To Earn Her Fantasy

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Russ and I have been together for 2 years and in that time have shared with each other many of our fantasies. I quickly learned that he was agreeable to most anything leaving me that comfortable feeling of sharing with him my wildest fantasy of all-a gangbang. Each time we spoke of it I became incredibly aroused but all the while he half-questioned my ability to sustain that type of encounter.

Then one Saturday morning he hit me with a deal. While eating breakfast at our favorite bagel shop, he proposed to arrange for me my craziest fantasy with the understanding that the number of men involved would be dictated by the number of men I could suck and fuck before midnight, and I had to share all details with him afterward.

After breakfast we went back to his place and I meandered around in a daze for about an hour wondering how I was going to pull this off. I needed a plan of action but my mind was racing. I called my spa knowing that a few hours there would relax me enough to prepare my plan.

When I arrived at the spa, Andy, my usual therapist wasn’t available. Instead, a new therapist, Logan, was working today. None of this mattered. Andy was a shorter, chunky man but gave me a good massage. I’d found most female massage therapists have too soft a touch so I was pleased to find Andy. I’d just keep my eyes closed and imagine Russ was giving me the massage. The receptionist led me to the women’s locker room where I changed in to a robe and slippers. (Yes, just a robe and slippers. I’m comfortable enough with my body to be nude when I get a massage.) I waited just a few minutes in the sitting area when my friend Darlene directed me to the Orange Blossom room for my massage. She said I could go ahead and get comfortable and Logan would be with me momentarily. I knew the drill. After she closed the door, I removed my robe and slippers and laid face down on the table with the sheet pulled just to my mid-back.

When Logan entered I didn’t even bother to look up. I just wanted a deep massage and to relax; I didn’t want an hour-long conversation. He introduced himself, to which I simply replied, ‘Hello,’ and asked if I had any particular areas of concern. ‘All over,’ I said. He laughed and pumped a few squirts of oil on his hands. He began to caress my back, rubbing deeply with his strong hands. It felt fantastic and I let out a heavy sigh. He worked thoroughly on my back, from my neck, across my shoulders, down my backbone and across my lower back and hips. Next he gently massaged my legs paying particular attention to my inner thighs. My pussy was getting wet and I was afraid he would soon catch the scent of my passion juices. I gasped when I rolled over to my back.

Logan was the perfect specimen of a man. He was wearing a snug t-shirt and shorts, revealing every muscular detail of his fine, tight body. As he continued working on my upper legs and thighs I instinctively reached out, caressed his crotch and grabbed his cock. Surprisingly, he did not react but kept massaging me. I continued rubbing his shorts softly until I felt him getting aroused. He stopped rubbing me long enough to let me remove his shorts. Standing in front of my head, he continued to massage my arms, chest, shoulders and neck with warm oil while I went to work on his hot cock with my hungry mouth. I quickly licked the tip only a couple times and circled the head with my tongue then took his delicious dick in my luscious lips. Eventually he had to stop massaging me because I was sucking him so hard. He flipped me over on the table and thrust his huge eight inch cock in my pussy now dripping with liquid sex. He wasted no time, fucking me so hard I started to moan and cumming so hard I was shaking. He pounded me until he exploded all over my ass and back then finished by giving me a gentle facial massage with his cum.

When I left at 12:30 p.m., I knew what still had to be done. I needed to do some laundry but that would give me about 2 hours to sit by the pool before I hit the local bars later that night.

Out at the pool I saw a friend, Jeff, and his son, Chris. Ironically, I met Jeff online. We started chatting one day and soon learned we both lived in the same apartment complex. He was newly divorced and his son from a previous marriage had recently come to live with him. Jeff was formerly in the military, tall and worked-out daily as evidenced by his rock, hard body. He had a dominating presence about him, seemingly taking control of our every conversation. I secretly hoped that if I ever fulfilled my fantasy of a MFM three-some that it would be Russ and Jeff.

As Jeff and I sat by the pool, I shared with him the deal that had been made and my plans for the night. I stepped inside to get a drink from the vending machine and was startled by Jeff when I turned around. With his hands on my arms, he pulled me to the corner of the air-conditioned laundry room telling me he wouldn’t settle for sloppy seconds later that night, that he canlı bahis would have me then.

“My beautiful whore, get on your knees, now.” Jeff tenderly pushed a few strands of hair from my face. He had a remarkable way of making me feel like a lady even at the same time he’s calling me a slut.

I couldn’t believe what he wanted me to do. Here?! Now?! This was a laundry room next to the pool of an apartment complex with over 150 units, in Florida, on a hot, sunny day. I was in fear that somebody would walk in but I obeyed, nonetheless. On my knees before him, I pulled off Jeff’s baggy shorts still wet from the pool and took his cock in my mouth. The concrete floor was hard on my knees as I softly began licking and sucking his cold cock, taking more and more of it in my mouth. I could taste chlorine from the pool as it grew hot, filling my mouth. Jeff reached down pushing my triangle shaped bikini top to the sides exposing my sprightly A-cup breasts. As I worked his cock to its full 8 inches he fondled my breasts and ran his hands through my wet hair. Grabbing my hair by the back of my head he forced me to take his entire shaft in my mouth pressing it against the back of my throat. I could taste his pre-cum. Jeff kept me there on my knees for at least 5 minutes as I sucked on his cock and intermittently licked his balls. He sensed the hard floor was really hurting my knees as my hands gripped his ass tighter and tighter.

“That’s enough my cock slut. Stand up and lean over that bench.” Along the wall ran several wooden benches. I leaned over placing my hands and my right knee on the bench. I was now looking directly out on to the pool deck. The windows were heavily tinted and could only be seen through from the inside out.

Jeff grasped my hips with his strong hands and moved his stiff cock to my pussy now dripping with sweet juices. Without effort he plunged his rod deep in my hungry flesh and began fucking me with long, deliberate strokes. He knew what I wanted. He knew I wanted pounded hard and fast. He knew these methodical thrusts would prove to build an intensive orgasm. And so he continued, in and out, in and out, despite my pleas for more. I urged him on, “Fuck my pussy”, and tightened my muscles around him. He liked this and increased his grip on my hips. Finally, he began pounding me harder and faster. I could feel his balls slapping up against me. He smacked my ass with his hand and within moments my pussy got wetter. He was now relentless, pulverizing my wet hole with his cock and spanking my ass. I didn’t think Jeff’s cock could get any harder but he did. I felt it growing more rigid and waves of pleasure coursed deeply through my body spreading from deep within my womb to the tips of my fingers and toes. My body quivered as he exploded, releasing his spunk inside me. Jeff released his hold on me and I collapsed onto the bench. My legs couldn’t support my weight.

“You are such a beautiful slut,” Jeff said to me. He leaned over and kissed me deeply. “Go home and clean yourself up. You look like a whore.”

Before leaving Jeff told me that if I found myself short one guy and the evening coming to a close, to stop by his place. A buddy was coming over to watch the game and he assured me this guy would gladly assist in my endeavor. I thanked him for his help and left. Leaving through the building, I had an awful feeling everyone at the pool knew what had just taken place.

Back at home, I showered and shaved, paying particular attention to give myself a smooth, bare pussy, and chose a sensual jasmine scented gel-one of my favorites and very feminine. As I moved the lathered sponge over my body, I thought of what a slut I would become this evening, what a slut I already was. My hands paused as I took a breast in each one and squeezed. I let the sponge drop to the floor of the tub. Taking each nipple between my finger and thumb, I rolled and pinched until they were both hard. I ran my hands over my long, sexy legs. My pussy was already wet with my juices in anticipation of the coming evening. I followed the shower with luxurious warm strokes of voluptuous jasmine lotion leaving my skin soft and silky.

I slipped on a sheer, halter-style dress with a plunging neckline and an uneven ruffled hemline. My long brunette hair fell to my shoulders in large, soft curls and my make-up expertly applied revealed smoldering eyes and luscious lips. In the dress and my strappy, stiletto heels there was no doubt I would have my pick of men that night.

I arrived at a hotel bar along the interstate just before 7:30 p.m. I scanned the room as I walked in and chose a seat near the center of the L-shaped bar. Without much going on, I decided to take some time and ordered dinner. I nibbled on a shrimp Caesar salad and sipped a glass of Pinot Gris. I was approached several times but wasn’t attracted to any of them. Around 8 p.m. two businessmen came in and took a seat at the end of the bar. I smiled politely at them bahis siteleri when they looked in my direction. They smiled back. Bingo!

After a few minutes, Tom and Will walked over asking if they could join me. I accepted their offer without reluctance. Both were average looking men, could stand to loose a few pounds, and Tom was married. They were in town for a conference and would be leaving the next day. We talked, laughed and drank for a while. The bar’s piano player arrived and although he was good, the sound was too loud to talk. Will asked if I wanted to join him in his room. Knowing this night was a numbers game, I asked if Tom could join us. They looked quizzically at one another and sheepishly agreed.

Tom and Will had their hands all over me before we even got in to the elevator. Will was kissing me and caressing my tits through my dress, while Tom played with my clit under my panties and they didn’t ease up when a younger couple stepped in behind us.

In Will’s room I started getting light-headed and wondered if I had had too much to drink. The men sat on the bed while I went to work on Will’s cock. It was a very nice size and thickness. I sucked on Will as I watched Tom stroking his cock. Tom’s wasn’t as large and I decided immediately that I wanted Tom to fuck me first. I directed him to get behind me as I licked Will’s delicious dick. For the next hour, I alternated sucking one cock while another invaded my pussy. Tom was the first to cum in me and it didn’t take too long for him. He had been a faithful husband-until that moment. Will was next and took longer or rather, he took his time. Using Tom’s cum, he smeared it around my asshole and invaded my virgin hole with his finger while his cock used my love canal as his personal pleasure zone. At the same time, Tom had his cock in my mouth again. My three holes were being pulverized in unison both men pushing in to me at the same time. This was a feeling like I had never felt before, something no mere words could describe and they continued this attack on my body as wave after wave after wave of desire coursed through me. Will finally came hard delivering a full load of cum in my pussy and on my ass. Tom followed shortly filling my mouth with his load.

Walking out of the hotel, I thought about how much I had hoped my first MFM three-some would be with Russ, but time was running short and I still had to fuck one more guy. I slid into the seat of my car and noticed the time as I started the engine. It was already 10 o’clock. I decided my best bet would be to take up Jeff on his offer. I pulled onto the interstate knowing how little time I had left. I only had a few miles to go and was pushing 85 m.p.h. when I saw flashing lights in my mirror. “Damn”, I thought. I moved to the right lane and prepared to stop. This was it. I’d never be able to hold up my end of the deal now. I’d come so far and now this. I leaned forward laying my head on the steering wheel. Suddenly there was a tap on my window.

“Miss, driver’s license and registration, please. And step out to the back of the car.”

I reached into my purse for my license and took the registration out of the console of the car. Walking to the back of the car, I realized I’d messed up the evening and decided I’d make the best of it.

“Miss, do you know how fast you were going?”

“Yes, sir. I was pushing 85.”

“Have you been drinking?”

“Yes, sir. I had a glass of wine around 8 tonight.”

“And where are you going in such a hurry?”

“Uhm, well…” The 3 glasses of wine I had that night got the better of me and I blurted out, “Well, my fiancé made a deal with me that he would fulfill a sexual fantasy of mine so as part of the deal I’m trying to get fucked by as many men as possible tonight. I’ve done four and now I’m on my way to number five. I only have until midnight to complete my part of the deal.”

The officer stood there for a moment saying nothing. “Miss, considering the circumstances, I believe you have had more than one glass of wine to drink and I’m going to have to take you for a sobriety test. This won’t take long but, I’m sorry, I do have to handcuff you. Turn around.”

I tried to argue but he wasn’t listening. He turned me around and after caressing my arm from shoulder to hand slapped a cold, metal cuff around my wrist. Then he ran his hand down my other arm before securing the other cuff. I couldn’t believe this was happening. The entire evening was now a waste. It was one thing to fuck all these guys in an effort to achieve a goal. I was on a mission. But now I was a slut, the deal was lost and now I had to muster the intelligence and stability to get myself through a sobriety test. The officer helped me into the back seat of his cruiser and closed the door. He walked over to my car, took out the keys and walked back. Within a few minutes we were pulling in front of my apartment.

After opening the door and helping me out of the car, bahis şirketleri Officer Williams threw his police coat over my shoulders and with his arm around me like a friend, escorted me up the stairs to my third floor apartment.

“Sir, why are we here?” I asked.

“This is where I will administer your sobriety test”.

“I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to understand anything. Just follow my instructions and don’t say a word.”

Inside my apartment he removed the coat, hung it on the back of one of the dining room chairs and looked around the room. “This will do nicely,” he said. He flipped on the hallway light. At the far end of the room sat my loveseat directly under a window looking out to the parking area. To the right was a matching gray sofa with a glass top cocktail table in front of both. Officer Williams moved the table out of the way and stood me facing him. “Miss, it is apparent you were driving under the influence of alcohol-we both know that. However, I am willing to overlook that impropriety and help you accomplish your evening’s task if you voluntarily follow my simple directions without question. Do you agree to these terms?”

Did I have any choice? This was my only chance to salvage my efforts. “Yes, sir, I agree to your terms.”

“Good choice, young lady.” Officer Williams reached around me and opened the blinds of the window.

“Sir, if we leave the light on anyone outside will be able to see what we’re doing in here.”

As innocent as I tried to sound, I secretly hoped that was his intent. He only looked at me and flashed a surreptitious smile while stripping off his shirt and bullet-proof vest. He removed his shoes and pants and as he slid off his briefs his already hard cock was aimed directly at me, seemingly ready to fire. He sat on the left arm of the loveseat next to the window with his right foot on the floor and his left foot up on the cushion. Reaching over, he took my arm and pulled me towards him. Officer Williams then lifted my dress over my head and wrapped it around my still-hand-cuffed wrists.

“Suck this gun of mine,” he directed. A gun? His cock was more like a small cannon than a gun.

I placed the majority of my weight on the loveseat with my right knee, using my left leg against the furniture to brace myself from falling over and leaned over to take his cock in my mouth. I started by merely licking around the tip a couple of times then lightly taking just the head in my moist, warm mouth. It always helps to know a police officer and I wanted to make this worthwhile for him, in more ways than one. I teased his cock for a few moments just licking and sucking the head then suddenly took his entire weapon in my mouth. I worked hard to give him the best blow-job I could without the use of my hands. I slurped and sucked on his cock like a ravenous animal slowing down only occasionally to attend to his plum-sized balls. With each upward bobbing of my head I would glance out the window. Three cars had already driven by, stopping briefly just outside the building. After deeply sucking on his cock for awhile I paused for a moment, catching my breath, and returned to licking his tasty pre-cum. Looking out the window again, I saw my car pulling into a parking spot, then the driver exited and got in to the fourth car I saw drive by. As I continued sucking, Officer Williams reached around me and began fingering my clit. I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure as he inserted one, two, then three fingers in my sopping wet pussy.

“Your pussy wants to be fucked, doesn’t it, little lady?” Indeed, I was ready. He pulled me off of him and sat in the middle of the loveseat. “Have a seat on me, facing the window.” On my knees, I straddled his legs and slowly lowered myself on his cock. He filled me, stretching me more than I ever had been before. I was glad that I was on top and in control-or so I thought. I moved slowly as my hole became accustomed to Officer Williams’ huge cock but he soon grabbed my arms and began pushing me up and down on him. Harder and faster, with all his strength he thrust me burying his cock deep in me. I was soon helping move myself in unison with his direction as I began to feel another orgasm swell within me.

“I-I-I’m going to cum”.

“Go ahead, slut, I’m gonna fill you with my black seed while all my buddies watch outside.”

The window was 2 feet in front of me but I had forgotten all about it! I looked out the window now and noticed a dozen police cruisers and just as many officers standing in the parking lot looking up at me.

It didn’t matter any longer. I screamed, “I’M CUMMING!!” as our bodies bucked together and he pumped his load inside me.

After getting dressed he said, “Thank you, you beautiful slut. Next time you’ve been drinking, call us before you try to drive. We’ll get you home.” His voice sounded evil but then he kissed me on the cheek, walked me to my bed and left.

As I lay there resting I called Russ on the phone. He arrived a few minutes later and we talked for hours as I told him every sordid detail of my day. I fell asleep that night in his arms-just as we would every night for years to cum.

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