The Welcome Interloper Chapter 3 Coveting Karl

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The Welcome Interloper Chapter 3 Coveting Karl
This is Chapter 3 of this story. If you have not read Chapter 1, “The Blitz & Fond Recollections” and Chapter 2, “The Arrival”, it is recommended you do so.

Set in rural England during WWII, this story traces several years in the life of Ellie, 43, a highly-sexed, retired, female army nurse.

Ellie is living alone while her husband, Phillip, 43, an army infantry officer, is fighting in South Africa. She dearly loves Phillip and misses him terribly. She cannot wait for the war to be over and for him to return home safely.

Meanwhile, Ellie’s longings for Phillip and her lustful cravings for love and gratification become so intense and unrelenting they lead her into several affairs, one, in the most extraordinary way possible.

The story is historically accurate. Ellie’s journey is told in the genuine ambiance, language and jargon of the times. The use of vivid, graphic and effective vintage images further enhances what is a compelling and erotic story of how a woman fills the voids created by war, and the adjustments she makes to accommodate her needs and cravings.

Since the story is relatively long, the author has published it in chapters. So, please, check back to read subsequent chapters. The author encourages readers to comment on her story and welcomes constructive criticism.

The Welcome Interloper – Chapter 3 – Coveting Karl & Reminiscing Gerald
by Scarlett O’Mara

The next few days, I found myself looking more and more at Karl, how well-built and strong he was, how handsome and virile-looking. I fantasized about what it might be like to bed with him as I washed his muscular back and chest while staring at his knickers underwater. As I went about my chores, all I did was think about him! I wondered and wondered, wondered what it would be like.

I was so lonely and randy. The squash was, indeed, wonderful and satisfying, but didn’t provide the intimacy and human contact I needed. Would I succumb to my cravings if bedding with Karl became possible, or would I honor my vows to Phillip? I tried to put it out of my mind, but it would not go away.

One night, I awoke having to pee. Afterward, I went to Karl’s door to check on him. The moon was streaming through the window curtains and illuminated his uncovered figure on the bed. His limp willy was outside his knickers and laying
on his leg, resembling a thick, sleeping snake. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And, as a military nurse, I had seen many willies!

I quietly approached the bed and smelled semen. He must have wanked, then fallen asleep, or had a nocturnal emission. His dick was even more beautiful up close, so long and thick with a large glans. Quivering, I gently pulled the covers over him and went back to bed.

I was not able to get back to sleep, visions of Karl’s willy flashing in and out of my mind. I took off my nightgown and massaged my breasts, then my fanny. In a few minutes, with three fingers deep inside, my swollen clitoris was ready to pop.

I massaged my clitoris between two fingers, and within minutes, I was cumming and cumming, gush all over my hands, bum and the bed sheet.

I didn’t feel quite finished. So, I reached for the squash and it fell into my fanny, most of it disappearing. For the next half hour, or so, I languished in its splendor, finally cumming a second time. Each erotic wave rolled into the other in a near-endless stream of ecstasy. Calming, I fell asleep within minutes.

I awoke in the morning and the squash was laying next my legs, beginning to show its wear. I kissed it several times, and then took the tip of it and sucked on it for a few minutes, fantasizing it was Karl. At that instant, I made the conscious decision that I wanted to fuck Karl. I had to be intimate with him. Phillip was still my husband, and I loved him very much, but at this point in my life, I wanted and needed Karl. I did not plan to pursue him, but I would quickly yield to him once he did his bidding.

After washing up and dressing, I walked toward the kitchen. I could hear Karl in the bathroom so I peeked in and was beside myself at what I saw. He was seated, naked, his head bent down, drying canlı bahis siteleri his face and hair. His enormous willy
was hanging down, over halfway to the floor.

Gasping, and holding my hand to my mouth, I quickly turned away and continued toward the kitchen. His willy was larger than I ever imagined, looking even bigger than the night before when I covered him up. It was such a wonderful and beautiful willy.

I was flushing and slightly trembling as I prepared breakfast, not being able to get Karl’s willy off my mind. I was overtaken with visions of him making love to me. Flashes of me holding his beautiful willy crossed my mind, loving it and sucking it, then him taking me to heaven with it.

Karl’s willy reminded me so much of Gerald’s and the wonderful affection and intimacy he and I shared when we were lovers in London. I have only strayed from Phillip once and that was about five years ago when he was in India for over a year. (What Rebecca and I had was feminine comfort and support and I did not regard it as straying.)

I was working long hours in the residency department at the hospital with several young doctors, Gerald, in particular. He was from South Africa and had joined the army as a physician captain and doing his residency in surgery. His wife and baby daughter remained at home. The hours were long and hard, and all I seemed to do was work, eat, and cry myself to sleep.

Gerald and I had worked closely for over three months and got to know each other quite well. At the time, he was 33 and I was 38. There was considerable mutual respect and admiration. He was tall, handsome and charming with a sweet disposition and an attractive and inviting personality. It was apparent to us both that we were attracted to one another. Since we were both married and officers, and Phillip was a senior major, we were judicious and controlled.

I had become lonely and forlorn, missing Phillip terribly, especially at night. I was yearning for him and my cravings were overwhelming. I found myself jilling four and five times a week to relieve the stress. I was so randy, seeming almost helpless.

One Friday night after working late, it was raining hard and Gerald asked me to join him for dinner, saying we had worked hard and long and deserved to treat ourselves. He said he would escort me safely home afterward. Wearing civilian clothes, we went to an out-of-the-way pub for sandwiches and ale. We ended up eating, then drinking, chatting and laughing, then drinking more until closing time. We were both quite tipsy when we got to his car.

That night, in the back seat of Gerald’s car, in the midst of a pounding rainstorm, we allowed our attraction and passion to override our better judgment. We made love for nearly three hours, finally, consummating that for which we had lusted since the day we first met.

It was the most erotic and wonderful experience of my life. I had not had anything like it before! After kissing and fondling, we pleasured each other orally for the longest time.

His willy was the longest, thickest, most beautiful thing I had ever seen and loved. My heart thumped like a machine gun all the while. I was so excited and wanton, so mesmerized by his willy. I could not get enough of it.

I did not separate until he had come to complete fruition in my mouth. I took all of his jism, not wanting to lose a drop. I licked and cleansed him with my lips and tongue until he fell completely limp in my hands. I have never been so eager, passionate, so aroused. I loved sucking him so much, and could not wait to repeat it.

With his lips and mouth surrounding my entire fanny and clitoris, and his tongue deep inside me, moving in and out, he brought me to the most resounding orgasm of my life. I was helpless to him.

With the windows of the car now all steamed up, Gerald showed he was a completely unselfish lover, slowly stroking me deeply for over an hour. My legs were wrapped tightly around him. Each stroke was over 30cm, filling me like never before.

Holding off his own pleasure, he allowed me to orgasm three more times before ejaculating inside me. He filled, pleasured and warmed me so that I
cried my happiness makrobet in his arms.

I was not able to take all of him at first, but after my first orgasm with him in me, my fanny was drenched in my gush and his jism and was all slippery and cavernous.

That allowed me to receive all of him, making it easier to rotate my engorged clitoris up against him with continuous contact and ultimate ecstasy.

With the rain pelting the windshield, we drove to his flat where I spent that night and the rest of the weekend with him.

As we were undressing, Gerald dropped his knickers and I was able to see his willy in the light. It was longer, thicker and more wonderful than I previously thought, and he knew how to use it.

And, use it he did, keeping me in a state of euphoria and intermittent ecstasy for two nights and two days, orgasm after orgasm.

He fulfilled all of my fantasies and longings. He brought out feelings and a passion in me that I did not know I had or could ever achieve.

When he drove me home late Sunday evening, I could not separate from him, kissing and holding him, clinging to him, telling him I wanted to be with him more. He made me so happy. I wanted him as my lover for as long as possible. In near tears, he said he has never felt such passion. It was so wonderful. He could not wait to be with me again.

For the next year, Gerald and I were inseparable and in love. We slept together at least three nights a week and every
weekend, exploring and loving each other in every possible way. I was sexually captive to him, and I wanted it that way!

And, then, our affair temporarily ended when I received a wire from Phillip that he was on his way home and couldn’t wait to be with me. Meanwhile, Gerald was finishing his residency and would be returning to South Africa about a month after Phillip returned.

The first week back with Phillip was bittersweet. He was on a ten-day leave and I was able to take leave and spend it with him. I loved and respected him dearly, but my mind and were with Gerald.

I loyally and lovingly tended to all of Phillip’s pent-up needs, satisfying his every desire, sometimes two and three times during the day, then sucking him before we went sleep. He loved to be sucked most.

But, all the while, my mind was on Gerald and how much I longed for him. I missed him so. Fortunately, he would not be leaving for three more weeks, so
there would be time for us to say our goodbyes.

Once Phillip departed, Gerald and I resumed our affair, this time with much more intensity. He would be leaving in ten short days. Though my lovemaking with Phillip was wonderful and satisfying, and he would always be my husband, Gerald brought out emotions and feelings unlike any before in my life.

With Gerald, my level of consciousness about myself and my body and the pleasure it was able to give me with him was so exciting and gratifying, I could not do without it. I had to have him for as long as I could. My orgasms with him were so long and powerful, that I would frequently cry afterward. I had never been as happy as I was with Gerald!

That weekend, with Gerald in me, I was able to orgasm three and four times before he released himself to his own pleasure. I was able to satiate myself in several positions, then, languish in his warm stream of jism that filled me to overflow. I loved it all so much.

We had four sessions like that, one lasting over an hour and a half. After my
fourth orgasm, I was in such breathtaking rapture, I almost fainted.

The day before Gerald left, I spent the afternoon with him at his flat. It was bittersweet, filled with love, passion, gratification, and tears as we said our goodbyes, promising one day to rekindle our affair. Our final act of love was him enjoying my bum. I was so happy to
send him off with what he loved the most.

We corresponded for over a year, writing love letters back and forth. He would send his letters to me at the hospital and I would do the same with my letters to him. His letters were quite positive about how much he loved me and wanted me for his wife. He said he was doing everything possible to get back to England, but his commanders were makrobet giriş unwilling to reassign him due to the shortage of doctors there.

His cards and letters eventually became less frequent. One of the last ones was the most noteworthy. I will never forget its words:

“November 5, 1935

My Dearest, Sweet Ellie:

As each day passes that we are no longer together, my heart grows fonder, yet sadder. The circumstances that separate us do not seem fair, nor does it seem that God wants to break them in our favour.

My love for you has never been deeper. At night, when I cannot sleep, fretting over how and when I will I will next see you, I reminisce the wonders of our love, those many lovely and memorable occasions when we became one. The joy and ecstasy you brought me was the most wonderful of my life. I cannot express in words how much your love has meant to me. The pleasure you brought me is unforgettable. I have never had anything like it before, or since.

Each night, I pray, hoping God will understand my love for you and my sadness, and grant some sort of miracle that will reunite us. I know He has listened, but, so far, He has not acted. He brought about our union, one that He so perfectly and beautifully planned. I am saddened by His lack of response, but I will continue to pray. I have not lost my faith in Him. I believe, some day, He will honour my wish so we can become one, again, to restore what we had and allow us to requite the wonders of our love.

Please continue your prayers, my sweet Ellie, as I am doing. I am confident He will act upon them, perhaps surprising us someday soon.

I am leaving you with a full heart of love, and my soul, too. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you! Please think of me often!

Lovingly & Forever Yours,

I cried and cried after receiving that letter, one day so despondent, I could not go to work. In the weeks that followed, I received several love notes and cards from Gerald, but nothing like the last letter. I wrote him several long letters telling him how much I loved and cherished him and how I had been praying for God’s intervention, and taking Communion on Sunday’s in our honour. I wrote him several additional times, but never received a reply.

Gerald cast a spell on me I believed would last all of my life. Though our affair will remain bittersweet, my thoughts of him will always be positive and loving. He will always be part of my life. I don’t think I will ever stop loving him. If he were to walk into this room this moment, I would welcome him with open arms, forgive him, and make endless love with him as though he had never left.

I snapped back to reality when Karl entered the kitchen wishing me a good morning. I was warm all over. I am sure my face was flushed. The recollections of Gerald and me together affected me more than I thought. I nervously returned Karl’s greeting and invited him to sit down, and told him breakfast would be ready in a few minutes.

Karl was improving day-by-day. He had been staying with me now for nearly six weeks. Though he still limped slightly, he was able to walk without assistance and the pain was subsiding. He was able to move his arms enough to wash himself. I still had to wash his back, and, eagerly, did so.

Our long chats on the back porch and in the evening in front of the fire allowed us to become much better acquainted, and, definitely, closer in spirit. I liked him very much! It was apparent he was attracted to me. I would sometimes catch him looking me up and down, but he made no advances. He was very much the perfect gentleman.

As he could, Karl began to help around the house, frequently working next to me in the kitchen. He loved my cooking and always complimented my meals. Occasionally, and against my better judgment, he would accompany me outside and help me in the garden and feed the livestock. He, frequently, complimented me on the way I did things and my efficiency.

*******************Continued In Chapter 4 – Rightful Consummation – Please look for it soon.***********************

Copyright ©2019. Scarlett O’Mara. All rights reserved. This story is the property of the author and may not be copied, reproduced, duplicated or circulated in any manner or form without the prior, express, written consent of the author. Any violation of this copyright will be adjudicated to the fullest extent of the copyright laws of the United States of America.

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