The Tales of the SS Fountain of Youth Ch. 3

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The SS Fountain of Youth had a very prosperous year. Delilah and Patrick decided to celebrate by throwing a Y2K party for the crew.

This gala will be a masquerade party where everyone was to dress in costume. The crew is to wear costumes that relate to people in fiction. As this party and all others have been before, sex will be the main theme. The party was called for 8PM New Years Eve.

The first person to arrive was Roy, dressed as Robin Hood in green tights that showed off his manliness. He wore a shirt that accentuated his muscular chest and of course a cap with a feather. Then came Jack all dressed in black including a cape and mask. He was none other than Zorro, and was an awesome sight. Eric was Superman and Paul was Batman. They arrived together since they were roommates and shared almost everything. About a half-hour later along came Stew. He was dressed as Spiderman, and was followed within five minutes by Howard was dressed as Peter Pan.

Our ladies always arrive fashionably late. Tonight was no exception. The first girl, Jill, arrived as Maid Marion. She wore a low cut long dress with nothing under it revealing beautiful milky white breasts. The final guests arrived together; they were Heather and Sue. Heather was dressed in hot pants with a matching top, revealing her voluptuous breasts. Of course Heather was Wonder Woman. Sue was Lady Godiva without the white horse. She was wearing nothing but a robe, so as not to be arrested, on the way to the party. When she entered the house the robe was quickly taken off. Her long blonde hair covered only her beautiful breasts, and she was freshly shaven all over including her crotch.

Shortly after 9PM making a grand entrance were our host and hostess. They were dressed as Tarzan and Jane. Patrick was wearing nothing but a loincloth that barely covered his large bulge. His entire body was evenly tanned and his butt was tight and muscular. Delilah. as Jane, wore a skimpy loose fitting top and which hardly covered her large breasts and a loincloth revealing her tanned body, and gorgeous butt.

After Patrick and Delilah made their entrance the party started. Lots of food was laid out on a beautifully decorated table. On the other side of the room was a very pendik escort bayan large bar where everyone was already drinking. There were hot tubs placed in every corner, set up just for this special party. Soft erotic music was playing in the background.

While everyone was eating and drinking Delilah banged on her glass and thanked everyone for a sensational year Paradise Cruise Lines had. She told the crew to help themselves to all the food and drink they wanted. The only requirement to this party is that everyone must climax before the New Year. Then they must kiss for the New Year and start the year 2000 off with a bang, resulting in another orgasm. “Without further ado please enjoy your party!” Patrick added his two cents by pointing to one corner hot tub and saying that’s ours and it is off limits, the rest of the room is fair game. “Have yourselves a ball or two.”

It is now 10:30PM and the crew had their fill of food and drinks and were slowly moving to desert. Delilah and Patrick were at their hot tub, removing their skimpy outfits as Tarzan and Jane. They kissed and enjoyed each other as usual. Roy, Heather and Jack arrived at their hot tub. Roy and Heather danced to a sensual tune, as he tickled her with his feather. Jack started to remove his clothing. After the dance Heather walked out of her hot pants, and with no panties revealed a gorgeous pair of buns, a well-manicured bush that was glistening with moisture. Within a short time they were enjoying the essence of the hot tub.

Meanwhile Stew and Howard were enjoying Jill’s magnificent body and were getting closer to their hot tub as well. As usual, Paul and Eric, who share everything, were escorting Sue to their hot tub. The lights started dimming and the music was soft and romantic.

Delilah was now massaging Patrick, whose shaft was already at attention, while he was sucking on her incredible breasts. Patrick sat her on the edge of the hot tub and started to suck on her lips and not the ones with teeth either. He had her clit between his teeth, sucking and licking her joy button. He gently inserted two fingers, finding her quite wet by now, from his saliva and from her own juices. He şirinevler escort bayan stood up and with some help from her, he entered her to both their delights.

Roy got on his knees and started to lubricate Heather, with his saliva, while she had Jack in her mouth, getting him ready for later. Stew was now putting some whipped cream and chocolate syrup all over Jill’s magnificent body and asked Howard to join him in eating every inch of her. Paul, Eric and Sue were already well on their way for a great time.

Roy, Heather and Jack got out of their hot tub and with Heather lying on her back. She took Roy into her mouth and Jack entered her in the missionary position. Heather was getting close and was gyrating and so was Jack. She really began to milk Roy with her mouth, while cupping his balls. The three started to climax almost in unison. Heather swallowed it all and they smiled for an another job well done.

Stew and Howard were really stimulating Jill. Her breasts were hard, nipples erect, and she was beside herself, as she climaxed from being Stew and Howard’s desert. Jill now grabbed both their cocks and was really stroking them, as the guys exciting her, by fingering her as they alternated in the process. In a very short time, all three came in unison, with the guys showering her with their love-juices.

Sue passionately kissed Paul as Eric entered her doggy-style. Soon she grabbed Paul’s love tool and stroked and kissed the head. Delighted from Eric’s deep penetration and feeling his balls hitting her butt, she took Paul into her mouth, and grabbed his balls, gently squeezing them, as she felt his pre-cum. She licked and swallowed it and started sucking harder. Eric also was getting close as he gyrated in and out of her and was starting to make strange noises. Sue also was on the verge as she asked the guys to switch places. Taking Eric into her mouth and tasting her own juices was too much for her. Paul feeling her tunnel of love pulling him in felt the release coming and all three exploded into euphoria.

Meanwhile, our host and hostess were last seen getting out of their hot tub and getting a plate of raspberries and a bottle of chocolate şişli escort bayan syrup. They walked back to their hot tub, lied down and spread chocolate syrup over Delilah’s body and added raspberries, using the syrup to hold the berries in place. Patrick shoved 3 or four into her tunnel of love and two into her belly button and a bunch around each nipple. He announced that he was ready for desert. Starting with her neck he licked his way to each nipple, and was rewarded by watching them get erect and eating the raspberry and chocolate as a reward. He was in heaven, for raspberry and chocolate are his favorite foods. Adding breasts put Patrick into an euphoric dream. The stimulation was also making Delilah squirm with desire. Patrick now switched breasts and was rewarded by watching them get even stiffer and her nipples were getting so hard they seem to want to explode. Patrick then ate the berries and licked his way to her belly button, and ate the 2 berries there. Delilah was ecstatic as Patrick arrived at her love-tunnel, licked the chocolate, ate some of the berries as Patrick ate the last raspberry, Delilah shuddered and violently came.

As soon as she recovered, Delilah announced: “my turn to have desert!” Switching places, she spread chocolate syrup all over Patrick chest, down to his groin, placing raspberries in the same areas as were done to her before. A few around each nipple, 2 in the belly button and many at the base of his shaft, and with some difficulty, she placed 2 on the head of his fully erect shaft, they were sitting right on the eye. She kissed Patrick and started to lick off the chocolate, getting rewarded as she ate the berries around his nipples and watched him shudder. She then spent some time licking her way to his belly button, ate the berries and went lower. She took each ball in her mouth, licking the chocolate off and rewarding herself with a berry. Patrick was so erect he felt he was about to explode. Feeling his balls starting to tighten, Delilah took his shaft into her mouth, licking off the chocolate, and eating the berries at the same time. She cupped and gently kneaded his balls as she felt Patrick arch his back and explode into her waiting mouth. Wow; even these two, who have done and been everything to each other, will remember this experience.

Promptly at 12:00, midnight everyone kissed, male to female that is. After midnight the crew, the host and hostess all met their assignments, and yes folks they all climaxed again, to bring in the New Year.

The crew of the SS Fountain of Youth had a great time, with hopes of having an even greater year 2000

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