The Stepbrother Ch. 06

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Cara stood in her large closet, looking up at the top shelf. She was wearing dark gray slacks and a puffy blouse. Her beautiful champagne blonde hair framed her face.

She took out a small stepladder from one of the bottom shelves of the closet and set it in front of the shelving unit in the back corner. Standing on her toes on the stepladder she reached up to the top shelf and pulled a pink shoebox down. She carried the box to the bed and placed it on the side table. Then she pulled off the lid of pink container, revealing a big black dildo. She grabbed it and crawled beneath the covers and closed her eyes with a sigh of contentment.

Cara briefly thought back to the second time with her step-son Marlon almost three months after the first. Her husband Mateus, had sat and watched from a nearby chair while she and his son had sex on the living room couch. Cara enjoyed herself almost as much as the first time. Cara and her husband were alone together immediately after, but the next morning she was ‘hungry’ again. She tried to start something with her husband, but he was too tired from the night before. She had noticed that his mood improved after he was cuckolded. Cara had worried that although her husband was happy with their new arrangement every few months, something had unlocked inside of her. She always wanted more, and was being left unsatisfied.

Cara thought back to a few days after the second time…


The sun was high this morning hour, nearly reaching its zenith. It was approaching the end of August and it was quite warm. Cara was basking in the sun. She was lying face down on a thick towel that was resting on a reclining chair next to the pool. She was completely nude and her lightly tanned skin was a bit shiny with sunscreen.

She was quite trim around the waist and her arms, legs and butt were toned as well, but didn’t appear “muscular”. She had a slight pear shape, because her legs and butt were a bit thicker than her upper half.

It was a peaceful morning, the only sounds being the wind in the trees and the chirping birds. She was nearly drifting off to sleep when she heard footsteps approaching. Cara’s eyes opened and she looked up, seeing a tall masculine silhouette. Then she sat up, covering her breasts and crotch with her hands.

“Marlon?” She asked dubiously, shielding her eyes, and revealing her perfect apple-sized breasts.

Her step-son’s black hair was flat, a contrast to its usual frohawk. His face was covered in stubble, but he still had a soulpatch beneath his thick lower lip. He was tall, with caramel colored skin. His torso was like a V, with large bicep muscles and a wide chest. He was dressed in loose jeans and a white tank-top undershirt that was tight against his muscular torso. Two crucifixes hung around his neck, resting on his chest.

“You scared me for a minute,” she said. “I thought that the landscapers had come the wrong day.” As she looked at her very attractive step-son, she started to feel hot between her legs. She was embarrassed as she realized it. On the only two occasions that she had seen him in person, she had sex with him. So it must have been a Pavlovian response by now. “I didn’t think I’d be seeing you so soon,” she smiled. “But your father’s not here, what did you need?” she asked.

“You always sunbathe fuckin’ naked?” He asked without answering her question. Marlon looked at her body like he was examining a steak he was about to devour.

“Not usually, but no one else is here at the house, not even Sophia. And I don’t want any tan lines,” she explained. “I have a shoot next week where I’m not wearing much. The house stays very cool even in the summer, so I wanted to lay in the sun to get warm.”

“Damn, you look so fuckable right now.”

“What?” she said with a wan smile.

He pulled his sleeveless white shirt up and over his head and the two crucifixes around his neck fell across his wide chest with a clink. Although she had seen many men shirtless, the sight of his wide muscular chest and chiselled abdominals only furthered her hunger for him. It was only natural, but her conscience told her no. She didn’t want to betray his trust by going behind his back.

“What are you doing?”

He unbuckled his jeans and pried out a big dick from between his legs. It was the color of milk chocolate, and the large circumcised tip bobbed as he walked forward. It looked like he was already semi-erect. Cara pulled her legs back towards her body as he took his cock in his hand. He gave it a few strokes until it was at full mast. She resisted the strong urge to grab it and began sucking.

“We should wait until your father comes back,” she said dubiously. “He’ll be back tonight.” Although she was denying him with words, she could feel the warmth in her canlı bahis pelvis growing. She flipped over and tried to get off of the chair, away from him, but she felt his hands on her hips as he pulled her back towards him. “Ah,” she cried out. She grabbed the chair, but lost purchase, only the towel slid with her as she was pulled towards him on all fours.

“Marlon…,” she said looking back to him. “Just come back in the afternoon when your dad is back. I don’t want to upset him.”

“Fuck dad.”

Suddenly she cried out as his brown cock thrust inside of her moist pussy, filling her completely. She steadied herself on her arms as he grabbed her waist, pulling firmly against her hips as he started pounding her insides fiercely. Some of his thrusts caused her to immediately push away from him, but he held her tightly. She felt him deeper than ever and the sharp jabs were driving her crazy. They were too fast and deep to be comfortable. She was crying out with each shove of her step-son’s hard member.

“Oh god! Marlon! Uh!” She pushed against his hip with one hand, vocalizing loudly as he fucked her mercilessly. “Oh! Marlon your too deep,” she said. “Oh god! Slow down.”

He looked like he was fueled by pure lust, holding her tight as his muscles bulged and he grit his teeth. She didn’t know if she could take anymore. “Oh god Marlon. Your’e too big.” It felt like he was getting bigger, going faster and harder. She couldn’t believe it.

“Tell me to stop then,” he said firmly.

She didn’t. His thrusts were becoming painful, but still she didn’t say a word. Why? Finally she pushed back again him, “Ow! God.” But she didn’t want to say that four letter word. As she looked back at Marlon, her amazingly sexy step-son, an ache moved deep into her pelvis. She looked straight ahead again, at the trees, as he did her doggy. Faced forward, the painful ache began to transform into something different.

His thrusting overwhelmed her until she couldn’t think anymore and she started crying out even louder, almost screaming. She began to feel a deep pleasure grow from her pelvis.

“Uh, uh!” She had no words, only grunts and pitched cries. She felt the ache in her pelvis slowly grow to her inner thighs as he continued. His loins slapped against her ass, his balls pressing her outer lips briefly and then pulling back again. Her pussy gripped the thick flesh of his dick as his hips forced himself forward and back. Her chest and neck began to feel hot, as a particularly deep thrust of his thick cock nearly collapsed her. Marlon grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.

“You like getting treated like a slut don’t you?”

She wanted to scream yes, but she could only cry out in pleasure as he pound his big cock deep into her. He let go of her hair and grabbed her hips again as he kept her bent over. She lost count of time as Marlon’s grunts became louder. He was making long thrusts nearly completely out and then jamming his massive dick back in, crushing against her back wall. Her cries of pleasure echoed into the nearby trees. The ache in her pelvis and thighs reached a tipping point. Suddenly her pussy clamped down hard on her step-son’s member, starting an earth-shattering orgasm.

She screamed out, her mouth and eyes opening wide. She was cumming with an intensity that pulsed over her entire body as she had never experienced before. As this ecstasy washed over her it was so intense that she nearly lost sense of all other feeling. The only reminder of the real world were Marlon’s constant solid thrusts. She was light-headed as the orgasm faded and she realized she was still crying out in pleasure. She became more lucid as she recognized her surroundings, the grass and trees, while she was on all fours in front of him.

“Please, cum inside me,” she said. “I want it all.. Fill me up.”

Marlon’s grunts seemed deeper now, until he cried out loudly and she felt her pussy flooded with his thick juices. He filled her for what felt like half a minute. His seed overflowed from her juicy opening as he removed his dark manhood.

Her step-son laid down heavily in front of her on the chair, his legs spread so that her hands were between his knees where his cock hung, still half hard and covered in a mixture of their juices.

It took them several minutes to catch their breaths.

“Wow..” Cara said.

“You got some good pussy,” Marlon said with a smile.

“Thanks… So are you just here for me?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I left my wallet here on Wednesday,” he said. “I don’t have your phone number, so I texted Mateus. He said he’d call you to let you know I was driving over, because he had to leave for Brazil.”

“Oh, my phone’s inside,” she said. “You want to get your wallet now?” She asked, stumbling bahis siteleri to her feet.

“You ok?” He asked.

“I’ll be ok, I-… I’ve just never been fucked that hard.”

He nodded with a wan grin.

“I’m not sure if I can explain why I’m walking funny to your Dad,” she laughed.

“Don’t call him my Dad.”


“He never really was and he still isn’t.”

“He’s trying to be a good father.”

“Really? Is that what Wednesday was?”

She frowned. She knew that her husband was trying, but Marlon was right too. They were all using each other. Marlon was using Mateus for the college money, while Mateus and her were using Marlon for sex. Although, her step-son clearly enjoyed being used for sex.

“I need to go inside and clean up,” Cara said to change the subject. “I feel pretty sweaty. You want to get your wallet?” She started to walk to the house, her legs wobbly. “Shit,” she said, grabbing her towel and putting it to her crotch. “You’re leaking out of me.”

She looked back. Marlon had kicked off his shoes and pants. He was holding them in his hand along with his shirt as he followed her.

“You want to take a shower too?” She asked.

“Yeah. Hey, you said you’re the only one here today?”

“My kids are visiting their father in Europe,” she explained as she started walking up the stairs. “Except Courtney, she’s still shooting in LA.”

“Good, that would be pretty awkward with how loud you were.”

“I hope the neighbors don’t say anything.”

“Right,” he chuckled. “Enjoying your time alone then?”

“Yes. It’s much easier to focus without all the distractions. But sometimes it’s too quiet.”

“I can see that.”

Cara looked back to see her step-son staring at her ass.

“Is that really what you see?” she asked.

He laughed.

She smiled and continued to walk forward, trying to contain all of her step-son’s cum with her towel pressed firmly between her legs. She heard his footsteps as he followed her to the door. He turned the handle, opening the way for her to the interior of the house. They entered, went past all the kids bedrooms, living room, and into the master bedroom.

This part of the house was very big, with a California King bed near the entrance to the room and a couple couches on the other side with open areas around each that kept the room very spacious.

One wall in the bedroom, the same outside wall that wrapped around the entire house, was made completely of glass, looking out towards the peaceful landscaping of grass and trees. On the right side of the view was a white tile walkway and stairs that led up to the front door. The view was quite amazing.

“I think your father left your wallet in the closet,” she said, pointing to the corner with the hand that wasn’t holding the towel against her pussy. “I need to shower first, or I’ll drip all over the floor.”

They walked through an open door on the other side of the room. The bathroom was giant, only a bit smaller than the bedroom. Cara entered and immediately went around a huge bathtub that at least three people could fit into. To the left was a large mirror behind two sinks. At the far end on the left was a closet and to the right was a ceiling height open shower against the glass wall. This meant one could look out at the landscape while taking a bath or shower. Cara walked past the spa-style tub and to the shower where she turned on a cool setting. She was still feeling sweaty. The water began flowing straight down from the ceiling.

Marlon dropped his clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor and grabbed her hips from behind. She could feel his big dick, covered in their juices, grow firm against her back. She dropped the towel, turned and grabbed the back of his head as she kissed him. Their wanton kiss was heated, but Marlon pulled back.

“You get enough of that from your husband,” he said. She frowned momentarily.

He lifted her up and she immediately grabbed the back of his neck and straddled him. She was a bit worried that her pussy wouldn’t be able to stand another pounding. He walked slowly forward into the shower and the cool water fell from the ceiling like rain across their joined bodies.

She could feel his cock press against her pussy as it opened up, spreading cum down his shaft. Suddenly she reared her head back with a gasp as he thrust balls-deep into her drenched slit and began moving inside of her like a jackhammer. Their cries and grunts echoed across the bathroom’s high ceilings and smooth walls. She bobbed up and down his cock until she felt her pussy squeeze hard as she came with a loud shout. As the aftershocks of the orgasm echoed across her, she smiled.

“Do all young guys fuck like you?”

“You enjoying yourself?” he bahis şirketleri laughed.

“Oh yes.”

He rotated, resting her back against the glass wall. Then while keeping himself buried deep inside he ground her insides slowly. At first she didn’t enjoy the new rhythm, but only a couple minutes into this new angle and she started to feel hot all over as his throbbing dick pulsed across her g-spot.

“Oh my God, oh my god,” she moaned.

He started moving slowly now, pulling out halfway and then bobbing his hips back and forth. He was going at a more leisurely pace than before. Cara flung her hair back while she held onto him tightly. Her brow furrowed and her nose scrunched up as she clenched her kegels firmly.

“Fuck,” Marlon said with a moan. “You’re squeezing tight.”

“Does that feel good?” She asked, panting.

“Oh yeah.”

Her step-son pulled her back off of the wall and spun them under the shower head. She clutched the thick muscles of his upper back, her nails digging in. His strong arms pulled her up and down over his rock-hard cock as the water cascaded over their naked bodies. Her eyes were closed and she was grinning like a school girl as she rode him. She cried out as he began thrusting into her a bit more roughly as her pussy loosened its grip around his thick manhood. Her smile turned into an O as she continued to moan while he bounced her up and down, as if she was on a pogo stick. After one of her distinctly loud cries, he lowered her down to the ground and his dick slipped out of her juicy snatch. “Turn around,” he said, pushing her hip. She faced away from him, towards the glass wall. He entered her from behind and she braced herself against the glass. The side of her face was pressed on the clear wall. He reached up to her breasts, grabbing one with each hand as he forced himself into her quivering snatch over and over. Her hips and pussy ached. She didn’t know if she could take much more.

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said loudly. “I want to taste it.”

He was grunting more than usual as he pounded her.

“You’re gonna be pumped full,” he said. “Get on your knees.”

He pulled out and she turned. She grabbed his hips as she knelt and mouthed as much of his cock as she could. He stroked his dick and moaned loudly.

Cara opened her mouth wide and the first burst unloaded onto her tongue. He tasted strong and clean, unlike her husband. She swallowed and eagerly accepted each subsequent pulse. When he was finished she smiled up at him, then kissed along his long brown dick.

“You taste good.”

“You’re a freak,” he said.

“Aren’t we both?” she laughed.

“Yeah,” he smiled.

She stood up and walked back into the stream of water from the shower. She put her head back, feeling the cool water run across her scalp. She finished rinsing off relatively quickly, while he grabbed a loofa with liquid soap. She left the shower and began drying her body with a towel. The water streamed across her step-son’s v-shaped torso as he began scrubbing across his muscular abs and arms. She just stared, biting her lip playfully, watching his round muscular butt and rock hard abs. When he was finished she handed him a clean towel.

“Let me get your wallet,” she said, taking another towel for her hair. As she dried her long blonde locks, she walked with Marlon past the his and her sinks to a large open closet area. She picked up the wallet from a shelf and held it up. He took it.

“I could really use some gas money,” he said, pressing himself against her.

She looked over her shoulder at her step-son dubiously. He gave a flat expression. She walked forward to her dresser, and he followed, still pressed against her. She passed him a couple large bills.

“Thanks Mommy,” he laughed. He grabbed her waist as she felt his dick beginning to swell against her back. Having sex twice in one day was something she hadn’t experienced in a long time and the hardness on her back told her that he was ready for a third. She had grown accustomed to older men like her husband who only wanted sex once a week, so this was a pleasant change. She may have finally found someone with a sexual appetite equal to her own. She was considering bringing him to the bed, when suddenly there was a ring on her phone atop the dresser.

“Shit it’s your father.”

Marlon frowned.

“I’m late for lunch with him,” she said, starting to grab things from the drawers.

“Time for me to go then,” Marlon said, giving her ass a slap with a chuckle. She stopped and watched his round muscular butt as he left the closet, but then rushed to get dressed. He had already gone by the time she had fully dressed and got to her car.


Cara lay on top of the bed, naked from the waist down with her legs spread wide. She looked blissfully exhausted. She pried the large black dildo out of her dripping pussy and sighed with a smile. She kissed along the side.

“You ready for another round Marley?” she said.

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