Travis, Liz , Lisa

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Big Tits

Travis ran a comb through his short brown hair, spiking the top strands. Then he ran it through again. Everything had to be perfect for tonight.

The young man brushed his teeth and flossed, then popped a minty strip of breath freshener into his mouth, smacking his lips at himself in the mirror. He undid a few buttons at the top of his purple silk shirt, leaving part of his naturally tan-colored chest exposed.

He had to admit that yet again, he looked too good to be true.

Running around his living room, he fluffed a pillow here, tossed another there on the couch, and started the CD player, pausing at the beginning of a very suave song. Then he ran around dowsing lights and lighting up candles and fragrant incense cones.

Everything was just right when he heard at last the buzzer for the downstairs security door. He pressed the release button, and ran to the door, standing in the hallway and inspecting himself one more time in the mirror.

Tonight was going to be awesome, he thought, readjusting his slacks so they hung a bit lower.

If he moved the right way, parts of his hips and muscled stomach would be exposed. He had to make sure he did that just a bit.

Tonight, the prettiest girl in his college was coming over. He’d been working on her for the better part of a school year, convincing her she should come hang out. Guys like Travis could never hide their true intentions when it came to the fairer sex, so Travis never bothered. All he could do with a chick was persuade her to give in to his ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, and ask her to hang out.

And Liz had finally done just that, given in to Travis’ subtle insinuations about what a good time she would have, and how he was completely safe to be with. Soon, in less than five minutes, she’d be at the door to his apartment. Then, in another ten minutes if everything went well, they’d be doin’ it, and kickin’ it, and lovin’ it.

The doorbell rang. She was here! Travis smoothed the sides of his hair slightly with each palm, then opened the door.

Liz stood there in a grey sweater and a black miniskirt. Her hair was down to her breasts, long and smooth and black and shiny. Her legs were bare, creamy and long. And her face had a coy, knowing look, her Asian almond-shaped eyes sparkling black, and her pert nose and lips utterly perfect with hardly any make up on.

“Hey!” Travis said, eyeing the girl up and down.

“Hi, Travis. I hope you don’t mind but…”

Liz moved to one side.

“I brought my friend, Lisa. I thought that was the best thing to do, since I don’t know you that well. I wouldn’t want everyone in class talking about us after tonight.”

Travis gulped.

Lisa was blonde, her hair wavy where Liz’s was straight, but just as long and well cared for. Her eyes were a crystal blue, penetrating to Travis’ core. And her breasts pushed through the tight white cotton shirt she was wearing, calling Travis’ eyes to them. She had thicker legs than Liz, and was all curves in all the right places.

Travis gulped again, nodding as Liz strode confidently into his apartment, Lisa following close behind and winking at him.

“Wow, what a great place you have!” Liz said, dropping her purse next to the thick cushioned couch and plopping down. illegal bahis

Lisa took the seat next to her, leaving no room for Travis. And he frowned.

For starters, he hadn’t expected this at all. His apartment was not very big, so there was no way he’d be able to get Liz alone without being obvious. And to top that off, he wasn’t sure so much that he would choose Liz if he were given a choice. Lisa was one hot number, and she seemed good to go, eyeing him up and down openly. It was giving him the worst hard on he’d had in ages.

“Uh huh,” he said, sighing and reluctantly settling himself into his one armchair.

“Well? Aren’t you going to offer us something to drink?”

Liz blinked at him prettily. Travis had to force himself to look away.

“Yeah, I’ll get right on that,” he muttered, walking forlornly into the kitchen.

From the open archway, he watched Liz and Lisa, talking and laughing and throwing their heads back.

Gods, two fucking hot college chicks in his house, and he wasn’t going to get any damned pussy!

Holding a bottle of chilled wine in his one hand, Travis reached down and touched his cock through his slacks. He was so hard, he was aching. And he could just tell how tonight would end up.

The two girls would giggle and drink and then likely pass out on the couch together. And he would have to fall asleep alone in his room knowing they were right there, vulnerable, in his living room, and he could do nothing about it.

Gods, he hated how Fate seemed to be against him.

“Here you go,” he said, handing each girl a wineglass.

“Thanks, Travis! And thanks for inviting me over tonight. I hope you understand why I brought Lisa along.”

Liz sipped from her glass, eyeing Travis through her long dark lashes.

“Huh?” he said absentmindedly.

“Well, I never do anything alone, if I can avoid it,” Liz said.

Then, right before Travis’ eyes, she put a hand on Lisa’s bare knee, rubbing it.

Travis kept the oncoming sigh deep in his chest.

Well no fucking wonder, he said to himself, looking into his glass.

No wonder Liz was so hard to get. She was a bloody college campus lesbian. This night couldn’t get any worse.

For about a half hour, Travis sat quietly, letting the two girls gossip with each other. Soon, their gossip turned to inebriated flirting, which was a bit more interesting. But still, Travis’ cock just got harder watching the girls’ subtle glances at each other, watching them watch each other lick their lips and touch themselves. Soon, they’d be all over each other.

Not able to take anymore, Travis shook his head and stood up.

“I’m going to the can,” he said quietly.

He wasn’t even sure the girls heard him. He walked away, going into the bathroom and relieving himself, then chastising himself for being a fool in the bathroom mirror.

After about seven or eight minutes, he finally came out of the bathroom.

Lisa was on her back on the couch, her cotton shirt pulled up over her unbound breasts. Liz was ontop of her, looking like a tiger as she pinched one nipple and licked kitten-like at the other. Her own skirt was hiked up to her waist, and she wore no panties. Lisa’s fingers were teasing over her buttocks. illegal bahis siteleri

Then both girls looked up at Travis.

He looked back at them, his bottom jaw dropping.

Liz was the first to speak.

“We couldn’t help ourselves,” she said, her voice low and sultry.

She licked her lips, eyeing Travis up and down.

“What are you going to do now, Travis?”

He stood there, dumbfounded.

“Did you want us to stop? We could leave if you like…”

“No! No no,” he said, putting out his hands and taking a few steps into the living room.

“Don’t stop on my account.”

“Alright,” Liz said, tilting her head and watching him for a moment. Then she dropped her head again to Lisa’s dark red nipple.

Travis watched, entranced, as she suckled hard on the areola, pulling the flesh with her lips.

Man, this was crazy! he told himself.

Two super hot college chicks were doing the deed on his couch! Fuck, what he wouldn’t give to join in.

Lisa looked over at Travis, her crystal blue eyes slitted in desire. She smirked at him, her lips curling seductively. She put her hands above her head on the arm of the couch and watched him as Liz licked and lapped over her breast. Then her eyes dropped to his crotch. There was no mistaking what she was thinking.

Travis’ eyes went wide. He looked down, noting how big of a bulge his cock was making in his slacks. Then, almost without being in control of himself, he reached down, rubbing over the hard on with his palm.

His cock tingled, and he looked up at Lisa, who was nodding approvingly. Encouraged, Travis rubbed harder. He was making himself pant.

“I’m not a real lesbian, you know,” Liz said suddenly.

Travis realized she was watching him too, now.

“I just don’t trust just anyone. That’s why I brought Lisa. I really don’t do anything alone.”

With that, the dark haired girl lay herself flat on Lisa’s body, as if she were used to being right where she was. She put her cheek to Lisa’s and the two girls studied Travis.

Was this a signal, he asked himself. He wasn’t sure and didn’t want to do the wrong thing.

Then Lisa reached behind Liz’s back and began to pull up the skirt, pulling it higher until the creamy white bottom was completely exposed. Her fingers teased between the two round cheeks and Liz purred against Lisa’s lips. Then both girls looked at Travis expectantly.

Yep, this was a signal!

Travis reached into his slacks, unbuttoning them and unzipping them and letting them drop to the floor with his boxers. Then he stepped out of them, kicking them to one side.

He’d never yet had two chicks at once. But now was as good a time to start as any.

He walked slowly over to the low couch. Neither of the girls moved except to turn their heads to watch as he came closer than before. Now he was behind them, standing where their feet were. Liz pulled up her knees, and her ass rounded out perfectly for Travis’ hands. He put one on each of her tight cheeks.

“You are so beautiful, both of you,” he said.

He wasn’t sure if he meant their looks, or their ideas. But he was sure it wouldn’t matter right now.

Gripping Liz’s buttocks, he gave them a squeeze, canlı bahis siteleri loving the feel of them in his palms. Then he maneuvered himself until he was on the couch, between both their legs.

Carefully, Travis teased along Liz’s slit with his cock head. She was already so hot and wet from Lisa’s fingers.

Lisa’s hands came up now, pulling at Liz’s bottom, spreading the girl for Travis’ cock. That was a wild thing to do, and he plunged himself deep inside the top girl, closing his eyes as his shaft was sheathed within her puss.

Lisa moved her hands to Liz’s top now. She lifted the grey sweater and exposed the two perky breasts there. She teased at them, and Travis opened his eyes, watching as Lisa’s hands tugged and pulled on the lovely little tits. If he tilted his head to one side, he could see Lisa mouthing them, mashing the little breasts together.

Travis began to pump in and out of Liz’s tightness. She felt so good, like he had always known she would. He ran his hands up and down her back, then over Lisa’s legs. Leaning forward over Liz, he managed to get a hand under her.

His fingers played at her clitoris, making her moan. Then his hand found Lisa’s crotch. She was hairier, her lips chubbier and more swollen. Groaning at the feel of them on his fingers, Travis pumped faster. Then he pushed Liz down onto Lisa, fucking the girl furiously from behind.

Without caring, he was cumming, filling the smaller girl’s puss with his seed, gushing into her cunt. He moaned loudly, crying out as he ground Liz into Lisa.

Then he backed up, pulling out and sitting, panting, on the arm of the couch.

The two college coeds infront of him sat up, giggling and beginning to peel their clothes off. Soon, they were both naked, one standing by the couch, the other sitting on it.

“Do you like what you see, Travis?” Liz asked.

Travis nodded, gulping again.

Liz was perfect and slender, her small breasts perky and her body petite. Lisa was curvaceous and rounded out, her breasts large pale mounds topped with dark red nipples. And her mons was deliciously tempting.

Both girls moved forward now, and before Travis could blink, they had their mouths on his cock, both of their lips working furiously over his shaft.

He groaned, wanting to close his eyes, but not wanting to look away from their hungry mouths. Their tongues fought over the chance to taste him and he grunted, moving his hips slightly. He put a hand on each of their heads, encouraging them.

Soon, he was hard again, and the girls were smiling.

“My turn now,” Lisa said, lying back onto the couch on her back.

Travis nodded eagerly and practically jumped over the girl. Quickly he dove his cock into her, gripping her legs and pushing her knees back to her breasts. He pushed up, his balls smacking on her ass as he thrust furiously into her tightness.

Liz curled up behind him, pressing her tits into the curve of his lower back, her tongue flicking over his skin.

This was too hot. And it was only the beginning of the night.

Travis came, releasing into Lisa with a torrent of semen. And she ground herself against him, cumming at the same time. He could feel her muscles stroking his throbbing shaft.

“Want to go again?” Liz whispered in his ear.

Travis hadn’t even pulled out of Lisa yet as Liz began to whisper the sweetest, dirtiest nothings in his ear.

The night wasn’t what he had expected, but it had become so much more.

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