The Yellow Rose of Texas Ch. 02

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This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 7 – Making Headway

Back in my office, Cindy watched eagerly as I unfolded the paper. It read:

AE049/ .[,A;B /C[D

Underneath was scrawled “Right to tight; left is loose.”

“Groups of six instead of five.” I said as I looked at the blocks of this new code. “That’s suggestive, in its own right.”

“Right to tight, left is loose.” said Cindy. “That’s an old Girl Scout Handbook tip… screws and nuts on bolts are turned right to tighten them, and left to loosen them. Maybe we’ve got to find something secured by screws or bolts. “

“Or maybe Sharples just has a screw loose himself.” I replied. Cindy laughed out loud.

“Well, no doubt about that!” Cindy replied. “Any ideas?”

“I need to study it some more.” was all I said. Cindy left me to it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When I got home, two outstanding dogs came down the hallway to greet me. I surmised that Laura was in the small room, working on the computer.

Looking in, I saw her at the console. “I’ll take the dogs out,” I said. “then make us some drinks. What do you want?”

“Gin and tonic.” Laura replied, not looking up. I deduced she was heavily into something; she only drank gin during times she was concentrating hard.

I went and made Scotch and Amaretto and took it with me outside. As the dogs did their business, I looked over the lights of the Town, seeing a train coming out of the western horizon. I contemplated the Sharples code as I sipped my drink.

The dogs did not take long; they had their charges inside to take care of. They bounded upstairs to where the sleeping children were as I fixed another drink for me and one for Laura, then took them in to where she was.”

“Any luck?” I asked sitting down in the second chair that was against the far wall.

“Yes, I think so.” Laura said. “I’ve been able to put together a lot of stuff you and your people found out, connecting Westboro to Oldeeds. Then I started correlating to anything the FBI has from the Superior Bloodlines case, and worked in the international stuff from Wargrave, as well as… other operations overseas.”

“My darling sister.” I said. Laura’s eyes cut sideways at me, as if I’d just caught her feeding Bowser her string beans.

“My sister has been lighting up France and England with her smuggling operations.” I said. “And now she has guns flowing into Israel and to the Jewish people in Europe. They won’t let the Muslims massacre them without a hard fight.”

“You seem to know a lot about it, Darling.” Laura said. “But you’re right. Since we lost our contact inside her organization——“

“Again, thanks to me.” I said, thinking of Paul Claisson from Tanya’s Hyatt Hotel case. (Author’s note: ‘Lady Ironside’.)

“You are so lucky to be married to me, Darling.” Laura said, and I could tell she was less than pleased about my interference with the CIAs mole in my sister’s operations.

“Yes I am.” I said. “Especially when I see the wonderful children you gave me. Anyway, you found something?…”

“Yes.” Laura said. “In all of that, a couple of things came out. First, a possible pipeline between the Oldeeds Group and South America. Maybe drugs, maybe human trafficking. Curious thing is, it’s two-way. We’ve never seen them ship people down there before. I’ve contacted our people in Los Angeles about that.”

“Cool beans.” I said. “What else?”

“Maybe, just maybe,” said Laura, “a connection to Superior Bloodlines.”

“Ah.” I said. “This mysterious ‘Paulsen’ person?”

Laura was staring at me. “I swear to God… okay, how did you know?” I was not sure if that was anger or wonder in her voice.

“Just a few small ideas I’ve had running through my head.” I said. “We know Ferrell had some early ties to Oldeeds, and then he came along to vanquish Tim Burris over this more recent stuff. We also think Ferrell was involved in the Eugenics situation, and therefore possibly tied in to this new rogue cell. This ‘Paulsen’ may also be a tie-in to that cell, so maybe he directed Ferrell to kill Burris.”

“Your small ideas seem to work better than most people’s big ideas.” said Laura. “Yes, we’ve had some intercepted phone calls from Vicki Oldeeds, where she said that this ‘Paulsen’ was going to handle something for her. But we don’t know what that something was.”

Part 8 – Slots and Promotions

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!” shouted the redhead reporterette at 7:00am, Monday, May 15th, from in front of mobilbahis güvenilir mi Police Headquarters. “Channel Two News has learned that Commander Troy’s Detective Division has become a nightmare of absent leadership, as the TCPD’s Vice Squad Lieutenant, Wes Masters, is leaving today!”

A very full MCD room listened in silence as Bettina continued: “Sources tell Channel Two News that Lieutenant Masters was hired away by the City Police, possibly in a Special Operations or Internal Affairs role. However, this creates a huge void in the TCPD that Commander Troy is struggling to fill. The Police have declined to comment on who might be under consideration for either Vice Lieutenant or MCD Lieutenant.”

“And in State news,” continued Bettina, “the pressure on Governor Val Jared continues to mount as allegations of improper spending continue to be investigated. Police Forces throughout the State are being urged by activist groups to resist Val Jared’s crackdown on immigrant families, insisting that only the Federal Government can deal with undocumented workers. Roll tape.”

Katherine Woodburn was shown making a speech. She was not yelling, but still was clear in her hatred of Val Jared as she said “The corruption at the highest levels of State Government continue, as Val Jared uses Police Forces as Nazi Stormtroopers to illegally crack down on undocumented workers and separate them from their families! Children are being torn out of their mothers’ arms, husbands and wives separated from each other, without the least bit of regard for their legal rights, as Val Jared heartlessly persecutes them!”

Katherine continued: “I call upon Val Jared to resign, and to do so immediately. His continued presence in the Governor’s Office is not in the best interest of this State. His re-election was a mistake, and that mistake must be corrected before more immigrant families are ripped apart!” Woodburn received a standing ovation from the very partisan crowd to which she was speaking.

Back to Bettina, who said “And Civil Rights groups are calling for Val Jared to resign or be impeached, accusing him of being a ‘racist Republican’, after Governor Jared repeated his earlier assertion that illegal immigrants take jobs away from black citizens, and that that is what the Democrats want to see happen. State Senator Maxine Watts, a cousin of our Judge Rodney K. Watts, had this to say. Roll tape.”

State Senator Watts was the representative the ‘Badlands’ District of the City, though she actually lived in one of the City’s richest neighborhoods. She was an older black woman, and she wore a ridiculously huge wig. She was a virulent, spite-filled racist against Whites, having called for all white persons to pay reparations to blacks for slavery in the past. More recently, she gained notoriety for calling for all white women to be forced to be made sterile, so that the white race would be diluted. No joke; she actually called for that, but the Media said nothing, and suppressed any comments that were negative to her.

“Governor Jared is the worst racist to hold a Governor’s chair since David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan!” Watts shouted, not minding that David Duke had lost that gubernatorial race to a convicted felon; she knew the Media would never challenge the lie. “Governor Jared needs to be impeached for his crimes against humanity, then thrown in prison for the rest of his life!”

Back to Bettina: “Republicans are not being hasty to defend Governor Jared. State Representative Wilson Hammonds said this. Roll tape.”

Hammonds came on the TV screen, saying “No, there’s no evidence yet, but the seriousness of the charge requires us to fully investigate the allegations that Governor Jared has misused his office and State tax dollars to support what may be an illegal crackdown on migrant workers, who are our friends, not our enemies——“


“I’ve heard enough of that shit.” I said as a number of people applauded my action of turning off the television set. A line formed at the coffeepots as people began chatting about Masters and the open Vice Lieutenant slot.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At 9:00am, Classroom ‘J’ was filled with Detectives, some Uniformed Sergeants, and some Captains and Lieutenants from the Precincts. Only Della Harlow was not present amongst the top leadership.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” I announced from the doorway, “the County Sheriff and the Police Chief!” Everyone rose to their feet as Sheriff Allgood and Chief Moynahan came in.

“Carry on!” said Chief Moynahan. “Take your seats, please!” As everyone sat down, the Chief and Sheriff made their way to the front, with me behind them.

“Okay, Commander,” said the Chief. “Start us off.”

“Yes sir.” I said. I took the podium. “Everyone, as you know, Lieutenant Masters is leaving us. Let’s keep this somewhat quiet, but he’s going to the City Police to be one of their top Internal Affairs people. This is a great opportunity for him; even so, I’m sorry to be losing him.”

The Vice Detectives already knew, but they still groaned upon mobilbahis hearing it reaffirmed that their Lieutenant was leaving.

“I’m sure all of you, and especially you guys in Vice, want to know what we are going to do to fill Lt. Masters’s slot. Captain Ross, would you come up and address that, please?”

Cindy came up to the podium and I sat down next to Chief Moynahan. “For now,” she started, “we are not going to immediately fill the Vice or MCD Lieutenant slots. But we will be filling both of them eventually. The Commander and I, and I’m sure the Chief, too, will be evaluating all of you for your leadership qualities and potential to fill the role of leaders of these sections.”

Cindy then smiled as she said “Lt. Irwin, I’m sorry to say that you are not under consideration. Your Captain of Operations has threatened that what I am going to do to her in the Police Boxing Matches will more than be reciprocated if I try to take you away from her.” There was laughter in the room, though Teresa did not share in it. And Lt. Irwin had already contacted Cindy and myself and said he wanted to remain where he was.

“So,” said Cindy, “if you are interested in the jobs, see me and we’ll get your applications in the hopper for consideration. I’ll be inviting the entire Police Force to apply, so see me quickly to get in front of the line. That’s all I have. Commander?”

“I’ll take it from here.” said the Chief. He and the Sheriff got up and went to the podium. “Lt. Masters, would you please come up here?”

As Masters came up, the Chief said “The guy couldn’t let us know before May 1st, so we’ll have to do this here and now. Attention, please.” Everyone stood up as the Chief read the citation, as Sheriff Allgood pinned a Police Medal on Masters’s uniform shirt in appreciation for his service to the TCPD.

Everyone applauded, then the Chief gave Masters the podium.

“I just have a few thank-yous to give out.” said Coldiron. “First, I want to thank the Vice Squad. It’s been an honor and a lot of fun leading you guys these past few months. I would like to thank Captain Croyle for all her help and guidance and advice while I’ve been in Vice. I would like to ask Captain Croyle to extend to all the Uniformed Officers my thanks to them for their excellence while I was leading them.”

“I really appreciate all the help Captain Ross has give me, and for taking a lot of the arrows that should have come my way.” There was some laughter at that, then Coldiron said “I want to thank Commander Troy, for his patience and for teaching me more than I could’ve learned about being a Detective anywhere else.”

“But most of all,” said Coldiron, the first hint of emotion entering his voice, “I want to thank Chief Moynahan. He’s taken care of me since before we were in the Midtown Police together. I know how some of you feel about Chief Griswold; well, that’s how I feel about Chief Moynahan, and I’m grateful to have served under you, sir.”

Chief Moynahan got up. “You’re gonna make an old man cry, son.” he said. He and Coldiron exchanged a hug that was more of a son and father than of two Police Officers. Applause started up and went on for a good minute; it is possible that I started it…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Vice had a party for Coldiron, complete with gag gifts. Just before noon, he turned in his gun and his badge at the Duty Desk, leaving for his vacation.

“Ah, we got here just in time.” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Jack Muscone, coming in. He and Special Agent Martin Nash wished Coldiron well and told him to contact them if there was anything they could help him with. He thanked them.

As they got to my office, Cindy came in and said “Can I borrow Special Agent Nash for a moment?”

“Uh, sure.” said Muscone. Nash went with Cindy to her office while Jack sat down in a hot chair in front of my desk.”

“How’s your back?” asked Muscone.

“Truly not bad at all.” I said. “I’m doing some good exercises and simple martial arts forms to strengthen it, I’m getting in some swimming for cardio that doesn’t hurt it too much, and I take aspirin if it starts bothering me.”

“I’m amazed at your capacity to handle the pain.” said Muscone. “Tanya’s been there, and she’s even more amazed. We think you’re a masochist at heart.” I laughed out loud.

“I have to be, to do this job.” I said. “So, what’s up?”

“Well, I don’t have to be the Iron Crowbar to figure out that Cindy came and got Martin to talk to him about coming back to the TCPD.” said Muscone.

“I don’t have to be the Iron Crowbar either, to figure that out.” I said. “How do you feel about that?”

“It’s totally up to Martin.” said Muscone. “He was born to be an FBI agent, but I think he liked it here when he was working with you guys. I’d hate to lose him, but if he wants to come back, I wouldn’t stand in his way. I can tell you who would give her eyeteeth to come back, though.”

“And I’d give mine to have Tanya back.” I said, allowing my sadness to show on my face. “I talked to the Chief about it, too. But it’s going to be a ‘no go’ mobilbahis giriş from the Council. Even Edward Steele and John Colby aren’t with us on that.”

Muscone nodded sadly. “Well, I came over to let you know what we’re doing. The Deputy Director is still safe, but is very bored and is chafing over not being able to do much. Dana Fox is in Los Angeles, working with the LAPD’s Major Crimes unit. By the way, your name is now as revered with the LAPD as it is with us here. You impressed the hell out of them when you visited.”

“And they impressed me.” I said “Of course, Claire Michaels out there has been my big supporter.”

“Well, it helps,” said Muscone, “because they’re more leery of the FBI than you are. But they’re working with us on destroying the ‘Polar Bears’ and their backers out there. And we now have a new line to look at: Texas.”

“What happened there?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Don’t even pretend you don’t know.” said Muscone, calling my bluff. “Your wife found financial lines to a pipeline between the Oldeeds People and Superior Bloodlines.”

“Yes, she told me she’d found something, but no real details. What can you add?” I asked.

“Dana Fox, Clark Webster, and the LAPD have been working on some cases of missing girls out there.” said Jack. “As you know, modeling agencies are a dime-a-dozen out there, and some are not legit. They snare girls into prostitution, and on some occasions they kidnap girls for sex slave rings, or worse.”

Jack continued: “Well, we got a bit of a break on one of these. Looked like a decent, legit setup. We had a girl, Maria Gonzalez, fifteen years old. Her sister Carla is eighteen. They went to the agency. Maria was waiting in the lobby for Carla, who was being interviewed and screen-tested in the back areas. There were a couple of other people waiting for their friends or relatives, as well.”

“The cell phones lost reception while there.” Jack said. “Maria was playing a game and it went out on her. After a while, she realized it was three hours since Carla and the other girls had gone back there. She went to the reception desk, but there was no one there.”

“Maria is a pretty resourceful girl, so even though the door to the back was locked, she got a chair and climbed in through the receptionist’s window. Going into the back, she found the whole place was totally empty, except for the visitors waiting in the lobby. Completely gone. All the girls’s purses and cellphones were on a table in a back room. No signs of any struggles, and the people up front never heard a scream, shout, nor anything to suggest trouble. But Carla and the other girls were gone.”

“So LAPD Major Crimes and the FBI were called in immediately.” said Jack. “Webster and Fox both called me, and we started looking into that Agency. Then Laura called me, and said to check out the bank this agency was working with. It was called the California Workers State Bank. But more importantly: we found it was a front for WorldBankTrust in North Carolina.”

“Ahhhhh.” I said.

“Yes.” said Muscone. “And that bank was just a conduit; Laura was able to find that a bank in Texas owned by Perry Richards, called ‘DFW Regional Banks’ was paying the money that went to that modeling agency. Cause and effect, same amount of money to the penny, no effort to hide it. Then Laura gave us a further link to Lawrence Kendrick, People’s Bank of New York. He’s Wallace Bedford’s marked card in the New England region. Superior Bloodlines all the way.”

After giving me that, Jack looked at me and said “What my boss wants me to ask you is: why is Superior Bloodlines working with the Oldeeds people now? They, meaning the Oldeeds people, have been virtually dormant since Jonas was murdered at the Fairgrounds, and since you took down Westboro.”

“Tell you what.” I said. “Let’s call Laura, and let’s all have lunch together…”

Part 9 – Coordination

One does not ask Dr. Laura Fredricson to have lunch at the Cop Bar. So the five of us, me, Jack, Martin, Cindy, and Laura, had lunch at the Cattleman’s Club. I had the lunch ribeye. Laura, being a Texas-born-and-bred woman, also had a steak, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Cindy had the steak Caesar salad, and Jack, not getting his double cheeseburger, opted for that, as well. Martin tried the Chef’s Special meatloaf, which had a good reputation, and French Onion soup. Martin had a stomach of steel, I concluded to myself.

Afterwards, we went to the Federal Building, and into the plexiglass cube inside the FBI’s secret offices.

“So,” I said, “the question is why the Oldeeds Group has suddenly popped up and is in cahoots with Superior bloodlines after being dormant so long. My correlation of all the facts is this, and allow me to start from the beginning.”

I started: “We know that the Oldeeds Ministries were in strong alliance with Pastor Raymond Westboro. After Jonas Oldeeds was waxed at the Fairgrounds, Westboro’s plans to use the Oldeeds Group as his syndicate died with Jonas, to a point. The Reverend Robert Patterson and Vicki Oldeeds began fighting over control of the Ministries, and the battle has raged in Court. While they wait, he’s basically been on tour while she controls their church and auditorium in the Houston, Texas area. At any rate, everyone had to wait to see who won that battle, or if they settled, to see what use they’d be to Westboro.”

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