Three Vignettes

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(1) She drives the better car. I made sure of that. We can afford two cars, but the better one? All her. I’ll take the Audi. She can have the Merc. I don’t even like Mercs. Never did and never will.

She loves that status symbol, and I really don’t care about that stuff at all. What I do care about, though, is her.

This is a woman who, even after ten years of marriage, dresses up for me. Is by my side at all of the corporate events (we’ve got to pay for those cars somehow, right?) and still whispers sexy things in my ear during them. She’s not the world’s worst cook, nor the best, but half of the time that we actually eat at home, dinner gets a little overcooked while we fuck. (The other half of the time, it’s a cold dinner, like a chicken salad or something.)

She’s not a tall gal, but she has a great (for her size) rack. And a great (for her size) ass. She’s only 5-foot-1, but B cups on a small frame, and 32-26-36 is so, so pretty. So are her big brown eyes when looking up at me.

I love it when we come home from some event and she doesn’t even start güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri taking off her little dress. She just kneels down–still in her heels–and unzips my pants and starts sucking. Later, she’ll either slip down the dress or unbutton the blouse, and take off the bra, and display her tits like she should. But she never fails to take care of me at night.

And I never fail to take care of her right afterward. There are a number of ways we do this: straight fucking, a nice vibe, a nice vibe with the glass dildo in her ample ass, or maybe just some good licking.

Wow, I love my life.


(2) Her skirt is light, and her ass is ample. The skirt barely comes to her mid-thigh, and her pale, bare skin is revealed. Her top cuts low, and her cleavage is bare. Why, I don’t know, because her best asset, including her incredible tits (and we call them tits at home, not breasts) is her mouth.

Incredible lips. Full, inviting, and, most importantly, sensitive.

She loves sucking cock. Mine, most importantly.

So when güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri we come home from work on a summer day, and there are no stockings to remove because the weather is hot, she just kneels down and goes to work. She opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue, and looks up at me. Right into my eyes, with her big blues. She knows to undo her blouse and show her pretty tits. I unzip and take my cock out, and she just goes to town.

Later, we’ll go upstairs. There will be a presentation of her pretty and ample ass. It will be stroked, spanked, licked, and fingered, in some indeterminate order. Her pretty little shaved pussy will receive exactly the same treatment before I enter it. I’ll love entering it. Wow, will I love entering it; I love being inside this woman.


(3) The babysitter is pretty hot.

No, I don’t know this from personal experience; I’ve just observed her body. She’s about 5’7″, I can guess; I can tell for a fact that she’s a platinum blonde (my wife suspects natural; more on that in a minute); güvenilir bahis şirketleri and she’s definitely a busty gal with great legs.

I do know this: She’s screwing around with my wife. And I don’t give a damn, because I get (1) the complete lowdown and (2) usually a great blowjob, every time.

This gal is a total sucker for pussy. Including, and maybe exclusively (how the hell do I know?) my wife’s pussy. Apparently, she loves to lick, suck, and kiss my wife’s pussy until she cums, which isn’t anything I’d ever object to.
My wife, meanwhile, is hardly an ugly woman. She’s shorter and less curvy than the babysitter, but I love her shoulder-length dark hair, and her beautiful face, and her incredible lips, and her tight ass, and her… well, I’m a husband in love. That’s enough, right?

But what I really love are nights when we come home from dinner or drinks, and sometimes maybe more (we’ve been known to rent a room at the Hilton for just an hour, just the two of us), and I go upstairs to tuck in and check on the kids.

I’ll hear moans and groans. I’ll never see what goes on (the sweetie and I have always had a deal about women that way). But later, in between licks of and sucks on my cock, she’ll tell me exactly what happened. And I’ll give her well-licked pussy a light spanking, and fuck the hell out of her.

I love it when we hire that sitter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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