Turning the Tables

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And so, tonight the tables were turned. He walked in and opened his mouth to say, “hello” but before the words could fall out of his mouth, he saw her, standing by the bed dressed in a black leather bustier, her long blonde hair falling just below her neckline laying softly on her the top of her breasts that teased him as they were pushed up and begging to fall out of the top. She moved from the place she was standing, dangling the handcuffs he was going to use on her that night from her fingers. He again tried to speak, but she shushed him as she pressed her lips against him, leaving a faint stain on his mouth of the deep red lipstick she chose to wear for him that night. In her other hand she presented him with a shot of tequila, which he quickly threw down his throat. He tried to kiss her again, his desire to ravish her becoming obvious by the growing bulge in his pants. Instead, she pulled her head back and stared him straight in the eyes, pushing him back into the chair she had waiting for him.

Speechless, he watched as she straddled him, feeling his cock get harder under her pussy, and she dove her tongue into his mouth. He reached up to touch her breasts, but she caught his hands and he willingly allowed her to put them behind the chair where she carefully handcuffed him to it. The situation was odd for him, after all, she was generally the one bound and at his mercy, but tonight – he was at hers. She kissed him again and then stood slowly in front of him, not saying a word, and gently tugged at the top of her bustier to expose herself to him. How badly he wanted to reach out and touch her but the confines of his cuffs wouldn’t allow it.

Instead, he watched as she played with her them, full and magnificent, mobilbahis güvenilir mi massaging herself and rolling her nipples in between her fingers. He instinctively tried to pull his wrists apart, but couldn’t move.

She knew he wanted her. She could hear it in his breathing, and could see it in his eyes. His cock was as hard as it could be, becoming uncomfortable in his pants. She bent before him, her tits dangling in front of him while she kissed him hard, laying her tongue in his mouth. His tongue met hers and they danced, and her hand stroked him on the outside of his pants. His moans vibrated in her mouth. Her nipples became hard and erect. Breaking free of their kiss, she cupped her breast and placed it in his mouth, allowing him to suck and lick at them. Her pussy was soaking wet, so she stood and shimmied out of her panties and slowly removed the bustier so she was wearing nothing except for the black stilettos that gave her four inches in height.

She reached down between her legs and teased her clit, and he struggled again to be free. She plunged her finger into her pussy and made sure it was covered in her own juices before placing her finger into his mouth, and he hungrily sucked at it. When he was done, she kissed him again, tasting herself on his tongue.

She quietly backed away from him and laid on the bed, bringing her legs up and opening them wide, placing the heel of her stiletto on the edge of the mattress so that the only view he had was her pussy. She reached down with one hand and touched herself and with the other hand, played with her tits. She massaged her clit, raising her back and squirming on the bed. As she got close to cumming, she mobilbahis fucked herself with her finger, and when the feeling subsided, played with her clit again. He could smell her from where he was, her pussy directly in front of his face, but too far away for his tongue to reach her. He wanted so badly to thrust his tongue into her, and the teasing was almost becoming too much for him to bear. Her moans became louder, and he struggled again in his chair. She continued to play with herself and when she knew she couldn’t wait any longer, she moved back to him, straddling him and rubbed her clit on the outside of his pants, holding onto the back of the chair while her tits bounced on his chest. She moved as fast as she could, and he bit at her neck while she screamed. She came on him like that, arching her back while she whimpered loudly from her release.

She brought her face close to his and kissed him again, and this time, he broke free of her kiss.

“Un-cuff me.” He ordered her.

She smiled and whispered back at him. “I’m scared.”

“You should be.” He smirked. “Un-cuff me.”

She knew when she did, he would attack her, and the thought of it caused her pussy to ache again. She slid the small handcuff key off the table next to them and while still sitting on him, she reached behind him and put the key in the lock. He kissed her neck and as soon as one cuff came free, he picked her up as he stood and threw her on the bed. He didn’t wait for her to remove the other cuff but instead tore at his clothes. His shirt and pants came off in almost one motion, and he was swiftly on top of her thrusting his cock deep inside of her. She gasped at his force as he pounded inside of her. She mobilbahis giriş was sure he would cum in minutes, but instead he just continued fucking her as hard and as fast as he ever has; so hard, it pushed her to the other end of the mattress and her head hung off. He saw his opportunity and ripped himself out of her pussy, jumped from the bed and stood by her head. Her head was upside down hanging off the side of the mattress and he plunged his cock into her mouth, fucking her face as hard as he fucked her pussy. He leaned over her while she was sucking him and played with her tits, squeezing the nipples hard, slapping them, and then massaging them, then tugging and her nipples again.

“Touch yourself.”

She did what he told her to and played with her clit again, while he took his cock in his hands and rubbed it on her face. She sucked at him, her mouth moist and hot while she licked at his balls. She placed his ball sack in her mouth, nibbling at it gently and sucking at it until he decided to fuck her face again. She played with her clit hard and she moaned when she was about to cum again. On cue, he fucked her face harder, knowing he wanted to cum with her. She began to cum and he could hear her, even though her moans were muffled by his cock. He pumped his cock into her mouth as deep as he could until he found the back of her throat and she knew he was about to empty himself into her. He grabbed ahold of her tits and jammed his cock into her hard; three hard pumps until she felt his cum slide down her throat. He almost suffocated her when he stopped moving and after she was done swallowing him, she licked him clean so that not one drop of cum would fall from his when he finally took his cock out of her mouth. He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and pinched at her tits again.

“I’m going to shower”, he notified her as he walked away.

She laid on the bed and inhaled deeply, still being able to taste him in her mouth, and started rubbing her clit again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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