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The background to this was that I had accompanied my husband Jeff on a trip to Atlanta for a week-long business conference. Living in the UK it seemed like an ideal opportunity for a cheap holiday.

I took two weeks off work and flew out with Jeff. We planned that I spend the first week going out (shopping) while he was at the conference and then he would also be on holiday for the second week. So all we had to find was the cost of my flights and the accommodation for the second week.

The hotel was nice but what I hadn’t bargained on was that there was a few evening “networking” sessions that Jeff felt obliged to attend as well, so I was getting pretty board by mid-week and beginning to wish that I hadn’t gone.

Things were made worse on Thursday when Jeff announced that he would be “popping to Pittsburgh” on Friday for a customer meeting and wouldn’t be back until late afternoon on Saturday.

That evening (Thursday) I had arranged to meet Jeff in a bar/restaurant at 7pm. I got there a little early and had a drink. That one drink turned into about 5 by the time Jeff arrived at about 8:30pm, having phoned to say that he was a “little” delayed.

We had a few cross words when he arrived and I was more than a little pissed-off with him, but eventually I calmed down.

We had something to eat and a couple more drinks. I was clearly getting a bit louder, being slightly more tipsy. Anyway the conversation started to get a bit fruity (probably at my instigation).

I asked what I was supposed to do Friday evening on my own and Jeff quipped that I could always pick-up someone.

I rose to the bait and said that I might just do that.

“You wouldn’t have the nerve to do it” he teased.

“I might just prove you wrong” I replied.

“Yer, right!” he smirked

“Don’t tempt me” I responded feeling put-down by him.

“I might just do that – tempt you. What if I sent someone to your room, to do just that”

“You wish” I replied.

When we had just started dating Jeff had cheated on me with an ex after getting drunk. It took a long while and a lot of convincing for me to take him back, but I did. Years later we got married and he hasn’t given me any cause to doubt him since. However immediately after the event, he did once ask me if I wanted to avenge it by having a one-night stand with someone else – but that was years ago. This was just banter – at least I thought it was.

“What if I did?”

I wasn’t going to let him get the upper hand in this teasing, so I replied “Then I’d let him fuck my brains out until you got back”

“Yer, right. I don’t think so”

“Don’t you?”

“What would you do”

“Everything” I said not wanting to give him the upper hand

“Everything?” he replied raising a disbelieving eyebrow at me.

“EVERYTHING…….Anything he wanted, just to teach YOU a lesson” I emphasised, determined not to be the one to back-down

Jeff chuckled, “I’d love to see that. It might be worth it.”

“Try me, you can have all the video evidence you want”

“I might just do that, if I didn’t know that you’d chicken out”

“Don’t tempt me, I promise you…… I would do it”

“We both know you’d wimp-out in a heartbeat”

The banter continued and eventually we went back to our room and had a pretty vigorous session, both of us clearly fired-up by the earlier conversation.


Jeff took a taxi to the airport early the next morning leaving me in bed, with the car in case I needed it.

I had a lazy day by the pool and went back to my room around 6pm, Jeff had left a voicemail hoping that I was OK and a teasing message asking if I’d pick anyone up yet.

Then about half an hour later there was a knock at the door.

I opened and was met by a guy of about 30 “Karen” he asked holding a piece of paper.


“I’m here to spend the night with you, if you dare”

“Sorry!” I asked not quite believing that I had heard him right.

“Shall we talk in your room rather than out here?” he asked. I thought about it for a moment and decided that I didn’t want this conversation in the hallway, so I invited him in. “What did you say?”

“I’m here to spend the night with you, if you dare”

I must have looked shocked, because I was.

“I’ll just refer to my notes to get this exactly right” he said, and then continued “If you’re right then I’m in for the night of my life because apparently you’ll do anything and everything I want; however if you husband is right then you will chicken-out and I’ll be on my way home”

“The bastard” I muttered under my breath, not believing that he would actually do this to me.

“Look, this is clearly a surprise and I guess that having a stranger like me in your room like this, might a feel little threatening. I don’t want you to feel threatened, so can I suggest that we start by having a totally innocent drink in the lobby, in public, where you can at least get to know me, hopefully feel a little more comfortable, and think about it before you make a decision. illegal bahis If after that you want me to leave, I will do. Would that be OK?”

I nodded agreement and, still in shock, I grabbed my purse and key and we made our way to the lobby bar.

“My name is Mike” he said and then he told me about himself. He used to play a lot of American Football which explained his build. He was a very imposing figure and although he didn’t wear the cliché skin tight t-shirt you could tell that there was an impressive physique under his shirt.

Despite my earlier surprise, he seemed a nice guy and slowly I started to relax with him and told him a little about myself and Jeff.

About an hour later, after a couple of drinks Mike asked “Look I know you’ve only just met me but you have my word that I’m not some mad axe-murderer and that I absolutely will not hurt you. Clearly I would love to spend the night with you but the decision is yours. Who wins? You or your husband?

I was still furious with Jeff for this but didn’t really want to have sex with another man, no matter how attractive he might be. There was a short silence.

Mike then continued “If you want to chicken-out, as your husband put it, I’ll go now alternatively you could invite me come upstairs for “Everything” and you teach him the lesson you promised”.

“I ought to” I muttered still in two minds about it. I must admit to finding him physically attractive, and a part of me wondered what it would be like to have sex with this hulk of a man.

“Look you’re a very attractive woman so clearly you would expect me to be in favour of going ahead with this, but…….”

“But what?” I asked flattered by the obvious compliment

“Well apart from the fact that your husband clearly expects you to wimp out and has already teased you about it; There is also the fact that you apparently promised to go through with this…….Well, only you can decide how highly you value your promise.”

“That was a bit of a low-blow”


I had been leaning towards backing-out but his low-blow was also accurate, and tipped the balance back the other way. Jeff had set this up, he’d baited me, and I knew he’d tease me mercilessly about it in the future; and it was true that I had given my word. So against my better judgement I decided I would teach him that lesson and actually go through with it.

“Sod him, I’m going to keep that promise and teach him a lesson” I said, probably sounding more confident than I actually felt.

“So we’re on?”




“Including the video evidence that he talked about”

“Yes, fuck him, let’s do the lot”

“Would like another drink or something to eat first or shall we get straight to it”

“Straight to it, before I change my mind”

“Might I suggest that you turn-off your mobile and ask reception to hold your calls so that we’re mot disturbedt.”

I agreed and while he went to the car for his camera I went to the reception desk.

My nerves kicked-in big time by the time we got to the room. Mike was very reassuring though. When we got to the room I excused myself briefly to visit the toilet. Mike was already naked on the bed when I returned with a video camera on a tripod pointed at the bed.

His body was even more impressive than I’d imagined, it wasn’t just the size of his chest and arms but also the muscle definition, to be honest it made me feel all the more self-conscious. Although I like to think I am fairly attractive, and in reasonable shape, Mike was in totally different league. However, despite my nerves I could feel myself starting to get aroused, at the prospect of spending the night with this Adonis.

I took of my dress and climbed onto the bed next to him. We started with a few kisses, which slowly became steamier as Mike’s huge hands started to wander. My bra and knickers were soon history and then he went down on me.

Mike certainly knew what he was doing and despite my nerves, it didn’t take him long to have me squirming on his tongue and fingers. When I came I clamped my thighs against his head but he kept going. As I was starting to build-up to my second he moved-up my body and started to push his cock into me.

“Wait, what about a condom” I said

“No, I want to come inside you” he replied pushing further into me.

“But I’m not on the pill” I panted-out as he started to fuck me.

“The deal was everything I want, and I want to come inside you” he replied as he continued to fuck me. I knew it was useless to argue and to be honest I was soon at the point where I didn’t want to. His cock was slightly larger than what I was used-to, not by much but enough to notice.

He paused briefly to move my legs up over his shoulders. I quite like this position normally but with Mike, a relative stranger and physically so big, compared to me, I felt quite helpless and at his mercy. That in itself was quite a turn-on. The other thing about that position is that it allows deeper penetration, so Mike’s larger cock was even illegal bahis siteleri more noticeable as it hit new territory.

Although I didn’t think about it this way at the time (my mind still in turmoil over this extra-marital sex), this was a real fantasy fuck for me; being helplessly pounded by someone who was clearly able to overpower me, …..and quite good looking too.

Mike pounded into me seemingly wanting to drive further into me with each thrust. Having come once already and liking the feeling of being overpowered; I came in no time. Mike was obviously close too, and so he kept fucking me through my orgasm, until he came and I felt his cock twitch inside me.

I had a huge feeling of shame as I realised what had just happened, however that was soon replaced by anger as I saw the camera again. I was furious at Jeff for pushing me to do this, and as a result having a stranger’s cum in my unprotected body; when the two of us were supposed to be trying for a baby.

Still staring at the camera; something inside my head flipped, and when Mike rolled off me, I opened my legs wide for the camera to see. “Is this what you wanted?” I asked to the camera.

I put two fingers inside myself to scoop out some of Mike’s cum to show the camera. My pussy seemed to be flooded with the stuff. I sat up and gave the camera a close-up of my sticky fingers “I hope you’re satisfied…….. because do you know what ………..I’m not” I put my two fingers in my mouth and licked them clean. I don’t normally like the taste of cum but I was damned if I was going to give that impression to the camera.

“If you want a video of me fucking Mike, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get” I said as I rolled-over and took Mike’s cock in my mouth. I made a real show of cleaning his cock and then sucking it back to life.

When Mike was fully hard I got into the reverse-cowgirl position so that I could look straight at the camera as I fucked him. Again I played up to the camera, massaging my breasts as I rode him. I rambled about how big Mike’s cock was and how good it felt. I got quite into it and when I came I looked straight at the camera.

When I’d got my breath back I half turn and asked “Mike, where would you like to cum? My pussy or my mouth?”, half to Mike and half to the camera.

“Your ass” Mike replied.

“I don’t do that” I replied slightly shocked by his answer.

“Tonight you do, remember you promised EVERYTHING” Mike replied already manoeuvring me into the doggie position.

I thought of Jeff watching the film we were making and wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of seeing me back-out of this, so against my better judgement, I replied “OK” feeling more than a little apprehensive about this new experience.

Mike initially pushed his cock back into my already slick pussy coating it in our fluids and then withdrew moving it up to my ass. He pushed against me and suddenly the head slipped inside.

“Oh god, wait……..wait a minute” I asked in quite a bit of discomfort, and not at all prepared for how this felt. Mike was slightly larger around than Jeff, which felt nice in my pussy but enormous in my ass.

My asshole burned, and despite my brave words I was ready to “wimp out” of this particular experience. “I can’t” I said, trying to move away.

Mike’s huge hands held me tightly in place and he pulled me back further onto his cock. I pleaded with him to stop but he simply responded “Relax, you’ll be fine in a minute”. I froze, frightened to move and gasping with the discomfort. Mike tried to reassure me that it would soon pass but really gave me no choice in the matter, it was clear that he was going fuck my ass whether I liked it or not.

It took a while but he was right, my body did eventually relax enough for the initial pain to subside. Mike seemed to sense this and started to slowly fuck me. Very soon after that he had his entire length up my ass. It was still uncomfortable but bearable.

It took a few minutes, but eventually those feelings of discomfort started to be replaced by some pretty good feelings, the attention his fingers where paying to my clit helped.

At some point I realised that I was no longer resisting or being passive, but was actually pushing back to meet his thrusts and urging him to fuck me harder, which he did.

I came first and collapsed down onto the bed as I did. It felt really weird as my asshole literally quivered and clenched around his cock. Mike however held my hips tightly and continued to pump me hard and fast until he too came, shooting his cum into my previously virgin ass.

“That was fantastic” Mike said as we lay spooned together.

“That was a certainly first for me” I replied to the camera.

We lay there for a few minutes, both exhausted.

“After that, I think the least I can do is buy you dinner, are you hungry?” Mike asked.

“That would be nice. I’ll go get showered”

“No don’t bother, we’ll have a shower together later”

I liked the idea of the shower later but hoped I canlı bahis siteleri didn’t smell too bad in the meantime.


After a brief visit to the loo, I threw-on some clothes and we went to the steak restaurant just across from the hotel

I started to talk about the fact that this was the first time I had had sex with anyone else since I met Jeff, but Mike asked if we could avoid the subject of Jeff and just enjoy ourselves for the night. I agreed.

“The procedure for the video is that I will edit the contents of the memory cards, take out the boring stuff, and then burn it onto a DVD for you. What I don’t have is your home address to send it to”

I wrote down my name and home address, together with our telephone number (which Mike also asked for in case there was any problem).

“Look is there anything you’d particularly like to do, or capture on camera” Mike asked

“To be honest I really don’t like having this on film – again I’m only doing it to prove something to Jeff”

“I hope you’re getting some enjoyment from this” Mike asked

“I think you know I am. I just feel bad about doing it”

“I understand. Look we can leave the filming if you want”

“No………….. I think he needs to see this. All of it”

“OK. If you’re sure. “

“Thank you for asking” I replied, and then continued “At this point I just want to make him feel a little jealous and teach him a lesson.”

“No problem, I think you’ve made a good start. But if there’s anything you want for you just let me know”

“Well like I said I am enjoying it. Please let’s just have lots more – I don’t want this film to look lame by being too short!” I said in partly in jest and partly serious.

“Sounds like I’m going to need this meal” Mike replied

We had nice meal and a couple of drinks before returning back to the hotel room.


We had a very long shower when we got back. Mike fucked me for a very long time and in several positions, with the camera capturing it all. I came several times, but Mike didn’t, he kept stopping each time he got close.

When we got out Mike put another memory card into the camera and set-it up pointing at the bed.

I knelt across him on the bed and rode him, giving him a rest. This time as he got close Mike’s firm hands pulled me down hard onto him and he came inside me.

“Are you trying to get me pregnant” I teased.

“The thought had occurred to me” he replied. I wasn’t sure if he too was just teasing or whether he meant it.

After that we were both pretty exhausted and at some point fell asleep. I didn’t get a great night’s sleep; my mind playing over what I had done.


In the morning we ordered breakfast to the room and fucked again. First he added a third load to my unprotected pussy and then finally he decided to have a second fuck of my ass, which I actually enjoyed a lot more the second time.

“Thank you for a really great time, I hope you enjoyed it too” Mike said, clearly deciding that it was time to leave.

“I think you know how much I enjoyed it. I can honestly say that I have never had a night like it in my life. Thank you. I just wish it was under different circumstances”

Mike got dressed and we said our goodbyes.

I was laying in bed having my coffee when the phone rang about 20 mins later.

“Hello” I said expecting it to be Jeff.

“Hi, it’s Mike”

“Hi Mike, did you forget something?”

“No, have you spoken to Jeff yet?”

“Not yet, why?”

“Well first I’d like to apologise to you; you’re a nice person who deserves lot better”

“What, what is it?” I asked full of dread (immediately thinking STD’s)

“Well before you speak to him, you should know that Jeff knows nothing of last night.”

“What! What do you mean he knows nothing? He must know, who booked you then” I said horrified and in disbelief.

“No one booked me. I was sat behind you the night you discussed it. I’m afraid I heard the two of you talking, saw how attractive you were and thought I would take advantage. I followed you back to the hotel and saw which room you were in and well…….”

“What? You can’t have” I babbled in shock.

“Sorry but I thought you should know before you speak to him”

He then hung up.

I sat there stunned.

Moments later I burst into tears; how could I have been so stupid? How could I let myself get tricked like that? Why on earth did I believe him? And why oh why did I let him film us? What was going to happen to that film?

Sometime later, those questions were followed by tougher ones; why was it so easy for a stranger to get me to be unfaithful? Why was I so willing to think badly of Jeff?

Then the really tough ones; how come I never enjoyed being with Jeff as much as I did with Mike? Was I happy with Jeff?


After a couple of hours, I decided that it was best to say nothing to Jeff, act as though nothing had happened and try to forget about it. I tidied-up to remove the evidence.

I picked him up from the airport later. He had a few questions about why I wasn’t accepting any calls the previous night and he seemed to accept the explanation that I had had a migraine and just wanted to sleep.

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