Trio at the Pools

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I had received the following text message: “at the Pools, bring champagne”. It was only five words, but it brought instant memories to mind, and a sense of excitement swept through my body.

The “Pools” is something of a code word for a secluded area in a large urban park. Actually, this park is one of the more popular large parks in the country that lies within a city. The park is over 1,000 acres, most of which are a groomed botanic wonderland. Given the vastness, pockets of secluded, somewhat private areas, are naturally created. Outdoor privacy can be found even in a city of nearly one million people. If all of the connected cities are included, then it’s just over seven million people. At 144 years old, this park defines the city as much as any of its other landmarks.

“Bring champagne”, also a code that meant Claire and Ana were together. The word “champagne” refers to Ana. It was an invitation for me to join them. I’ve never asked to be included, allowing them their time together. An invitation, however, was always accepted with pleasure.

On my way to the park I stopped to purchase the champagne. I admit that I violated the posted speed limits in my eagerness to get to the Pools. It had been maybe six weeks since the three of us were last together. At that time, I had received a text message inviting me to spend the night with them at one of the finer hotels in the city. That message was just two words, the name of the hotel and the word “champagne”.

I was indeed excited, I was aroused. I recall that I was hoping that from the parking area at the Pools, to their little oasis, I wouldn’t be encountering anyone else. If so, I would have had to hold something in front of my pants, the champagne perhaps, to conceal my obvious excitement.

Once passing within the park boundaries, it’s as if the city is a hundred miles away. Amazing, the value of a well designed, large urban park. It provides a means to balance a life spent in a city. Personally, I like what both have to offer, a city and the outdoors. I often feel somewhat out of balance when I’m spending too much time in just one environment.

Any stress that I was carrying with me melted away now that I was winding my way through the park.

Over the years, I’ve been asked at times about my favorite areas. There are many of course, but when I include the “Pools” in my list it’s most common that the other person has no familiarity at all with that feature. This is true even for those who live in that city, and have been there for many years. The Pools aren’t for swimming. There’s no aquatic life in the Pools. They’re not meant for meditating. They are used regularly for a sporting, and somewhat artistic reason, however, they’re not in use every day. And no, there are no boats in the Pools. They are known worldwide however, for those who enjoy that particular pursuit.

I parked; as anticipated the lot was empty. Except for Claire’s vehicle and one service vehicle loaded with landscaping equipment and tools. There’s a small paved walkway leaving the north side of the lot that I chose. The temperature was in the mid seventies, with just enough clouds in the sky to add some depth, some texture. There was a slight breeze, enough to move the leaves of the most delicate trees, and nothing more. The scent was a mixture of too many plants to even begin to describe. It was fresh, clean, invigorating.

Approximately fifty meters down that path there’s an unusually shaped tree, a eucalyptus. There’s not an intersecting path at this location, but on the far side of that tree there is what looks like an old, unused trail, quite narrow. It’s not an obvious route at all, which makes it a perfect getaway.

There are a few ups and downs along the way. Gentle undulations, through thick, mature canlı bahis growth, and eventually a clearing. It’s big enough to let a few people view the sky, yet small enough to feel secure, as if in a private backyard garden. Given that the path was active at some time in the past, perhaps a picnic table stood at the clearing decades ago.

I moved slowly at the top of the last rise, and then sat down. Below me a blanket had been spread. Both of them had done away with their clothing. They were lying side by side, touching, giggling. I wanted to just watch silently until they noticed me. It was probably a good ten minutes or so.

Claire is lean, fit, but not to a chiseled level. She’s feminine, soft and inviting. Ana has that fine, smooth skin and tone that’s difficult to describe but is characteristic of Asian women. It’s exotic, but that word doesn’t even begin to do justice to their natural beauty. “Allure”, now that’s a word that should be included in describing an attractive Asian woman. Claire is in wonderful contrast to Ana’s shiny black hair and dark eyes. She has an olive skin tone, long, slightly wavy, dark brown hair and green eyes. I swear, at times her eyes are green and at other times more gray. I’ve tried to tie this to her mood at the time, no success thus far.

At times, when I’ve been invited, it was with the intention that I’d just be watching. I can’t think of a scene more erotic than two women moving together, knowing how to please each other, being totally uninhibited. To me, it just seems natural that women would enjoy each other in this way. Most of our encounters however have been as a trio. Once noticed, I’d know immediately how the afternoon would play out.

Either way, I wouldn’t remain clothed, so I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it aside. My pants needed to come off as I was quite aroused, and it was uncomfortable. I unfastened my belt, unbuttoned the waistband of my pants, lowered the zipper, and pulled both pants and underwear down together. The initial feeling of the cool air on my body is such a rush of pleasure. That’s not entirely accurate; it’s the act of being naked outdoors that’s exciting.

Perhaps I wanted the movements of undressing to get their attention. Well, it did. Their response made me laugh aloud. Upon noticing me they sat up and applauded! I won’t forget that welcome, it was indeed fun.

Ok, now I had to negotiate the gentle downward slope to join them. I put aside any pretense of being picturesque. I was naked, I was erect, and my dick would act stupid as the rest of my body descended with a minimal level of dignity. They continued to laugh.

When intimacy can be so carefree and welcome, when people abandon all of their defenses, it transcends to a new dimension.

Ana took the center position as we all lay down. Obviously, she wanted, and likely needed, the attention. Her pinkish brown little nipples were already hard. I wasn’t sure if Claire had tasted them yet today, but I hadn’t so that’s where I started.

Every woman has her own special taste, her own unique scent. I can’t put into words the scent and flavor of Ana, but its intoxicating. It’s very subtle, it’s clean… I don’t tire of gently sucking on her nipples, pulling on them with my lips. She wants a playful little bite at times. Her breasts are small, rounded, beautifully shaped. It’s as if I can almost get all of it in my mouth. They’re sensitive; she’ll wiggle and squirm while I suck. She’ll arch her back, raising her chest up, as if pushing it further into my mouth. It’s fun to tease her, just barely taking her nipple, not allowing her more.

I rose up, and just used my finger tips to pull on her nipples. Keeping her excited, but wanting to see what Claire was enjoying. Her face was very close to Ana’s bahis siteleri pussy, but not touching her. Instead, she was tracing her finger tips just on the outside of Ana’s pussy lips, just a light touch, a teasing touch. Ana tried to move her body so that Claire would be more accommodating and begin to satisfy her. Again, Ana didn’t get what she wanted, not yet anyway.

I slowly slid my hand down Ana’s tummy. Her pussy hair is neatly trimmed, naturally sparse, and very fine to the touch, soft. I spread her lips open; she reacted with a soft moan, and uttered a faint “yes”. Claire began to taste her, the tip of her tongue lapping some of the juices that had already begun to flow. I kept her pussy open with one hand, and lowered my head to her nipple, and sucked as if I was taking her milk.

The three of us know each other quite well. Ana knows that we won’t allow her to cum early. This game will be played well into the afternoon before we’ll let her have her first orgasm. Her body says that she wants it now, but she’ll be the first to admit that the torturous denial of a climax is wonderful for her.

We nearly let her get too close. Her body always betrayed her. It’s the way she’ll move, feline-like, twisting and turning as she approaches the early stages of climaxing.

It was time for her to please us. I remained lying on my back. Claire moved to lie on top of me, with her back on my front. I liked this position for a few reasons, one being that I could easily reach around and play with her breasts. Ana knew what was expected of her. She moved between our legs and guided the head of my cock to Claire’s pussy. Her hands are doll-like, I like it when she touches me, guides me. I took it from there, and began to slowly fuck Claire. Without us asking, Ana began to lick Claire’s pussy and my cock as we fucked.

The stimulation was almost too much, almost. I wanted to focus on all of the pleasures. My cock, as it moved inside of Claire, and on Ana, while she licked my cock, and sucked on my balls. She would take one testicle in her mouth and suck on it, pull on it.

Ana was hungry, and she knew how to take us over the edge. She moved her hand to fondle my balls, gently pulling on them, while sucking Claire’s clit. Having my balls held when I’m close to cumming is like pulling a trigger. I slowed my movements when I sensed that I was on the threshold of cumming.

This slowing down allows me to feel the juice leaving my balls and surging through the shaft of my cock. The difference in the intensity of the orgasm is real. It’s essentially, focusing on my cum moving through my body, and not on the fucking movements. Ana was taking care of Claire; she didn’t need my cock thrusting in and out of her.

Claire felt it enter her, it was hot, thick. She could feel my cock pulsing as the stream of cum moved through it. Ana shared that she could see my cock moving, as if it were breathing, pulsing. I had to hold Claire’s hips as her orgasm swept through her. If not she would have fallen off of me. She tends to have what I call a flamboyant climax. A lot of involuntary body movement, but she remains relatively quiet throughout the experience. I could feel the warmth of our mixed juices oozing out and coating my balls as she came.

As we subsided, Ana helped by pulling my cock out. A stream of pure white hot cum followed the head just as it came free. Ana put her lips to Claire’s’ opening, and began to swallow as fast as she could. Drinking it all in.

We recovered by watching the clouds pass overhead, our breathing coming down. Ana sat there pouting. It was her way of communicating that we needed to put her at center-stage. Without a word being said, she rose and picked up the still chilled bottle of champagne. She handed it to me with a pleading bahis şirketleri look on her face. She’s a good actress.

Claire guided Ana into a position where she was on her knees, and with her face and hands resting on the blanket. Her tight little ass raised high, her puckered little asshole and pussy beckoning. Claire began rimming Ana’s anus as I popped the cork. Upon hearing that Ana raised her head and smiled. Claire finished licking and then inserted the middle finger of one hand into Ana’s cunt to get it nice and slippery. She then eased it into Ana’s asshole. Her other middle finger went to into Ana’s pussy, her fingers now fucking both openings, at the same time. It was as if Ana was trying to raise her ass and pussy higher into the air, thrusting upward, not getting enough.

Again, she was very close to cumming. Claire backed off by suddenly removing both fingers quickly. Ana nearly screamed, the sensation was over powering. I handed the champagne to Claire, and then began to alternately tongue both Ana’s ass and pussy. Claire started pouring the champagne over her openings as I licked. The effervescence, the thousands of tiny tickling bubbles, drives her crazy. Once she was on the path to a climax I backed off, and just watched her squirming in pleasure. Ana describes it as her anus and pussy almost being over stimulated, at the same time, a fine line.

Her orgasms are strong, and long. Her exaggerated movements of twisting and turning are as if she doesn’t have a bone in her body.

The first time we did this to her, a few years ago, she passed out momentarily. The sweet little vixen had given us a scare at the time. Vixen is a good word for her.

Nearly spent, she collapsed. We let her rest some, but not too long.

We’d already played out the denial, or delay, of a climax. Now, it was time to begin the pushing of orgasms. She loved both phases, and would be disappointed if we hadn’t accommodated her cravings.

By afternoon’s end, she received from me the thorough fucking needed. She prefers that I’m on top. Her legs bent, knees almost touching her chest. She’s fully opened up, taking it all in, her body shuddering with each thrust of my cock. One release of cum in her tight little cunt, and the rest squirted over her body. Still hard, I slipped my cock back inside and watched as she gathered cum on her fingers and brought to her lips. She let some it run out the side of her mouth, and down her cheeks. Her lips shiny, glossy, a small pool of cum briefly held on her tongue before swallowing.

Claire had sat up on the rise, away from us. She likes to watch and touch herself when I’m fucking Ana.

We traded places; I sat and watched as Claire began using toys on her, pushing Ana to more orgasms. She did this until her body couldn’t tolerate even the slightest touch. It was if every nerve ending had been over stimulated.

Ana has a rather extensive collection of toys. All made of lacquered wood or porcelain, a few of sculptured jade. All very old, personal treasures passed on. The detailing is intricate. Those that resemble a male, when warm and wet, if held when your eyes are closed, felt real, as if alive. The contour, the ridges, the veins, the gentle curve… There were life size ones, and smaller ones of perfect scale for anal play. They’re from the hands of an artist, likely several artists. Ana refers to them as “toys”, however she cares for them as if they were jewels.

Ana slept in the warmth of the late afternoon sun. One of the exquisite jade toys had slipped out of her mouth when she fell asleep. It lay there, wet from her sucking, almost touching her lips. It looked like an erotic pacifier.

It’s all fascinating, finding out what takes a person to such elevated sexual pleasures. It’s rare to become so close to someone, to be able to drop all inhibitions, accepting the risk of being turned down. No risk, no reward.

I wondered how many weeks, or perhaps months, would pass by until the next text message.

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