True Love Affair: That Weekend Ch. 02

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She found a sitter that night, and the two of them went out for a nice dinner.

Sandra was cleaned up now, and wearing a nice white blouse and black pants. Her hair was done up beautifully. They had an incredible time, talking, laughing. Both of them were completely happy, and very worked up. The electricity in the air was indescribable.

Afterwards, they went for a drive. Sandra had assumed that it was for the sake of prolonging their evening together. Chris knew there was more to it than that. He remembered in one of her emails that she had always wanted to make love on the hood of a car at the side of a road where anyone could see. He aimed to make that fantasy a reality.

She was chatting away happily, not suspecting a thing, when she was caught off guard – he pulled onto a dirt road! Her heart fluttered.

“What are you doing?” she asked with the biggest smile on her face. He just smiled and remained silent. She waited a moment, looking at him.

“Chris?” her smile couldn’t be any bigger. He pulled over to the side of the road. He looked at her, shutting the car off.

“I love you Sandra.” He said. His lips were on hers, and they kissed passionately. He could feel her tongue dart eagerly into his mouth as his hand slid up her body over her shirt. He grabbed her breast, gently squeezing it as his tongue explored her mouth. He caressed her mounds over her thin shirt as they made out.

He slid his hand down her body and she subconsciously parted her legs a little for him as they made out. His fingers gently stroked her crotch over her pants, sending tingles of pleasure up her body.

“Mmmmph…” she moaned into his mouth, softly. Chris slowly pulled down her zipper and undid the button. He slid his hand into her panties, running his fingers through her well-trimmed pubic hair until they hit the hot moisture of her slit. She moaned into his mouth again as she felt his fingers run down the lips of her horny pussy. He dipped a finger into her tightness and her tunnel gripped him as he slid inside.

“Ohhh…” she said, breaking the kiss. He began to slide his digit in and out of her as they kissed again, tongues exploring each other’s mouth. His finger was feeling incredible to her, and she could feel herself getting wetter.

Her hand grabbed his crotch and lovingly squeezed the bulge that had formed there. Her nimble fingers undid his button and fly, and her hand dove into his boxers. She wrapped her fingers around his thick pole. He was so hard!

Their kiss grew more passionate as she began to stroke his manhood. They were breathing heavily into each other’s mouth as they got each other off with their hands. Everything about each other was so new, and they wanted to touch, feel, taste one another. Both of their hearts were pounding uncontrollably, they were in tune with every inch of their body.

Sandra broke the kiss, and smiled at him. Even in the dark, her beautiful smile warmed his heart. He watched her slowly bend down to his crotch and felt her lips lightly brush against the head of his penis in a kiss.

Her tongue snaked out and she slowly licked her way down to the base of Chris’s penis. As her hand stroked his pole, her tongue lightly lapped at his bag. He began to run his hand through her hair as her tongue circled the base of his cock.

She held his organ straight up in the air as her tongue trailed back up the shaft ever so slowly. She gave his mushroom head another kiss before slowly slipping it into her mouth. She felt satisfied to hear his soft moan as her lips slowly glided further down his penis. She continued onward, pressing the head of his dick against her throat as her lips reached the base.

His hand squeezed her hair as warmth trapped his cock snugly. She began to bob her head up and down on his rod, sliding most of it out of her mouth before sliding it all the way back in.

“Ohhh…” he moaned, his hand guiding her head up and down. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ the sucking noises began to emerge as Sandra became more aggressive in giving him head. Chris ran his hand down her back, caressing around underneath her so he could cup her soft breast. He squeezed it gently over her shirt as she continued her fantastic blowjob.

Her lips glided smoothly up and down his shaft as he ran his hand further down her body and down the back of her pants. He was able to get his fingers part way into her panties and feel the top portion of her ass.

“Ohhhhh güvenilir bahis God Sandra…” he sighed. “You have to stop.” He warned. He could feel himself losing all control and he desperately wanted inside this beautiful woman. She pulled his penis out of her mouth with a ‘pop’. She sat up, smiling triumphantly. He kissed her smiling lips, once, twice, three times. He put his hand on her thigh.

“Do you remember” he began, slowly moving his hand up her thigh over her pants, “a long time ago…you sent me an email about your fantasy?” His hand had reached her crotch and his fingers were lightly teasing her.

Sandra’s heart soared at his words. She couldn’t believe it! Did he want to do that? Did she? She was so nervous! Now that it was go time, did she really want to go through with it?

“On the hood?” she asked, smile broadening. “Chris, I don’t know…”

“I want to fulfill your fantasy, Sandra.” He said, his fingers rubbing her crotch a little harder. Bolts of pleasure shot up her body at his touch.

“Okay!” she said nervously, biting her lip. He kissed her once more, lips smacking, and then opened the car door. She kicked off her shoes and opened her side, stepping out onto the dirt road in her bare feet.

The two shut the doors and walked around to the front of the car. The night was cool, and he could feel that the hood was warm still. His cock was sticking out of his pants still, and he could feel the cool air hit it – intensified due to the saliva on it.

They came together, her arms sliding around his neck, his sliding around her waist. They kissed passionately, eyes closed, tongues exploring. Her fingers ran through his short hair as his hands gripped her soft ass over her pants. The two lovers gradually broke the kiss as he lay her down on the hood of his car.

She moved up the hood a little more, placing her bare feet flat. Chris lay on her between her legs and they kissed again, lips smacking. He simulated love making with their clothes on as he lay on top of her, grinding his cock against her crotch.

After a couple minutes, he began to kiss over her cheek to her ear. “I love you.” He whispered, and Sandra closed her eyes, feeling her heart beat faster at his words.

He began to kiss down her neck, before sliding his body down off the hood. He grabbed her pants and she raised her ass off the car, allowing him to slide them down her sexy legs. She had on a pair of white thong panties, and had their been more moonlight, he would have been able to see through them. She pulled one foot out of her pants, and was surprised when he pulled them off her other foot. She had thought that he would maintain some sort of discretion!

Chris raised her foot in the air, gently kissing over top of it. Sandra watched, chest heaving as the man she loved sucked her big toe into his mouth. He slid her toe back out, and kissed each individual toe on her foot. He smiled at her, kissing and licking up the top of her foot to her ankle. He gently kissed the inside of her ankle.

He held her foot higher, his lips raining kisses up her smooth calve. She watched him kiss underneath her knee, and she felt her cunt grow noticeably wetter as his travels made their way to the inside of her soft thigh. Her chest was heaving as she watched his lips move closer and closer to her needy treasure.

He kissed the very top of her leg, immediately beside her panties, and her pussy tingled with anticipation. He slowly bent towards her crotch. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal as his lips gently kissed her panties directly over her cunt.

“Oh…” she sighed softly, pleasure buzzing up her body. He grabbed the tiny elastic of her panties and she had no choice but to raise her ass up off the hood again. She was under his spell.

There was nothing more that she wanted than to have him back inside her. To make love to her. To give her his cum. The thought of that hard, thick pole inside her was too much to bear. She no longer cared where they were, as long she could have him inside her.

Chris pulled Sandra’s skimpy panties down her smooth legs and she pulled her feet out of them one by one. He set the panties on top of her pants, beside them. His heart caught in his throat. Beautiful Sandra lay before him, naked from the waist down with her legs spread open for him invitingly. It was all he could do to stop himself from jumping on top of her and jamming his rock hard pole inside her.

He türkçe bahis raised her other foot to his lips, kissing it. His eyes locked on hers under the light of the moon and stars. He sucked the big toe into his mouth briefly before releasing it. He found he was less patient this time! He kissed all over the bottom and top of her foot before his lips trailed up the inside of her leg. When he reached her knee, Sandra reached down between her legs and placed her hand on his head, gently urging him towards her naked crotch.

He wouldn’t be hurried though, and he continued to kiss, to love, every inch of the inside of her thigh. He kissed the top of her leg, just barely beside her slit. Finally, after an eternity, he kissed the swollen lips of her pussy.

She gasped, quivering before him. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, tasting her wonderful juices. He sucked the sensitive petals of her cunt into his mouth, slowly running his tongue up and down them as he held them trapped between his lips.

“Ohhh God…” he heard her moan, and she began to writhe against his face a little. Chris released Sandra’s pussy lips, and slid his tongue into her tunnel as far as he could. Bolts of pleasure shot up her spine, and she found herself opening her legs even wider for him as he ate her out.

He slid his hands under her ass, holding her soft cheeks as he lapped at her needy slit. He slipped his tongue out of her and licked slowly towards her clitoris. He gently nudged it.

“OHH!” she squeaked, tensing up. They could hear a car approaching from behind their vehicle. Neither paid attention. She was too into the feelings in her crotch. He was too into Sandra.

As he ate her pussy, Chris looked up and could see her head framed by light as she looked down at him. He continued licking her as the car rumbled by on the dirt road, and her head was again framed by darkness. Did anyone see? Likely. But the car didn’t stop so it didn’t really matter.

He licked at her clit again, and she shuddered, feeling the stirrings of an orgasm. He wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking on it gently.

“Ohhh….” She gasped, tingles firing violently up her body. He began to lick at her sensitive button as he held it in his mouth. Faster…faster. She began to buck off the car, humping his face. Her hand was forcing him against her pussy as he rapidly licked at her clit.

“Ohhhhhh…Ohhhhh God!” she cried, cumming. Her entire body was in flames, and she was thrashing about as he licked her mercilessly. Finally, she couldn’t take anymore, and she had to push his head away.

He looked up at her, smiling as he watched her struggle to recover. He kissed her swollen pussy once more, and began to kiss up her belly. He pushed her shirt up her body and he kissed the skin as he exposed it. He crawled back onto the car as he pushed her shirt above her breasts. She raised her arms allowed him to take it right off. He dropped it with the rest of her clothes.

She grabbed his shirt and lifted it up his body, taking it off as well. Both were breathing heavily as he reached underneath her and unsnapped her white bra. She slid it down her arms and he pulled it off her. Sandra was now completely naked for him underneath the open sky.

He grabbed her huge breasts, caressing them as he bent to suck one. She closed her eyes again and ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue teased her hard nipple. He kissed down the steep slope of her breast and up the other one, his mouth encasing that erect nipple now. Sandra was breathing heavily, subtly humping the air. She wanted him so badly.

“Make love to me Chris.” She said erotically. He could hear the desire, the need in her voice. He let her nipple escape his mouth and he looked up at her. Even in the dim light he could see the love in her eyes. He crawled a little further up the hood of his car and he kissed her passionately.

Her hands squeezed his ass as he began to writhe his pole against her defenceless slit. Her hands and feet pushed his pants and underwear a little further down his legs, until they were around his knees. Her tongue went far into his mouth. She wanted him in every sense of the word. Still kissing him, she reached down between their bodies and her fingers went around his rock hard pole.

She placed the head of his penis at the entrance to her vagina. He could feel the heat of her entrance at it gripped at the güvenilir bahis siteleri very tip of his member. He broke the kiss. They looked into each other’s eyes. Perhaps it was for a brief moment. Perhaps it was for ten minutes. Time was lost on them, and they were lost in each other’s eyes.

“I love you Chris.” She said quietly, her gaze never wavering. He pushed forward, and she felt the petals of her vagina open up for him slowly.

“I love you, too Sandra.” He whispered as he felt her envelope him inch by inch. He continued pushing, his rod sliding further and further into her hole. He loved the feeling of her heat gripping more and more of his cock. He didn’t stop until his entire penis was inside the woman he loved. One stroke was all it took. He remained inside her, and they continued to stare into each other’s eyes.

His hands gently held her face and he kissed her lips briefly, tenderly. Her hands caressed his back and her feet caressed his upper legs. There was nothing but love in her eyes, and she saw only the same in his. Both just enjoyed the wonderful feeling of having a part of Chris’s body inside Sandra’s.

“You are so…beautiful.” He said, his voice shaking as if in awe. Warmth that could only be love flowed through her body, and she felt tears come to her eyes. She had wanted him for so long, and she could not believe that he was finally hers.

He began to slide in and out of her, ever so slowly. His long, hard cock gliding nearly all the way out of her slick vagina before easing back in. They maintained eye contact as he made love to her on the hood of his car – just like her greatest fantasy.

Chris pulled his penis most of the way out of her, holding just the head inside her. He kept himself that way, teasing both of them. The cool night air began to make his dick really cold as it was covered in her love juices. He slowly slipped back inside her and moaned as her pussy seemed that much hotter around him now.

He kissed her, and her tongue darted eagerly into his mouth as he began to move in and out of her warmth. Her hands slid down his back and grabbed onto his ass as they kissed passionately. She could feel his ass cheeks clenching every time he thrust that wonderful penis into her.

They were breathing heavily as they kissed, and he began to fuck her little harder. They were both so into their lovemaking that neither noticed the car that was approaching. Both were lit up as the car caught them in its headlights. His ass could be clearing seen bouncing up and down between her legs, her feet were flailing helplessly in the air. They were startled by the car honking, and they broke the kiss.

“WOOOOHOOO!” Likely teenagers were cheering them on as they drove by. Sandra and Chris looked deep into each other’s eyes again, ignoring the car as it continued on. They smiled, chuckling a little. He kissed smiling lips and resumed making love to her. His animal urges began to get the better of him and his thrusts grew harder and faster.

“Mmph! Mmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmph!” she moaned, thrusting her tongue far into his mouth as her hungry pussy took his cock over and over. The car began to rock, and the hood was bending inward and popping back out with the movement. She was losing it, the tingling in her pussy was building rapidly. She was forced to break the kiss, moaning.

“Ohhhhhhh…ohhhhhh!” she moaned, cumming hard. Her vagina convulsed around him and he found that he was about to cum himself. He moaned, thrusting into her a few more times.

Sandra tightened her legs around him, still in the midst of her orgasm. He slid his penis all the way inside her, looking down at her. She opened her eyes, gasping for breath as she looked at Chris. She smiled at him as she felt his organ pulsate inside her. A hot, thick stream of his cum fired off the back of her womb.

“I love you.” She breathed. He smiled at her as he continued to ejaculate inside her. He was to consumed with his orgasm to answer. More of Chris’s seed shot into Sandra’s vagina and she squeezed him tightly. The last of his semen trickled into her pussy and he kissed her tenderly, lips smacking.

He slid his tongue into her mouth and they kissed passionately. She rubbed her crotch up against him as they kissed, trying to milk every drop of his sperm into her body. He broke the kiss.

“I love you too, Sandra.” He finally replied. He pulled his soft penis out of her and into the cold air, sliding off the car. She grabbed her panties out of the pile of clothes on the hood and he watched her stick her feet into them as he pulled his own clothes up his legs. She threw on her T-shirt and grabbed the rest of the pile, hurrying into the car.

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