Trent , Lea

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Here they were, cuddled on the couch watching a scary movie on a Saturday night. What was it this time? Some old black and white flick about a vampire in a castle. Trent had started to lose track of the titles. Watching horror movies on Saturday nights had recently become one of their weekend rituals. They were both self-proclaimed movie buffs. Trent was more into action films, a fan of John McClain, Van Helsing and Wolverine while Lea was into everything indie from dry humor hipster flicks to subtitled foreign films. Though they’d never admit it to anyone outside of each other, they both shared an affection for rom-coms in the middle and knew more titles than they’d quickly let on to their friends.

In the beginning of their relationship, they would talk for hours about different movies they liked. They had even gone through the majority of their respective DVD libraries. It had come to a point to where they wanted to watch something new that neither of them had seen before. Then, 3 weeks ago, in came Trent with this 10-disc collection of 50 horror films from the 50s.

“Hey, look what I found at good ol’ Wally World.” Trent said brandishing the DVD case as Lea typed furiously at her laptop likely working on a new article. The TV was on, but it was watching her instead of the other way around.

“50 Horror Movies From the 50s…sounds like fun,” Ironically, Lea’s eyes never moved away from her computer screen.

“Ya know, I’m still trying to figure out how it is that you do that.”

“Do what, honey?” Lea said with a smile, steadily typing away.

“You know what I’m talking about…”

They were 2 years into their relationship. The initial spark of new love had long passed. They both loved each other dearly, but the struggle of moving into their new place, and them both taking on 2 jobs to pay bills had taken its toll on the relationship. Trent worked at a record store during the day and snagged a job at a local packaging firm at nights. Lea worked at a bakery in their local neighborhood and did freelance journalism work for a few different magazines near and far for extra money. With all their work and life in general they had gotten to the point where they had to make a conscious effort to make time for the romance in between paying utilities and do it yourself home repairs. Along with this romantic effort came many romantic activities to keep things fun. Trent would bring home albums from the record store and they would enjoy the new tunes while working on a new dessert recipe Lea had learned at the bakery.

When they first got together they would have sex all time. They both had a healthy sexual appetite, but recently they had created a game out of their inciting sexual escapades. They had a code action for their more random activities. Per Lea’s suggestion, when the two were out and about and one of them caught the urge for sexual activities they would simply grab the other’s hand and lock pinkies. This is how they let one another know what the other was thinking. After that it was on like popcorn. This pinky game came in handy when they wanted to inconspicuously escape from their friends for a quick tryst anywhere, anytime, anyplace. A few escapades came to mind like that time in the mall bathroom or getting hot and heavy on a backseat during a road trip.

“What’s the name of this one again, babe?” Trent asked.

“Midnight of the Jack-mouthed Vampire?? I don’t even know right now.” Lea answered.

They sat in the dark with a plate of creamy pastries in front of them. Trent wore a black T-shirt that said “The Funk is Strong with this one”. It had a picture of Yoda with wearing glasses to look reminiscent of George Clinton. Lea wore a white shirt that cut low into her cleavage. A picture of casino şirketleri a girl wearing bandaged glasses and the words “I Love Nerds” was emblazoned across her breasts. Braless, she wore this shirt more long like a night gown. A T-shirt with shredded cuts at the bottom and red boyshorts. Lea’s newly dyed jet black hair was pulled into a layered ponytail that hung down midway down her back. She nestled close to Trent’s freshly shaven face and her legs found comfort lying across his lap. Trent wrapped an arm around her as she rested a hand on his chest. The glow of the television flashed on her brown skin as the light brown hairs on her arm stood in anticipation for the next movie scene.

“Where’s the case?” Trent asked. He scanned the nearby table, but it was nowhere to be found. His eyes caught the reflection of the case on top of the television. “Oh, it’s on top of the TV.”

“Shhhh,” Lea replied. “Look you, don’t worry about the title. You’re not getting up, you gotta stay here and keep me safe,” she said nestling closer to Trent. “You know this stuff scares the shit outta me.” The movies did scare her. She was reluctant when they started watching these horror flicks being that at the age of 25 she had recently gotten over a fear of the dark. Many times she would shiver and jump at the movies they watched. Trent, being the man who could often times be quoted saying “I aint been scared of shit since ’93,” enjoyed her frightened cuddles. “Here, have some cake,” she said nearly force-feeding him a creamy pastry. “Oooh, you like it don’t you? I thought you would. Mmmmmm. Now watch the movie.”

“Oh this pastry is pretty good though.”

They watched the movie as a police inspector questioned a hysterical witness to a bloody murder. She lay on the ground as if she had just come to consciousness from being attacked. A gang of police badges and other people were in the kitchen listening to the woman’s interrogation.

“So what did you see ma’am?”

“I saw it,”

“You saw what?”

“I saw it. The thing. The monster.”

“Monster you say? What did you see exactly?”

“Yes, I saw him attack, Mr. Henderson and Mr. Johnson. It had huge teeth and sharp claw-like nails. It attacked Mr. Henderson’s neck and sucked his blood.”

“What did it look like?”

“He was wearing a black leather jacket with a high collar. A bald head. Had two sharp teeth and big black eyes. Those eyes…”

“What about the eyes?”

“Those eyes…”

“What about the eyes, ma’am?”

“There was something special about his eyes. They were hypnotic.”


“Yes, I walked in the kitchen after he had brutally killed Mr. Henderson. He looked at me and I couldn’t move. I was locked looking into his eyes. There was an entrancing hunger. It was enchanting. He kept moving closer to me. He advanced on me moving closer as if floating on air. I was paralyzed by fear as he ran his long claws over my waist. He stepped closer to me and bared his teeth in a devilish grin as he eyed my neck like fresh fruit. I was frightened when he grabbed me by the waist and I shivered when I felt the warmth of his breath on my skin. He was centimeters away from the nape of my neck”

Lea rubbed her warm legs together next to Trent.

“And then Mr. Johnson came in with that shotgun. The monster quickly pounced on Mr. Johnson in the doorway and slit his throat with a swift swipe of his claws. He turned back to me and there was madness in his eyes. Magically, my feet were levitated off the ground and I began to drift toward him arms spread wide as if waiting for an embrace from him. His arms wrapped around my back as he sank his teeth into my neck.”

Lea leaned further onto Trent pressing her breasts up against casino firmalari his chest. She sprawled her body across his lap in front of the TV screen. Trent slid a hand into her hair and began to gently rub his fingertips in her long locks.

“I must have blacked out because the next thing I knew you all were here,” the woman on the talking box continued.

“Do you feel any different than you did yesterday?” asked the police inspector.

“Actually, I feel the best that I’ve felt in a long time. I feel fine aside from the scar where I was bitten.”

“This thing killed and mutilated two people! Our town isn’t safe out with that thing on the loose!” An infuriated man yelled from the back of the surrounding crowd. “We have to find this thing and kill it!”

An uproar of conversations in agreement broke out amongst the people. “Now, everybody calm down,” the inspector exclaimed to regain control of the room. “Yes, something must be done. We will find him, but for now everyone keep calm. Are there any other details that you remember about him?” the inspector continued on with the witness.

“He’s got life hard,” Trent mentioned in a low voice. “They tryna kill him when all the guy wanted to do was give her a kiss on the neck,” he continued in a sarcastic tone. “I guess the 50s were tough times for romance.”

“It’s ok, baby, you’ve definitely got the vampire eyes. The ladies in the 50s wouldn’t be able to get away from you.”

“Oh Lea, you’re far too kind.” Trent leaned down and gave Lea a kiss on her forehead. She grabbed him by his shirt collar and leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips as the movie played on.

“So what are we gonna do, inspector?? It’s a full moon out and that thing is still at large.”

She released his shirt and the couple shared a moment of passion while looking into each others’ eyes. A shrieking scream and gunshots drew their attention back to the movie. The vampire had returned to the screen and was attacking a couple in a park. The man shot at the demon with a gun, but the demon proved impervious and killed the man by stabbing his claws into the man’s chest and then devouring his heart. The demon’s lips now glistened with blood. The screen now showed a black cloaked vampire chasing a woman through a park at night at a vehement gait. The screen was sugar coated in a monochromic ambience. The woman screamed shrieks of horror as she ran through the forest.

Lea wriggled in Trent’s lap at the sound of the screams. Her left hand moved up and down over Trent’s arm as she lay in his lap.

The woman ran in the park, but as with any typical horror film, the monster was still on her tail. She tripped over a stump in the woods and fell down upon her back. The vampire pursued her with an animalistic vigor and pounced on top of her. He restrained her down to the ground by her wrists and dived into her neck. The woman’s scream caused Lea to roll into Trent’s arms turning away in fright. The screen froze on a still shot of the woman’s frightened eyes and mouth agape in fear.

“Oh bull!” Trent shouted at the television. “Damn, and right when it was getting to the good part”

“Oh actually, Trent it’s ok.” Lea said sitting up into a straddling position over Trent’s lap.

“Oh really? And why do you say that?” Trent inquired resting his hands on her thighs.

“Because, baby,” Lea reached for a creamy pastry. “I want to suck your love!” she said in the well known iambic rhythm of Dracula himself. She put the pastry in her mouth and leaned into her man for a wet creamy kiss. They shared a sweet kiss and then began to devour each other as if they were desserts for each other themselves. He rubbed his hands up her back and lifted her shirt over her head exposing güvenilir casino her perky breasts. She sat topless on his lap wearing nothing but her white and pink boyshorts. They barely covered her ass cheeks. He kissed her left breast with some white frosting still on his lips and left sugary cream on her nipple. She ran a hand around his neck and pulled him closer to her breasts. Her flesh hungered for his kiss. She let out moans of delight as he kissed each of her breasts and then made his way back up her neck. After sucking gently on the skin on her neck, he gave her a quick bite.

“Oh yes, baby you know that’s what I like,” Lea said as the joy of pain ran shivers across her skin.

He wrapped an arm around her back and laid her down on the couch. He held her hands down by her wrists and attacked her neck again with gentle bites and nibbles, intermingled between warm kisses with his lips and soft licks with his tongue. Her stiff nipples poked up begging for a similar treatment and he obliged gladly. He kissed his way down her stomach to the waistband of her underwear. He peeled her underwear from her waist slowly as he kissed his way down to her sweet spot. Trent could feel the heat coming from her sticky sweetness. She was wet and ready to be licked tenderly. He palmed her ass as Lea lifted her butt off the couch to kick off the wet panties. He dove his head between her legs and began to lick on her wet vagina. He used the tips of his teeth to gently nibble on her soft lips. She shivered each time he sucked on her clit.

“Ooh baby I said I wanted to suck your love,” Lea said between exasperated breaths. “Bring it here and let me taste it.”

He took off his shirt and dropped his shorts and underwear in front of the couch. His hard shaft stood erect in front of her face.

“Oh yes, Trent” Lea said. She licked her lips and took his hard member into her mouth. She pushed her mouth deep onto his dick massaging on his balls as she sucked on his hard tip. He rubbed her clit with two fingers as Lea’s wet lips as she continued to suck on his most private parts. She spat on his dick and stroked it getting it harder. “Give it to me, baby”

“Who you think you is, Rick James? What’s the magic word?” He said.

“Oh please, Trent, baby. Pleaseee”

“Good girl”

Trent climbed on top of her sliding his manhood inside her warm wetness. She flung a leg around him locking him in position entangled close to her body. She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him down to feel her skin against his chest. She began to bite on his neck. “Oohh you better watch out for the Lea Monster! Rawrrrr!”

Their sweat stuck their two bodies together. She clawed and rubbed on his back as he stroked inside of her. “I love my, Lea Monster,” he said before placing a kiss on her on the lips. He scooped her up and she gyrated her body next to his as he stroked deeper inside of her with every stroke.

“Oooh sit down, baby. I want to ride you,” She said.

He eased down to the couch. Soon she was bouncing up and down on his manhood. Her breasts bounced in front of his face but both her luscious breasts and the desire in her eyes kept him entranced. He palmed her ass as she grinded on his hard shaft. She reached under and rubbed the palm of her hand on his balls as she held onto him with a hand on his shoulder. Her moans grew louder and louder. They sexed with passion until they both reached their climax. At the instant the Lea let out her loudest scream at her peak of sexual excitement, the movie picked up where it left off. Lea and the woman on the screen shrieked in unison. The lovers climaxed together, she on top of his shaft, he deep inside of her sweet walls. Her sweet cream mixed with his cum and dripped down his dick and onto his balls. She reached down and rubbed the creamy mixture onto his balls.

The movie played on as a voice gave a warning over a radio, “The monster is still at large. Hide the women and children. I repeat, the monster is still at large.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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