The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 08

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Part 8 – The holiday nears its end.

Parts 1 – 7 available through my profile.

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This overlaps a little with part 7, but moves on to what happened after part 7 finished.


Once everyone had boarded the small boat and headed off towards Stephen’s huge yacht, Dan stood watching until he could see the girls start climbing aboard, before he turned around and headed back towards the hotel, hoping to find Marc and discuss his idea. Since the sun was already shining, he took a seat at the pool bar and ordered a drink, lit a cigarette, and began to watch as other holiday makers enjoyed their vacation time, either playing around in the pool, or simply sunbathing around it, occasionally chatting with one or two of them whenever they came to the bar.

It was about an hour later that Marc came over, sitting down next to Dan and ordering a beer as the two started talking, initially about football, before moving on to other topics such as cars and films, general guy talk. Despite this, Dan knew his real interest was wanting to find out where Dan was going with their earlier conversation, when Marc asked about how to ‘get his name on the list’ to have sex with Hayley, so decided to broach the subject, but wasn’t going to say anything sitting at the bar where he could and would have been overheard.

“So, about that thing we were talking about this morning, let’s go and sit over there and finish the conversation, shall we?” he suggested, motioning to an empty table away from everyone and without risk of having other people listening in.

Dan lead the way, and Marc picked up his drink and followed, eager to hear what Dan had to say, especially if meant he would get to have sex with Hayley, which after seeing her naked this morning and having her tease him like she did when she rubbed herself on his crotch whilst getting a towel, he wanted to do even more than he did before. They sat down, and after taking a swig of his drink and lighting another cig, Dan pulled his phone from his pocket and put it on the table, leaned forward and spoke to Marc quietly.

“Ok, first things first, this is between you and me only, I’m asking that you do not tell anyone about this conversation. Deal?” he asked, to which Marc immediately nodded his response.

“Right, I’m going to ask you a question, but don’t get mad or nothing, just answer it honestly, and in a few minutes, you’ll see where I was going with it. The question is, have you ever, or would you, fuck a passed out girl?”

As Marc sat thinking for a few seconds, Dan knew immediately the answer was yes, he most likely had, and would probably have no problem doing it again.

“Kind of, yeah. I hooked up with this chick back home on a night out, and we were both wasted. We went back to my house and got it on, and half way through she passed out, so I thought fuck it, she said yes, and carried on, why?” Marc explained

“Well, because lately we have been very experimental with sex, fulfilling each-others fantasies when we can, and lately one of hers is be fucked while she is passed out, without knowing who done by, you interested?” Dan asked.

Dan could see Marc thinking about what he had just proposed, so decided to explain further, hoping to get a positive response.

“Look, it’s all fully consensual. Here, watch this video she sent me to prove it.” He said, unlocking his phone and finding the video, before passing it to Marc, who sat staring at the small screen, watching Hayley give her consent to being fucked however the person wishes whilst she is passed out.

“Wait, so what you and her are saying is that so long as you are there, I have permission to roofie her to make her pass out, and then fuck her however I want while she’s out, is that right?” Marc asked, now clearly more interested having seen the video.

“Mate, I’m saying that if you want to go and see one of them annoying guys that keep offering weed and shit, see if they can get you something to knock her out, We’ll find a way to slip it in her drink, and when she’s out, she’s all yours.” Dan told him.

He could see that having seen the video of Hayley consenting to everything Dan had said, Marc was now game for his plan, and told him he could probably make it happen by tomorrow night, as tonight she will be his. He asked Marc what he was thinking, and his reply was that he was thinking where to go and find the guy, before Dan encouraged him to do so, having arranged to meet up later, he watch as Marc stood up and walked out towards the town, knowing that there are plenty of guys that offer different kinds of drugs hanging around on the street that way, so hopefully Marc will find one and get what he is looking for. Once he had left, Dan stood up and decided to walk up the beach towards the main public area, opting to eat at one of the restaurants there than at the hotel, finding a small table at one and ordering his lunch as he again watched everyone having a good time on the sand.

He had not long finished eating when someone made him jump by poking him and asking what he was doing. He turned ümraniye escort around and saw Miruna, much to his surprise, since she had gone out with Hayley and the others that morning, so she told him about Cassie feeling ill and coming back with her, before saying that since she was back, she thought why not head down and see if there are any girls on the beach she can get to pose, since she had finished her shoot. Since Dan had nothing to do, he offered his assistance to scout girls, and he walked to the beach with Miruna, taking one of her portfolios to show to girls who are interested. He had a quick look around the beach, watching Miruna as she just went and spoke to two girls laying on towels, before spotting a girl he thought would be perfect for the site, and made his way over to her.

Laying in front of him, already topless, was a stunning young brunette with big breasts. She saw him walking over and was smiling, clearly friendlier than some girls would have been, so he asked if she spoke English, which despite being Romanian, she did very well, so he introduced himself before he opened and handed the folder of pictures for her to look through as he spoke.

“My friend over there is a photographer for a website that challenges real amateur girls to do a photoshoot, flaunting what they have got, and since you have an incredible body and are gorgeous, I think you would be absolutely perfect. The theme of the site is for the girls to pose topless, showing off their boobs and having fun doing it. Do you think you might be interested?” He quizzed.

The girl had been flicking through the pictures, and was seriously contemplating doing a shoot, when Dan pointed out Miruna starting a shoot with the two girls she had been speaking to, so he suggested she watch that and make her mind up. The girl introduced herself as Lucie, and sat chatting with Dan as they watched Miruna taking the pictures of the girls in the shallow water, before Lucie said yes, she would like to do a shoot after. When Miruna had finished with the two girls, Dan beckoned her over and introduced her to Lucie, saying she would like to do a shoot, and after getting the form signed, they also walked to the shoreline to get started, although this time, there was a group of lads watching Lucie posed, all cheering and whistling when she did something they liked, such as jiggle her boobs about for them.

Dan had left the pictures open when Lucie went to do the set, and now deliberately turned them a few pages ahead to where the pictures were a lot more revealing, to the sets where the girls were doing the nude sets, hoping to encourage Lucie into another set at the other beach when she came back. As he put the folder back down, two other girls came over to him, and having seen Miruna doing the other picture sets, asked about what she was doing, clearly interested as well. Dan again explained the concept, and the girls immediately asked if they could do a set, giggling with excitement when he said he was sure it wouldn’t be a problem. He took out the consent forms from Miruna’s bag and passed them over to the girls, who after a quick read, signed them and eagerly awaited their turn. As Miruna finished and Lucie began walking back, he stood up and signalled to Miruna she had more girls coming, indicating they had signed the paperwork and she got started with the new girls as Lucie sat back down next to Dan.

“So, how did you find the shoot? Did you enjoy it as much as the guys watching you?” He asked.

“Oh yes, it was very good. I really had a fun time!” Lucie replied with a big smile on her face.

“You looked like you was enjoying it, and you were incredibly hot, so would you do it again, like, another shoot? Would you be interested in that?” he said, hoping to lead her towards a sexier second set.

“There are some more pictures in the folder where girls have done second, third, and even more shoots where they go to a different beach and get a bit sexier and more revealing, and I think you would be perfect for that. Don’t worry, it would only be you and Miruna, I wouldn’t be there, and no other men would either if you didn’t want them to be.” he continued as Lucie picked up the folder and again started looking through it.

She quickly arrived at a set of a girl wearing white panties that turned see through when they got wet, before turning over and seeing some of the nude pictures, studying them and contemplating the offer.

“Do you mean for me to do a shoot like this? Do you think I would be good enough to do a set like this?” Lucie asked, seriously considering doing it if asked.

“Definitely. I encouraged my girlfriend to do a set like that when we saw it, and she has done quite a few now. Miruna will probably show you some of her pictures if you ask, and it’s worked wonders for her confidence. I bet your pictures would be amazing if you did a set like that.” He told her, seeing that she was now almost certain to do it.

“Excuse me, do you think we could do a photoshoot as well?” Two girls asked Dan, having seen the other shoots happen and evidently building üsküdar escort the courage to ask about one, so he handed them a form and got them to sign, before they sat down and started talking with him and Lucie about what is involved and what to do during the shoot.

Finally, Miruna made her way over after finishing the shoot with the other girls, and looked at Dan, almost disbelieving in how he found so many girls so quickly and easily. As she stood around, he told them that the two girls wanted to do a shoot and had signed the forms that he had put back in her bag, and that Lucie was possibly interested in a nude shoot as well, drawing looks from the two girls who were waiting for their shoot to start. After making sure Lucie would still be there when she finished, Miruna motioned for the girls to lead on towards the sea. Dan told her he was heading back to his hotel, so said his goodbyes to Miruna and Lucie, before leaving and returning to the hotel.

He got back and immediately went out to the pool bar, a favourite of his to sit and people watch, before ordering a drink and lighting a cigarette, having a swig before he felt a pat on his back, turning to see Marc standing behind him with a big smile on his face.

“I’ve got that thing we were talking about earlier.” He said, before pulling a re-sealable bag with small, green, oval shaped pills in and discretely showing it to Dan, smiling as he did so.

“Are you sure they are what the guy said they are?” Dan asked, obviously concerned about what the pills actually were.

“Yeah, I looked it up online. When put into a clear liquid they make it turn bright blue, so I tested 2 of them and both did that, so they are what we spoke about.

“Cool. Tomorrow night, we will be out here and I’ll make sure she has plenty to drink, and when I think she’s drunk enough, I’ll give you a nod and take a couple of them off you and drop them in to her drink. That should be enough to do the job. When I get her back to the room, I’ll message you and you can come round and fulfil her fantasy, even though she won’t know you did.” Dan said, smiling to Marc.

As they sat chatting, Dan’s phone pinged, indicating a text message, so he opened it and saw a message from Hayley, saying the shoots were finished and that they were heading back to the boat to party, which resulted in couple of messages being exchanged, before he put his phone away and carried on his conversation with Marc.

The boat headed away from the beach and back towards the yacht with everyone having a beer to celebrate the shoots going well, Hayley and Lily chatting with the guys as they quickly found themselves at the side of the yacht, stepping off the small boat and climbing back on to the larger vessel, heading back up the steps to the top deck as Stephen manoeuvred the boat to its space in the back of the boat. He unloaded the equipment onto the yacht and pressed the button, raising the net to lift the boat, and moving to the inside steps, heading up to the master bedroom and setting his equipment down. He took out two video cameras from their bag and set them on the bed, before quickly replacing the memory cards for empty ones, and placing the remotes next to them, before putting his other stuff away, closing the bedroom door, and heading up to the top deck to join the others.

When he got there, the music was already loud and both girls were dancing around in just their bikinis, as Alex was pouring shots, quickly handing them around once Stephen joined them. Once everyone had done theirs, he started pouring another round, which were also quickly drank, and the girls went back to dancing with each other, the lyrics to the music being quite raunchy, so they were more dancing on each other than with each other. Seeing this, Mason slipped below deck to execute his plan of hiding the cameras, quickly setting them up in positions that guaranteed if anything happened on the bed, they would capture the action, and the mirrors around the room would also help, before covering them with things so that only the lenses and sensors were visible if someone specifically looked for them. He then went back upstairs and was handed another shot by Alex, who was again pouring another round.

“Hold up, I think we need to get back to body shots!” He shouted, “And I think Hayley should do the first one!”

This brought a cheer from the rest of the lads, as Hayley smiled and said she was up for it, before asking who she was going to be drinking off.

“Her!” Josh shouted, pointing at Lily.

“Alright, let’s go!” Hayley shouted, implying that she knew they were going to say Lily, and wasn’t bothered about it.

Lily moved over to the counter and lay on it, before Hayley suggested she take her top off, using the laughable reason of ‘you don’t want it to possibly smell of Jager, do you?’, before Lily sat up and pulled the string behind her and removing it as instructed.

“Alright, Hayley, come round here and get ready, and remember, you have to drink all of the shot!” Josh instructed, indicating for Hayley to move to by Lily’s neck.

Once yenibosna escort she was there, he put his thumb over the hole of the bottle to slow down the liquid when poured, and started pouring onto Lily’s body, beginning at the top of her chest and moving down her body, drizzling it over both nipples, before moving his thumb slightly and allowing it to escape faster when he reached her navel, quickly filling the belly button and overflowing, the spirit quickly spreading and covering the bottom of her stomach before reaching her bikini bottoms, which Alex quickly tugged at and poured more in the gap, ensuring it would reach her pussy. Hayley didn’t hesitate, quickly following the path of Josh poured, flicking her tongue over Lily’s nipples, before moving down further and sucking the drink from her belly button. Once this was done, she looked up to Lily’s face, almost asking permission to continue, and when Lily offered no resistance, Hayley began following the trail of alcohol down from Lily’s navel, reaching the top of her bikini bottoms.

“Keep going, you haven’t done the whole shot yet!” Alex shouted, clearly wanting to see more from the two girls.

Smiling, Hayley didn’t disappoint, tugging the bikini bottoms down at the front and continuing to lick further down Lily’s body until she reached her shaved snatch, swirling her tongue around the clit and tasting the mixture of Jagermeister and Lily’s juices as the guys began cheering, impressed with what they were seeing. As Hayley continued licking, Josh again began pouring, this time only aiming to let it run down to Hayley’s mouth on Lily’s pussy ensuring she would stay where she was and the show would continue a little longer at least. Finally, he stopped pouring, but Hayley continued with what she was doing for a little longer, before Lily said it was her turn, and encouraged Hayley to switch places, removing Hayley’s top before she laid down. In similar fashion to the first time, Josh began pouring the drink down Hayley’s body, again making sure to cover the breasts, and Lily reciprocated the action, licking down Hayley’s chest and over her boobs, sucking the pool of spirits from her navel, before raising her head and pulling the front of Hayley’s bottoms away from her body to allow Josh to pour the drink down them. Josh complied, and Lily put her mouth back on the body in front of her and resumed the challenge, however rather than just move thee front of the bikini to give her access, she simply pulled them down to around Hayley’s knees and began lapping at her slick hole.

The four guys were all keenly watching as Lily was going down on Hayley, her mouth clamped over Hayley’s wet pussy as her tongue probed the inside of her folds. The scene in front of them had a knock on effect, with all of the men becoming turned on and wanting to take things further.

“Why don’t we take this somewhere more comfortable, like the master bedroom…” Mason suggested, hoping his ulterior motives would be realised.

“Hmm, sounds like a good idea to me!” Hayley said, looking down and seeing Lily looking back at her.

The two girls stood up to move to the bedroom, with Mason leading the way in front to make sure he can turn start the cameras recording, whilst the other three watched as Hayley pushed her bottoms down from by her knees, removing them completely, before taking Lily’s outstretched hand and following her below deck to the bedroom. Mason was waiting by the door, having started both hidden cameras recording, and held his arm out, guiding them to the huge bed in the middle of the room. When they reached the edge, Lily quickly spun Hayley round and pushed her backwards on to the bed, waiting for her to shuffle further up towards the headboard, before climbing on to the bed and laying with her head between Hayley’s legs, re-taking her previous position as she again went down on her new friend. All of the guys had followed them, and were now standing around the bed, watching Lily eat Hayley’s pussy like a professional, causing Hayley to squirm as her tongue worked its magic, before slipping two fingers into the desperate love tunnel.

Being female, Lily obviously knew what feels good, and within seconds Hayley could feel an orgasm rapidly approaching as Lily’s fingers continued rubbing on her g-spot as her tongue worked on her clit. Almost immediately, the climax arrived, causing Hayley to tremble as it hit her and the feeling of euphoria washed over her while Lily continued working with her fingers and tongue, increasing the pleasure until Hayley had to physically push away from her, doing whatever she could to try and escape the hand and mouth relentlessly stimulating her over sensitive pussy.

Once she had moved clear of Lily reach, Hayley caught her breath for a second, the head rush slowly passing as she sat on the bed panting, before looking at Lily and telling her to swap places, her intention to return the favour evident in her instruction. Once Lily moved as suggested, Hayley moved to between her legs, her ass raised in the air as she began orally pleasing Lily’s perfectly smooth slit. Using her left hand, she placed two fingers to hold open the hood covering Lily’s love button as her tongue dancing over the clit, sending shivers through every fibre of the tight body at her mouths mercy. As Hayley continued the tongue lashing, she suddenly felt hands spreading her buttocks, quickly followed a tongue taking swirling around at her wet hole.

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