The Twins

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The twins walked past my house again that morning as I worked in the garden in brief shorts and a top I knew showed off my tits. Rick and Garry were their names but everyone called them the twins. Well, everybody around here. They weren’t real twins; in fact they weren’t even related, not as far as I knew, but they did look so much alike they might as well have been twins. Maybe one of their fathers had a wandering eye back in the day.

I’d watched them walk past my house for the last ten years, this last year waiting for them to get old enough to jump their bones. I knew Rick’s Mom; she was in my bridge club and we frequently met up for lunch. I suppose I should have felt some measure of guilt at the ideas I harbored about her son but he was too damn delicious to allow guilt to get in the way of what I was planning. Garry lived a mile away and in our small community a mile was a long way, so I didn’t know his folks, didn’t plan on getting to know them. It was the boys I wanted to know. Yeah, in the biblical sense.

It was almost September in southern California, so they still wore shorts and tank tops. Rick had turned eighteen July 3rd – I hoped him arriving a day before the celebrations wasn’t a sign he always came too soon – but I had needed to wait until the start of August for Garry to reach the same milestone. It never even crossed my mind I should try Rick first. It had always been both together or none at all.

As they strolled by on the sidewalk, all long legs and wide chests and flat bellies I straightened up, pretending to ease my back though I had no need to because of all the pilates. They raised their hands and grinned.

“Hi, Mrs Honeycoat.”

I waved back, cutters in hand. “Hi boys. Hot one, ain’t it?”

“And some.”

They slowed, stopped and turned toward me. I knew I could have them any time I wanted. I had no time for false modesty, knew exactly how good I looked. I might be thirty-two, could give these kids almost fifteen years, but I had always looked after myself, always worked out, concentrating on shape rather than bulk: Pilates, Yoga, swimming, dance. I ate enough to keep my curves but not so much they went further than that.

“I was wondering…” I said, and left it hanging.

It was Rick took the bait. “What were you wondering, Mrs Honeycoat?”

I looked at them both, admiring, letting them know I was admiring. Their shorts were pulled high, outlining nice looking packages. If I had to guess I’d say Garry was the better endowed, but Rick didn’t look too short-changed.

“I was thinking about cleaning the pool out back.”

Rick knew I had the pool. I didn’t know if he’d ever told Garry, but when he was small I often babysat him. Sometimes his Mom would drop him off at my house, and when he was old enough I’d let him use the pool, as long as I was there to supervise.

“Uh-huh.” It was Garry who spoke. Rick scratched at his shoulder, pushing aside his longer hair which had grown out the last year and now almost reached his shoulders. It was dark brown, thick and curling. If I squinted my eyes up he looked a little like Jim Morrison. Rick didn’t. Rick was more Johnny Depp, but with shoulders and more bulk.

“I thought, if you didn’t have anything on, you could help me out. I’d be glad to pay you both.”

“Uh-huh,” Garry said again. He stopped scratching, let his hand fall to his thigh. Long fingers, strong hands. I wondered how they’d feel against my breasts, felt my nipples tighten at the thought. They’d be showing through my top, I knew, long nipples that grew ridiculously when aroused. It had been a while since they’d been aroused by anything other than my own fingers.

“So what d’you think?” I took a couple of paces toward the sidewalk, moved so I was part sideways to them, showing the rack off at its best. I could feel my nipples pressing deliciously inside my bra. Rick tried not to look, but his glance dipped down, stayed down before he could drag it back. The bulge in front of his shorts changed shape, growing heavier.

“You want us to clean your pool?”

“Could you?” I smiled, shook my head so my hair went back over my shoulders.

Rick looked at Garry. Garry looked back. Rick shrugged.

“I guess.”

“Only if you haven’t got a better offer.”

“No, no better offer.”

“No girls around you’d rather hang with?”

Garry grinned. “Some. But they’re all airheads, Mrs Honeycoat.”

“How d’you know I’m not an airhead?”

They laughed. “Doesn’t matter. Not if you’re paying us.”

“Well I’m not. An airhead, that is. I do intend to pay you. When can you start?”

“Today if you want,” Rick said, and the way he stared at me I wondered if he knew what I really wanted. Christ, if my nipples got any longer they were going to drill holes in my top.

“I need to sort some things out out first. How about you come round this afternoon, take a look at the size of it and we work out an arrangement?”

“Sure.” Garry this time.

“Great. See you later then.”

“See you, Mrs Honeycoat,” Garry said.

“See you,” Rick said.

They waved ikitelli escort again, a different kind of wave. I thought so, anyway. I watched them turn away and walk to the end of the street, openly admiring their butts, hard and firm, slim legs tapering to big male feet encased in Vanns. Before turning into Carter Avenue they both turned and waved again. They were talking as they moved off. About me?


I tried to go back to my roses but my mind was elsewhere. I gave up and went indoors, feeling hot and horny.

Would it happen today? Probably not, and I wasn’t even sure I wanted it to happen that fast anyway. I was enjoying the sense of tension in myself, the arousal tingling through me.

I wasn’t really dirty from gardening, just my hands, but it seemed a good enough excuse so I climbed the stairs and turned on the shower in the master bedroom, stepped out of my shorts, pulled my top over my head and then studied myself in the full length mirror.

Yeah, pretty good. Not even pretty good for a thirty-odd year old; I reckoned I was pretty good for a twenty year old. No lines, no sagging. I unclipped my bra. For a moment it clung to my breasts like the cupped hands of a lover, then I tugged, sliding it away, air cooling my nipples. No sag there either. I turned side on, laid my hand on my flat belly, peered around at my ass. Lucky boys. Side on I could see my nipples jutting out and slightly up, my tits deep and bell curved beneath, rounded on top. I wanted to pull on my nipples and feel the pleasure I knew would run from them to my sex but I wasn’t going to allow myself that pleasure. Instead I bent over, bent easily, pulling my tiny blue panties down. I stepped from them, placed my palms flat on the floor, back bent. Years of practice.

When I straightened up I turned face on to the mirror and looked down. A narrow strip of public hair ran up from between my legs. I hadn’t done much trimming down there this summer. I never grew too wayward, but now and then I’d take my bikini-line shaver and shorten and tidy. I walked across to the dresser, opened the second drawer down and found what I was looking for, my fingers brushing one of the three vibrators also in there. I hesitated, then withdrew my hand. Not now. Maybe, if things went to plan, I could introduce the boys to my playthings.

I took the trimmer into the bathroom with me and turned it on, ran it down from the start of my bush. It was set on four and I raised it and turned the knob on the side all the way down, put the head back and took off a strip almost all the way down to bare skin. A thrill ran through me as the hair dropped away, and I changed stance and took the sides off, lifted one leg and trimmed around my labia. The trimmer vibrated against me, tickling my clitoris as I ran it up to remove the last patches, but I tried to avoid that area, not yet ready to submit to my growing lust.

When I had trimmed as much as I could I opened the bathroom cabinet and took down shaving foam and a ladyshave. I stepped into the shower and foamed myself up. I couldn’t do anything about having to rub it in, but I tried to ignore the sensations that came when I did. I applied the razer, fresh blade, sharp and smooth, and removed every trace of hair from between my legs. When I had rinsed I showered, washed my hair and stepped out.

Back in front of the long mirror I admired my handiwork.

I had never removed all my pubic hair before, and I stepped closer, studying myself.

Finally I nodded. Yes, I thought, the boys will like that.


They arrived at three, which I took as a good sign, early enough to show keenness, not too early they demonstrated desperation. I took them round back and showed them the pool. It was a big pool. I had been lucky with the divorce settlement. Brad had given me pretty much everything I asked for: the house, an allowance, the Mercedes roadster – everything except his affection, and after the P.I. showed me the pictures of Brad in bed with another guy’s cock in his ass I realized I didn’t need the affection. When we argued, after I found and asked him why, if he wanted to fuck someone in the ass he hadn’t asked me, he’d turned away without a word and I let him go. Jealous. Pete Hastings had introduced me to anal sex back in High School, and I discovered a liking for it. I came harder with a cock in my ass than any other way I knew.

Now over a year without any sex was wearing thin. Oh sure, plenty of husbands made it clear they were available as dick’s for hire, but I didn’t want to ruin other marriages. So I had been celibate. Or celibate if you didn’t count the three dildos, and fun as those were they didn’t quite hit the spot. Which was why I had set my sights on the twins, who were now walking around the edge of the sixty foot pool pretending to look like they knew what they were doing.

I had taken an hour upstairs after lunch deciding what to put on. Nothing at all was probably too much at this stage in our relationship – I didn’t want to scare them off – but I did want to hint at my availability. kadıköy escort In the end I had probably gone too far, but it was too late once I answered the door to them in my briefest bikini. My tits spilled over the edges of the top, and the briefs were cut so tight if the boys looked down they would be able to clearly see I had shaved especially for them.

“It doesn’t look too bad,” Rick said. “Are you sure you want to pay us to clean this?”

I padded over on bare feet, stood on the edge and pointed. “Look. You can see some algae build up on the sides here.” I moved my hand. Standing right next to Rick I knew the movement would press my right breast against his left arm. “And over there. See?”

He nodded, swallowing. “I think so.”

“And I could do with the changing room painting, and the back wall would welcome a new coat of paint. So are you up for it?” I smiled, trying desperately not to make myself too obvious but fearing it was way past that point. Just the bikini was way past that point. Their eyes kept dancing wildly, wanting to look, not wanting me to catch them.

“Are you gonna drain the pool?” Garry asked.

“Do I need to?” I put on my woman face to indicate I knew nothing about that kind of thing; pool work was man work.

It was so sweet that they didn’t even try to pretend. “We’ve never done anything like this before, Mrs Honeycoat-“

“I think you can call me Janey now, don’t you?”

“Um. Janey?” Garry made it sound a question. “Can we clean the tiles without draining the pool?”

“Let’s try that first. Go to the store and get anything you might need. D’you want to start now or in the morning?”

“Will we have to get in the water?”

I shrugged my shoulders and two pairs of eyes darted down to watch the way my mobile breasts danced and swayed. “I guess so.”

“We’d better do it tomorrow then. Bring our swim trunks with us.”

I laughed. “Ive seen men in shorts before, boys.”


“I’d like you to make a start, but of course if you want to come back tomorrow… I could make you some dinner if you start today, and there’s beer in the fridge.”

“We’ll see how long it takes at the store,” Rick said. He was looking at me differently now, not trying so hard to look away from my body.

“Sure, see how you go. I’ll make that dinner anyway. Steak okay?”

“Steak sound good.”

I smiled. After they left I made myself a long drink and took it outside, arranged myself on the lounger so I caught the sun. The boys returned an hour and a half later, carrying squeegees, coarse scourers and other items I didn’t recognize and had no inclination to investigate.

I stayed where I was while they piled it near the changing room. they milled around a while, pretending to stare into the pool and make a plan, but I knew they were putting off getting into the water because that meant stripping down to their skivvies. It was getting on for five by the time Rick sighed and went into the changing room. When he came out it was in only his briefs: well filled, low cut, a line of light hair rising from their front and tapering out just below his navel. His skin was tanned from summer days at the beach, but it was obvious he usually wore longer trunks because high up on his legs was pale. He strolled casually to the edge of the pool, sat and eased in, swam to the far end and took a wiper and a cloth before ducking under the surface and starting to scrub at the tiles. Garry had gone into the changing room when Rick came out. He appeared now, his boxers looser than Rick’s briefs, a heavy ridge formed in front where his cock lay and from the way it pushed against the cotton I knew I was having the effect I wanted.

As Garry slipped into the water I put my head back and pretended to doze, but behind my Ray Banns I watched them work. Their broad shoulders ran with water when they came up for air. Garry’s long hair stuck against his face and back, the line of hair along his belly and into his shorts darker than Rick’s, but both boys chests were smooth and hairless. I caught them looking in my direction often, and I lay still, allowing them to study me, hoping the effect I was having on them was the right one. My bikini briefs had tugged up between my legs, displaying the sides of my shaved labia, tugged into the slit of my pussy. I had arranged my breasts inside the top so that the dark edge of one aureole showed. My nipples remained stiff, obvious peaks in the thin white material.

As the afternoon passed a shadow came across the lounger but I made no move.

Eventually I pushed my hair back and stretched as though waking, spread my legs either side of the lounger and leaned forward to present a deep cleavage.

“I think you’ve made a good start for today. I’ll get those steaks on and bring you a beer. I take it you both drink beer?” I raised a recently plucked eyebrow.

“Uh-huh.” They spoke together, both nodding.

“You’d better get out before you prune.” I stood and stretched again, twisting from side to side and felt a nipple pop free. I kartal escort casually tucked myself back in as though it happened all the time. The boys remained in the water, waiting for me to leave. I stayed where I was, waiting for them to give in.

After a couple of minutes I walked to the changing room, brought back two large white towels and held them out. “Come out and dry off, I’ll get the beers.”

I stood just far enough back they couldn’t reach without coming out the water, which they did. The Ray Banns covered my eyes, allowing me to pretend I was looking beyond them while really taking in the way their wet shorts clung to their bodies. Nice cocks. Very nice cocks. They took the towels and wrapped them around themselves and I went inside.

My plan had been to tease, to seduce them slowly over a few days, but I knew that was no longer possible. My body trembled deep inside and I knew I couldn’t wait. I just hoped they felt the same.


Rick was the bold one. Maybe they’d been talking as they dressed, maybe he was just quicker on the uptake or braver than Garry, but Rick came into the kitchen while I was taking steak from the fridge. He came up behind me. I knew he was there, could see him coming in the glass of the cupboard door, dressed in shorts and tank top, obviously no underwear any longer unless he’d kept it on wet. I thought he was going to stop and say something but he came right to me, slipped his arms around my waist, pulled me back against him, letting me feel his arousal. I ground against him a little, not too much, just enough to tell him back I knew what was there.

His hands came up and cupped my breasts, his mouth came down on my neck and kissed me hard. I put my hands over his, allowed myself to swoon against him then pulled his hands down. He tensed.

“Did I get the signals wrong, Mrs H?”

I shook my head, pressing my ass back against the length of his cock. “Not wrong. But I want you both, not one at a time.”

I could see the reflected frown that pulled at his brow. “You mean, like, at the same time?”

I nodded, stroked his hands, lifted one back to a breast.

“Wow, Mrs H. For real?”

“For real.”

He surprised me then, pushing his hand down inside my bikini briefs.

“You’re so wet.” His voice whispered in my ear, his hips ground against my ass, just where I wanted him.

“And you’re so bold.” I gripped his wrist and drew his hand away. Reluctantly. His fingers had dipped inside me and made a small wet noise as they withdrew.

“Bold’s good, isn’t it?”

“You’re right. Bold is good. Go ask Garry if he wants to come inside too.”

“Fuck, Mrs H.”

“Yeah, fuck Rick.”


I went through to the living room, a bit dizzy, a bit hot. I sat on the couch then got up again, feeling stupid sitting there in my briefest bikini. Would they come in together? How was this going to happen? Was it up to me to make the first move, or should I wait for them? My heart beat fast, making my breasts tremble with each pulse. I had brought this moment to pass. This thing was going to happen, and I could barely stand from the lust roaring through me.

They returned, Rick in front and Garry just behind. I smiled and they smiled back, nervous, stopped three feet from me. I could smell the chlorine on them from the pool, smell the heat and sun on their bodies, smell that sex smell you get off men when they’re aroused, something I hadn’t smelled in too long a time.

I took a half step toward them and Rick took a half step back. Garry took a step and a half to where he could reach me. His hand came out and touched my waist and I jumped. His fingers pulled back but I caught them, drew his hand back, lifted it to my breast.

“You’re something else, Mrs H,” Rick said.

“I hope so. Draw the drapes at the front, Rick.”

He strode across the room and pulled the cord. Anyone going past might wonder why the drapes were shut this early in the evening, but better that than watching two of the neighborhood hunks getting down and dirty with me. Rick went to the long drapes over the french window onto the yard.

“Leave those. No-one’s going to see through the back.”

Rick glanced at me, turned and came back, came all the way back and pressed alongside me, Garry on my right, Rick on my left. His hand came up and massaged the spare breast, the one Garry wasn’t squeezing and I dropped a hand to each of them, cupped my palm around their rigid lengths and Garry moaned.

I started trying to loosen buttons and zips but it was tough and after a moment they took pity on an older woman and loosened their shorts, let them drop to their ankles. Two stiff young cocks swung up and I went on my knees in front of them, pulling and maneuvering until they stood side by side and I had a cock in each hand.

Rick was slightly longer than Garry, bur Garry was a lot thicker around than Rick and the dark purple head of his cock looked enormous, bulbous and dangerous, a circumcised weapon. Rick was more delicate, more pretty, lines of veins running his length. His glans was uncircumcised and I pulled the foreskin back, a fresh wave of scent coming to me. Both boys were oozing pre-cum copiously. I gave each a tentative stroke and Garry moaned again. They were young, I didn’t expect them to last, didn’t want them to last, not the first time, but Garry was likely to cover me in his cum any second.

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