“The truth is rarely pure…”

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“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

I turn the handle and the jets of hot water stop immediately. I slide open the glass door, step, soaking wet and naked, into the warm, steam filled bathroom and reach for the plush towel of Sea Island cotton on the heated rail. I dry my face, but neglect the rest of body, simply drag the terry cloth lazily down my chest and wrap it loosely around my waist.

I stand in front of the fogged up mirror and clear the condensation away with the edge of my palm, revealing the familiar sight of my own reflection. I inspect my features carefully. My advanced years are definitely visible, but I’ve held up well. Distinguished, not old and haggard. I always think I look best straight after a shower.

Each almond shaped eye is centred by a coffee brown iris around a black pupil. The surrounding whites are still bright and clear. My nose is prominent, but not obnoxiously large. Fleshy lips, bottom heavy, but with good vertical symmetry. A thick, slightly salt and pepper, beard frames my face nicely.

Lifting my chin and turning my face from side to side, I run my fingertips across the coarse stubble on my cheeks and neck. I load the badger hair brush with Taylor of Old Bond street shaving cream and whip up a lather, which I apply in quick, tight circles. A fresh blade in the heavy double edge razor. With measured strokes I slice through the excess growth, leaving behind smooth skin, contrasted by short, dark, wiry hairs along my jawline and around my mouth. The rich, oriental perfume of sandalwood hangs in the air. Lather again for my head and by expertly gliding the sharp steel over my scalp, I reduce the brushy, suede texture to a shiny, polished finish. A splash of water to remove the leftover foam and my grooming is complete.

I examine my handiwork. No nicks, cuts or grazes, just clean shaven skin, along side neatly shaped facial hair. I can’t resist a sly smirk of approval. I may not be a devilishly handsome eighteen-year-old anymore, but I’m several levels above merely presentable.

I dry myself off, deodorant under each arm and a splash of cologne. A masculine, woody scent, infused with spice, bay, bergamot and a slight, fresh citrus note. I cast off the towel and walk into the bedroom.

Standing, still naked, in front of my open wardrobe, it’s time to pick my outfit for the evening. I reject my usual combination of chinos, Oxford shirt and blazer. Tonight is a special occasion and calls for something sharper.

I have a few nice suits, but which one to choose? Not the pinstripe, of course. Maybe the black Prada? No, tonight is not the night for Italian. The Christian Dior, in glen plaid, I bought in Paris last year? Closer, but still not right. Then my hand lands on the black nylon cover hanging at the end of the rail. I think I had already made the decision long before opening the cupboard door. Toying with the other options was just killing time. This was the clear choice from the very beginning.

I remove it and hang it on the door. As I slowly pull down the zip, the cheap, black, man made fabric of the case parts, exposing the charcoal grey, 100% merino wool suit inside. An exceptional piece of British craftsmanship. This isn’t just a suit, it’s the suit. Bespoke, cut by hand, from Bernard Weatherill, number 5 Savile row. It took two months and three fittings to get right and is, in every way, absolutely exquisite.

You will never experience a suit like it, if you only buy off the peg. No designer label could ever create the fit, feel and finish of a creation such as this. Well over a hundred years of tradition and skills, passed down from one generation to another, have gone into its manufacture. Made by men who have devoted their lives to achieving perfection in cloth.

I run my eyes over every inch of it, from collar to cuffs, looking for a flaw. I find none. Not one single stitch or thread is out of place. Step lapels, just the right width to never be fashionable, but always stylish. Real horn buttons, carefully placed. Almost completely symmetrical, save for the breast pocket on the left and the stylish, yet subtle, ticket pocket on the right.

I stroke the sleeves. They have an almost silky quality, despite being wool. This is a material you can sit in for hours and when you stand up, the creases simply drop out, without leaving a single wrinkle. My fingers caress the finely woven fabric, slowly tracing the edges and seams from the gently sloping shoulders, down the full chest, sweeping into the waist and over the hips.

I choose the rest of my outfit with care, nothing loud to distract from the suit. I pull a pair of boxer briefs up my muscular legs. Not silk or any fancy nonsense, just simple, white cotton jersey. They hug my arse and give support to my heavy cock and gravid bollocks. Fine black socks on my feet. Then a crisp, white poplin shirt, from Harvie & Hudson on Jermyn street. Each arm slides in effortlessly and I fasten canlı bahis the buttons one by one, concealing my dense, swarthy body hair.

I slip the trousers off the hanger, shake them out in front of me and step in. I tuck in my shirt and button up. They are snug and secure, but not tight. Just the right amount of give so I can sit comfortably and still look sleek, no unsightly bulges or bagginess. However, there is a discreet amount of ease on the left side to accommodate my manhood. No belt is necessary, these trousers don’t even come with loops. I push my feet into my chestnut coloured, Foster and Son, derby shoes. Skilfully moulded, they fit like a glove. With my shoes on, the trousers are the ideal length. Standing up straight, single breaks form on each leg, just as intended.

I pick a tie from the rack. Plain black silk, not too glossy. Narrow enough to be contemporary, but not so thin as to look like a waiter. I drape it over my neck, small end shorter than wider, then deftly wrap and fold the finespun textile strip into a precise half Windsor knot, turn down the stiff collar and position it dead centre.

I open the watch box with a snap and take a few moments to pay silent homage to my little collection. I don’t need to choose, there is only one option for this suit with these shoes. The Jaeger-LeCoultre dress watch slips over my hand and I click closed the deployment clasp on the mahogany alligator strap. I check the time. Twelve and a half minutes past the hour, I need to be making a move. Two silver cufflinks go quickly through the buttonholes in my double cuffs and hold the opposite ends together around my wrists.

Now for the coat. Colloquially known as a jacket, but as they say on Savile Row, jackets are for potatoes. The interior hides the one splash of colour, a tasteful pale blue lining. In with my arms, over my broad, round shoulders and across my 44 inch chest. A light tug on the lapels and it’s in place. The artfully tailored garment envelopes my body, hugging my torso in all the right places, while still allowing me to bend, move and flex with ease. A silk handkerchief is stuffed into the top pocket. White, to match the shirt.

I turn my body left and right in the full length mirror, taking in the complete look. This suit doesn’t just fit, it flatters my form and accentuates my manly physique. The angled pockets slim my waist and the cut even adds inches to my height. It exudes refinement and sophistication with its understated elegance. I look, I feel and I smell, phenomenal. I’m ready to leave.

The weather is slightly cool, but not cold enough to necessitate an overcoat. I slip a few essentials into my pockets. Door keys, credit card, cigarette case. I descend the stairs, step out onto the chilly London street and pull the door to, behind me. A brisk breeze whips past. I feel it on my freshly shaven face and head, but not on my body. I will be warm enough tonight.

I raise my arm and a shiny black taxi, with glowing orange beacon, pulls up beside me.

“The Savoy Hotel,” I say through the open window.

The driver nods his assent and flicks off the light, as I open the door and climb into the rear. He checks his mirror for oncoming traffic and we’re on our way.


We pull up underneath the iconic steel and neon sign, topped with the statue of Count Peter the second. I pay the fare, step out of the car and greet the doorman as he tips his hat to me. I stride through the front hall and head directly to the American bar, where we have arranged to meet. It’s a little too flashy for me, but fine for a few drinks before dinner.

I scan the room for a the best available table and to catch a waiter’s eye. I notice I have caught a few other eyes already, as always happens when I wear this suit. It gives me an extra air of confidence and authority. I hold my chin that little bit higher, I meet people’s gaze a tiny bit quicker and my handshake is just fractionally firmer. A girl, at least a decade my junior, bites her lip when I give her a half smile and a polite nod. I find what I’m looking for an head over.

A young man, dressed in white and with slicked back hair, appears at my elbow. I whisper a few instructions before taking my seat. He nods and turns on his heel, returning momentarily with a scotch and soda. I know this is a cocktail bar, but I’m a purist, I don’t like mixed drinks.

As I sip, I see at least two women turn their heads, so I don’t catch them staring. I’m used to having people’s attention, but usually only when I want or need it. Today, I get it regardless. It doesn’t bother me though. If they want to look, let them. I’ve got more important things on my mind. I’m thinking about you.

I pull up my cuff and glance at the time. I’ve finished my drink and I’m contemplating another. When I look up, I see you enter the bar.

If I caused a stir when I came in, it is as nothing compared to the reaction your appearance gets. An audible silence spreads bahis siteleri through the room in a wave. Heads turn, jaws drop, even the pianist at the white baby grand misses a few notes. The effect is as if a celebrity, a superstar, had arrived unexpectedly.

You look ravishing. To me, you always do, but tonight you have that little something extra. Your makeup is light and simple. Highlighting your natural beauty, allowing it to shine through, not concealing or faking anything. Skin, flawless. Eyes, shining. Hair, opulent. Lips, smiling.

Your statuesque figure is encased in obsidian silk. A little black dress, by Givenchy. It flows with you sumptuous curves and exposes just the right amount of skin to be provocative, without being lewd or raunchy. Bare from just above the knee, sleeveless, with the back cutaway. Hebert never made Audrey Hepburn look this stunning.

You carry yourself with the just the right balance of confidence and coyness. You are that rarest of rare things these days, a perfect lady. Without even trying, you own the room. An incredible achievement for one so young, yet you seem not to notice. Your eyes lock with mine and you walk directly towards me, paying no attention to the other eyes following your every step. I stand to meet you. Taking both your hands in mine, I pull you towards me, pull you into me and kiss you deeply.

A few eyebrows raise in acknowledgement of our age difference. I am, after all, approximately twice your age. My face bears the evidence of years and experience, while yours is youthful, pure and still innocent. I’m just a dirty old man, corrupting a sweet, simple girl, young enough to be my daughter. We pay no heed to their judgement. As I place you in a chair, I call to mind a verse from Shelly:

“Nothing in the world is single;

All things by a law divine

In one spirit meet and mingle.

Why not I with thine?”

Why not, indeed? There may be a thousand good reasons, but at this moment, sitting across the table from you, I can’t think of a single one. Nor do I want to.

Our waiter arrives with a bottle Dom Pérignon on ice and two glasses. We smile at each other and stifle laughter at the elaborate ritual of opening and pouring. When he leaves us, we touch glasses, then lips and imbibe.

Bottle finished, we go to dinner and drink a little more. Not for a single moment is my mind distracted from the absolute vision of loveliness I have in my company. You hold me completely captivated with your grace and eloquence.

As we exit the building I remove my suit coat and drape it over your shoulders. You accept it gratefully and pull it around yourself, relishing the warmth transferred from my body to yours via the woollen garment. I don’t have to endure the chilly night air for long, we are in a cab then back at my flat before I have a chance to notice it.


When we arrive, I open the car door and offer my hand to help you from the back seat. My coat still hangs over your shoulders. I can tell you’ve already grown rather attached to it. We ascend the staircase and I let us in, closing the door again with a dull clank. The hallway is dark, but I don’t reach for the light. Instead I reach for you.

I slam your back hard against the wall. It shocks you and sends a jolt through your body. My face is buried in your neck, giving you wet, open mouthed kisses. I can feel your pulse pounding through your carotid artery. Your breath is shallow, your demeanour passive and expectant. I inhale your essence. My lips against yours. My tongue probes your mouth. You do strange things to me, you change me.

I grab you by your hair and drag you into the bedroom. My jacket lies discarded on the floor. You’re on the bed, face down. The Parisian haute couture is unzipped and violently ripped from your body, leaving you lying in your black lace lingerie. That too is forcefully removed. I spank your pert, round arse, hard and fast with an open palm, causing you to yelp with each stinging blow. The beating is harsh, but it doesn’t last long and blessedly for you, I don’t have a belt to hand. Usually I would give you a few savage lashes to really drive my point home, to put you in your place, to reinforce my position as daddy.

I flip you over onto you back. Tears have begun to well up in your eyes, but I pay them no mind. My head is between your thighs. Lips, tongue and teeth working their way from your knees to the glistening wet folds of your vulva. My beard tickles and scratches your sensitive, supple skin. I press my nose into your mons, savouring the ethereal aroma trapped in your wispy pubic hair. My tongue parts your labia and sinks into your slit to sample your salty sweet nectar.

The combination of fragrance and flavour sends a rush over me like no drug ever could. I am high on pheromones, intoxicated by your youth. I dive into your pussy with a ravenous hunger. Kissing, licking, sucking and biting. I barely hear your squeaks and squeals of delight, bahis şirketleri or is it pain? Nothing but your cunt matters to me now. The soft musky smell, the taste, the feel of your velvet skin in my mouth. It is without equal in this world and it belongs to me. It’s mine, I own it. At this moment, I own you entirely and you know it.

My tumescent prick strains against its fabric confinement. I pull my shirt off over my head, release the fastenings on my trousers and free my turgid member. Taking you by the hair once more, I guide your lips towards it. You hesitate slightly as the swollen purple head hovers just under your nose. You look up at me with those gleaming eyes, desperate for reassurance. Maybe you find it, maybe you don’t. I force your face down on my impatient organ, regardless of your thoughts and feelings. I use your tender young mouth for my own pleasure, repeatedly driving my shaft deep down your throat. I do feel a pang guilt for treating something so sweet and pretty this way. Yet your distressed gagging sounds only encourage me to be more brutal.

When I finally let go, you struggle to regain your breath, but I don’t allow you time for repose. My hips are between your thighs and my sloppy cock head is poised at the entrance to your tight little quim. I am ready to enter you, ready to take you, ready to use you. Are you ready for me? I don’t wait to find out. Sheer manic lust has taken me over. All hope of calm, rational thought is lost. My fingers find their way around your throat. I squeeze tightly and push down, pinning you to the bed. Your eyes are wide with…Panic? Passion? Terror? Desire? It matters not.

I enter you with a powerful thrust. Sliding in unimpeded until my balls slap up against you. I feel your stretched cunt contract, gripping me. A moment to revel in the heat, the wondrous sensation of you, then I begin the onslaught. Over and over, I plunge in, slamming cruelly against your cervix. Cries of agony and pleasure, ecstasy and pain, fill the room.

All too soon, I feel my orgasm growing near. I’m going to come. With tremendous effort, I pull my slick meat from your pussy. As if you were a rag doll, I toss you back onto your stomach. My fingers grip your hips, holding you in place.

“Yes, Daddy, Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” you moan with urgency in your voice.

We both need it, both need satisfaction, sweet release. I ram home, penetrating you with my ferocious dick. Again and again I saw into you, deeper, harder, faster. Teeth sink into your flesh. Low, guttural, primal, grunts. Muscles tense and spasm. We come together. My copious spunk flows into you, filling you. I give you everything and you take it willingly.

I collapse on top of you. The animal within me has been sated, for now. You tremble beneath me as I grow flaccid, still inside you. Gradually our heavy, rapid breathing steadies and the post orgasmic fog begins to lift from our eyes. I kiss your shoulders and neck, cheek and lips.

“Are you okay, Baby? I wasn’t too rough, was I?”

“No, Daddy, it was perfect. Thank you.”

We lie, bare-skinned under the covers. You wrap your limbs entirely around me and melt your body completely into mine. I touch your angelic face a thousand times with my lips. Sleep comes upon us quickly and we drift easily into silent, contented slumber.



I awaken standing strong and proud in your hand. With blurry eyes and half closed lids, I watch you stroke me. Nimble fingers travelling up and down the entire length. Your pretty little head inching closer, until you land a tender smooch right on the tip. You follow it up with more of the same, all the way down until you reach my scrotum and playfully take each testicle into your mouth, giving them a gentle suck.

You stare intently at me, directly into my eyes, wanking me slowly and deliberately. Your face is serene and placid before you part your succulent lips and close them around my impatiently waiting penis. You do not break eye contact for even the briefest moment, as you work me with your immaculate mouth. You take me long and deep, using your dexterous tongue to breathtaking effect.

You consume me hungrily and greedily. My eyes roll back. You devour me completely and wholly. I grab a pull at the bed clothes. Your head moves with intense fervency, your eyes are focused and concentrated on the task at hand. I grit my teeth and spew forth a gush of hot, thick, salty ejaculate. You slurp and swallow, welcoming every droplet with visceral pleasure.

As I catch my breath and float steadily back to earth, your face is alight with glee, the intense joy of a job well done.

“Good morning, Daddy,” you smile sweetly and snuggle up beside me, with your head resting on my furry chest.

“Good morning, Angel. That was amazing, thank you.”

“That’s alright, Daddy. I really wanted to taste your cum before I leave.”

“Leave? I thought I was going to have you for a few days.”

“No, Daddy. I have to be back at school the day after tomorrow. My flight is this afternoon.”

I say nothing, but my disappointment is palpable. We lie together in reticence for some time, neither one of us moving.

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