The Willow Creek Gentleman’s Club

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As I walked down the dark hallway I could hear moaning, whips cracking, and music thumping. I had got caught up at the bar in the lobby and was late for my next “meeting.” I had been working at the Willow Creek Gentleman’s Club for about a year now and nothing fazed me anymore. It was an elite club on the outside, where expensive cars would pull up in front of the ivy covered stone facade. It was tucked into the hills of the upstate wilderness and a sign on the front door read “Men Only.” I assumed most of the men’s wives thought it was a place for their husbands to relax and sit in steam rooms as they worked out the details of million dollar business contracts. I guess in some cases I was a bonus for signing one of these contracts.

The “gentleman’s club” was unique in many ways but mainly because it catered to the men’s most intimate fantasies in precise detail. They had every type of girl you could possibly imagine, Black, White, Asian, Latina. They had tall girls and short girls, skinny and chubby girls. They had girls with tiny tits and girls with massive tits. Willow Creek had everything any man could desire. When the men checked in there was an intense screening process. A questionnaire awaited them in their elaborate suit. There the men filled out and described their most personal fantasies. They checked off the questionnaire detailing exactly what they wanted their girl for the weekend to look.

Then they wrote out precisely how they wanted her to behave and what they wanted her to do. They were instructed to leave the questionnaire on the bed and call down to the front desk to have someone retrieve it from them. Within minutes a scantily clad woman would knock on their door, smile and thank them for their patience and then seductively lean across the bed to pick it up. In doing so the woman would give them a teaser of the rest of the weekend. She would let her dress ride up revealing the tight strings of her garter that stretched across her ass. Management said it was small niceties like this that allowed them to charge the men an exorbitant amount of money.

By this point most of the men would call down to the front desk and ask that they discard their questionnaire and to just have that woman waiting for them in the “den.” The “den” was where all the “meetings” occurred. There were about 30 rooms down long hallways centered around a den. Willow Creek had about 50 girls on site at all times incase we were completely booked and the men wanted more than one girl.

I quickly came to realize that rich men do not like to wait for the things they want. Although, all they really need is to be made to wait. To be teased and tormented. It usually wasn’t until the second or third time that they came to Willow Creek that their questionnaire truly revealed what they needed to fulfill their darkest desires. The first few months of working there I had “meetings” every weekend because first timers would request a “big-titted 18 year-old to bounce on their dick.” I was 22 but none of the men ever questioned my age. It wasn’t until about six months of working there when my “meetings” became more exciting, or at least fun for me. Men started asking me to play a role. I would pretend to be their canlı bahis secretary or maid, someone they secretively longed for but couldn’t touch due to liabilities.

After the men had become accustomed to the club they became more comfortable describing what they wanted. They would ask for a dominatrix or a submissive slut. Sometimes they asked for really specific situations. These were usually my favorite. The men would get so hard and cum the second I touched them. Once a man wanted to watch me lay on the floor with my legs up in the air. He had requested I wore seven-inch heels, a black thong and black thigh highs. All he wanted me to do was open and close my legs. He wore a business suit and after about five minutes he asked me to crawl across the floor and lick his cock through his pants. He came immediately. When they asked for situations like this I figured they probably saw something in a movie, or got the idea in their head and had been fanaticizing about it for months or even years. Willow Creek allowed them the opportunity to live out their fantasy.

I took a deep breath as I approached the room my “meeting” was in. I was dressed in a tight mid- length skirt and a white blouse with modest heels and glasses. My client had requested a girl with large breasts, long blonde hair and an “ample ass.” I was to have my hair pulled back in a bun and look “modest.” I was to wear a white blouse with a black bra and to have it buttoned all the way up. The girls always got a description of who their client was before hand. Mine had said that Mr. Joseph Winthrop was the CFO of a gigantic company. Mr. Winthrop was only 45 and had only held the position for a few months. He answered to a woman. I’m guessing she had long blonde hair, big-tits and teased the men who worked under her by wearing white blouses with black bras.

This one was going to be easy, and maybe even fun. All I had to do was bend over a few times, unbutton my shirt and talk dirty to him while he masturbated. I was to pretend we were in a private conference and he was being reprimanded for some mistake. Easy enough.

I walked into the room and it was an office setting. There was a couch along the wall the door was on, and a big desk on the far side of the room. Willow Creek had rooms for many different situations. This office room was one of five though. Apparently businessmen like to fuck in offices.

Mr. Winthrop was seated with his back to me, in a chair about a foot from the desk.

“Good afternoon Joseph.” Usually we are very formal about how we address our clients but I was guessing his boss called him by his first name to assert her dominance. He turned in his seat and looked me up and down. He didn’t smile but I could tell he was pleased with my appearance.

“You are aware that you are in my office to discuss some inaccuracies that came up in your last report?” I asked firmly. I walked in front of him so my ass was right in front of his face. My skirt was so tight that it stretched across my ass and cupped it underneath. I leaned across the desk in front of him and picked up a file. I was teasing him, making him picture what I would look like without the skirt, bent over the desk and ready for him to take bahis siteleri me.

I walked around the desk and sat down with my legs crossed and looked at the file. I removed my glasses and looked up at him.

“Joseph?” I demanded.

“Eh-em,” He cleared his throat. “Yes I wanted to clear a few things up about that.” He was almost whispering and clearly staring at my tits. My bra was thin and my nipples were hard. I knew he could clearly see them through my shirt. He started jabbering on about numbers and finances, nothing that I understood. I sighed and fanned my self with the file. I unfastened the top two button of my blouse and looked uninterested in what he was saying.

“Joe, the simple fact is that I am questioning your competency in holding this position.” I thought I should make him feel inadequate before I humiliated him. I looked him up and down, he was breathing heavily. That might have been enough; he looked like he was ready to begin already. I stood up and walked to a table at the other end of the room. It had a few bottles of booze and a two glasses. I made myself a small drink. I deliberately dropped mixing spoon on the ground. I turned around and looked at him.

“Did you want a drink Joe?” He didn’t answer and I slowly bent over to pick up the spoon. I could feel his eyes on me and as I stood back up smoothed my skirt over my ass.

“Joe, the drink?” I didn’t even turn around I knew he was rock hard and staring at me.

“Eh-em. No. No, thank you,” he stammered. I walked back over to the desk and sat on the edge of it close to where he was sitting. I took a small sip of my drink and set it down on the desk. I put my hands on the desk behind my back and pushed my tits out. I let my head fall back and twisted my neck like I was stretching. I let out a soft moan. I was deliberately slow in doing so. I wanted him to get a good look at my tits. When I looked back at him I let my eyes wander down his body to his pants. He was rock hard.

“Joe, am I making you hard?” I asked him. He quickly crossed his fingers and placed them over his bulge. He really did look embarrassed.

“What is it Joe? Did you like seeing me bent over with my ass in the air?” It was more of an interrogation than a question.

“No, I um. Yes, I’m sorry . . . I don’t know . . .” He stopped talking as I unbuttoned more of blouse.

“I’ve been watching you stare at my tits the entire time you’ve been in here,” I said as I ran my fingers in between them. He started to rub his cock through his suit pants.

“Not until I say you can.” I said as I smacked his hand away. He moaned. I grabbed the arms of his chair and bent over him with my tits inches from his face.

“I want to watch you cum all over you hand.” I whispered in his ear and I think he almost came. He leaned forward to put his face between my breasts. I quickly stood up and lightly slapped his face.

“No, no, no Joey. You’ve been a really bad boy.” I said as I let my hair loose. I flipped my hair to one side and let my hand caress my breast. I sighed and stared at him as I did this.

“Show me your cock Joe.” I said it seductively and pulled my skirt up to my thighs. He didn’t move for a second as he watched bahis şirketleri me stroke my legs. I know this is how he would touch me if I allowed him to. He quickly unfastened his pants and took out his cock.

“Show me how you stroke it.” I said, allowing him to touch himself. He squeezed the head of his cock and then slowly moved his hands up and down. He didn’t move very fast and I knew it was because he could cum at any second. I felt sort of bad for him. I shouldn’t tease him too much. The poor guy needed this so bad. I pulled my skirt up higher up higher so he could see a bit of my panties.

“Is this what you do when you think of me? Do you stroke your cock until you cum thinking about this?”

“Yes,” he whispered as he watched my hands. I didn’t think he could take much more. I lifted my skirt all the way up so he could see me run my fingers over my pussy. I didn’t realize how wet I was. I moaned and grabbed my tits with my other hand. He stopped stroking his cock and looked like he was concentrating on not exploding right then. On his questionnaire he had said he was an ass man and I knew that would send him over the edge.

“Are you waiting for something Joe? Are you waiting to see my ass? I want you to let go of your cock Joe. You are not allowed to touch it again until I say so. Then when I say you can, you are allowed to cum.” His eyes closed and then opened as he slightly thrust his hips up. I knew he was picturing thrusting his cock in and out of my tight pussy. I parted my mouth and moaned a little. He might as well know I wanted it, even if his boss didn’t.

I turned around and spread my legs and stuck my ass out. I was wearing a tiny little thong so he could see my whole ass. I reached back behind me and pulled my ass up so he could see my pussy.

“Oh my God.” I heard Joe whisper. I bent forward on the desk and turned slightly to look back at him with my hand resting on my ass.

“Is this how you want me Joe? Do you want to cum all over my ass?” I asked him as I started to rub my cheek. I lightly spanked myself and I saw him thrust his cock up again. He needed release so bad.

“You can stroke your cock for me now Joe. Show me how you cum thinking about me.” I could hear his suit jacket rustling and knew he was stroking his cock fast. I put both hands on the desk and pushed back so my ass was right in his face. I shook it a little and moaned for him. I felt his nose on my pussy and knew he had his face buried in my ass. I pushed back a little farther and shook my ass even more. I heard him grunt as he shot his cum all over. I stood back up and pulled my skirt back down. I grabbed my glasses and put them on before I turned and bent in to whisper in his ear. “Maybe next time I’ll let you lick my pussy.”

I closed the door behind and smiled knowing Mr. Winthrop got exactly what he needed. I was buttoning my shirt back up when I saw one of the managers walking down the hall with one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. He was tall and well built. He had dark hair and piercing eyes. He looked me up and down and let his eyes fall onto my breasts as I let my hand hang on a low, open button. As he passed me I held my breath and bit my lip. I waited a few second until he was down the hall before I turned to look back at him. He was also looking back and I heard the manager telling him my name. I wanted to give that man whatever he needed and I wanted him to give me what I needed.

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