The Wilson’s Get Busy

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This Chapter covers the aftermath of Chapter 1. Thanks again to Juliemom81 for her inspiration! This is a fictionalized account with fictionalized characters who are all over 18! We hope you enjoy it!


The ride home from the Campbell’s was a quiet one. We all were thinking over what had just happened. Everything we saw. Everything we did. So much to absorb!

Arriving home, we went into the den and Julie told everyone to sit down. She went into the kitchen and poured 4 glasses of wine and came back into the den. Kim and Jeff were sitting on the sofa, his hand on her leg, Josh was sitting in a chair. Julie went over and sat down on Josh’s lap and kissed his cheek.

Then she started speaking to her family, “I know a lot has happened in the last 24 hours and there may be questions. Let me say first that your father and I love each other very much and only want what is best for you two. Yes, we do things most other parents don’t do but it works for us. Your Dad and I talked before the party and agree that you both are mature enough to handle what happened at the party. I am so proud of both of you with how you conducted yourselves.”

While Julie is talking, she is watching Jeff’s hand slowly move up and down on Kim’s leg and she feels Josh doing the same on her thigh under her skirt. Letting him know she is liking it, she wiggles a bit on his lap. That bulge she feels lets her know Josh is on board with where she is heading.

“One last thing you two. We are still your Mom and Dad and what we say goes around this house. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing about what we do here or at a party with others is ever talked about outside of the 4 of us with anyone, even people we do things with at parties unless we all discuss it first. Does everyone understand? OK good!”

Julie stands up and holds out her hand to Josh. He stands up beside his Mom and puts his arm around her.

“Mommy needs a shower. Come with me, Josh. Jeff, you and Kim have fun!” Julie and Josh head upstairs to the master bedroom, leaving Kim and her Dad in the den.

Entering the bedroom Julie turns to Josh and asks him if he wants to undress her. His hands were shaking just a bit as he unbuttoned his Mom’s blouse and then moved closer to reach around her back to release her bra. Both her blouse and her bra came off and Josh stared at his mom’s beautiful breasts. After a moment, he unfastened her skirt and let it fall, leaving his Mom nude in front of him.

Julie moved toward her son smiling and pulled his shirt up over his head. Then she unfastened his pants and belt and pulled them down with his boxers until they were around his feet on the floor. Seeing his hardening cock right in front of her face, Julie gently kissed the tip looking up at her smiling son. Standing up, Julie took his hand and pulled him toward the shower. Turning on the hot water they stepped in. Josh pulled his Mom towards him and kissed her deeply.

His hands were roaming over her body as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and neck. Julie and Josh held that passionate kiss for a good while, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Julie turned and sat down on the bench in the shower. Wrapping both hands around his erection, Julie pulled him closer. Her tongue started flicking the tip of his cock.

Smiling up at her son, their eyes locked together. Keeping that eye contact, Julie took the head of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head tasting his precum. One of her hands moved to his ass, pulling him closer while her other hand jacked his cock as she continued to keep the head in her mouth.

Sensing he was getting too close to cumming, Julie took her hand away and stopped her sucking. Smiling up at her son as she released his cock she saw the confusion in his eyes. “Our first orgasm together is going to from fucking young man!” Standing up, Julie handed him the soap.

After taking turns lathering each other up and rinsing çankaya escort off they kissed again. Julie’s hand automatically went to her son’s cock keeping him fully erect. After finishing the shower, they dried off and moved back into the bedroom. Without a word, Julie laid down on her back. Looking at her son, Julie smiled and opened her legs inviting Josh to take his place between them. Silently, Josh moved into position between those beautiful smooth, tanned open legs and moved on top of his Mom. Julie grasped his cock and guided it to her very wet pussy.

Later the next day, Julie would describe to Jeff her feelings during that first fuck with Josh when they had a time together.

“The feeling of his hard cock slowly opening me and sliding into me was something I will never forget.” Julie confided to her husband.

“So erotic, so exciting and natural all at the same time! Once Josh was inside me and I wrapped my legs around his back and he gently started fucking me. He was so good, Honey! He knew all the right places to touch. I expected him to be the first to cum but I don’t think I lasted 30 seconds before my first orgasm washed over me. I remember pulling him tighter into me, kissing him, sucking his tongue into my mouth, my hands on his face looking at him, smiling feeling every inch sliding into me, holding for a few seconds, and then sliding out just to push back into me again.”

Julie continued, “After a while I could feel his cock swelling, his eyes locked on mine, him asking me with his eyes if he could finish inside me, I finally spoke and said, ” Give it to me Josh, I want to feel it inside me, so deep inside me, fill Mommy up its OK Baby let me have it.” Grinding on his cock as I started to cum again when I felt the first spurt of cum splashing into me, filling me up. I didn’t want it to stop, grinding my clit on his cock as I came over and over feeling his cum inside me, he slowed and then stopped, his cock still inside me as far as it would go. “

“It was such an amazing moment, looking up at him, smiling, loving what we had just done, ‘mmm perfect Honey! Oh, you are an amazing lover,” I reassured him. We laid there embracing, him inside me. He never softened!

“I rolled us so that I was on top of him and slowly started grinding against his cock. His cock got hard as a rock as I moved up and down, sliding almost to the tip and then back down on him, taking him all inside me. We fucked like that for a while. Slower than the first time, more sensually, savoring each thrust.”

“I remember leaning down so he could take a nipple into his mouth as he started to thrust up into me harder and harder, triggering another orgasm from me, I soaked him and the bed as I came over and over. He kept sucking, biting, and playing with my nipples the whole time. He was slamming me hard, his hands on my hips holding me still as he pumped more cum into me.”

Oh, what a feeling! Every nerve I had was firing! I felt my orgasms all over my body. It was like electric shocks taking over me. Once we relaxed and I lay down on him, his cock inside me still, we kissed as lovers do after. I told him how much I loved him! I rolled off of him and cuddled, laying my head on his arm, my leg over his waist, and was asleep instantly. Honey, I loved fucking our son so much!”

Sunday morning got a late start. The Wilson’s all slept late, exhausted by their lovemaking late into the night. It was past 10 am when Julie woke up and looked over to see Josh still sleeping. He looked so handsome in the morning light. Julie leaned over and kissed him and then slipped out of bed. She put on a robe and went downstairs into the kitchen to make coffee.

Julie was sitting there at the table having a cup and thinking about the amazing Saturday they all had. Kim was the next to get up about 30 minutes later. She came into the kitchen wearing her Dad’s shirt with a big smile on her face! Kim leaned down and escort çankaya kissed her Mom before pouring a cup for herself.

“So, how was your night Honey? Did dad treat you well?” Julie was excited to hear all about it.

“You were right Mom, he is such an ass man! We went to my bed and were making out when he jumped up and came downstairs and got your lube out of your purse and came back. He was very gentle and caring, but I’m still a little sore back there! He had me lay on my stomach and told me how he had been admiring my ass for a long time! Nobody ever rimmed me before but now I am going to make Josh do it every time! I was so into how he was fingering me and getting me lubed up his cock felt so good when he started fucking me.”

“He told me to play with my clit while he was fucking me. It was so intense, Mom, I never had orgasms like that! After he finished and cleaned up we cuddled. It felt so good lying there in Daddies arms. I’m not sure what time it was but I woke with him licking me! Then he moved up and fucked me face to face. He is really good, isn’t he? He knows exactly where to touch! I lost count of how many times I came. It was so hot when he pulled out and said he wanted to cum in my mouth! I loved swallowing it all! We finally went to sleep! He is still out like a light!”

“You wore the poor old man out Kim!” Julie observed, laughing.

As they were laughing, Josh came walking into the kitchen wearing his boxers. “Good morning sleepy head!” Julie said as he kissed her and then turned and kissed his sister. He poured a cup of coffee and sat down with us. Julie told him it sounded like Kim and Dad had as good of a night as ours was. The 3 of them talked as if nothing was out of the ordinary for a while they sipped their coffee.

Julie stood up and said, “Josh I think Kim and I are going to sunbathe by the pool and take advantage of this beautiful day. If Dad isn’t up in an hour go wake him. You two need some quality time together!” Kim went to get towels for us as her Mom went for the tanning oil and mixed a pitcher of Mimosas.

Kim joined Julie outside and assembled their things on the table between the chaise lounges. “Come on. We need a shower. Let’s get naked!” Mom said as she took her robe off. Mom took Kim’s hand and led her over to the outdoor shower. Julie started washing her daughter’s lean, supple body. Seeing Kim’s nipples selling Julie leaned into her and kissed her, letting Kim feel her hard nipples too. Feeling the electricity build while they kissed and caressed each other, Julie knew it was time.

“Let’s go lay down Sweetie.” Julie led Kim back to the lounge and had her lay on her back. Kim watched as her Mom found the oil and started dripping it up and down her body. Taking her time, Julie started rubbing the oil in, starting with Kim’s feet and working her way up. Arriving at Kim’s pussy, Julie inserted one finger and then another into her daughter. Kim opened her legs wider and raised her hips in response as her Mom worked her fingers in and out while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Julie’s other hand was working Kim’s nipples.

It wasn’t long at all until Kim was squirming and moaning and came all over Julie’s hand. Julie moved down and kissed her there, wanting to taste her. Such a beautiful pussy on her, it’s perfect, Julie thought. Licking Kim, cleaning her with her tongue was a beautiful moment for Julie. Stopping to kiss her, letting her taste herself on my lips, Julie whispered to Kim that she loved her. Kim smiled.

The women cuddled there for a while. When it got too hot they got in the pool and had a wonderful mom and daughter time splashing about like they had so many times before. Kim swam up to her Mom and told her she wanted to taste her Mom’s pussy. Julie kissed her and lifted herself to sit on the edge of the pool, her legs open. Kim moved between her legs and told Julie to lean back. Kim started kissing Julie’s thighs çankaya escort bayan slowly working her way toward that beautiful bald pussy.

Soon Kim’s face was buried in her Mom’s pussy, probing those wet lips with her tongue. Julie was starting cumming quickly and squirted right in Kim’s face! Kim paused for a moment, wondering what just happened. It only took a few seconds for her to decide she liked it and went back to eating her Mom!

By the time the boys came out to the pool, the girls were back on the lounge cuddling. They were naked too. Jeff came over to kiss the ladies and then he dove into the pool with Josh. The girls lay there watching, holding hands while the boys goofed around in the pool. Jeff took Josh in his arms and whispered something. Right away Josh swam over to the side of the pool and sat on the edge as Julie had done for Kim. Jeff followed him over getting in position to suck him off. Now the girls were sitting up, watching intently!

Jeff is a pro and knows all the tricks. Between his fingers, tongue, and mouth, he had josh moaning and wiggling all over the place as he sucked that big hard cock while fingering Josh’s ass! When Josh came, Jeff pulled his head back so we could see Josh’s cum shooting into his mouth and on his face! The girls stood up and applauded! “Great blowjob Dad! Kim offered while Julie added, “And I thought I drained all your cum last night Josh!”

Waving to their newly minted fans, the men swam over to the steps and walked out of the pool. Jeff came over to Kim and kissed her, sharing her brother’s cum with her. Josh hugged his mom and kissed her. It was Kim who pointed out Jeff’s erection, “Look, Josh, Dad needs to cum. What are you going to do about that!”

Rubbing his chin, Josh ruminated, “Well I could blow him but I kind of liked what he was doing to my ass. I Know! Maybe he should fuck my ass!”

“That’s it!” Julie put an end to the conjecture. Jumping up she said, “I know where there is more lube in the kitchen!”

“Oh goody! He fucked my ass last night, Josh. You are going to love it!” Kim added.

“Get over here Josh and kneel at the end of the lounge. That’s it. Now put your face down on the mat and leave that hot ass up for me. Nice!” Jeff was not wasting any time.

When Julie come out with a new tube of lube she saw her husband standing behind Josh with his legs spread. Jeff had spread his legs just wide enough that his cock was at the right height. He was rubbing his cock up and down Josh’s crack. Julie squeezed some lube onto her hand and started spreading it over Jeff’s erection. “Fuck Josh for me, Honey!” She added as she inserted her lubed-up fingers into Josh’s ass.

Kim had knelt on one side of the lounger and was stroking Josh’s cock. Once her men were lubed up, Julie knelt on the other side of the lounger and leaned in to suck Josh’s head while Kim stroked the shaft. They both stopped after a minute to watch Jeff work his cock into Josh. Letting Josh get used to that first inch, Jeff paused for a moment before going deeper.

“Do it Dad” Josh breathlessly grunted between his clenched teeth. The girls watched all 8 inches slowly sink into Josh. Jeff pulled halfway out and then plunged back into his son, a little faster this time. Josh was moaning with pleasure so Jeff started a rhythm that built quickly into a ball-slapping pounding of his son’s ass. Julie and Kim were stroking Josh while he got fucked. Everybody was silent, absorbed by the unleashed passions on display. The girls leaned in to lick Josh’s cock.

Knowing what Jeff liked, Julie stood up and got behind him while he fucked Josh. She slipped 2 fingers into his ass and let him feel her nipples against his back. He fucked Josh harder, faster, and pulled Josh’s hips into each thrust! Between Kim sucking Josh and Julie fingering Jeff, the boys let loose massive orgasms within a couple of minutes. Kim stood up with a mouthful of cum and kissed her mom sharing it all with her. She saved a little to share with Dad too!

The rest of the day the Wilson’s relaxed and took it easy, enjoying each other’s company and being with each other not just as a family but as lovers now. On Monday, it was going to be back to work and school. Normal routines but nothing was ever going to be routine for the Wilson’s again!

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