign in the distance. In a few minutes, the late model car was parked and he was pushing the doorbell located to the left of the bright red door. Inside, he heard footsteps; the door opened and he entered the lobby.

During a brief conservation with the madam, Warren mentioned his recent contact and interest in ataköy escort a two ‘girl’ party. She announced to the available ‘girls’ that a guest had arrived and wanted a ‘two girl’ party. Before the ‘girls’ came to the lobby, Warren went to the bar and ordered a cold beer. In a few minutes, six ladies lined up in the lobby, in turn each took a step forward and said their name:

Andrea — Carol — Doris — Heather — Linda — Patty

Warren thanked the ladies and stated: “This is a hard decision, as you know I want a ‘two girl’ party. I had an excellent party some months ago with Heather.”

Most of the ladies (‘girls’) had on appropriate cosmetics and jewelry. They appeared to range in age from early twenties to late-thirties, but one was probably pushing the forty-five number. All the ladies were very appealing and were wearing a wide variety of clothing. But Warren knew what a naked woman looked like — all had the same basic equipment, just different sizes and shapes. But he thought it was kind of nice to view attractive women in a brothel line-up, wearing a variety of revealing clothing. He knew that once a choice was made, negotiations completed, dick check made, and money paid —- a lot of female and male skin would be visible. And sexual pleasures obtained and possibly even shared.

Andrea was wearing a deep green gown with some yellow trim that almost touched the sides of her ankles. But the gown was open in the front exposing her lower legs, the tip of the inverted open V stopped several inches above her knees. Her breasts were covered but two bumps were quite evident as her firm nipples were pushing against the green fabric. Her thigh high hose were black and matched shoes that were open at the toes. She had brunette colored hair that touched her tanned shoulders.

Carol had on a two piece red leather outfit that consisted of shorts with a front panel that went down to her mid thigh — several inches of skin was quite visible below her navel. Her breasts were covered with a wide strip of red leather laced together in the front. Thigh high black hose and red shoes completed her outfit. An attractive face was framed with long black hair and tanned bare shoulders. Her tanned stomach was bare and almost flat. She had a firm somewhat muscular body.

Doris had on two pieces of black leather, trimmed in a gold cord and black sandals — of all the ‘girls’, she had the most revealing outfit. The black leather around her breasts was essentially like a very wide flexible belt which was laced together in the valley between her breasts — rounded flesh was quite visible. Inches below her navel, a black mini-skirt started but quickly stopped an inch or so above her mid-thigh. This skirt had two open side slits that rose up to the bottom of her ass. No hose were worn. Her hair was dark brown and short. Much more tanned skin was on display than the skin that was covered. It was very evident exactly what she was renting.

Heather was wearing a black leather dress with red trim that stopped about her mid-thigh. This dress had side slits that stopped where her rounded ass started. The long front zipper reached down below her navel — it was almost completely zipped, but the rounded top of her ample breasts were exposed. She was wearing red thigh high hose and black shoes — open on the inside exposing the covered arch of each foot. Her pale blond hair almost touched the base of her neck. She appeared to be the oldest of this group of ‘girls’.

As Warren looked at her, he thought about the party they had several months ago — — their eyes meet, he smiled at her. She returned the smile.

Linda had on a deep yellow gown trimmed in black that just covered her knees. Its plunging neck line exposed the rounded tops of her breasts and stopped part way down her stomach. The gown’s fabric was sheer enough to show the shape of her teats. As she walked in the room, it was easy to see that her tanned back was bare down to her waist. The gown had side slits that stopped several inches below the bottom of her ass. She was wearing black thigh high hose and yellow shoes. Her shoulder length hair was a light brown color.

Patty wore a medium blue gown that went several inches below her knees. Only narrow straps were holding this gown on her tanned shoulders. Her breasts pushed against the fabric, one breast was partially covered with some type of white flower made from cloth. Two long side slits were slightly open as she moved and revealed part of a strap of her panties or thong that matched the gown. She was wearing black thigh high hose and black shinny shoes. Her brunette hair touched the base of her neck.

*** *** *** ***

Warren sat back on the bar stool and continued to drink his beer. One of the ladies indicated that they would like to join him at the bar. He agreed. Quickly, all six were near him at the bar — and all six seemed to be talking ataköy eve gelen escort at the same time. But Warren focused in on one lady — she had a charming smile, a twinkle in her eyes, and made some intelligent conservation.

Warren had made his decision for his two women party. “Thank you ladies. I would like to party with Andrea and Heather.” Like a “rose between two thorns”, Warren walked between the two ladies, hand-in-hand, to the party room containing the large king size bed, a small sofa, several chairs, and a medium size bathroom.

Together, they discussed the type of party desired, the length of the party, and negotiated the money. Warren dropped his pants and shorts. Separately , each woman examined his sexual equipment for any disease by looking and touching. During this dick check, his penis grew slightly. Both women were satisfied, the money paid, and the two “girls” went to book the party. Warren removed the rest of his clothing and took a quick shower in the adjoining bathroom. Dried off, he put a dry towel on a chair and sat down — completely naked — and waited for the two women to return. His Fantasy of a Two With One party was about to become a Reality.

* * * * * * * *

After a soft knock on the door, the two women entered the room, smiled at Warren and started a strip tease.

Warren stood up as Heather walked toward him. She said, “thank you for picking me again, you will be very pleased with this party.” They embraced.

Stepping back, Heather slowly unzipped her black leather dress — exposing her breasts,

stomach, and the top of her black sheer panties. Her left hand played with her left breast and nipple, her right hand played with her right breast and nipple. She approached Warren and offered her breasts to his waiting mouth. His tongue flicked out many times licking her pink teats, then he kissed and sucked her attractive mounds of flesh and nipples. With a hand, she reached down to caress and tug on Warren’s slightly erect penis.

Heather took one step back and lifted the dress above her waist, and said, “Please remove my panties.”

Warren did as she requested, her neatly trimmed pussy hair came into view. Slowly, she pulled the dress up her body, over her head, and tossed it on the bed. With legs wide apart, she spread her pussy lips and let him observe her pink treasure. She removed the black shoes and was now wearing only thigh high red hose. Heather walked to the side of the room.

Andrea now moved forward close to Warren and pulled up the green gown exposing her shaved cunt. No panties covered her pussy. Slowly the gown was pulled up her body, over her head, and placed on the bed. She moved a little from side to side and offered a pair of swaying breasts to Warren’s waiting hands. One soft hand caressed his upper leg, the other caressed and pulled his growing erection. Andrea stepped back and removed the black shoes. She was stark naked except for the black thigh high hose. Bare breasts and cunt were close to Warren.

Warren asks, “Is that a tattoo on your inside thigh? It looks like a short piece of brown string.”

Andrea replies, “That is the mouse’s tail. My pussy ate the mouse.”

All three join in laughing, but Warren laughs the loudest and says, “Hope your pussy doesn’t eat my penis.”

Both women stood several feet away from Warren. One was facing him, the other with her back to him. They locked their touching elbows together and walked around making a small circle — each free hand alternated in playing with a breast and a cunt. After a few minutes the ‘girls’ stopped and parted slightly.

Heather faced Warren. With her legs spread, she slowly bent at the waist until her breasts fell into his waiting hands. Andrea had her back to him — with her legs spread, she slowly bent at the waist exposing her pussy lips. Her fingers reached back and played with her pink lips; then a finger entered her cunt, a second finger followed. In and almost out, her two fingers explored her treasure. Warren’s penis enlarged.

Heather reached into a plastic box and pulled out a long tan rope. Andrea pulled out a capped long neck bottle from her plastic box. Together, the women started to perform a bottle and rope exhibition for their guest.

Heather put the center of the rope on the back of her neck. Holding the ends of the rope in her hands she pulled the rope to the left and then to the right. With each pull she rubbed her breasts and nipples with part of the rope. At last she raised her arms over her head and stretched out the rope as she moved about the room — hips and breasts rotating and swaying in a very suggestive and sexy fashion. While still holding both ends of the rope, her hands dropped to her sides; the center of the rope touched the floor. After taking one step over the rope, she pulled it up until the rope was touching her pussy. Back and forth ataköy grup yapan escort she pulled the rope, rubbing her cunt lips with every pull.

At the same time, Andrea took the capped long neck bottle and put a few drops of lubricant on the neck. Slowly she pushed the neck into her cunt. The bottle was pushed and pulled — in and almost out, the neck of the bottle disappeared and appeared, often. Her hips moved back and forth. She removed her hand from the bottle — the slightly swaying bottle stayed inside her treasure held in place with her vaginal muscles.

Warren looked from Heather to Andrea and back to Heather. Often! But he saw most of the action strip tease show performed by the two women — stark naked except for the sheer hose. He enjoyed the view of four breasts and two cunts. He appreciated seeing the bottle that acted like a hard cock; he appreciated the rope rubbing a cunt and acting like a stroking finger. His cock grew some more.

Heather let the rope fall to the floor, Andrea removed the bottle from her cunt.

Warren spoke, “Thank you very much for that wonderful show. I certainly appreciate your efforts in providing me with entertainment and pleasure.”

One of the ‘girls’ said: “Please stand up, Warren.”

Warren stood up, his penis almost straight out from his body. He was like the meat in a sandwich: one woman pressed her body and breasts in his back, the other woman pressed her body and breasts on his chest. His penis pushed into her stomach. While Warren stood still, the two women moved up and down covering his back and chest with their bodies. He was receiving a standing breast massage — from his ass and penis to just below his shoulders.

Heather was at his back, one hand was resting by his side. As she moved lower, the fingers of her other hand reached between his legs and stroked his balls or rubbed his inner thighs. As Andrea moved lower, she kissed him between his neck and his stomach and engulfed his erection between her breasts.

Andrea opened a condom and placed it on the penis tip with her mouth. Then unrolled it over the rim and down part of the shaft with her mouth, her fingers completed the unrolling. Her mouth went over the penis head, past the rim, and down the shaft. Andrea’s mouth went closer to the base of his shaft each time she took his erection inside her — soon her lips where almost touching his matted pubic hair. Her mouth advanced on his shaft then retreated frequently, but the penis head was always covered by her mouth. While providing this pleasurable blow job, Andrea was also gently stroking and squeezing his balls.

With the condom in place and Andrea starting the blow job, Heather moved in front of Warren. One of Heather’s hands started to play and fondle her breasts and pink nipples. The other hand went to her cunt and played with her pussy lips. Her legs were still covered in the red thigh high hose. First, one finger was pushed into her moist treasure, quickly followed by two fingers exploring inside her body.

She continued pleasuring herself for several minutes, then offered her juice covered fingers to Warren. He accepted and sucked her fingers as an appetizer for the serious sex contact to follow. Warren’s condom covered penis was getting sucked while his eyes where viewing his favorite prostitute touching the most interesting parts of her body. A wonderful pleasure! His penis grew.

The women switched places. Andrea rubbed her breasts, body, and cunt with her hands and fingers — pleasuring herself. Heather was on her knees, her mouth covering Warren’s swollen penis and continuing the blow job. His eyes looked down on her pale blond hair and forehead — but most of the time he could not see the shaft of his penis. He could only feel the wonderful pleasure that was flowing from Heather’s mouth, through his erection, into his entire body. But he could see Andrea playing with herself, dressed only in a pair of black thigh high hose. His penis was rock hard.

“Thank you ladies for the pleasure. I think it is time for me to give some attention to those interesting parts on your bodies,” Warren said.

The three went into the well-lighted bathroom, the two ‘girls’ faced the large mirror and Warren stood in back — enjoying the reflected view of four breasts and the start of the crease between two pairs of pussy lips. His soapy hands reached around from the back and rubbed Andrea’s breasts and nipples, than dropped down below her waist. Fingers of one soapy hand passed over her ass hole and approached her treasure, fingers from the other soapy hand passed over her shaved skin. The soapy fingers met and rubbed the lips of her shaved cunt.

He enjoyed the reflected mirror view looking at his hands washing two breasts and also seeing two mounds of female flesh and nipples just waiting for their turn to be cleaned and rubbed.

Now it was Heather’s turn to have her breasts and genitals washed with his soapy hands.

Facing each other, Warren softly kissed her forehead and said, “Thank you for the wonderful time we had several months ago. Did you receive my card and the enclosed gift?”

Heather responded, “Yes. Thank you for mailing the card and your thoughtful words. Thank you very much for the gift.”

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