Thighs Wide Open Ch. 02

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Gary Lockett drove all over town in an old Caribbean green top down Chevy looking for Dana Scruer, the dishy girl whom he’d made love to so passionately three weeks ago. Still he couldn’t find her after that wonderful event. Now he found himself cruising the country lane, beautiful sights on both sides but he was getting pissed off and nowhere to go. Then suddenly up ahead he spotted a babe walking along the right side of the lane. On her shoulder slung a hobo bag and over her head was a baseball cap in which the pony tail ran through the hole at the back. From her curly blonde locks to that head-banging sexy movement of her ass under the mini skirt as she walked on her desert boots, his pulse rate increased. He thought that she could be Dana. So he slowed down. If she wasn’t Dana, then he’d fuck her just the same. He’d been such a horny goat waiting too long for Dana to turn up. As she heard his car approached she turned around and jerked her thumb up apparently trying to get a ride.

It was her for chrissakes. “Hey Dana?” He called out in big surprise and halted the car by her side taking in that lovely face and body that so enamored him. Her eyes were obscured by wrapped around amber shades and her sensual lips just had light pink lipstick on.

“Yeah, you know me?!” she asked a bit perplexed although she appeared validating her own recognition of him.

“How could you be so forgetful? It’s me Gary!” He responded excitedly gesturing his hand to himself. “I’ve been looking for you for so damn long.”

Her hands flew on each side of her cheeks and shrieked. “Gary!!!”

“C’mon. Hop in! I’ve been thinking you might have gotten stuck in a haystack,” he said in jest leaning across to open the door for her.

“Oh Gary!” she exclaimed. “Yeah, I’ve been stuck in a haystack and I’ve just gotten out,” she laughed. She got in the car slumping heavily on the leather seat flashing her white panties as her short skirt would allow. Gary swallowed with difficulty at the lusty display of her panties breathtakingly holding there while she spun and threw her bag behind the back seat.

“What are you looking at? Perving on me huh?” she said with a combined look of innocence and enthusiasm. Gary felt his cock zoomed to hardness in his loose khaki shorts as she moved closer to him and draped her left leg over his right thigh. She hauled up her skirt to give him a fuller view of her crotch. His eyes glued on her panties that snug across utterly outlining a pouty pussy. He was speechless. But the look on his face showed appreciation.

“You don’t want just to stare, do you? I know you’re dying to touch it. Go on, help yourself,” she urged.

Gary leaned over her and put his right arm around her shoulder. Despite her slight sweaty condition her all woman smell was alluring. An amused smile crossed her lips as his left hand reached down on her knee and crept up on her bare thigh to feel that enticing mound she offered him to touch. Soon as he reached the snug panties, his trembling fingers rubbed up and down through the thin stretchy fabric. The middle finger traced the soft cleft and the poking clit. She brought the other leg up on the seat which all the more exhilarated his sense of touching her in that very intimate part. Then the leg closed in over his hand as she giggled at the sheer pleasure.

“Nice, been a long time Dana,” he hissed managing to pinch her clitty before running his hand at the back of her silky thigh.

“Wowee!” she sighed and grabbed his head and kissed him hungrily. Gary welcomed her kiss with ardor. They tangled their tongues and probed into each other’s mouths like they wanted to tickle their tonsils. When their lips pulled apart, Gary quickly told her how he missed her.

“Oh Gary I missed you too,” she said throwing him a sultry look. Her right hand started unbuttoning his plaid shirt with cut off sleeves that showed off fairly toned arm muscle. As the shirt opened her hand slipped through and felt his tanned skin from chest and down to his flat hard tummy and the bulge of his khaki shorts.

“Hmmm, this is yummy,” she croaked as she rubbed her hand over the rigid outline of his cock beneath his khakis. Gary was overtly excited and kissed her again while lifting his ass a bit from the seat as he felt her hand sneaked inside one leg of his shorts and searched the hardness beneath. Easily, she captured the head of his bare cock and stroked it like a doorknob.

“Gary, let’s go and find a place to fuck,” Dana said with urgency when she broke off the kiss. “Would you like me to go down on you now?”

“No antalya escort Dana, not here. It’s too open. I think there’s a side road up ahead not too far from here where there are lots of big maple trees. We could park under one,” Gary said, his hands setting back on the steering wheel and the shift lever to drive on.

“And fuck our brains out,” she whispered in his ear and then stood gleefully putting her hands on the top of the windshield as the car cruised on the smooth lane. Gary had difficulty keeping his eyes on the road as her bun-baring panties were on show under the skirt that was kept up by the breeze.

“Whew, man I love this. America, so beautiful…the view…Wow! This is utterly paradise… Gary you’re my man, my gladiator, the lance of my delight. We shall rule this fucking world!” she cried out on top of her lungs throwing a fist in the air and then turning to him with her blouse upturned to bare her beautiful ample breasts.

At last Gary found the side road and swung his car onto it until there was that huge leafy tree to park underneath. Soon as he cut the engine, Dana didn’t wait for him to open the door for her and got out of the car and stretched her body, bending side by side and twisting her torso with hands on hips and strong shapely legs spread apart. Gary got out and stood transfixed by the door viewing her feline movement. His mouth tightened as he gazed at the expanse of her tanned bare legs. When she bent down to reach her toes alternately with her left and right fingertips, her round ass flashing those tiny white panties straining across proved too much for him. It allowed him to differentiate her butt crack from the cleft of her pussy. He retrieved a flannel picnic mantle from the back seat and flung it across the back hood vaguely knowing what to do with it without taking his eyes off on her booty.

Dana leaned her back on the side of the Chevy and Gary hurried around in front of her. He held her hips and shoved his throbbing erection against the center of her, grinding and thrusting. Then she made a quivering moan as she felt the effect of it.

“Three weeks seem like three years Dana,” Gary said as his hands wrapped her neck, his thumbs rubbing the line of her jaw. Then he gave her that kind of ‘I miss you so much’ kiss, hard and like stealing her breath. When he broke off the kiss, his right hand scooped a handful of her breast underneath her peasant white blouse.

“Have you fucked any other girl after me?” she managed to ask even at the height of the sexual tension going on.

“No, it’s you that I’ve always been thinking of. I’ve been too crazy over you that I think I was about to go nuts,” Gary said, rolling the stiffening nipple between his fingers. Without wasting time, Dana pulled up her blouse over her head and flung it into the back seat. Her swollen bounties spilled over Gary’s face and immediately he gathered them in his hands and sucked the devil out of one rigid nipple to another. While he savored the strawberry taste of her chewy nipples his hand slid down the front of her body and searched her delicious pussy underneath the wrap denim skirt. Dana quivered and moaned at the onslaught of his fingers down the center of her most private part that she unwrapped the damn skirt and wriggled it off her body. With panting breath Gary quickly drew the panties down and shot a wide-eyed look at her freshly shaven plump cunt. He crouched down and drew his nose at the swollen pussy and sniffed her steaming arousal. Dana raised her left leg outward and Gary immediately slurped her dripping pussy as he clutched the back of her raised knee with his right hand. Dana tossed her head back, eyes tightly shut and mouth gasping. Gary pushed the other thigh up until she was lying across the hood and his mobile head between her wide open thighs venting his lascivious desires over her bald, gaping pussy.

A moment later Dana was mashing her upturned breasts, playing her nipples, lying lengthwise her head to the tail end, an awesome sight to behold over the top of the back hood of the Chevy. Gary held her waist and showed how lecherous and yet tender his tongue could be at carving in the parts of her delectable pussy. Her soft belly undulated with every dip of Gary’s adept serpentine tongue. The smooth pulpy lips of her pussy glistened under the afternoon sun and the inner lips and the thick clit blossomed out against the ministrations of Gary’s indulgent tongue. Dana could do nothing but moaned and gasped as she was transported to heavenly bliss. Soon she cried out to her luxurious orgasm. Gary lipped and fethiye escort sipped the soft petals of her cunt as she deluged his face with her sweet nectar.

Dana moaned exuberantly and gasped like a fish escaping from an ocean predator. Her hips squirmed deliciously under the torturing mouth of Gary, her sumptuous golden thighs clapping against his ears when the pleasure had been too much to absorb. When she recovered from her ecstasy, she raised her head and found Gary’s shorts already unzipped and splayed out and his swollen cock was out craning upward like a jumbo jet taking off. Her hand quickly reached for it and stroked it earnestly. Naturally, she wouldn’t just play it with her hand. She wanted to return the favor. So she swooped down from the car hood pulling the mantle to dump it on a heap next to his feet where she could sink her knees on. Then she began the ritual of licking all sides and ridges of his cock while she stroked it up and down with a thumb and forefinger grip. Her other hand formed a cup with her palm and fingers to hold his jiggling balls as she pumped him with her fingers and sucked him with her mouth. His cock moved back and forth between her lips coaxing more of her saliva to flow out and grease her pumping. She pumped him fast and slow as her heart dictated and her mouth engulfed him with as much as she could take in. Gary slipped his hands through her hair and grabbed a bunch up as she filled her mouth with his delicious wang.

“Hmmm, this is a butterscotchy cock,” she said in between giving him a top-rated head. As she pressed his cock against his body, she moved underneath his balls and slobbered them with her wet tongue. For awhile she released all her hold of his cock and let Gary jack it off by himself as she concentrated licking his balls. Her lips caressed each one like she would do to a big lollipop and her head would go from one side to another like she couldn’t contain herself of the joy of doing it. She even went further underneath his balls teasing him with her tongue and leaving no parts dry around his cock. After that thorough deed, her tongue trailed up the underside and Gary let go of his howitzer as she sucked it again as wildly as she could muster. Gary felt that he was going to pass out at the heavenly pleasure he was receiving.

Moments later, the car door for the passenger seat was fully opened and Dana was all hands over the seat, her ass sticking up in the air. Her right foot rested on the threshold of the car floor while the other was on the ground affording Gary a great view of her backside. Gary squatted on his toes to find his thrust level while grabbing at her waist. At first his straight cock nudged at her tight butt hole. Sensing this misguided entry, Dana lifted her ass a bit higher and with a little guide of her hand aimed his fat cock to slide into her welcoming vagina instead. She heard Gary groaned as her cunt clutched tightly around his love muscle. She saw him winced at the delicious warmth and the vice-like grip of her gloving pussy. When he pumped away she sat the top of her head on the seat and peered between her open thighs at the huge cock sliding back and forth into her swallowing cunt. She couldn’t help reaching for her engorged clit and play it with her fingers. Filling her pussy with such a huge cock was the greatest excitement of all and it wasn’t long that she reached another delicious orgasm. With that she raised and twisted her torso to kiss him while he pumped at her without missing a beat.

Gary sensed that she had come again and this was her third. Yet he hadn’t come after all the rush of his excitement. He was ready to make his release. But each time seemed that his orgasm was evading him. It felt like his pleasure was being suspended and he couldn’t sort out what was happening. No matter how vigorous he pumped he remained in the near climactic state.

Gary exchanged position with her. This time Dana bent sideways bracing one arm for support over the open car door. Her right foot rested on the floor of the car while the left would either stay on the ground or raise to wrap his waist. He got from behind her and re-entered her insatiable pussy. He pumped right up against her aiming for her G-spot orgasm. Once again Dana was climbing the rock walls of her pleasure whimpering and moaning. Her juice kept streaming down his balls and she made it once to slick her fingers from there and put a finger into his mouth to let him taste her love juice. That made her more erotically intimate with him.

Still Gary’s orgasm stayed ‘on the verge’ kaş escort and not carrying him over the peak. At some point he felt that he had climaxed already and filled up her vagina to an overflow of his cum. But the full satisfaction of release was absent for he hadn’t really come after all. He held up her left leg that wrapped around his waist and pumped her with a lot of energy. While keeping her body with the constant rhythm of his action, his hands freely roamed her front body, cupping, rubbing, holding, teasing, and manipulating just about whatever he wished to do. As he watched her scale the peak of her climax, she swiveled her body to face him and undulated her hips against him as though she was giving him a private lap dance with his cock as the fulcrum and pole of her exotic movements.

Finally this was it. Gary was grimacing and getting uncontrollable. Dana wrapped one arm around his neck and the other scooped his chin and kissed him as a satisfied lover would do as he pumped under her. Soon he bellowed and announced his coming. Automatically, Dana’s Kegel muscles squeezed around him and she had another awesome climax which made her cry out a gratifying moan. Gary felt that she was milking him out with tremendous force inducing him to come. Still he was short of reaching his peak. He was beginning to feel deprived of the ultimate pleasure that he was aiming for.

“Dana, I want to come…I want to come…make me come…please…” Gary cried out in desperate tone.

“Gary, you will come, I know you will, you gotta huge orgasm coming…brace yourself…concentrate on the pleasure I’m giving you, come now Gary, come” Dana echoed her words.

At last Gary bellowed out that he was coming and Dana pulled out from him. He stood out of the car with spread and slightly bent legs and jacked off his cock ringing his thumb and forefinger behind the head. Dana knelt down before him and licked his scrunched up balls. Gary grabbed and pulled her hair back making her mouth gaped wide open. He aimed his cock to her mouth as he continued jerking off. His cock looked gigantic and red-hot, its head mushrooming out to the size that seemed to burst out. Dana awaited the tsunami of spunk that would splatter her face. She was sure of it. She knew Gary will come so copiously. Gary’s face was in a great distortion as he kept jerking off. He was sweating profusely and Dana reached out to him to tea bag his balls into her mouth.

“Now, now, Dana, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna c o M E E E!!! Gary grunted like a beast stepping a bit backward so he could aim at Dana’s mouth. In a tiny second, Gary blasted off ropes of spunk whizzing past Dana’s face but the second wave landed all over her tongue that was sticking out of her mouth. Blobs of sperm jumped off from the tip of his cock too copiously to imagine. His orgasm took so long to dissipate and he felt that he just kept coming and coming with no end. Dana looked bathed all over with his cum as she held on to his thighs.

Gary opened his eyes like they had been closed for centuries. He realized that he was lying on his bed sweating, his heart was beating faster and his blanket was drawn before his knees. His cock was turned up pointing to his stomach and kept pressed by the elastic band of his boxer shorts. It was still throbbing and there was a pool of semen on his flat tummy. He realized he had a wet dream again, his second since he dreamt of Guada, his poster girl. But this time it was Dana, the girl he lost his virginity with three weeks ago. His hand slid down and examined the extent of his cum flow. He found out that the head of his cock had managed to slip out through the elastic band of his shorts and spurted out to as far as his solar plexus. The delay of his coming in his dream must have to do with the elastic band pinning down his cock but evidently it fired out unhampered.

“Oh Dana, where are you. I wish you dreamt the same.”

Gary swung out from the bed to clean himself but before walking towards the bathroom, he stopped to gaze the blow-up photo of Dana which now replaced Guada’s poster. The moon glow streaming through his window spotlighted the beautiful face of Dana. He pressed his lips to hers and whispered, “I miss you like crazy Dana and I won’t stop looking for you.” For awhile Gary stood before the wall buff naked as he had already removed his shorts. Then he walked over to the bedside table and picked up a photo frame where another Dana’s portrait was there and brought it to his lips and then held it down so the glass topped portrait kiss at the sticky tip of his now limp cock.

He looked out of his window and saw the blue Chevy of Mr. Ross his neighbor parked across the street. He smiled and remembered that Mr. Ross allowed him to test drive it a few days ago. Maybe he’d borrow it when he goes to look for Dana. He might be lucky this time.

* * *

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