The Teacher

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James was so nervous as he drove. He had finally decided to do it. He was crossing the line. He had chatted for years but never imagined that he would actually go and meet someone from the Internet. He couldn’t help it. His passion had grown too great to fight it anymore. This woman was much too alluring, much too enticing to resist. There was something about her that he could not fight. He had to be with her. He was breaking ever rule and every principle that he had ever learned, but he didn’t care. He had to go. He fought with this decision in his mind for months, but now he had the opportunity. He had moved into his new apartment just last week, and he felt freer, then he had ever felt before. He didn’t care that legally he was still married; he had to be with Sabrina.

James pulled into the hotel parking lot. She had chosen a nice hotel. He let her pick it out. He wanted her to be comfortable. He didn’t know what to expect or what would happen, although he had hopes of what would come of their encounter. All he was told was to bring the latest story. He was up until 2:00 am to finish writing it. He did not want to disappoint her. He even rewrote it three times to make sure that it was perfect. He finally decided it was good enough when it made him hard and he didn’t even have to touch himself. He only hoped that it would be good enough for her.

Sabrina was so happy to hear that he had finally moved out. She heard all of the horror stories that were trapped in his brain. Even though she felt sorry he had to go through those things, she was very happy that he had finally left. No one should be treated that way. She can still remember the chat:

M28losangeles: hey Sabrina, guess what?

The_sexy_lady: what?

M28losangeles: Congratulate me; I’m in a hotel.

It made her so happy to hear that he had the courage to leave. Even though they had only chatted over the Internet, they had grown to be friends, and of course, she loved the wonderful stories that came from his erotic mind. She wondered if the real life James would be as hot and erotic as the online one. She really hoped so.

Riding up the elevator, his heart began to pound. Sabrina had only seen an older picture of him, and he wondered if she would be attracted to the real thing. Would she like the physical man as much as she enjoyed the intellectual one? Would she care for him the way he cared for her? Would she want to touch him as much as he wanted to touch her? The elevator doors opened.

Room 512, 513, 514, and finally here it was, room 515, the last door in the hall. He noticed that the room number had 15 in it, which was his favorite number. He stood there for one second and tried to compose himself before he knocked. He checked his clothes and hair in the mirror that was down the hall, but his nervousness prompted him to check it again. He went shopping for just the right outfit, black slacks, and a nice burgundy shirt. He also wore his favorite cologne. He had brought an apple. He wasn’t sure why she had asked him to bring it with the story, but he did anyway.

He took a deep breath and knocked. The door opened and his heart pounded like it had never pounded before. She was beautiful, stunning actually. She stood before him in a black miniskirt, white button down blouse, and high heels. Her glasses were on and she had a serious, professional look about her. A few strands of hair were blown by the wind of the door and covered her right eye. She only motioned with her head to move it away, and James lost his breath. Even with a simple motion of her head, she demonstrated how sexy she was.

“Come on in, I have been waiting for you.” She said sternly.

James looked at his watch as he moved inside. He didn’t understand he was right on time. 5:00 pm on the nose.

“Take a seat, class is about to begin.” She said in a playful voice.

Now he understood the apple and the story. It was an assignment, and she was the teacher. He looked around the room and to the left he noticed that next to the king sized bed was a desk. It was the kind of desk that would normally be found in an average hotel suite. It had a plain flat top and nothing but four legs underneath. . A laptop sat on top of the desk on the left and some papers on the right. A red pen sat on top of the paper.

She had moved the table it to face him. A chair was sitting nearly behind the desk.

He looked to his right and saw what he assumed to be his desk. A very simple four legged table. There was nothing on it.

“Here is your apple Ms. Sabrina. I picked it out just for you!” He said playfully in return.

“Just put it on my desk, James. Did you bring your homework?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Good, have a seat and I will collect it in a moment.”

He walked over to her desk and placed the apple on the corner, as he did he went and sat in his seat. As she walked from the doorway to her desk, her scent trailed behind her. It was the sweetest perfume that had ever enticed his senses. He closed his eyes and followed the illegal bahis scent. He noticed that he was moving in her direction. He caught himself and quickly sat up.

He watched her as she moved behind the desk, graceful and sensual. Even her movements drove him wild. She was feminine and sensual and he was not used to this. As she walked to get behind the desk, he noticed the skirt had a short slit up the front and he could see even more of her inner thigh. She knew how to entice a man and she was doing an excellent job with him. Everything about her drove him wild.

She sat down gracefully. He could see her cross her right leg over her left under the table. He noticed that her calves were perfect, and his eyes become fixated on them. He could not take his eyes off her. It was not lust but pure infatuation, like a precious piece of art. She completely captivated his mind.

As she organized her papers he quickly looked around, the sun was setting out the window. She had chosen a room that faced the ocean and she left the blinds open. He loved the ocean. Maybe they could go down later and walk on the beach n the sand. He tired very hard to take the whole room in quickly. She had gotten ice and some drinks. Was that a bottle of wine? There was also a small box on the nightstand.

His attention returned to her when she said, “Ok, now lets take roll.” She sat up straight as she talked, fully playing the part. “James, are you here?”

He raised his hand like the class nerd and changed his voice to sound like the geek that everyone made fun of in class. “Present!”

She tried very hard not to laugh but allowed herself to let out a small giggle. She continued to smile. That is what he was after, that wonderful smile. The smile that made the butterflies in his stomach fly away, the smile that made peace come over him, the smile that made his heart happy.

She composed herself and asked, “You have your homework, correct?”


“Please bring it to me.”

He moved from around the desk and walked toward her. He handed the story to her and smiled and waited.

“You may sit down now, thank you.” He sat back down as he was asked.

She picked up the small stack of papers and began to read them. His eyes where fixed on her face. He wanted to see every little reaction. He watched her eyes. They were amazing, sexy and alluring. She had an exotic look about her eyes, and they now hypnotized him. He wanted to know if she would approve of his latest creation.

Sabrina liked what she was reading. It was the best story he had written to date. It was hot, and sexy. It made her tingly and flushed. So many times, she had read his stories but never right here in front of him. With him there, it was more sensual and erotic then before, and her body responded to what her eyes were reading. For the first time, his story was making her wet.

James watched every little detail on her face. He even leaned forward, studying her and waiting for any little reaction. When her eyebrow rose, in the sexy way that she raised it, he became excited, and when she frowned, he frowned, wondering what part of the story did not meet her approval.

When she turned the page, she was becoming warm and she wanted to show him how much she was enjoying the story. She unbuttoned another button on her blouse, and he could see just a slight bit of her white lace bra. He sat back and smiled. He was accomplishing what he had set out to do. He wanted to please her and now she had silently told him that she was pleased.

When she turned to page three, she uncrossed her legs, and left them open slightly. Her gyrated slightly as the words that were on the page went through her eyes and stimulated her mind. She opened her legs a little more. She wanted him to see how excited she was and how she was being more open to him.

She looked up at him over the page but did not raise her head. She could see that his head was leaning to one side. He was looking up her skirt and this aroused her as much as the words on the page. She quickly looked down again. She didn’t want him to stop looking. She wanted his eyes to caress her body, the way his words were caressing the sensual part of her mind. She wanted him to see. She shifted her hips so that he would be able to see even more of her. She again peeked over the page without raising her head. She wanted to see his face as she “accidentally” brushed her hand against the outside of her thigh. When her already short skirt raised another two inches, James’s eyes became wide and she knew that he could now see her white lace panties. It made her even hotter.

This story was amazing. It was all for her. The story was a special creation that was inspired by her, and was for her. She was so turned on by the fact that it was her name that was in black and white, on page after page of this delicious story. She slid her hand through the opening of her white blouse and softly caressed her own chest. Her skin wanted to be touched. It was craving the skin of another illegal bahis siteleri pressed up against it. It longed for the heat of another. It begged to be caressed. For the time being her hand would have to do. She didn’t want to ruin this wonderful scenario that the two of them were creating.

Page 5 was the hottest sex she had ever read about and now she was totally ready for some herself. The lower here eyes traveled down the paged, the lower her hand traveled down her body. Her clitoris was swollen and hot and it called to her hand. The two were like magnets, unavoidably drawn to one another. By the time she was halfway down the page, her hand was touching her private area, but it was not private to James. He was able to watch every motion of her hand, the way her hand slowly and methodically moved over her panties and then massaged her aching clit.

The fact that he was watching her only made her even more excited and she noticed her temperature rising. As her eyes read the end of the story, she could not believe what he had done. She put the papers down and threw her head back. Her legs were spread wide now and James could see that her hands craved to be under those panties but she fought to control herself. At the same time, his large bulge was also craving to be free, but he too was fighting to maintain control.

He watched her slowly compose herself. Her legs closed and she sat up straight again. She drew in large breaths of air through her nose and let it out quickly through her mouth. She was hot and every fiber of her being was now focused on sex. She had to have it and she had to have it quickly. The words on the page filled her mind and the scenario she read about was just too much. Her head was spinning, with everything out of focus except for one thing. The only thing that was clear was that she had to have him inside her.

She sat forward and opened the red pen. She made a mark on it and as she stood, she quickly got back into character.

“James, I am rather disappointed in this story. It fell far below my expectations. ” She was playfully lying and they both knew it.

“I’m sorry but I have decided to give you an ‘F’.” She tossed the paper on his desk and he turned it around to read her mark. Even the way she wrote her F was purely feminine.

“But I am a very fair teacher James, I will give you the chance to earn a little extra credit so you can bring your grade up.” She was now standing right in front of him, and was bent over. He looked up so see the most perfect breasts under the sexiest white lace bra that he had ever seen. She stood up and moved around the table, his eyes fixed on her every move. She then sat down on the table and slid across so that she was sitting right in front of him. He moved back slightly to give her enough room to cross her legs, and again, he noticed how perfect they were. “Would you like to earn some extra credit James?” She said pausing before the word extra.

“Yes Ms. Sabrina, I would appreciate that.” He said, not exactly knowing where this was going but he hoped it was going in the sexual direction.

“Well James, I have been watching you in my class. You are getting so strong. Are you working out in gym class? “

“Oh yes I am, thank you for noticing.”

“Well I can turn that F to a D, if you remove your shirt.” They were both smiling now. They wanted to laugh, but they wanted to keep it erotic so they held themselves together, only allowing smiles.

James slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and when he removed it, her eyes looked him up and down. His chest was well defined and his abs was defined. He was muscular and strong. It pleased to know that undressed, he was even more appealing and not the other way around.

“Hmmm, that is ok but I don’t think you should get your D yet. I think to earn that, you need to also remove my shirt.” She said as her eyes playfully looked at him.

He reached over and unbuttoned her blouse slowly, methodically. Even though they were only buttons that he was touching, she could tell that his hands were strong and powerful, yet gently and cautious. He slowly slid her blouse over her shoulders exposing them. He gently removed her blouse and carefully tossed it to the bed.

She then said seriously, “No. I still don’t think you deserve a higher grade. I think you are going to have to do more. Take off my bra.”

HE silently did was she wanted him to do. She was a little surprised when he moved forward and leaned over. He tenderly kissed her neck, and then down her neck, and then finally her shoulder, he kissed the strap of her bra, making sure to also make contact with her soft skin underneath. He carefully bit down on her bra strap and slowly moved it over her shoulder. When he released it from his teeth and the strap hit her arm was the first time that Sabrina had noticed that she had stopped breathing. She tried to catch her breath as he moved to the other side. He did the same as he did on the other side. Wither her straps off, James then reached canlı bahis siteleri down and held her petite hands in his. He moved them to his shoulders so that they would not obstruct his as his hands moved over her body. His hands first made contact with her sides and she loved the warmth that they emanated. They were strong, manly hands and he knew exactly what to do with them. He slid them to her back and then in a quick motion, he released the clasp of her bra. He could feel her grab his shoulders more tightly as his hands worked. Her breasts fell to their natural position without being exposed. He then slowly sat down. As he did, her arms slowly lowered with his body, and her bra then fell naturally off of her. When he sat back in his chair, her hands fell to her sides and the bra fell to the floor. She was now exposed to him. His motions, his hands, and his mouth made her wet and wanting, as she looked down from his face, to his chest, to his groin. She saw that he was now fully erect.

She nearly forgot that they were also playing a game. She wanted so desperately to throw herself onto him and enjoy every inch of him, but she instead did her best to clear her head and then with a very large breath, proceeded.

“Very good James, I think you have deserved your D. Now would you like to earn a C”

“Yes Ms. Sabrina, I would.”

“Well then come closer.” He moved his chair closer to her and as he did, she put her heels on his chair, one on each side of him, and again he could see her panties. She leaned back, her arms supporting her weight and helping her to balance.

“To get a C, I want you to remove my panties.” Her eyes were full of passion as the words slowly rolled off her tongue.

He paused for a second and then he placed his hands on the outside of her thighs. He slid them toward her waist. She carefully and slowly pulled down her panties. He pulled them down to the table, and then with one hand under her left buttock, he lifted her gently off of the table. When he had pulled her panties low enough, he switched hands and then pulled them down the rest of the way. Her legs cooperated as he slowly slid her panties the rest of the way down her soft, luscious legs. When he finished, he sat back and watched as she slowly opened her legs to expose the most beautiful pussy had ever seen. It was glistening in the light it was so wet. Her pubic hair was manicured perfectly. There was no hair on her lips and there was the sexiest triangle of neatly trimmed hair above.

She was like a goddess before him. Her skirt and heels were still on but there she was, fully exposing herself to him, giving herself to him. She was leaning back on her arms and her legs were open and bent at the knees. Her pussy was before him, wet, and wanting passion and attention.

He couldn’t play the game anymore and frankly neither of them wanted to. Without being told, his hands began rubbing her legs and his soft, warm, moist, lips started to kiss her knees. He then kissed down her inner thigh. He looked up, and they made eye contact as he came closer to her womanhood. His hands moved up her sides and finally touched her breast the same second that he kissed her pussy. His movements were slow and methodical. He kissed each of her vaginal lips slowly and tenderly. It had been a long time since he was able to perform oral on a woman. He missed it and was going to take his time and enjoy every second. His hands masterfully manipulated her nipples. She was aroused and he could see, smell, and hear how wet she was. It pushed his obsession for her into overdrive.

He parted her with his hands and she anticipated his next move. He wanted to tease her to make her squirm for him. He wanted her to want him more badly then oxygen itself.

He knew what is goal was and he carefully avoided it. Her clit was so swollen that at times it was difficult to avoid, but he worked carefully. Licking here, kissing there, making sure only his hot breath caresses her clit until he was ready. She tried to move her hips in the direction of his tongue as he licked in other areas, which told him that she wanted him badly. He finally gave in. He paused and then covered her whole clitoris with his warm, wet mouth. He sucked on her softly. She gasped as he did. His tongue now played with her, teasing her. She tasted so sweet. He could not get enough of her. As she rolled her head to the side, her eyes opened and the clock said 8:53. She closed her eyes. She didn’t want to think about time, the world, or anything on it. She just wanted to enjoy him. She also wanted to give him what he had never had, something special that every man should have. She tried to relax so that it would happen for him.

She had had plenty of men give her oral before, but not like this. He didn’t just lick her; he made love to her with his tongue. His movements were spontaneous, yet deliberate. He would suck softly on her clit, bite it softly with his teeth, flick it with his hot tongue, and then try many different movements that she had never known were actually possible. He was enjoying every second and so was she. He was the kind of man that gained pleasure by giving pleasure. That is why he loved to write the stories. He loved to hear that a woman had gained some pleasure from his stories.

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