The Tables are Turned

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All Young

“There’s an old Chinese Proverb that sums it up well,” said Diane. She was speaking to a small group of friends gathered around a restaurant table. She held her wine glass high, almost as though she were making a toast. “I don’t recall the exact translation just now, rather too much wine I think, but the gist of it…”

“The gist of it,” interrupted Mitchell, her husband. His voice was loud and garrulous and could be heard throughout the crowded restaurant where the group was gathered. “The gist of it is how much better a place the world is when your cock is in your concubine’s mouth.”

Conversation at the table halted as he continued, “The sage goes on to say, quite eloquently really, how the world is better still when your cock is buried balls-deep in your concubine’s ass.”

The room went still. Diners stopped with their utensils in mid air, suspended between plates and open mouths. The waiters stopped in mid-service, plates of food balanced precariously over the silent guests. The silence in the room was as complete as it was sudden. Even the din from traffic on the street outside seemed to have stopped.

“Our immortal author however,” continued Mitchell, seemingly unfazed by the shocked silence that confronted him. “Never made it clear whether the generously accommodating concubine in question was male or female. Addressing, as it were, both the universal and personal at the same time; now there’s the key to timeless wisdom, wouldn’t you agree?”

“That was some performance you gave at dinner” said Diane, visibly angry at the way the friendly gathering had mobilbahis güvenilir mi ended. They were back in their hotel room and she was slipping out of her dinner dress.

“If you mean interrupting your flaccid recounting of that inane proverb you are so enamored of,” Mitchell replied, admiring his wife’s figure as her dress fell around her ankles and she stepped out of it. “I’m sure our guests welcomed my intervention.”

“Oh, I’m sure they did not!” she said angrily. She bent forward to retrieve her dress from the floor and her breasts swelled against the fabric of her bra, exposing ample cleavage. “That is a cruel distortion of a beautiful sentiment I was attempting to share with our friends.” She stood up straight, proudly exhibiting her full shapely figure accented by her choice of exquisite lingerie. She tossed her dress onto the foot of the bed.

“I can assure you it is no distortion, dear,” he said. “It’s well documented that concubines were chosen based primarily on their sexual skills.” He watched as she rolled down her stockings, teasing him with the sight of her breasts nearly falling out of her bra as she removed her stocking. She reached behind her back, unfastened her bra and allowed it fall away from her delightfully large large breasts which swayed softly as the moved. Her nipples were firm and stood out from her almost perfectly circular areola.

“Their oral sex skills and willingness to offer up their anus for the lordship’s pleasure were almost equally prized. If you’re not convinced I’m right, consider just how greatly mobilbahis I prize your skills dear.”

“I’m your wife,” she replied, glaring at him. “If I were your concubine I’d have poisoned your meals long ago. The only reason up to now that I haven’t done so is because I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in prison being gang raped in the shower by a bunch of bull dykes.”

“What a pity,” he retorted. “That’s exactly what I had arranged for your birthday party next month.”

“Go fuck yourself!” she replied, and turned to open the closet. The soft roundness of her buttocks was accented by the silky vee of her panties and by a fading tan line that lingered from last summer.

“I take that to mean that tonight my world view will not be informed by having my cock buried balls-deep in your perfectly formed ass.”

“That’s right dear,” she replied without turning. Her voice was icy cold and hard. “If you’re lucky maybe I’ll let you kiss it before I walk out on you.”

“But darling,” he said, feigning concern, “However will you satisfy your monstrous desires? You know that you can’t go one night without a good humping or you’re out of sorts for days. Oh, wait, I have an idea.”

With theatrical exaggeration he lifted the handset of the courtesy phone next to the bed and pretended to call the office

“Hello, room service? Please send up one of your best boys immediately, my wife needs servicing. Yes, that sort of servicing. Oh, and make sure he’s hung like a horse. Wait, wait. Forget about the boy, just send the horse. Her mood tonight is mobilbahis giriş quite feral. What’s that? No horses? Well then, the boy will have to do.”

Mitchell watched with interest as Diane, her back still turned to him, slipped off her panties. ‘She really does have a great ass,’ he thought. He continued to admire her nude figure as she stepped into a pair of straps and, pulling them up, fastened a belt around her waist.

She turned, smiling condescendingly, to face him then, and his gaze fell from her full, ripe breasts to the object that dangled obscenely from the belt and straps she wore on her shapely hips.

The phallic simulacrum that swung between her legs was huge. Black as obsidian, it was oddly misshapen, as though it represented some sort of hybrid between man and beast. It was as thick around as his forearm. Long raised sinews and veins were molded into the surface, twisting along its length, adding to the surreal and menacing appearance of the device.

She gripped the horrid thing, her fingers barely able to encircle it, holding it in front of her as she moved across the room toward where he reclined on the bed.

The sight of his wife, naked save for the terrible thing strapped around her waist, alarmed him and his confident arrogance began to wither as she approached.

“It appears dear,” she said, reaching for him,”that both of our worldviews will change tonight.”

She grasped his thinning hair and pulled him toward the edge of the bed. She rolled him onto his stomach with his legs hanging over the side.

As she stepped between his legs she pushed his face into the coverlet, stifling his anguished cries of protest.

“You’ve been in need of a new perspective for some time now,” she said as she pressed the evil appendage into position between his buttocks, “and tonight I’m just the man to give it to you.”

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