The Stable Ch. 10

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“Knees, slut.” came a deep, threatening voice. Trisha trembled and sank to her knees grateful this was one of their nights to play. She had been longing since the inspection, but had no time to invite her lover to the visit and command her.

Trisha was not a slave, not taken from her home or forced into the lifesytle. She went willingly, finding Mikal to give part of her time to after her work was finished. Unlike the product she maintained on a daily basis, she was only a slave when she chose to be, when she asked the male to make her beg.

“You missed me, my little slut?” Mikal circled her looking for a fault, something he could use to reprimand her for.

“Yes, Master. I missed you.” she responded, loving the way the word slipped past her lips.

“What is my slut wanting tonight? Spanking? Fucking? So many things.”

“You, Master, I need you.”

He knew she needed to be spanked, to let out all the stress of her job. That she needed the release of the pain so she could cry and scream. And he would give it to her…because he loved her too.

“That’s right, you need me. And I need to spank you.” he pretended to decide with a flourish, sitting in the chair they used just for this.

“Yes, Master.” Trisha hung her head, hearing the punishment she desperately craved. Waiting for a gesture to bring her over, her cunt was already twitching in excitement.

“Come, slut. Let’s get this over with.” he demanded. Getting to her feet, she made her way to him, lowering herself over his legs, hands and feet touching the floor. “What are the rules, eryaman otele gelen escort little girl?”

“I am to count my swats. My feet and hands are to remain on the floor, and me over your lap. I may scream, cry and beg, but you will not stop unless I say my secret word.”

“That’s right, you naughty slut. Get ready to count.” he warned her, his hand moving high into the air.

“One!” she called out as flesh contacted flesh. It startled her, but didn’t move anything. The blow was followed immediately by a second. “Two!”

Mikal made it to fifty before changing to a hairbrush resting next to him. Each of these strokes were voices with a small squeak as they were a little harder. Ten strokes in, her feet twitched but she concentrated on keeping them down. She bit her lip as another smack landed.

It was thirty more with the hairbrush as her ass ached. The outside of the cheeks were red and warm, but the middles were on fire.

“Last one, little slut. Better save all your tears for here.” Mikal warned and picked up a wooden paddle, rubbing the cool, flat edge over her steaming ass.

“Yes, please, Master. I want more.” she begged. She would always ask for more.

The sound of the paddle did more than the actual feel of it. The sharp thwack as it landed on her aching ass made her gasp, bringing her head up.

Although it was last, Mikal watched, bringing the wood down in fairly regular intervals. Trisha screamed and cried as the strikes increased, cursing her bosses and the wards in her care. As long as she sincan escort cursed, he would paddle, however long it took.

Finally after nearly fifty more swats, she had stopped talking and started breathing roughly, frustration leading to lust. And still Mikal swatted, knowing that she needed just a few more.

Seven more swats had her shaking in pleasure, screaming at the top of her lungs. Putting down the paddle, he deposited her on the floor and lowered his pants, directing her toward his crotch.

Willingly she took the direction and used her oral talents to shorten his breath as he had hers. Moaning, his hands directed her, twisting in her hair. “Yes, slut…suck your Master’s cock.” he demanded. Hearing the words, she doubled her efforts, forcing him to lose control.

Both content, Mikal gathered her into his arms, laying a kiss on her nose. “Feel better, beautiful?” he questioned, his hands rubbing her back as he held her.

“Yes, Mikal. Thank you.” she snuggled closer. “Having Lorna there was really stressing me out. Like if I mess up, she can make my life miserable…and she is warning that her boss could be visiting. That thought is terrifying.”

“I will be here with a paddle, Trisha. Don’t worry. You are great at your job. Look at what you have accomplished so far? He won’t have any choice but to be impressed.” her boyfriend assured her.

“I hope so.” she tried to agree, but the confidence wasn’t in her voice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lilly woke in her stall and got uneasily to her feet. It had been gölbaşı otele gelen escort a struggle for her the entire time she had been in the boots and her handler was getting impatient. There was even talk of moving her to the bovine barn since she could be on all fours, not on her legs.

The problem was, Lilly had a problem with her balance. She was unsteady on her hooves, which made her a poor quality pony.Her handler, Timmy, had brought a vet in a few times to try and correct it but as of yet, they had been unsuccessful and she still fell at least three times per training session.

But the vet had given her handler hope. There were things they could try to help her balance. Lilly was a little scared what might happen if she couldn’t perform as they wanted her to. She would do her best.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Orchid moved with grace, pulling a load behind her. She had worked extremely hard to get her handler to give her a second chance, refusing the belt when offered for working. Struggling through six months of taking jobs no one else wanted had gotten her back into Jason’s good graces.

Now, she took the belt on breaks while waiting at the bovine barn and the office building while her handler took care of his own tasks and on the trek back, work complete. Never did she move faster than her handler commanded, although she could tell he teased her at time, keeping her slow when he knew she needed a faster pace. But she had worked and would not lose it again.

Pushing through a release that nearly took her breath away, Orchid made it to her barn and was unloaded and unhooked from the cart. Jason didn’t have to lead, she knew where she was going. A pony had to be scrubbed down after working and Orchid waited for her turn.

The water was warm and the soap a pleasant scent, rewarding the pony for her hard work.

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