This Is What You Want, Isn’t It?

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This is what you want, isn’t it? You sit there in front of your computer, reading… scrolling… hoping that I’ll be able to reach you, touch you, make you want. Will words be enough to spark that primal need?

I sit here in nothing but pristinely white garb… a thong and a t-shirt, in the same position as you, my fingers on the keys, my mind searching for words to express how much I need you to react to this. The temperature of my body rising with the fleeting thought that maybe yes, maybe I can.

Where will I be when you picture me? Will you first see me in the doorway and ask me to turn around so that you can see the delicate string of my thong and the tiny triangle of gossamer that lies directly above the crack of my ass? Will I already be lying in bed waiting, covered in the flimsiest of sheets? Will I be bound, gagged… blindfolded? Will I present myself to you on my knees, in that humbled position that screams – You are in control.

I want you to tell me what you want.

Will you kiss me first? Will your hands be on my face, your fingers in my hair, when you tilt my chin up and bring your mouth down on mine? Will you stop if I moan into the kiss, if I’m so entranced by the warm, wet taste of your tongue that I’m unable to stop myself from showing how much I want you? Or will you kiss me so hard and rough, so hungrily that I’ll have to choice but to fight back to prove that my hunger, that my ache is illegal bahis just as strong as yours… maybe even stronger.

Will the feel of my breath against your skin and the scent of my perfume, the aching tone in my whimper of frustration, the flush of my skin… will those affect you? Will you be hard just waiting so that when you reach me all I need do is open wet my lips and welcome you? Or will you be soft so that I can coax you with them to life? Maybe, when I rub my cheek along the length of your soft cock, from the hairs of your pubis down over its curve, and barely turn my face so that my wet lips graze the tip when I reach it, just maybe, I’ll actually feel that first twinge of want. Would you prefer I lick all over without putting you in my mouth? Do you like to be teased or would my play wear your patience? Will you let me taste you? What will you say when I ask you to please, please feed me you cock? What will you do when I tell you how much I need it? Will you move into me, fuck my mouth? Or will you let me be the one in control when I service you? Let me be the one in charge of pleasing you? When I make you cum with my mouth… will you let me drink you or opt to bring yourself to climax by stroking it so that you can watch the pearly-white warmth mark my skin? My shoulder… breast… face?

I have to stop writing because I find my breath ragged and my heart pounding. My skin kissed with a flush… with illegal bahis siteleri goosebumps… all because I want to turn you on.

I’m curious. After I please you, what’s next? Will you be ready quickly or need me to not touch the sensitivity there? Will that be enough for you? No. No, I can tell… If you were to touch me you’d know that merely pleasing you has made me ready and when you take me, because you will, how will it be?

I’m there. You know it. All it’ll take is for you to slip inside me. How? How will it be? Will you lie above me? Tease me by drawing the tip of your cock over my swollen, soaked clit? Will your invasion be slow, gradual, teasing… torturous? Will you enter me so quickly, so deeply that the pressure of your pelvis will make me explode on contact? How do you like it? Tell me. Will you get as close as possible? Crushing me with the weight of your body? Will you slide in deep while I cum from that first contact, back out slowly until you can feel me squeeze my orgasm at your tip? Push back in with the mocking, slow control of someone who wants to feel every contraction? Or will your thrust be faster? Hungrier… more out of control? Slamming into me, hard… hard… harder until I scream your name, begging you to please not stop. Are you close? Will my ecstacy bring yours? Will you stop, turn me before I can reach heaven again, and force me back on my knees? How long does it take you canlı bahis siteleri to cum again?

Will you be able to resist the urge to hammer into me? Can you kneel behind me, my ass up in the air, my lips glistening with wetness created by you, my shoulders lowered onto the bed. Will you lick? Probe? Taste before you inevitably spread me because you want to watch every inch of your hard cock disappear slowly inside me? When you’re in deep, so deep my moans of pleasure become mingled with delicious pain, will you be still and throb inside me? Will you push it in so deep that my wetness now coats you? This is what you want, isn’t it? You want me so soaked, so hard, so breathless, so in your control that I won’t know what you’ll do next. You want to know that I enjoy it as much as you do. Will you grab my hips and be still? Push me away to then pull me back and thrust your hips in at the last instant so that you can hear that little gasp that lets you know you hit the right spot. Will you moan for me? If I please you, will I feel your sweat dripping onto the small of my back, my ass as you pump furiously out and back in. In and out over and over and over again, each thrust bringing you and me closer. Will you slip down and wet it, bring it to my asshole and dip it inside? Will you fuck me in both places, hard, and reach around to flick my clit or will you let me finger my own clit, so that you can concentrate on watching your cock and finger invade me? How many times will we change positions, Lover? How many ways will you think of to possess me? How many times will you hold back the urge to spank me… bite me… grab a fistful of my hair? Are you closer…?

I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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